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  1. Shadow

    Shadow Kotaro's Master

    Apr 11, 2004

    RSTL Magazine

    1. Introduction

    This is the fifth week of the RSTL and things seem to be evening out. It is very nice seeing how strong the league is. I am, however, tired of all the three-ways lol. We also have some new writers in the league this week and the return of another writer. There was only one no show this week which was nice. Let’s give a recap of the past weeks matches.

    2. Recap

    I don’t feel like doing one this week. Katy Perry has some big titties though.
  2. Shadow

    Shadow Kotaro's Master

    Apr 11, 2004

    3. Match Of The Week –


    *wipes tears from eyes...click...puts 9mm in his waist band*

    I loved my wife, son and daughter...revenge is comin for the home invasion that had become a slaughter..
    My soul telling me no, like I'm in third person...but I blocked it out to the birds chirping...


    My children were raining tears, the crew came in fierce with stainless gear...
    They heard us praying here, so they sprayed and cleared the room like we were game or deer straying near...
    I made it, but my soul died instead...my mind is dead, their alive but death is comin like a fly inside a spider web...

    *shakes images off*

    These assholes are flirtin with danger, I jumped in my mercury saber with no remorse for these strangers...
    My heart bursting with anger...in my house I found a wallet, with an address inside...
    How blessed am I? Ha, the first man confessed his guys were seconds by...
    He stretched his lies, I let the large caliber weapon fly in his chest and eyes till he stressed and cried and was flesh deprived...
    I won't let the rest survive...

    *sets the house on fire, leaves the scene towards the house the first killer sent him too...he heard they were living together*

    I slapped a fresh clip in weapon, now don't get a miss-conception...
    I don't like to kill, but right now its a blessin...
    I ran to the front door, and kicked till it dis-connected...they hit the deck, I fired till the bullets stripped his neck of bits of flesh...
    I caught two threw my hip and chest...that wasn't suppose to happen, I musta missed a step...

    *bleeding badly, he limps back to his car...pulls out of the driveway..as cops speed up behind him*

    "Pull over...."

    Fuck you, I have no reason to stop...I need this bleeding to clot....
    I turned the corner quick as I was speeding the block..
    Ive just committed my worse fears...I pressed down the clutch and slapped the shift into third gear...
    The cops are in hot pursuit, "babies, I got the guys that hurt you..."
    We were Jus a regular church group...

    *not realizing how badly he was shot, he starts to lose consciousness behind the wheel*

    It's kinda late for the hospital, I started to cough and choke up blood like I got lost of hope caught in my throat...
    I started to feel defeated and all as my heart became weak and beated to a crawl...
    "Father, please forgive me, just let me go home"....as my eyes flickered closed, and the car rolled into a telephone poll...

    *his soul leaves his body*

    You can call me an avenger, an angel with broken wings...
    I was waiting for heaven, but only hell had openings...


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  3. Shadow

    Shadow Kotaro's Master

    Apr 11, 2004


    I got nothin' this week guys sorry, i really tired to do a story on solider at war, but couldn't get nothin' going so just did something simple instead of a no show.

    I feel it in my heart, that awful need
    to unlock the demon that lies within me.
    That bound me, keeping me locked away
    Keeping me captive, keeping me as prey.
    Foolish men think they can pray, think they can fight
    against my demon sight, my power, my very might.
    My blood runs hot inside my veins
    My spirit pains has become wildly untamed
    My eyes ashamed, scorching, piercing and glaring.
    My claws are slicing, ripping and tearing.

