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    Apr 11, 2004


    RSTL Magazine Week 24

    Battle of the Week
    No-Show Shine
    Interview With The Stars
    Babe of the Week
    The Cereal Killer

    1. Intro

    Welcome everyone to the new and improved magazine this week. I have taken over this task for Ace and hope I can bring something more to this section. I am open for suggestions on how to improve the league as well as the magazine. I thank everyone for their dedication and commitment to the league thus far and hope it can continue for future. Let's get started.
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    Apr 11, 2004
    2. Recap

    Last week was crippled with four hoe shows and lead to a rather disappointing week in voting and participation. SpitsGerald, StarsCreen, Soull and The_K3 all no showed this week, giving Pent uP and Harvest easy wins for the week. Here’s a breakdown for the week starting with the no show verses.

    Harvest – You had a pretty good verse here. It had a pretty consistent flow and a use of internal rhyming. You seem to have a nice poetic vibe to you, which is a refreshing change of pace then the standard here. I like the imagery as well it painted a very good picture about this ‘modern-day sunset’. I wasn’t quite sure that this was a topic for the week but nonetheless you did well with it. I would like to see you try shortening your lines and see how that does for your verse. Nicely done

    Pent uP – A stellar piece of writing here. I thought the rhyming and imagery were the strongest components in your verse this week. You told a intriguing story that was both entertaining smooth to read. “Bolts of little blue hues expand from bleak waves of clouds,wind so strong you can see it reshape the shrouds.” Was simply put, my favorite lines of your verse. Once you get an opponent who will show up to your match, you will light up the show. This was a superb piece here.

    Ace vs. T.a.C – At first glance, I would’ve expected Ace to walk into this match-up and walk out with a shut-out victory but, this is why we have write and read. T.a.C and Ace had a very close and entertaining battle. T.a.C had a comical verse that seemed to grapple the reader’s funny bone and the internal rhyming and pictures made this piece very entertaining to read. Ace, on the other hand, had a down to earth piece that had a good flow and a well developed story that progressed very well. This battle came down to a battle of down-to-earth vs comical and the readers choose T.a.C verse with a 2-1 win. Nicely done fellaz.

    Erykah vs. Shadow – This battle seemed to be a very competitive battle according to the readers. Erykah had a very well written story that flowed smoothly. The topic idea was well liked by the readers and they thought it all came together nicely and help give your verse a very impactful verse. Shadow had good verse as well, that had the mechanics to get it done but the readers thought his verse lacked originality. This is what hurt Shadow’s chances of pulling the upset and Erykah took this battle with a 4-0 shutout win.

    Lucifa vs. Cereal Killer – This battle had so much potential to be competitive and very entertaining but suffered from lack of votes. Lucifa had a very well written verse that flowed like the rivers in Egypt. He also told a very good story. Cereal, however, had a excellent use of internal rhyming and was very clever with his lines and words. The imagery was very good and seemed to highlight his verse very nicely. This battle WAS battle of the week material. This battle ended up coming down to which artist catered to your interests more and Cereal Killer won this with a 3-0 shutout victory. Nicely done.

    nO gOoD! Vs. Born Deaf – This battle had the potential to be the best battle of the week. NG was the reigning champ and took on the number one contender BD. BD seemed to have an issue with structure that seem to be on and off with the readers. However, the mechanic and story itself was very good and nicely told for such a difficult topic you choose. NG had a ‘short but sweet’ verse that was very good but seemed to end before it really got going. Overall a very nice battle that could’ve gone any way but in this case, the readers picked BD as the winner with a 4-0 shutout victory to become the new RSTL Champion.

    [kat][kat][kat][kat]Congratulations Born Deaf[kat][kat][kat][kat]
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    Apr 11, 2004
    3. Battle of the Week

    Lucifa vs. Cereal_Killer

    Before Murder Was Cool

    Hi my name is Cool
    I live in an apartment block
    A charming marksman so fasten your harness locked
    The sharpest tarnished tool of the lot
    I’m laughing at the carcass my father forgot
    This target a martyr of the harshest to rot
    Digest in jest I’m erect from the next casket to plot
    The scent of flesh I dissect makes it the hardest to stop
    The daily news is my muse I’m in tuned with its brute force
    Of course no remorse infused with the mood of its true source
    Notoriety of a dying breed in a fighting cage of frighten beings
    I’m a lion inside fueled with sirens, pain enlightens me
    Even Tyson bleeds

