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  1. Shadow

    Shadow Kotaro's Master

    Apr 11, 2004


    Table of Contents:

    1. Intro
    2. Word from LP
    3. Re-Caps
    4. Predictions
    5. Babe of the Week
    6. RM’s Artist Of The Week
    7. Got Votes?
    8. Interview
  2. Shadow

    Shadow Kotaro's Master

    Apr 11, 2004

    A Word from LP

    Welcome writer's to the latest installment of the notorious RSTL. The BEST, STRONGEST & LONGEST running Rapmusic Story Telling Topical League on ALL the internet. I want apologize member's of the league for my lazyness these past few weeks on voting, writing and the mag. I've honestly been tackling a lot of life stuff, my Activity in general on these boards have been dramatically stunted. I just want to let you all know I appreciate you for all ur advice critiques patience and support. Thank you t.a.c for believing in me giving me this oppurtunity. Thank you Shad for kickin' my nut's and being honest. GL? I also want to thank you for Kicking my nut's right along with shad, I needed that.. This week should be intersting as Last weak we had a former "rivalry" champ match. The contender match up will also be a vicious encounter. GL? been bumpin' his gum's and I desperately want to watch him and IamBent go at it. With Coup and T.a.C on their tails we have the next few weeks of great matches coming up..​
  3. Shadow

    Shadow Kotaro's Master

    Apr 11, 2004

    C. Got Life?(3-0)
    2. ShadowWarriorfs(30-15)
    GL? wins 7-1

    Poetic Energy vs. Classic StoryTelling.
    The two sqaured of with two epic stories here..
    GL? introduced some creative narrative techniques infused with Poetic Imagery which made
    it difficult for shad to pull of the win with a somewhat stretched storyline. Both writer's
    really delivered the entertainment factor and I thank both of you for you awesome display.
    Gun'Grat's to GL? for hogging the verse of the week ONCE again ..

    3. TheInkwell(2-1)
    4. IAmBent(2-1)
    Bent wins 3 to 1

    Perfect word delivery and topic connection VS. Developed Imagery and creative narration
    IamBent Claims victory this week against the monsterous Story teller INK with a
    beautifull elocution so to speak. about the 3 gates to hell. He really develops a story
    about the sin's that be-fall man. advancing onto next weeks champ match against GL? thing's is gonna
    only get better from here.

    5. Coup d’etat(1-0)
    6. Lyricalpriest(1-0)
    Coup wins 6 to -4

    words inspired by god vs. skillful rhyme schemes and a hip hop infused story
    Coup takes LP by storm with his inspirational set based on transformation
    Lp get's docked for not linking his votes. Coup moves up to the contendor spot
    he will be facing t.a.c. both writer's are good friends and I am just happy that coup
    beat me with a GOOD verse that I can honestly say he put his heart into it and thought about
    this very thoroughly. This is Coup's retribution from the L he took in the RBL against LP. inwhich
    he no showed and if he had showed he quite possibly would have beat LP.

    7. T.a.C(9-6)
    8. Obsent Hope(1-2)

    T.a.C wins 6 to -3
    Unique Rhyme's and Rap Influenced narration vs. Excellent Story Telling & proper mechanics
    T.a.C. rapes Obsent this week with a well thought out verse. in-which pushes him into more seeds
    and the contendor spot. t.a.c will be swallowing seeds all week at the rate he's at. :bwahaha:
    I really enjoyed Obsent's story and feel he has potential and would enjoy to watch him compete in
    the weeks to come. If GL? doesn't run his ass off the board. Word of advice Hope' take everything said here
    with a grain of sand. try to improve on the area's people mention u need fixing and stay you! you have talent
    don't hide it or let it go to waste.. stick around bro~

    9. Benigno(0-4)
    10. nom is dull.(0-0)
    Nom win's by no show

    Nom good job brah.. I'll give u some shine in the mag:

    A boy in a bubble told me a boy in a bubble
    Told him a boy in a bubble wasn’t a boy in a bubble
    As a boy in a bubble is just a toy in the rubble

    You are reading a story of a boy in a bubble
    The last line that you read was about a boy in a bubble
    Even this line is about a boy in a bubble
    But the boy in a bubble could’ve avoided the trouble
    If the boy in the bubble hadn’t poisoned the puddle
    If he hadn’t poisoned the puddle, destroying the rubble
    Then this story wouldn’t be about a boy in a bubble