    And there you stand hearing and watching my every move
    Watching as I slaughter these men, watching what I do.
    Your eyes hold true but worry and seem to shimmer.
    But there is something else, something that seems to glimmer.
    You don’t try to run, you do not flee
    Instead you cry out and run to me.
    Your arms wrap about me, in your fears.
    The death around me, it brings you tears.
    I feel their blood upon my hands.
    You will die, you have no chance.
    I will toy with you, like a mouse.
    My souls on fire, it can’t be dosed.
    I seek your life. I seek your death.
    I seek your blood, your final breath.
    My fangs have sharpened. My claws are long.
    A desire to kill, the will is strong.
    Many are helpless and many will die.
    But you stand firm and seem to defy.
    My very nature. my very goal.
    My very self, my very soul.
    Your touch is gentle and seems to sting.
    That unruly monster that’s deep within me.
    Your warmth is binding, I must break free.
    I dig my claws into your flesh
    the blood begins to stream, wet and fresh.
    The scent is overwhelming and fuels my desire.
    Fueling my hate and fueling the fire.
    My lip begins to curl, revealing my fangs
    I will feed on your blood, feed on your pain.
    Your touch cannot save you nor can your voice
    I can no longer feel you. I have no other choice.
    The hate that I feel is clouding my eyes
    It blinds me more than you’ll ever realize..
    I seek your pain. I seek your will.
    I’ll leave a mark I’ll leave a chill.
    Still you are calm and seem to know
    that the hate within me is beginning to grow.
    Your embrace becomes stronger trying to fight
    that burning desire that rages inside.

    You pause a moment, your mind begins to race,
    You’ve come to a solution and don’t hesitate.
    As you lean toward me slow yet sure
    your heart is beating fast but pure.
    Your lips gently touch, firmly against mine
    Trying to subdue, the demon that dwells inside.
    My grip tightens, I will not give in
    You can never calm my demon within.
    No, I won’t allow you to, won’t fall into your trap
    I will break from you, I will get myself back.
    Yet you never budge; never pull away
    your lips still against mine, as if to stay.
    What is this, can this really be?
    Could you really be trying to save me?
    A flicker of hate flashes once more
    for some reason, I can’t let go.
    Your love is overpowering and seems so strong.
    Your touch is comforting yet nothing seems wrong.
    I can now let go, that horrible desire.
    I can now kill the demon, destroy the fire.
    Slowly my heart begins to regain
    the precious purities that I had lost, destroying all my pain.
    My fangs are dull once more, my claws return to size.
    Then the darkness finally clears, from my open eyes.
    Your eyes are shut, as you hold tight.
    Never let go, you will win the fight.
    I will always love you
    Not matter what you do
    For as you see,
    That’s what you did for me.
    I feel myself begin to drift.
    Soon I release my awful grip.
    Then on my mouth I taste your lips.
    I let you hold me, let you free.
    Let you go, to let you see.
    What your love has done,
    What all your fighting won.
    My heart, once again is pure.
    My soul, because of you, is cured.
    Your eyes begin to open as we cease our kiss
    yet you still hold me, making our love still exist.
    Your eyes are worried and afraid.
    Wondering, Have I really changed?
    I cannot stop the tears that begin to rise.
    As I gaze into those nervous eyes.
    Suddenly I pull you into my arms
    How could have I ever caused such harm?
    Through all that pain all that hell.
    You never stumbled, never fell.
    From each other’s love, from each other’s heart.
    Couldn’t we just stay, and never depart.
    I seek your heart. I seek your touch.
    I seek your voice. I seek your love.
    I seek not being a slave by demons possession
    I seek to be free cause your loves confession​
  4. Shadow

    Shadow Kotaro's Master

    Apr 11, 2004


    Living a Double Life

    Daybreak motes of sunlight
    strike my face wake up!
    Man… there goes nature
    calling me again - 6:50 am.

    Payment due for youthful mayhem
    I'm to blame but so what - I was five!
    fun was a plastic bat taking smacks
    at dragonflies that pulverized their eyes.

    Besides, I already apologized.
    I'm grown now.

    Pop and pivot heavy lidded
    precise digit movements stops the alarm
    before it wakes the Mrs. since it's
    only proper her bright eyes are opened
    to my voice and kisses.

    How moist her lips is instincts insistant
    growing hard to resist this sleeping princess.
    Inspired how she makes me think quick, is the ink
    I draft blueprints with - plans to try and avoid going in.

    …Urge is foiled white towel thrown in knead that bread
    this round Reason wins - beats back heat little head spread
    Save for next time, passion bound keeps desires well fed
    reluctantly dress say to myself, 'let's go get it Heff'

    Sushi Chef not yet qualified
    but you'd be surprised at what I accomplish
    with some seasoned rice.

    See them light up after they try a piece
    After they swore they'd rather die, than eat raw fish.

    This is something I never imagined when I began the job
    that I could dispel ignorance while giving nourishment.
    Now I'm awed at the implications.