    Now hear my violent dreams
    I was known as murder. My mayhem was a product of my existence
    For survival I thrust this title to construct past sly resistance
    No honor in blisters. Hard work shows scars I mark in an instant
    I charge like a shark, blood soaking the throats to demand distance
    I’m a man, an accidental abortion who contorted his way from the fetus
    With seething teeth I would horde instincts to prey with through recess
    A recession of power, these cowards would obey my demands
    As I expand my horizons, a damn Tyrant for slaves on my land
    It wasn’t by chance I found the noose, the blade even the bullet
    This abuse engraved the stones we’ve paved every time we pulled it
    A trigger happy nation, I embraced it with the darkest of trades
    Got involved so I had to engulf the market with pain
    Teamed up with torture a young author of fine distinction
    The lime light flickered a wicked sense of timed rejection
    As suicide was on the table to take you at an early age
    To surely face this I would duck and hide behind the pearly gates
    Burning inside I supplied the missile crisis, turning the tide
    You people yearned to try this evil so I merged with life
    To purged out pride, u urged each first born to give hurt a try
    To purchase time on the evening news, I became the baby blue hue
    The dark cloud aloud to change its form from shady to cool
    I changed my name for the fame like moths to a suicide
    The flame for the lost to take arms for a new excuse to die
    Hot gossip, on the tips of tongues
    You can run
    But no one hears goodbyes
    The End


    You are a rappers microphone, what do you see on a daily basis? (TuPac)
    Read slower than you may be tempted to.

    he steps on stage to start his show
    and pistachio's the nuts they go
    as he busts his flow to a beat they know
    accompanied by K-Ci and JoJo
    bass-drum thumps a spiritual thunder cloud
    came up trumps since Digital Underground
    and knew he did his Dear Mama proud
    even as a Rebel Of The Underground
    and even though he'd been to prison
    he still spat Words Of Wisdom
    not on some sanctimonious mission
    just hoping that the world would listen
    and share in his equality vision
    emphasized in every word that he's written
    for every verse that he's spittin'
    .. ah ..
    the good old days of being on stages
    as memory lane flicks through my pages
    a flashback rages its way in
    to my capsule cranium vibrating
    the insane thing being that my transducer
    never hit the booth or saw the producer
    as I stayed within my accordance
    I was strictly Dynamic in performance
    so not entitled to album recordings
    and never invited to mixdown sessions
    just on stage loaded like Smith & Wesson's
    with a crowd behind me flashing shooters
    guns aplenty like Springfield, Massachusetts
    for this was Tupac spitting his lyrics
    a venomous genius pheonix flipping the critics
    hitting the midrift of all who opposed
    but in '96 it bit him in his ass I suppose
    when one of those foes drove slowly by
    windows rolled down let projectiles fly
    unloading twelve rounds in to the Vegas sky
    which sprayed this guy with four or five
    and though he tried to fight he later died
    .. ah ..
    thirteenth of September a date to remember
    the day Pac died and I became a member
    of the shrine to the greatest
    but my status changed in this stasis
    and now Afeni uses me on the daily
    mostly vaginal but sometimes analy
    I'm a microphone dildo in fetish grip
    God I wish Tupac never fucked with that Crip
    now bow your head in respect
    and kindly watch your step
    'cos the silence hasn't finished being awkward yet
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    Apr 11, 2004
    4. No Show Shine

    Pent uP

    The Convoluted "Over"

    My massive mug meets the oak, and stamps a THUD.
    Backwash swishes while other half gone pitcher glasses clunk.
    Grab my hat and tab and stagger out the captains pub;
    Next time I'll let you know when I think I've had enough.
    Pitter-patter stumbling, while providence drags me on this thing
    with 'chutes and ladders, this matters rafters spanning ugly wings.
    Travel cross sections of cost pendant concession filled monists
    until I'm lock and key behind a door to enter the cockpit.
    Hellos, goodbyes and snippets of menacing topics
    are overheard. I'm Short of nerves and its getting obnoxious -

    This setting is monstrous when peasants of nauseous minds huddle.
    Our path of unknown heeds trembling postures white knuckled.
    There's problems I've bundled in the cargo department
    alongside baggage and claims that Darwinists started;
    which passangers hang as forms of martyrized targets;
    racking their brains, everlasting a pain barring infarction's
    because their home is where the heart isn't muddled
    and hope is born in open forums. - Hardly a rumble
    during lift off, afterward its all turbulent talk -
    even with safety lessons which the stewardess taught.