    You are reading about how this story started again
    It’s not worth the paper of the carton it’s in
    Just ask the author, this is just passing, a whim
    Watch that bird take flight, there is farce on the wind

    A boy in a bubble told me to tell you how
    That a boy in the rubble was just selling sound
    It sounds compelling now, we’re in a bar room
    Stinking of the passing trade and car fumes
    The people don’t look in your eye when they pass you
    But delicately place in your lap a parcel
    A parcel for you? A parcel for who? You cast your eyes in this gloom
    As if you’ve started to choose
    A cast for this fools errand, who do you see?
    Because if you look deep in the corner you’re bound to see me
    Watching a broken tv, speaking in code like it’s dreaming

    But I didn’t leave a parcel, that tale is yours
    To make of what you will, to sail to shore
    No matter how pale the horse that death rides
    Let this story be the one that shows your best side
    With a deft side swipe, we’re back in the bar
    But now you can’t remember if we’ve established a star
    Or if we’re following so tragic an arc
    But, dear friend this is the magic of farce

    You feel a tap on your arm, it’s a boy
    A boy in a bubble? A boy. With his face destroyed
    He says the air tastes of Troy
    And tainted joy
    He tells you that a Saint is coy to sin
    And that you can’t ride home on this poisoned wind
    Because the poison on the wind, poisoned the puddle
    Managed to only half drown this boy in a bubble
    Who was told by a boy in a bubble
    That a boy in a bubble was a Troy that was in trouble
    But if you open that parcel you’ll see what I mean
    Where the ink floats and you believe in the dream
    Of what happened in the fourth stanza, I’m selling sound
    But I’m not the boy in the bubble, I’ve gone feral now

    You just read a story of a boy in a bubble
    About how a boy in a bubble told him a boy in a bubble
    Wasn’t a boy in a bubble, but a boy in a bubble
    Is a boy in a bubble, is not a toy in the rubble
    But is a boy in a bubble.


    11. Cigma(0-0)
    12. Mrjdm998 (0-0)
    Cigma wins 4 to -1
    Classic Rhymetelling vs. Extravagent Word choice and imagery
    Cigma takes the crown this week with an upsetting defeat for mrjdm.
    I personally liked mrjdm's verse more and thought he woulda got a better response
    but let's all be honest cigma is like the brains of the rstl. he has the best votes
    and some of the better verses. totally under-rated tho. and hasn't been able to participate
    and accomplish what i think his potential level permits.

  4. Shadow

    Shadow Kotaro's Master

    Apr 11, 2004

    C. Got Life?(4-0)
    2. IAmBent(3-1)
    THIS MATCH HERE IS SPECIAL b/c GL? really put his foot in his mouth with claim's that
    he's going to devesate the formidable opponent IamBent. IamBent which embodies hip hop
    by the mentoring of his inspiration Krs-1 is going at the title he recently gave away due to
    life issues and not having time. probably out fuckin' bitches.. if GL? want's to win this
    he better bring some real hip hop influenced rhyme telling and a superb version of a topical
    that hold more entertainment value then the fierce Bent.

    IamBent wins

    3. Coup d’etat(2-0)
    4. T.a.C(10-6)

    i think we seen this done before. Coup and T.a.C. are possibly equal in the league regarding
    talent level. where as t.a.c has more consistency coup bring's it and sometimes slips. this week
    i think coup will try his best and take this.. If t.a.c want's to win he'll have to bring his consitant
    signature with a lil more pizazz then normal.

    coup wins

    5. nom is dull.(1-0)
    6. Cigma(1-0)

    this will be another great dual both writers are also very talented. cigma being a bit more difficult to connect
    to and Nom being psuedo psycho.. they both will give eachother a great challenge.. i think Nom will take this
    b/c he is able to identify the character's with the reader more fluidly and less coded. but
    Cigma has a shot by beatin nom with his superiour intellect

    Nom wins

    7. ShadowWarriorfs(30-16)
    8. TheInkwell(2-2)

    two great writer's both done a lot of thing's for the league. Shad being one of the most
    insperational and motivational member's in the league for me, i think will give him the edge this week
    if ink want's to win he better focus on his story development the entertainment level and his rhymes. something
    i think ink can beat shad at is rhymes but storywise.. tough call