    It's like when my niece first tasted juice.
    A delightful sensation permeating through the body.
    And I'm partly responsible for this odyssey.

    Watch me work see into the heart of me
    As I carefully spread the rice over nori sheets (seaweed)
    The warmth releases an aroma that's pungent sweet
    a delicious smile creeps over my face
    I can smell the flavors, sprinkle sesame seeds.
    Next step flip it over, this is an inside out style California roll.

    Create a fold leave space at the bottom
    of the saran wrapped bamboo mat. A little trick
    So the rice won't stick. Cucumber sticks stiff crisp
    placed slightly lower than midriff, add imitation crab
    finish with half an inch think sliced avocados.

    Hands hold the mat, the space left becomes
    the pocket, lift it over the contents, thumbs keep constant
    hold while they rub the back slow, fingers in the front tuck
    pack the middle tight, this is when its determined if
    the sushi's all right. A finger keeps it steady
    other hand pinches the edges of the mat gently pulls it forward
    till the ends of the rice connect, give it a final press.
    Under my breath praise the Lord.

    Pull the mat away Hurray!!
    Hear vigorous claps parents laugh
    and a child asks me if I could do it again.

    I grin.
  5. Shadow

    Shadow Kotaro's Master

    Apr 11, 2004
    4. No Show Shrine –

    Cold Hearts

    Life has become cold but still complicated
    As a fire burns to will the ones we hated
    My happiness sedated, searching for warmth elsewhere
    Rich in materials that I attained from the wealth’s heir
    Suffocating while breathing in Hell’s air
    I was once protected but now I feel my shells tear
    Why did I give in to emotion and leave?
    All I wanted was some time to grieve
    Begging him please, while he just laughs as I plead
    Exposing my heart but it’s too frigid to bleed
    Perhaps that is what makes me weak
    Bound by emotions despite my strong desire to speak
    Still, we were married for several years
    With an unbreakable love that was envious to our peers
    I would wait every evening for him to arrive
    With dinner on the table and a gleam in my eyes
    I wore that beautiful white dress just to please him
    It was his favorite but he ignored me with no reason
    A paralyzing chill shot through me as my eyes fell to the floor
    No kiss, no hug, not even a simple “hi”, just a slam of a door
    “What did I do wrong?” I thought as I cleaned off the dishes
    “I cooked and cleaned and fulfilled every one of his wishes”
    I started to lose balance as my eyes flow like a faucet
    Wondering if he was cheating or if my beauty had lose it
    Each day became worse as I tried harder to earn his attention
    Each time ending in disappointment as I sit alone in detention
    I became frustrated as I finally worked up the courage to ask
    I wondered if he would be sorry or if he would just bask
    “Are you cheating?” I sobbed as he stared at the TV
    “Yes.” He sharply replied without even turning to me
    He said we grew apart, me and him would never be happy
    I screamed at him as he turned around to slap me
    I fell to the ground, blood stained the carpet
    Standing over me with disgust, eyes of a harlot
    He walked away as I stubble to my feet
    Face swollen, anger at its peak
    I began to clean up the bruises on my face
    Applying makeup while packing my suitcase
    I get to the front door and drop my bags
    I walk into his room with a bat and rags
    He didn’t notice me as I raise the bat to the sky
    It only took one hit for him to open his eye
    As I repeated the attack, smashing in his cranium
    Ribs cracked and bruised from my steel titanium
    His flesh black and blue as I left the house
    I didn’t know if he was still alive
    But I didn’t care, I was prepared for the police to arrive
    Sitting against a tree, I close my eyes in freedom
    Not bothered by sin but reluctant to know how God sees them
    The snow felt refreshing as I close my eyes to think
    Nature stood still, not a soul would blink
    I couldn’t help but smile as I catch a snowflake
    Realizing that this peace now slows hates


  6. Shadow

    Shadow Kotaro's Master

    Apr 11, 2004

    5. Verse Of The Week –


    No cliché’ is older...
    ’Good and evil arguin’ on opposite shoulders’
    A folklore told since hominids roamed earth...