    Curious shock if you knew I thought the tips didn't apply
    when the trip is defined by how we drift in the sky.
    I'm at the console - the stronghold where switches reside;
    Flip three and drive, boggle the throttle before beginning to glide.
    Inching to fly - then the plane soars rather freely -
    I end the routine with "this is your captain speaking."
    'Have a few and settle kids, our altitude's irrelevant -
    these switches and gauges cant subdue the elements,
    hands are useless sentiments and feelings are simply gone
    because all I've got to use is a wheel and an intercom.'

    Yielding on in the fog, flustered from the rendered path,
    dreams of some dingy crop duster with my better half..
    When I snap awake, exasperated at the warning signals -
    Jolting, shaking, floating weightless through a stormy pitfall.
    Bolts of little blue hues expand from bleak waves of clouds,
    wind so strong you can see it reshape the shrouds.
    Keepsakes are bounced, as rain streak waves are doused.
    Head heeds aches for now while the weather seeks planes to pounce.
    Delay the grounding - This atlas I see is fantastic to feel
    but can damage family trees mid-passenger meals.

    Aggro concealed stress is reformed to weather the storm
    whenever the forces make radio endeavors a norm.
    "Any person in any control Tower I know of
    this is this flights captain, the cowardice, over."
    A powerless roamer floating pre-chartered directions;
    confined to some style of sharpened inflections;
    asking for mercy mercilessly - bartering presence.
    Searching destinations and starved of a message.
    Part of me stresses the use of the radio endlessly
    but the whole person soul searching hates the dependency.

    its made my identity shape in the symmetry of a needy characiture
    on the horn, pleading - bare of concerns
    to breathe in air from the world and exhale silent exhaustion.
    I'd crash land in damp sands before considering crying an option.
    Trying with caution to move this flight in a cross-wind
    of whisperers. My innards squirm - riding my conscience.
    I'd land safe, and say "kindly watch your step
    The silence isn't finished being awkward yet. "
    Because after they leave I keep the journey moving home-ward
    and I wont know what I need until the convoluted "over."
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    Apr 11, 2004
    5. Matchups

    C. Born Deaf 5-0
    2. Cereal_Killer 4-1

    Predictions – Born Deaf is on a 5 week win streak and seem to have the advantage in this weeks match-up. He just captured the RSTL Title and is looking to continue his win streak over Cereal. However, I am going with the upset this week and picking Cereal Killer over Born. I think Cereal will drop one of his best verses and take the gold.

    3. Pent uP 2-0
    4. ErykahCaine 8-1

    Predictions – This has battle of the week written all over it. Erykah has be climbing the charts could a couple of weeks and thirsts to get back her RSTL title. With a defeat of Shadow, she sets her sight on stopping the superb writing style of Pent uP. Pent uP has showing a very consistent and excellent verses and is quietly making his statement. Look for him to pull out the win in this match-up.

    5. T.a.C 3-2
    6. Lucifa 8-6

    Predictions – This will be an intriguing match-up. T.a.C showed a lot of fight last week when he defeated Ace. He will needs a lot more then that if he wants to beat on of the premier writers this week. If T.a.C can attain new highs this week, he can pull off the upset. However, Lucifa is my pick to win this.

    7. Ace the Prophet 10-8
    8. ShadowWarriorfs 9-11

    Predictions – This is shaping up to be a pretty even battle. Both competitors are coming off of disappointing losses and look to rebound. Both have the talent to do well in the league and are good sleeper picks. Unfortunately, they face each other. Expect Ace to come out on top.

    9. Brother_Edward 0-0
    10. Got Life? 0-0

    Predictions – Got Life? is a excellent writer and is face Brother. I haven’t seen any of his writings but I have seen Got Life?’s. I expect Got Life? to take this matchup with relative ease. Brother may be a sleeper in the league and I guess time will tell

    11. rocket 0-0
    12. Scatterboxx 0-0

    Predictions – I don’t have any information of these competitors but the last bit I’ve seen from both of these guys were no-shows. My prediction this week is that both no show. Yes, you heard it here, BOTH no show. Don’t like it…prove me wrong.

