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  1. Xquisite

    Xquisite Guest

    BROUGHT TO YOU BY Servical
    Week 66


    Top 10 Review (WK/64)
    Top 10 Punches (WK/64)
    BOTW (WK/64)
    No-Show Shine (WK/64)
    Top 10 Review (WK/65)
    Top 10 Preview
    Top 10 Punches (WK/65)
    BOTW (WK/65)
    No-Show Shine (WK/65)
    Top 3 Power Rankings



    Whats good, Serv here bringin you this weeks RBL double mag. Heres a quick recap of the past two weeks, enjoy.​
  2. Xquisite

    Xquisite Guest

    Top 10 Review WK/64

    Servical v. Bob Lee Swagger
    Definitly one of the best battles i've been in. BLS, aka Alien(former recent RBL Champ) brought heat like i knew he would. Alien has been dominating pretty much almost everysite he's active at, with a couple tournement wins under his belt already. Arguably the best active battler at the moment. Not much to say except that i ended up with the W, and a succesful title defense against a dangerous opponent, in a match that coulda went either way. That Harry Potter line was roflz btw..

    Xquisite v. eggo
    This was a good read and a good battle. Both brought some personals that stung mixed with some hilarious punches. It was pretty close and the votes indicated that. In the end, Xquisite pulled out the win 3-2, in a battle i would've hate to have judged. It was THAT close.

    castroDAMUS v. -Fac3-
    Castro dropped a decent key'd verse, and Face came out swingin more or less. This too ended being a close battle where one vote made the difference, so props to Face fore making a close match against a veteran writer and former champion. Reading the votes in that battle was just as interesting as reading the battle verses themselves, it came down to style preferance and Castro just edged it out barely.

    Karisma v. Oddwirdz
    Oddwirdz was alright, had more misses than hits though, and Karisma responded back with a pretty good verse in my opinion. A few haymakers from Karisma is what sealed the deal in the eyes of the voters. Oddwirdz has potential though, so keep on keeping on.

    RAWz v. MADD ILL
    Probably the most interesting battle of week 64 in terms of style, had a oldschool feel to it. I don't think i've read a centered RBL verse since vada/Vern Acular was in the league. Anyway RAWz dropped a (imo) decent verse, wasn't amazing or anything but it had a "fuck you" factor to it and had a few lol moments. MADD ILL came with a verse that would be cool for a mixtape track, but whatevers clever. In the end the battle had only 2 votes total, all in favor of RAWz.​
  3. Xquisite

    Xquisite Guest

    Top 10 Punches WK/64 (no particular order)

    No need to get down on yourself, I just say this shit to clown...
    He'll have his head held high when its over.. cuz I'll be wavin' it around - Bob Lee Swagger

    Sure he's known by many titles, but it's nothing weird.
    He's went from Who's that ? to Who's he ? to Who fuckin cares ? - Serv

    Mcnair, Jackson, Fawcett.. huge celebs. so geek the rest is solved
    homie you'll be the first person to die in weeks without no rep at all - eggo

    yup,what you’re projecting is shit and your whole text career is in a tailspin
    cuz u fail to give anyone a fucking LG….like Verizon salesmen - Xquisite

    so keep throwin' back tequilla cause life might grow colder
    I cant blame ya'
    .........cause I would never attempt to live a life like yours sober - castro'DAMUS

    Honestly, with that played verse I’d have preferred you hadn’t shown up
    We’ve been in Eyerac almost 10 years … and you STILL haven’t blown up - Memorie

    Good bye geek - ya win columns a fake digit..
    When I need a vote link - I blindly vote against u and get away with it - The "Box"

    beasts pic was funny, his hair line was earning a laff'
    but goddam your concepts seem to go back further than that - pittyriasis

    Ive been reading all ya battles and at 3-1 u been slaying misfortune
    Ya style?
    droppin weak lines, then add exclamation points like what u Sayings important!!! - Karisma

    i've been consistent with verses, all my lines will whore this slob
    but u have the groundwork to be dope, u should take a high school janitor job - Allen Knight
    Honorable mention

    you're hardly lethal because your punches are less accurate than shaq shootin' freethrows.
    ya text career is the equivilant to being last draft pick of the league, and then ya knees blow - RAWz
  4. Xquisite