    Shad wins

    9. Lyricalpriest(1-1)
    10. Obsent Hope(1-3)
    11. Resilient(0-0)

    this will definitly be an interesting match up. i don't have much insight on the two writers i'm facing
    but They seem so have a reputation. and obsent has been really improving so iah.. this can go any way
    if resilient want's to win he best have gl ghost his verse. i think obesnt will suprise us tho and take
    the critique and capitalize

    obsent hope wins
  5. Shadow

    Shadow Kotaro's Master

    Apr 11, 2004

    Babe of the Week

    Monica Bellucci






  6. Shadow

    Shadow Kotaro's Master

    Apr 11, 2004
    RM’s Artist Of The Week

    Rapmusic.com's very own Mota will be showcased in this installment:

  7. Shadow

    Shadow Kotaro's Master

    Apr 11, 2004

    Got Votes?

    As we all know voting is an intricate part of the RSTL and is part of what keeps the league going. If people just posted verses and didn’t get feedback on them to elevate and expand their writing there would be no standard for quality and the league would be over-run with retards like Chase Murda who floods the open mic with the same garbage “gangsta” drops on a weekly basis.
    While there is always the issue of random new kids coming into the league who tend to be bad writers and bad voters, one person in particular has really irked me with the way he addresses voting. Via pm claiming that voting is a “chore”. Regardless of whether you like to vote or not, I decided to put a spotlight on LyricalPriest’s voting this week to showcase why he’s quite possibly the worst voter in the RSTL and why the votes he casts offer no benefit to anyone involved.
    In a battle where mrjdm got pretty much swept he was offered the insight by Priest that he’s a talented writer with “great word delivery” ($5 to whoever clues me into wtf that is) with “sicksicksick!” rhymes and a “hella” entertaing and creative as fuck verse. While in reality most of the voters found the verse to have lackluster rhymes that needed to be enhanced. A story which didn’t really offer much beyond the whole abduction concept and a lot of details missing from the development of the verse into something truly enjoyable. All in all, the vote provided by Priest offered absolutely none of these critiques that are necessary for mrjdm to evolve as a writer, and what the vote did entail was some fanboy hype and filler fluff. On the other side of the table he called a verse about “Frodo” cliché. I don’t know about the rest of you in the RSTL, but I can’t remember the last time I saw someone write a hip hop storytelling topical verse about a hobbit from the shire and relate it to the internal struggles of the character and how it correlates universally to mankind. It truly begs the question, did Priest actually read either verse or does he simply read the votes already cast and base some jumbled opinion from there.
    Let’s look on…
    Only 7 minutes prior to the above vote (which means he took all of 7 minutes to read Cigma’s/mrjdm’s verses and vote on the battle) we have the following vote from Priest.
    In a battle where TaC was already up 5-0, priest writes about how Tac’s verse had an awesome approach with a more in depth and elaborate story while telling obsent to take the criticism and advice offered by 4 other writers in the league (while offering no critique or advice of his own) and then casts his vote for obsent? For a more unique verse with better rhyme quality? Truly some amazing rhymes from obsent huh? For example he rhymes killer with kill her, you say with you away, while with style, would see with could be…Starting to notice the trend here? These rhymes are about as wow worthy as the cat in the hat had a bat or a gat that he swung at a knat until it went splat…BRAT! Seriously though, unjustified voting like this really irks me and it just shows a “I could give a fuck less” attitude towards how much effort you put into voting.
    That brilliant vote took a whopping 9 minutes between reading both verses and then coming up with such a conclusion.
    Let’s look on.
    While I don’t expect to ever get any feedback or criticism of any worth from someone that can’t formulate a sentence that doesn’t want to make me take a red pen to my screen, the feedback to shadow was you had good rhymes, but not as good as GL’s, you had an interesting story, but not as unique as GL’s and your mechanics were perfect (but bland!?) compared to GL’s? I mean really? What kind of feedback is that? I actually gave Shadow really concise feedback on his verse which was probably better feedback than anyone else gave him this week, however this vote literally says nothing. It’s like a pat on the back of you did pretty well, but he’s just better than you type of deal. It doesn’t say anything about connecting his beginning of his verse better with the ending. It doesn’t address what about the rhymes could be better or how about this intricate question…what the fuck are bland mechanics?
    Also while it’s not even worth quoting, his feedback on Nom’s verse was “hey this was a cool verse” If you take out all the grammatical errors and retarded mannerisms. Now that truly is a very constructive way to help people improve on their writing.
    Now I’m sure he’s going to look at this like a personal attack at him, but honestly. What is the point of being involved in the league, especially as a moderator, if you put zero effort into your involvement? Personally I’m insulted that people give this kid quality feedback and actually read his verses trying to help him improve and all he does is slap some bullshit together, draw a name out of a hat, and call it a vote.​
  8. Shadow

    Shadow Kotaro's Master

    Apr 11, 2004
    GL : So Shadow, you've been moderating this league for how long now? And you get virtually no appreciation for it, why do you continue to do it?