    13. silentshot 0-0
    14. SwampThingSD 0-0
    15. Urizen 0-0

    Predictions – I have no idea who these people are. I, however, have to pick a winner and I choose Urizen via no show win.
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    Apr 11, 2004
    6. Interview With The Stars

    This week T.a.C interviewed the new RSTL Champ. Let’s see how that went..

    T.a.C: So whatsup with your screen name? How did you come up with it?

    Born Deaf: on RM? the born deaf one?

    T.a.C: yes

    Born Deaf: ahhh, well when I was born my adenoids were swollen so bad they had blocked my hearing, it wasn't until I was 2 years old that they discovered it & I had them removed. I was about 95% deaf in both each before the surgery afterwards I had normal hearing but had to go through speech therapy for seven years so basically I was born deaf.

    T.a.C: lol, oh. so its literal.

    T.a.C: who are some of your favorite musicians?

    Born Deaf: lol yes very literal and better than MC4SIGHT i think haha

    Born Deaf: I gotta go with Brother Ali, Nas, Masta Ace, Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco and than up & comers I'm feeling B.o.B., Drake, Kid Cudi, & QuEST

    T.a.C: nice, a lot of dope lyricists. are they your main influences to write? and do you have others?

    Born Deaf: musically I'm influenced by pretty much all of those but than I listen to a lot of oldies rock, queen, billy joel, beatles, other obscure bands and like 90's music growing up to it. I find myself writing a lot of my verses to tracks off God Loves Ugly by Atmosphere, that and The Lost Tapes by Nas I write to those two albums a lot.

    T.a.C: you mentioned a lot you like other genres. so are there any genres or artists you're embarrassed to admit that you like?

    Born Deaf: well I'll admit I won lou begas cd back from 9th grade other than that not that I can think of, I'm a huge Lily Allen fan if that counts & I listen to techno every now and than too

    Born Deaf: own*

    T.a.c: lol damn, i must be too young, never heard of either

    T.a.C: so are there any genres you jus straight up hate?

    Born Deaf: Polka? prob just country I can't stand country besides like 2 or 3 song or majority of the rap on the radio

    T.a.C: what is the best CD to come out this year, in your opinion?

    Born Deaf: i'm prob gonna get some hate for this but to me by far Kid Cudi's debut. I was thinking he was gonna be a one hit wonder but I DL'd just for the hell of it and loved it when out and bought it. I wouldn't classify it as rap to me it's a genre of its own, but it was a classic to me.

    T.a.C: if you had to pick one cd to listen to for the rest of your life, what would it be?

    Born Deaf: damn, Masta Ace - A Long Hot Summer

    Born Deaf: that album never gets old to me

    T.a.C: word, so lets get into the league. let us know a little about your history in the RSTL

    Born Deaf: alright well I been on RM since 02 i had a name on here before mc4sight but i can't remember what it was, than 03 & on I was MC4SiGHT i was a member of the elite, won a 64-man tourny, shutout baron mynd for my first championship and back when Tha Talent did the top 10 in the mags I got verse of the week like 4-5 times so I been around for a while. I remember how the league was and thats why I'm back I got a feeling the league is growing back and see positive things coming for the RSTL right now

    T.a.C: how many championships do you have under your belt?

    Born Deaf: just one

    T.a.C: what are some differences between how the league was then and how it is now?

    Born Deaf: the size back than I remember have 60+ signed in just in one week. you had to win like 8-10 matches just to get to a champ match. you had dudes like vern, inf truth and others tearing it up week after week, it was a good place to build your writing skills and read some sick verses. the league now I feel is like the infant stage of a regrowth, from what I notice a lot of the votes are be based far too much on structure instead of content. I hate that the world has standards, rules, & laws we all "think" are necessary to follow which were grown into. I think if you can tell a dope story in a rhythmic way who gives a fuck about end rhymes, where the rhyme ends, how the lines are. man innovate that shit i want an verse that makes me read it not that could be a damn manual. man were all just here to grow and die might as twist it up and show people something as new as we can make it

    Born Deaf: if that shit flows it flows.