    Xquisite Guest

    Battle of the Week WK/64

    Servical vs. Bob Lee Swagger

    Bob Lee Swagger

    When the votes come in, theres one thing I can bet that they'll say...
    You'll be seein' more "No cal"s.... then people reppin' the bay
    I've beaten vets and legends, you beat the worst at the time...
    My wins speak volumes... yours are learning to sign
    I'm smooth with the ladies... been breakin hotties off since third grade....
    His bitch gave him a tongue lashin' and he thought he got to first base
    Bitches slap you away, so only time Serv ever fingered a chick...
    Was at the station,
    Pointing out the broad who jacked him & everything in his crib
    This thug on the streets at all hours, saw him startin a fist fight......
    Cuz someone cut him in line for Harry Potter at midnight
    Got too comfortable ridin' coat tails, time to expose this coward's rappin...
    Your whole rep was built off the misconception that you were Calefaction
    I'll cut you up easy, Superman? This kid got wishful thinking...
    S on ya chest? Only if your surgeon does some artistic stitching
    Succeeded as champ in hasty fashion, but this bastards gonna fail quicker...
    Cuz this fag will be losing his belt faster than a male stripper
    Whether I'm beatin' you, or fuckin' ya whoreish bitch...
    The outcome will be the same, servical with swollen lips
    No more back n forth with this racket - I'm sick with the verse.. watch n I'll end this ho...
    When I'm sportin' the ratchet... I'm quick to put Serv in the box like a tennis pro
    No need to get down on yourself, I just say this shit to clown...
    He'll have his head held high when its over.. cuz I'll be wavin' it around
    I know I piss you off... the fact that it affects you is somethin' depressin'..
    I'm just testin' each of Servical's nerves.... like a concussion assessment
    And I'm somewhat jealous.... your style you rockin' is dope as fuck.....
    I bet I could pull it off.... then give it back to the vets you stole it from
    Lost your last champ match for recyling.. now you think you beatin me? nope...
    He'll read my verse & decide to recycle again to avoid reading the votes



    Lol. BLS aka Alien...

    I was gonna no-show, then realized i had to handle this geek, So...
    How you makin your presence felt when i forgot i had a battle this week ?
    Your style wreaks of gay, so iunno why you swear that you nicer.
    Cuz if i had Bobby Lee 'Swagger', i'd be a faggot and terrible writer.
    Sure he's known by many titles, but it's nothing weird.
    He's went from Who's that ? to Who's he ? to Who fuckin cares ?
    Throwin haymakers ? Nah, no wonder this faggot ain't keepin up.
    Aliens are known to land on earth, you can't even land a decent punch.
    So stick to the nameplays, cause it's hurting your penmanship.
    Your verses are fail 'proof', that could overwhelm a jury with evidence.
    But your corny shits funny, i knew you bitin them wasn't true.
    It got me laughing more at your lines, realizing the writer was really you !
    My skills are rated a 10, and you're not even half of mine.
    It's 'zero-hour', which means you might finally get ya chance to shine.
    And the truth about you ? Well heres a clue you suck at this.
    He's active on 4 sites, and still nobody knows who the fuck he is.
    Resortin to makin up lies, none of the shit you're sayings right.
    Using so many fake personals, you could ad sponser a dating site.
    His sex lifes a Comedy, ya know your desperate and lonely as hell...
    When your girlfriends name is Sacha... and she's known as Bruno as well.
    It's no secret you're really a bitch, so iunno why you talkin foreal.
    If we square up, he'll stay on his 'backfoot' like when he's walkin in heels.
    Think he the one ? you must dreamin or something, so save it.
    Thought he was on the 'road to Zion', and ended up stuck in the Matrix.
    It's nothin to bag ya broad, and dogg she quick to let me in.
    Afterwards, i leave that hoe on the 'spur' of the moment like Richard Jefferson.
    Basically all of your shits played, noone cares what you're bringin.
    Can't take away from your verse, since there was nothing there to begin with.