    [Me: In White..Evil: In Red]

    I need an Exorcist with holy water…A preacher who saves souls!
    An inner evil has killed off all my guardian angels!
    A slow split……athough it's painful!
    It feels like Kane, ponderin’ on slaughterin’ Abel!
    and, I’ve had it marked in my date-book for eight darkening days, soooo!…

    "No I won’t let you take full control of my soul ‘n mind!"
    Although, the fight for my humanity has been a slow decline

    (The demon flinched within)

    I began to yell, "Asshole!!!", but only mouthed silent ‘squawks’!
    I lost my dialogue…it just stopped before 'I talked!'
    By the time I saw what looked like a black-hole, I was caught...
    …then vacuumed behind my own bodies’ mind and thoughts![FONT=&quot] [/FONT]

    (My consciousness was sucked into some abyss)

    It was like the bottomless pit the prince of darkness was dropped in!
    It was so quiet…I felt impossibly boxed in…
    I started wanderin’, lost, hollerin’, "A’MEN!"
    Then I heard a voice from the hostile that was robbin’ my conscious!

    “You’re just an evicted occupant in my apartment…squattin’!”
    “Your just a carcass that’s got skin!... just a car, with options!
    “It’s the “Tree of Life”…Ah, Shit… {Shrugs shoulders}
    “Even “bad apples” that fall onto the “Garden”, get rotten!…”

    As i fought the evilly fiendish, deeply subconscious demon!
    I saw a cosmologically divine light from God, and reached it!

    “NOPE!...Sorry, you’re mine now!”... HA! HA!..you’re hardly leavin’!”[FONT=&quot] [/FONT]

    The thing began barfin’ so much; no way my throat was shuttin’!
    But then I noticed somethin’!...
    …The throwin’ up gave me partial motor function
    It was the only opportunity since I let it enter me
    I focused towards the inner being, with all my energy

    Until eventually… the transformation was rendered incomplete
    I was back…no longer in a deep imprisonment

    “You can be disobedient, but defeat is imminent!”

    But the thief was insistent to attempt persistently to live again!
    I felt forsaken with all these prayers of mine, unheeded
    Like when God loses all his faith for humankind, like Legion!
    I was screamin’…”I’LL NEVER LET YOU TAKE MY LIFE, DEMON!

    ”Awww…for me?...I’m speechless!...what you said was "hella" sweet!”
    …but that usually just works in horror movies from the seventies…”
    “The truth about the Devil’s bleak…Was once presumed as ‘Heavenly’.”
    ”But shit, all the demons rulin’ Hell used to be angelic beings!”

    (I grabbed up the wooden cross I had beside me, and held it tight to my face; the light russet color of the cross faded to a darkening auburn as tears soaked into the wooden idol.)

    ”Allegedly entombed, but exhumed from my sarcophagus!”
    “You should stop usin’ that stupid cross for confidence!”
    “To go against me is preposterous, probably monotonous!”
    “Approximate odds are zip ‘cause I’m just dominantly monstrous!”
    “Hence ‘demonic’-I’m positively Godless and nastier than feral wolves!”…
    “Don’t be scared of the inferno; All inhabitants are skeletal”
    “Hell is full of ‘flarin’ folks without a tad of hair, just skulls!”

    I began to preach like clericals recitin’ passages and parables!

    I spoke the holy gospels, over and over, while growin’ pale and wary

    I repeated three ‘Fore Fathers’, paired with three ‘Hail Mary’s’
    While inhaling, my breathing became impaired, like an ‘ailed’ wheeze

    “HAHA..You’ve failed…I’m un-jailed, freed!..
    "Now just whiff the smell of defeat and bail, please!"

  7. Shadow

    Shadow Kotaro's Master

    Apr 11, 2004

    6. Predictions –

    1. MK (5-0)
    2. Scrolls (5-0)
    3. Shogun (3-0)
    Prediction – MK has been holding on to the title for a while now and I think this week. Sho will win this 3-2-2

    4. ShadowWarriorfs(3-2)
    5. Muti(1-1)
    Prediction – Good matchup…could go either way. I believe Multi will win 3-2

    6. Cigma(2-3)
    7. T.a.C(2-3)
    Prediction – Should be an even match. I think Cigma will upset T.a.C 4-2

    8. Lyricalpriest(0-1)
    9. Souled In(0-0)

    Prediction – Souled returns to the league and is matched up against LP. Souled will likely have some rust so I give the edge to LP. 3-2