    Born Deaf: but just mainly the leauge now is small, feels unorganized at time, and just like i say in the infant stage

    Born Deaf: but I feel its got a good bunch of writers, and the room for growth right now is greater than it has been for a while

    Born Deaf: I would just like to see 20 + matches a week again and I think it will be that way again

    T.a.C: lol me too man. theres been a few weeks i thought it was going to die.

    Born Deaf: yeah its been rough there was a lot of times i wanted to sign back in over the last 2 years but for a while there I thought it would just be pointless. i thought the RSTL was pretty much done for

    Born Deaf: thats why i'm excited to see it coming back to life

    T.a.C: word, so what do you think is most in need of improvment? and any advice to acheive that?

    Born Deaf: the mag. honestly waiting to see if i had the top verse in the mag or botw stuff like that gives writers something so shoot for, I mean were all here to win, and to get people to reassure us were good otherwise you no-show haha

    Born Deaf: a solid mag, and a few bigger names coming back

    Born Deaf: we get some vets in here and build up a vibe
    Born Deaf: that or give out free dimebags with every win

    T.a.C: haha, ill take that under consideration. i might have to pull a jook and cheat to save money

    Born Deaf: haha funny you mention jook i glanced at the bottom of the forum today in RSTL and his name was viewing it

    Born Deaf: yeah cash prizes would def do the trick but last I heard jeff doesnt want to give cash out for text just audio

    T.a.C: lol, i wonder if jeffs cool with us sending out weed to winners. itll definitely improve the league

    Born Deaf: hell yeah haha i write half my verses high off my ass

    Born Deaf: prob why my structure is so unorthodox
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    Apr 11, 2004
    interview cont.

    T.a.C haha, well, its looking like i should be sending you a sack for this week. what did you think of this champ match? compare it to your previous win?

    Born Deaf: honestly too easy. i wrote of my best verses ever when I went against baron, and he wrote an amazing verse & I still shut him out. I think NG just had a rushed verse though this time and if he had put more effort in he could prob have beat my verse. I feel I still am polishing up and knockin the rust off right now.
    Born Deaf i didn't like my verse this week so i feel i would've lost if he would have had a fuller verse

    T.a.C would you care to break down the verse a little?

    Born Deaf: yeah np, well basically it was another chapter in the verse that I had wrote against baron I had originally meant for that verse to have a sequel but I never did one. the original verse basically was about a dude who envisioned killing as an art, his art, his masterpiece. he was a solider. so when I was back in the champ match I felt I would finally writer another chapter in the "chronicles' this verse was basically an abstract kind of view into his mind, basically it's a story about how he used the oily color/look you would get from spraying cologne onto a white canvas. its basically portraying him as an abstract artists who see's the killings of men in battle inside his art and feels its his masterpiece but he paints with no brush just sprays of fragrance. than at the end I hint its his imagination. which basically its him daydreaming, maybe hiding in brush or out in the war during a quiet period.

    T.a.C: lol so Pent wasnt far off in saying it was about a soldier

    Born Deaf: lol no and i apologize for the lengthy breakdown. i put a lot of personal beliefs, opinions, views, and hidden metaphors in my verses sometimes

    Born Deaf: i like to hide stuff in my verses

    T.a.C: word, im glad you broke it down. i understand it better now. thats a dope concept

    Born Deaf: thanks

    T.a.C: so who do you think, if anyone, has the best chance to take your title?

    Born Deaf: well it's shaping up to be me vs CK which I think will be our 3rd time meeting in the rstl maybe 4th? i've always admired his word so I'm gonna have to bring a polished verse, if I can get by him i think my next threat would be Pent UP he is writing fire right now.

    Born Deaf: work*

    T.a.C: who would you say is the top 3 writers in the league?

    Born Deaf Cereal_Killer, Pent uP, & ErykahCaine

    T.a.C: word, definitely a solid 3.

    T.a.C: who do you think is the best voter?

    Born Deaf: ErykahCaine, her votes feel the realest to me like how she really feels and not just following a vibe or basing off structure or things that shouldn't really be focused on.

    T.a.C: Who do you most want to face?

    Born Deaf: I want Infinite Truth to sign back in so I can have a 3rd shot at beating him, I mean I beat vern, baron, and a bunch other big names I wanted to back than but i'm 0-2 against Inf. Truth.