    True story, Pz.
  5. Xquisite

    Xquisite Guest

    No-Show Shine WK/64


    oh really,

    It's Over, another alias? that possibly thinks hes sick.
    after that beast pic diss, I'm thinking nobody will give 2 shits
    fuck a battle anyways, since you're not deserving one
    you'll see flowers with Thorn, the exact same spot your murdered on
    beasts pic was funny, his hair line was earning a laff'
    but goddam your concepts seem to go back further than that
    I'll snap your neck with a couple bars, I'm friggin serious with it
    saying I'll no show?.. Is theorhetically, the only way you could win this
    Get a grip faggot, thinking you're supposedly cool
    how'd you enter a thread, and no one even notices you
    Battle of the week again?, would've proved I'm not a fluke
    but guess there's no chance this week, since I've gotten you
    I'm forever breaking fools, you'll get owned in a heart beat
    and end up making a longer rant than nick nobody last week
    wha wha, whee whee, < after this, that's how you'll sound
    so guess only one thinking about not showing up is you this round..
  6. Xquisite

    Xquisite Guest

    Top 10 Review WK/65

    Servical v. Xquisite
    X dropped a dope verse, and well, i barely showed up lol. Yeah, didn't feel like writing much at the time. The battle was closer than what the votes indicated. In the end i came out with the W, for my last title defense and signed out.

    castroDAMUS v. Karisma
    Dis-Honour no shows, and Karisma dropped a decent verse that went to waste. Nothing to see here.

    RAWz v. Memorie
    Double no show. Yeah i know, wtf.

    The "Box" v. Gramur
    This was a decent match up. Gramur's been here for awhile now and has improved alot since he first came here. In this battle he fell short against the "Box".

    pityriasis v. Allen Knight
    Another decent battle from two good writers. The match was pretty even to me in terms of skill level but pity was a bit more consistant and wittier and thats what got him the win.​
  7. Xquisite

    Xquisite Guest

    Top 10 Preview WK/65

    Karisma v. The "Box"
    This should be a good one. I know both these guys have been waiting for their chnace to snag an RBL title, and now it's at their fingertips. Neither will let this opportunity pass itself because they know once it's gone now, it'll be hard to get it back especially with so many decent heads signing back in, it will make it that much harder to gain this opportunity again. I can't call it, but i'm expecting this to be a close one.

    pityriasis v. –Fac3-
    -Fac3- hasn't really impressed me yet, but i do see the potential in him. We all have a starting point and one thing the RBL has proven is that it can develop some great writers. Hopefully he sticks around to become one of them. Pity is a decent writer, he seems have the fundamentals down pact, hopefully he turns up the heat this week and show the rest of us what he's truely capable of.

    Oddwirdz v. YonZula
    Don't know much about either, but Yon has some swag and writes like a guy who's been in more than a few battles. Odd is still improving and seems like he's finding his style, but he has potential. I could actually see this being close, but Yon should be the favorite to win here.

    Ra Ill v. Pain
    Ra has been around for awhile as well. Not exactly well known or have many text achievements, but he's battled plenty of times. I remember when i battled him, he sported a record of 1 win, and 1,000,000 losses, no lie lol. Pain is originally an RSTL head, but that don't let that fool you, he has already proven he can hold his own in the RBL.

    Muffffy v. Space Cowboy
    Climbing the ranks is nothing to new to Mufffy, for him it's just lightwork and another day at the office. He's already cracked the top 10 in his comeback, and now he's up against a writer who... I have absolutely no information about. From what i've seen from Space, he's pretty decent. He's obviously an alias, and he might be capable of droppin more than what he's shown in the past few weeks. Possible battle of the week candidate here.​
  8. Xquisite

    Xquisite Guest

    Top 10 Punches WK/65 (no particular order)

    Imma leave this dude vanquished cuz Im straight venting my hunger
    yeah Serv rolls up on hoods….but damn it...u dented my bumper - Xquisite