    10. Jersey_Emcee(0-0)
    11. nO gOoD!(0-0)
    Prediction – Ng wins via no show
  8. Shadow

    Shadow Kotaro's Master

    Apr 11, 2004
    7. Picture Of The Week –
  9. Shadow

    Shadow Kotaro's Master

    Apr 11, 2004
    8. RM Newspaper Article -
    8a. Rumors – A new crew was formed this week called “ABC”. This group appears to be attempting to take over RM as the best crew. This group seems to be trying to establish their dominance by holding the RSTL title the longest. Now I, for one, will not stand for this. As a member of the FLF, I must put an end to this and show this new crew that they are simply child’s play. Currently, the match up is a little uneven. 3 members of ABC and 2 members of FLF in the RSTL. I do not remember if NG is part of FLF. If he is, this it will be more even. Still, T.a.C. and myself will represent FLF and defeat these new guys. Also, it is discovered that ABC is gay. Stay tuned for more on this.

    8b. Sports – Week 3 of the NFL was rather interesting. We saw a lot of upsets and I ended up with a 10-6 record (19-13 for season) here are this weeks picks

    NYJ over Buf
    Cin over Cle
    Bal over Pit
    Den over Ten
    Atl over SF
    NO over Car
    Sea over Stl
    Ind over Jac
    Hou over Oak
    Phi over Was
    SD over Ari
    Chi over NYG
    NE over Mia
  10. Shadow

    Shadow Kotaro's Master

    Apr 11, 2004
    8C. Song of the Week – The Unforgiven by Metallica

    8D. Babe of the Week - Scarlett Johansson

    8D. Super Hero of the Week – Silver Surfer

    8E. Word/Phrase of the Week – You f*cking idiot
  11. Shadow

    Shadow Kotaro's Master

    Apr 11, 2004
    9. Conclusion – Thank you to everyone who showed up this week to their match ups. I would like to stress again that it is nice seeing the amount of improvement from each and every member of the league. Now, I would like to see voting get a little bit better with each voter dropping at least 2 lines worth of feedback. This will help the writer improve so much more. Also, I would like to stress the importance of voting on the Championship matches. This will help prevent ties and potential 3 ways. Thank you everyone for reading and good luck on your matches this week.
  12. Riot

    Riot The Dark Hero.

    Feb 5, 2001
    Once Again Shadow Great Job. I Know This Is Very Time Consuming. If You Ever Need Help Let Me Know. I Have Nothin' To Do At Work Most The Time Bsides Monitoring Calls. But Anyways Good Job Again On The Mag. Also Do You EVER Predict Yourself To Ever Win? lol. Honestly I Thought You had The Best Verse Last Week. (No Offense Sho)

    Hopefully We Get Atleast 12-15 Users In The RSTL In The Next Couple Weeks
  13. Shadow

    Shadow Kotaro's Master

    Apr 11, 2004
    Thanks man....I don't really predict myself winning ever lol...i wanted NG to do predictions as well so we have 2 people's perspectives :-D

    If u want to write or do anything just PM me and i'll add it :-D
  14. Scrolls-Oracle of Omen

    Scrolls-Oracle of Omen *DBS*--*A.B.C*

    Feb 23, 2001
    Awesome shadow very nice
    Posted via Mobile Device
  15. Shadow

    Shadow Kotaro's Master

    Apr 11, 2004
    I am in love with Scarlett
  16. Riot

    Riot The Dark Hero.

    Feb 5, 2001
    Will Do Shad.
  17. ShogunCrosse

    ShogunCrosse The Fuckin' Good Guy...

    Sep 8, 2010
    Lovin your mags Shad
  18. Shadow

    Shadow Kotaro's Master

    Apr 11, 2004
    Thanks Sho
  19. lyricalpriest

    lyricalpriest Rap Games Dawson Creek

    Apr 12, 2000
    nice ass mag this week!...this shit is getting really fun!! can i make an alias and that way i can drop more then one verse per week, seeing as i am an unlimited bar machine..haha jk..

    gluck for week what is it 6??
  20. Shadow

    Shadow Kotaro's Master

    Apr 11, 2004
    Week 6 it is!
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