    T.a.C: lucky you he signed back in this week

    Born Deaf: oh did he, nice I didn't even know ha

    Born Deaf: good gives me incentive to hold onto the champ match

    T.a.C: no doubt, him and GL signed back in

    Born Deaf: nice, skill & drama. should get the league poppin a bit

    T.a.C: thats what im hoping.

    T.a.C: alright so ima kick you a couple names, you tell me the first thing that pops into your head

    Born Deaf: alright go

    T.a.C: nO gOoD!

    Born Deaf: wished he would've came harder this week

    Born Deaf: and boo for signing out

    T.a.C: Erykah

    Born Deaf: poetry

    T.a.C: Pent

    Born Deaf: had the verse of the for the 2nd week straight

    T.a.C: Shadow?

    Born Deaf: has bad luck

    T.a.C: T.a.C

    Born Deaf: who? haha jk idk i know you been around for a while but your name doesnt pop out as much were bigger the RBL before or something

    T.a.C: i was in the rbl but never any good, lol

    T.a.C: last

    T.a.C: cereal killer?

    Born Deaf: bring it next week i'ma go all out

    T.a.C: haha, dwamn. looks like theres going to be some heat next week.

    T.a.C: alright so let us know, do you have any secret talents?

    Born Deaf: i know how to prevent forum boards from doing ip checks

    T.a.C: oh damn.. so youre going to let me in after the interviews over, right?

    Born Deaf: i don't know it depends on which one of my over 20 alias names you want to give you the info

    Born Deaf: ha

    T.a.C: hahaha

    T.a.C: so last question.. what is a quote or motto you live your life by?

    Born Deaf: Life is beautiful, but the world is ugly.

    T.a.C: alright man, thanks for taking the time. good luck this week in your match and good luck as champ, bro

    Born Deaf: thanks man, good luck to you too, and thanks for the interview. and most of all good luck RSTL let's get shit moving

    T.a.C: definitely, lol
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    Apr 11, 2004
    7. Babe of the Week
    Cristine Mendoza

  9. Shadow

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    Apr 11, 2004
    8. The Cereal Killer

    I. CK’s Drug n Alcohol Ammo

    Street Names
    007s, Bickies, Bombs, Clarity, Decadence, E, Eve, Essence, Googs, Hug drug, Igloo, Love Pill, Rolling, Superman, Tickets and Wafers
    All About It
    Ecstasy is MDMA, or 3,4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine. It belongs to a family of drugs called "entactogens," which literally means "touching within." Before it was made illegal in 1985, MDMA was used by psychiatrists as a therapeutic tool. Studies are currently underway in Spain and Israel assessing MDMA's effectiveness in the treatment of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. MDMA takes effect 20 to 40 minutes after taking a tablet, with little rushes of exhilaration followed by euphoria within 60 to 90 minutes. MDMA releases the brain chemical serotonin which makes the users sensations enhanced as they experience heightened feelings of empathy, emotional warmth, and self-acceptance which will subside after about 3-5 hours. E is almost always swallowed as a tablet or capsule. A normal dose is around 100-125 mg inside each one. Ecstasy is not physically addictive. However, the drug can often take on great importance in people's lives, and some people become rather compulsive in their use. Taken too frequently, MDMA WILL lose its special effect.

    How It’s Made
    To a well stirred and cooled mixture of 34g hydrogen peroxide in 150g formic acid you add solution of 32.4g isosafrole. KEEP the mixture from exceeding 40 deg C for the first hour use external cooling if necessary. You must stir for 16 hours, so put on some greenmile type shit on and have patience. An external bath with running water will work well so if you care about the world’s natural resources look for another hobby/occupation. During this time the solution will change from an orange color to a deep red. All volatile components should be removed by a vacuum which will yield some 60g or so of very deep residue. Dissolved it in 60ml of methanol, treating it with 360ml of sulfuric acid and then heat it for 3 hours on a steam bath so it mixes. After cooling the mixture again, extract with 3x75ml benzene.

    Add 23g 3,4-methylenedioxyphenylaceton e to mixture and heat at 190 deg for five hours. Cool, add 100ml H20, extract with benzene and evaporate in vacuum, then extract residue. Add 8ml of methanol and 75ml HCl to residue, heat on water bath two hours and extract in vacuum. And then there you have it 3,4-methylenedioxyamphetamine (MDMA).