    See I make every line count, thats why my shit is hard hitting.
    You only 'make every line count', each time you forget the bar limit. - Serv

    i been pimpin whores, a veteran swag aint no rook here man
    bitchs'll never embrace self pity...they dont even let you a foot near them - Allen Knight

    name flip after name flip. I mean honestly, kid,
    he's made more plays off of a name than Shakespeare probably did. - pityriasis

    And he questioned why I leaned towards T.a.C in that bout
    I got lazy.....and just voted for the guy with more clout - Gramur

    You're queer and we noe it. who tryna impress?
    We all kno I = ya biggest fear..... ,minus the vagina and breasts. - The "Box"

    she's a freak with no walls, give a beep n this ho shows up
    for the right price, she'll start runnin through trains like G.I. Joe soldiers - YonZula

    boy I know this chickens head is hard as shit
    so we gone need the dog whisperer to mediate the argument - Space Cowboy

    I'll use it as a tally, bring 88 different kinds of pain,
    He'll use it as one too, bring 88 different kinds of lame, - Pain

    I doubt your name, same as I doubt your game..
    Funny thing is every female that knows you-doubts the same - Eternalpath
  9. Xquisite

    Xquisite Guest

    Battle of the Week

    Serv vs Xquisite


    I’m droppin first faggot cuz I got them steady writtens
    and I wasn’t gunna feed on ya verse…. cuz I bet its already bitten
    yup you’re getting a lickin and theres nothing u can do to change it
    but I don’t talk shit homie….so peep my hand language
    Imma leave this dude vanquished cuz Im straight venting my hunger
    yeah Serv rolls up on hoods….but damn it...u dented my bumper

    lemme object….someone call a doc and get this nut checked
    cuz don’t u have to be better than me for it to be an upset???
    fuck yes…
    so stop your rants..cuz u don’t have a chance against my veteran stance
    yeah u’ve gotten down and dirty on a mic….at the Neverland Ranch!!!
    but I’m taking text to new heights…and yall think this foo’s nice??
    do yall remember any heat this dude writes??...shit, neither do I
    and you’re ranked too high….and too pathetic for this board
    but I got this ‘1’ in the bag….headed to the morgue
    you’re getting shredded wit the force…cuz you’re fucking nothing bro
    not to mention I’ve ghosted against u and beat u a couple months ago
    haha fo sho…this homo knows he cant hang with me
    fronting like he packs a good punch….yeah... anally!
    I done maimed this geek and he knows my shits dirty
    that’s why I got this battle hands down…plus it’s 6:30.



    Really ? Cause some of us rather attend some party, well...
    And the rest have Jobs, school or girlfriends, N' you have the RBL.
    We all got commitments, difference is you're attached to this stuff.
    Guess for you, a few days off from being a wack fag is askin too much.
    And if you come at me N' such, make sure that your words is clever.
    Most of the stuff in your verse was done last week N' worded better.
    Can't even drop a mag on time, N' the best are starting to leave.
    Just outta 'Quriosity'...
    I 'Oneduh' why the fuck those two let you in charge of the league.
    Thank them for your RBL position, but you winnings preposterous.
    Knowin damn well you wouldn't get any votes if you wasn't modding it.
    You're Champ worthy ? Nah bitch, noone thinks that X is hitting.
    You're such 'weak competition', this title bout seems more like an Exhibition.
    So lets talk about Xquisite's past, back when this lame was canned.
    We all saw how Lotus 'TorrMup', right before his first name got banned.
    So quit reminiscing, you wasn't even nice with it then, so look.
    It's 'Dark and hell is hot', is the only time we remember when X was good.
    See I make every line count, thats why my shit is hard hitting.
    You only 'make every line count', each time you forget the bar limit.
    So stick to the online thuggin, in real life you'd stutter to death.
    Sure he'll call me a 'mutter' fucker... but he'll only say it under his breath.
  10. Xquisite

    Xquisite Guest

    No show Shine WK/65


    Just Clownin'

