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  1. Shadow

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    Apr 11, 2004


    RSTL Magazine Week 52

    Battle of the Week
    No-Show Shine
    Babe of the Week
    Video of the Week
    Funny Picture of the Week
    T.a.C-tical Interviews
    Grinds My Gears

    1. Intro

    Welcome back everyone to the next edition of the RSTL Magazine. It seems like this past week was another bad week week people. Thankfully, I am starting the tournament in two weeks. I am going to start a sign up thread shortly to get people to sign in. It would seem that this week, however, will be a short week as far as matches go. Only two battles are up this week and I will be asking that anyone who wants to and is able to vote to do so. Mods please vote this week as well. Anyone who votes who isn’t signed into the league and was not a former champ will have their votes monitored and will need to provide detailed reasoning to why they voted for this person.
  2. Shadow

    Shadow Kotaro's Master

    Apr 11, 2004
    2. Recap

    This week we didn’t really have too many no shows but didn’t have much luck when it came to people showing up seriously. Here is a look back…

    oNeiRiC – This was a good read. There were times in here that I thought that the wording could have been better. For example the “3 days since it was that I left town” part would’ve been smoother, IMO, it you took out the ‘it was that’ part. Other then that, this verse had a nice flow to it. The rhymes were good and I thought the story had a nice vibe to it. I actually appreciated the imagery in this verse and felt that it was good enough for the topic you wrote. I think that this read as a poetic kind of verse and I really enjoyed how things fit together. Nicely done.

    Word vs. Lucifa – This matchup was pretty interesting in that these two writers wrote two very different styles. Lucifa wrote a verse that was pretty comical. He had all the mechanics that were need to keep this verse readable yet enjoyable. Word had an issue with stretched lines that did mess with his flow a little bit but the thing that really hurt his verse was the direction his story went. It wasn’t as entertaining as Lucifa’s verse. Although word’s story did have good imagery and depth, I felt that if word wrote something similar to his previous verse, he would have won this. In the end, Lucifa won this match, 2-1.

    Shadow Vs. Menso – In the champioship match this week, Shadow defended his title for the 10th consecutive week. Both writers wrote god verses. Menso’s verse appeared to have good direction and a well-developed story that seemed to catch some of the reader’s eye. They thought that then ending dragged on a bit but overall was a good verse. Shadow’s verse was mechanically solid and read smoothly, although it seemed rushed at times. Shadow ended up winning this match up 2-1 due to Menso’s verse being a bit more ‘choppy’ and ‘repetitive’ than Shadow’s verse.
  3. Shadow

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    Apr 11, 2004
    3. Battle of the Week


    We stood shoulder to shoulder,
    But when it's over... it's over,

    Best friends acquainted through playing some hoops,
    You were a cool dude and quickly our relationship grew,
    It became unconditional, straight love between men,
    Like brothers, much more than just being a friend,
    It was basically love, no homo, just a manly bond
    I even loved that crazy broad you called your baby's mom,
    Made me stay my tongue about that worthless bitch,
    And when it was curtains,
    I helped you up, I couldn't think you deserved this shit,
    So I put you back on your feet, help you need sorely,
    Gave you Wisdom and Honesty about you immaturity,
    No ones perfect, but certainly we strive for that,
    That's what's meant by getting your life on track,
    The next girl was just more of the same story,
    But we make mistakes before we see decisions were made poorly,
    I was still there for you. You making bad choices,
    Our bond was strong, my contempt for her couldn't destroy it,
    So I only voiced it once and left it there,
    The Electric Chair.. You were shocked, said you didn't care,
    You loved her, and that's all that mattered,
    And when the facade was shattered
    And your heart was bruised and battered
    I didn't call you stupid after,
    I said "Think of the reasons... Think of the meaning...
    Why did I step down to help you pick up the pieces??
    Then Little Brother finds a fine girl to date,
    Fine in appearance and worthy of the pearly gates,
    I always told you she was the one, whatever that means,
    You told me you wanted to make forever more than a dream,
    And I agreed. I co-signed that shit as best man,
    Wrote a speech, tried to give you a message man,
    Only three thing worth dying for:
    Your God, Your Family, and Your Marriage, man,
    Everyday you fight for it, Everyday you sigh for it,
    Marriage is the Beautiful Pearl, overlook the price for it,
    That's what the Good Merchant did with his fortune,
    He gave everything for the One that he's chosen,
    She was a good girl with a good head on her shoulders,
    And I shed tears when the marriage was over,
    You did her wrong, in kind, you did me a great wrong,
    I always steered you right, but you were always wrong,
    I feel it to the depths of my soul,
    It hurts to say it, I'm not proud about it, bro,
    I'm worn out, and you're Out in the Cold,



    Out in the Cold

    She was perfect, God’s hand created being
    From his own rib she stood there, quietly breathing
    Her skins was pure as snow but privately bleeding
    Crushed by limitations, knowledge losing its meaning
    Yet she sat there, alone and out in the cold
    Perhaps she was depressed about never getting old
    Deprived of her desires, she cries tears of gold
    Trying to remove her restraints without being told
    Her list of sins grew deadly as did the seven
    As she missed the winds that blew through mid-heaven
    A warm mist begins to rain down upon the atmosphere
    Then it just ends, becoming cold again as she shivers in fear