    Helpful Hints
    Ok so if you’re going to drop be careful, I have had some bad pills. Always carry a tester to determine what’s in your product here’s a link on what colors to look for;
    Another useful site to check what’s going into your product is;
    Pill Reports - Ecstasy Test Results Database by Enlighten



    CK’s Movie Buzz
    A Scanner Darkly
    Keanu Reeves, Robert Downey Jr , Woody Harrelson and Winona Ryder
    Richard Linklater
    [youtube]<object width="560" height="340"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/TXpGaOqb2Z8&hl=en&fs=1&"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="http://www.youtube.com/v/TXpGaOqb2Z8&hl=en&fs=1&" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="560" height="340"></embed></object>

    This is one of my all time favorite films. With its brutal retro animation and its distinct originality it falls nothing of short. I fell in love with Richard Linklater’s “Waking Life” so I had high expectations from this film and it delivered. With big names such Keanu and Winona you know this is going to be a cult classic.
    Set in a world that is consumed by the ever-evolving technology, where no one is safe from “Big Brother.” An undercover cop gets deeper and deeper in the gritty world of the drug trade. Slowly the undercover agent looses more and more of his self being. Trying to keep afloat the drugs start to run their course through the agents mind, who can he trust?
    Is it too late for him?
    Will his sanity remain intact?
    “I saw death rising from the earth, from the ground itself, in one blue field.”
    “Gentlemen, you are about to witness for approximately 61 cents of ordinary household materials, the perfect home-made silencer”
    “Your sins will be read to you ceaselessly, in shifts, throughout eternity”

  10. Shadow

    Shadow Kotaro's Master

    Apr 11, 2004
    9. Conclusion

    I hope this week’s magazine was to your liking and like I mentioned before, I am opened to suggestions and feedback. If you would like a section in the magazine, each week I will select a member to have a section and they can put up whatever they like, just PM me before Sunday night. This week was Cereal Killer. Thank you Cereal Killer for your hard work on the magazine this week and Thanks Ace, Nasty and T.a.C for giving me a mod spot and allowing me to contribute to this league. Good luck to everyone this week.
  11. T.a.C

    T.a.C Guest

    good mag shad. pretty thorough. i edited the interview a lil. spaced it a lil more.
  12. nO gOoD!

    nO gOoD! Life Music :: Press Play

    Apr 18, 2001
    awesome job, a big improvement on the mag,

    BD - my appologies, for dropping a weak verse and leaving the league. I'm real busy at the moment. I might come back in a little bit though.
    Posted via Mobile Device
  13. Cereal_Killer

    Cereal_Killer no ESCAPE

    Oct 25, 2002
    absolutely brillaint mag..

    best in a long time..

    the breakdowns where real nice n the interview was fire..

    you gotta edit the movie review at the start of [y0utube] to [youtube] so the vid is embeded

    nice work guys.. keep up the good work
  14. T.a.C

    T.a.C Guest

    i edited it, but i dont think that fixed anything, lol.
  15. Shadow

    Shadow Kotaro's Master

    Apr 11, 2004
    how do u embed a movie review when the link points to a battle here...me confused

    ps thanks for fixing the interview :-D...

    if someone wants to have a section in the mag next week, remember to submit it to me. I'll likely pick you if u actually participate in the league
  16. Born Deaf

    Born Deaf DIED HEARING

    Aug 30, 2009
    Fantastic mag, & the best thing is it's posted before noon on a Monday, if you can keep the mag posting that early in the week every week it will help out the league tons I think.

    Great articles, and good luck CK looking forward to a good match.
  17. Shadow

    Shadow Kotaro's Master

    Apr 11, 2004
    yea as long as the match-ups are known the mag should always be up before noon mondays

    thanks everyone!
  18. Urizen

    Urizen I hate humans

    Sep 11, 2004
    I like the fact that you dont know who I am
    thats a good thing I guess

    but other than that nice mag
  19. Shadow

    Shadow Kotaro's Master

    Apr 11, 2004
    It can be good..i don't remember u tho...you could've been before me time [dunno]
  20. Urizen

    Urizen I hate humans

    Sep 11, 2004
    yeah that must be it

    well in either case nice to meet you
    and good job on the mag
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