    Every line you brew up is ass the rhymes U making's retarded
    beat u til u Black&Labbatt Blue cuz ima put a Lid on this Canadian Garbage
    thats just one punch man havent U been swelled yet??
    Ya verses so Much Adu about Nothing
    .....I thought they was a Young african in the MLS
    Im talkin big shit and u barely spout A little bro
    He scared
    Bet u dont even wanna get Physical CD, call'em Amalgam Digital
    U go by like 3 names and none of them dope I done checked the Text
    N the way Im pushin Joe Buttons the league'll be callin me Inspecktah Deck
    ...So its a given that im smashin this fraud
    League thought I was an Alias from DOHPE
    they think you'd be the worst in Hazardous Thoughtz
    No showed and I cant blame u,this my road to the title so dang,Thank you
    Cuz This CAST so mothafuckin Soft his momma must be a Sprained Ankle
    I served many foes, u a bitch n bout as tuff as a firm titty Yo
    such a Pussy that when u spout off at the mouth, its like a Squirt Video
    Dog ya style is wack, one that that the voters never probe
    We wont be seein u in the Champ,sport...or even any other lower level Bowl
  11. Xquisite

    Xquisite Guest

    Servicals Top 3 Power Rankings

    Mufffy - The return of the Mufff. The real Peoples Champs back to claim his second RBL title. And he's already well on his way of achieving what he's came here to do. I've been in the league the same time Mufff has been over the past year, and out of all my active years of batteling(which isn't many to be honest), he's surprised me the most. I've seen this guy pull some crazy upsets, and has proven on many occasions that he belongs up there with the best of them. This week he'll be up against a guy who(i think) has been holding back just for an occasion like this, but one i thing i know about Mufff is that he's always up for a challenge.

    The "Box" - The Box is a joint alias with two writers using the name, which is by now common knowledge to most. I won't say who they are(even though everyone probably already knows), but both heads seem to be pretty decent and have reputations on other boards. I don't think the Box has champed here yet, but their p close now, this week he is going up against a writer who is capable of throwing a wrench in his plans of getting that belt. Yeah i know, it's a only a contendership match but trust me, it's better to treat it like it's sewious bidness, lol.

    Karisma - Karisma is kinda off and on mostly, but usually he's on when he knows he's facing a tough challenge. He should know what he's going up against this week, so i know he won't slack. Plus he's one step away from being in a title match, i know he'll try to atleast drop a verse that matches his voting criteria(sorry, had to do it lol). Jokes aside, i see Karisma champing here someday, he already has the potential and experience, and even with the record he has he's still stuck it out here made it this far. One things for sure, he's here to stay.
  12. Xquisite

    Xquisite Guest


    The league look like it's slowly coming back to life again. Alot of veterans are back to their old stomping grounds. Never know what type of surprises can happen, looks like things'll get interesting soon. Theres quite a few decent matchups this week, and with the names i see already in the league i can pretty much guarantee some sick champ matches in the coming weeks. And thats what it is, peace.​
  13. Xquisite

    Xquisite Guest

    There yall go.....Good shit Serv....definitely a nice read. Props
  14. Allen Knight

    Allen Knight sending terror

    Feb 10, 2008
  15. YonZula

    YonZula Yon the God

    Apr 10, 2009
    Booo@Yon not being in the power rankings, i'm etter than all 3 of them put together :) other than that and some of the week 65 punches of the week that got chose this mag was good. But yeah some of the punches chosen for week 65 really sucked bad, like everything expect the bumper,line limit and mine
  16. Oddwirdz

    Oddwirdz New Member

    Sep 4, 2004
    dope mag.. finally lol...
  17. The "Box"

    The "Box" New Member

    Dec 8, 2007
    stay in ya place homie
  18. The "Box"

    The "Box" New Member

    Dec 8, 2007
    good mag btw
  19. Yung Troy

    Yung Troy The Lyrical King

    Sep 17, 2007
    Yon gettin a little over confident aint he? Hahahahahaha
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  20. YonZula

    YonZula Yon the God

    Apr 10, 2009
    lol no i'm like really better than u, better than u to the point that i have beaten u already
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