    I have always been in infatuated with her
    Some questioned my love but they did not know for sure
    I figured I was nothing special so I just offered my words
    Of advice, each breath would entice like songs of lovebirds
    She smiled with such beauty as my thoughts have lost them
    Voice cracks, my hands sweat, emotions now awesome
    Becoming clumsy as her touch alone gave me balance
    Independent with her action yet still possessed perfect talents
    Wanting to give her my heart and ask for hers in return
    When I found out she loved me, my passion started to burn
    However stern realities caused the fantasy to plummet
    Romantic summits now a memory as butterflies flee my stomach
    Forced into isolation, our bodies go their separate ways
    Watching her vanish, as her image has not left for days
    She told me not to worry but I start to fear the worse
    That she would forget about me and forever leave the earth
    But she still sits there out in the cold and alone
    Waiting for me to come and to finally bring her home

  4. Shadow

    Shadow Kotaro's Master

    Apr 11, 2004
    4. No Show Shrine


    I feel the gravel slicing through holes in my shoes
    I peel off the rag wetted with my own sweaty juice
    The girl of my dreams waves one last goodbye
    As if it wasn't enough, that I rise up to fight
    But where I am going now, does it even matter?
    That I am a soldier, trained in bringing disaster.​


    3 days since it was that I left town
    In a daze- been up since sundown
    A beautiful chuch in the sunrise
    Perhaps a bit weary I'm surprised
    Have I been fighting real spirits?
    Or have others been able to hear it
    And just lie to me, they are conspirics
    That adhere to the blasphemy
    "Keep the soldier happy"
    ..but behind my back they laugh at me​

    But can it.. all be real?
    Because at the end of my path
    I see the devil, clearly in the clouds
    But havent I always prepared for this moment?
    And here now... I see that I'm chosen​

    Approaching the church with a wind of a fox
    To spear the murderers that have sinned, a lot
    To make my final stand against my own devils
    Clearly depicted in the clouds by God for my troubles
    For who knows what is real truly?
    Like a rubix cube reverse it sees through me
    Life that is...
    Whatever put that damn devil in the sky.
    And changed my life​

    And so I slay the thieves and turn over tables
    I lose my mind and the devil turns fable
    disappears from the clouds altogether
    perhaps, hes now back undercover​

    I am
  5. Shadow

    Shadow Kotaro's Master

    Apr 11, 2004
    5. Matchups

    C. ShadowWarriorfs 32-16
    2. oNeiRic 2-1

    Prediction – This week oNe faces off against Shadow. Shadow has held his title for a long time now and as the league is drawing closer to it’s end, oNe looks to become champ. In this matchup, I think oNe will bring his A game and will be the first and only person to strip Shadow of his belt in a 2-1 victory.

    3. S. Issue 6-3
    4. Lucifa 2-1

    Prediction – This will be battle of the week in my opinion. Both of these writers are looking to become the champ before the tournament starts and either one of these guys can do it. I think that this match will come down to how serious they write. I believe that S. Issue will win this match mainly because Lucifa seems more interesting in securing a high seed in the tournament then winning the title. S. Issue wins in a 3-0 victory.
  6. Shadow

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    Apr 11, 2004
    6. Babe of the Week

    Katy Mixon

    HQ Katy Mixon Pictures from Wire Image
    All Photos of Katy Mixon

    7. Video of the Week


    8. Funny Pictures Of The Week



    9. T.a.C-tical Interviews – No interview this week because T.a.C. is a gay homosexual and eat monkey dicks with a knife and fork.
  7. Shadow

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    Apr 11, 2004
    10. Grinds My Gears – You know what really grinds my gears, how expensive drinks are at a strip club. Seriously? Why are drinks this expensive? I’m all for seeing a hot chick wearing nothing, dance for my enjoyment but spending so much money on drinks only limits my enjoyment. I understand that you don’t want to get people too drunk around hot women so as to not risk their safety. Still, it’s very difficult to enjoy my time with my buddies at a strip club when I can only afford two rounds of drinks. Stop being a faggot and lower the prices. This is what really grinds my gears.

    11. Conclusion – So as you all might have noticed, it is week 52 which means that the league should be technically over BUT since the tournament is slated to start within the next two weeks, we have continued it. I’m happy to see the progress with someone you guys and I think that we can really upset any of the older vets who think they can just walk into the tourney and win it. Let’s continue to beat off the rust and enter the tournament in tiptop shape. Good luck to everyone in their upcoming matches.

    Awards for week 51

    Best Verse goes to………oNe


    Best Voter goes to…….. S. Issue


    Biggest Faggot goes to…Scatterrboxx


    Top five verses of the week in order from best to worse


    Let’s give a big Woot to the award winners for Week 51.
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