    Shadow : I’ve been modding this league for a season and a half now and you know I ask myself that question a lot. People don’t seem to realize how much time and effort go into making this league. They think it’s very simple to make a magazine, pick topics, vote on all matches, write verses every week, do rankings, etc. Still, I love this league and what it’s capable of. I genuinely want to improve my writing ability and it’s nice seeing other people’s styles of writing. I think that gets me through the tough times

    GL : On a different note our rivalry was spot lighted just a little bit ago and now this week it seems I've settled the score plus I've taken money out of your pocket with last year's tourney...are you out for vengeance?

    Shadow : Oh yes I am. Beating you really adds value to my stories so to regain that glory, I have to improve and take back control of the rivalry. I will do so at any cost so don’t get too comfortable with being top dog.

    GL : I know you've been working on evolving your writing a lot since you've gotten into the league, what really helped you hone things down?

    Shadow : To be blunt, good and honest criticism. I like getting the “great story man” and all but I can’t grow if no one tells me where I need work and what I can do to improve in those areas. People like to be overly critical of your style of voting but honestly, that was what helped me in the past. Granted, I didn’t like it at first but I knew that if I didn’t like what you were saying, I had to beat you. So I took the advice and improved. People need to realize that to improve, you have to accept your own flaws and improve them.

    GL : How does it feel to be the modern day ironman of the league making a run seemingly at my continuous week streak of 63?

    Shadow : Exhausting….I thought it would be easy but when week 33 or so hit, I was drained. I couldn’t think of unique stories or come up with the desire to write them but as league moderator, I wanted to set a positive example for the other participants. I wanted them to know that I was just as dedicated to the league, if not more, then they were. So I kept chugging and thankfully, T.a.C seems to be catching on and has been in pretty consecutively.

    GL : Who are some of your favorite writers in the league and why?

    Shadow : Currently, there are a few. When it comes to story creativity, T.a.C always catches my attention. He just seems to screw it up in his delivery, which pisses me off because he could be a lot better if he actually took his time. Bent is another one who caught my attention because when he first arrived, he was average at best. He took some of our advice and really took off. This past story from him was really impressive. Bent just needs to be more consistent. You are another one. I’ve always admired your ability to actually tell a story. I remember the match you had against Pain, I think it was him, in season one. That was problem the best matchup I’ve read in this league. Both of those stories felt so natural and effortless. It really was motivating. My all time favorite writer is Nu’MaaN. That dude can write with some nice imagery and clever wording.

    GL : What are some of your musical influences outside of the league?

    Shadow : I’ve always been a Bone fan. I loved their style of music and grew up with it. Nowadays, I can’t stand much “hip-hop” because it has become so painful to listen too. Anytime listeners mention Lil Wayne as a “GOAT”, it shows me how much hip-hop blows. Thanks God for artists like Eminem.

    GL : What do you do in your life when you're not captain personality of the RSTL?

    Shadow : I work full time for Facebook. I’m a full-time single father, which takes a lot of time and energy from me. I have sex, lol @ T.a.C, and I relax.

    GL : Do you really feel as though Priest pulls his own weight as a mod?

    Shadow : When compared to other mods currently and previously, I can’t say that he does. When you look at T.a.C. and myself who have been modding for a while, we participate consistently, we work hard at keeping things running and people interested and we vote. LP spoke about a bunch of ideas he had for the league but hasn’t really done anything with it. Yea he took over the magazine but the magazine is a small fraction of what modding is all about. Not to mention his magazines have been slowly reduced in substance. His first magazine was great but now, nothing really there. I use to be really hard on him with a lot of stuff because he has potential to do things but I’ve come to realize that either, he’s lazy or he’s just doesn’t care. Not to mention he gets mad at me when I’m overly critical of his stories. In my defense, his picture story was god-awful and no one can tell me otherwise.

    GL : Anything else to add?

    Shadow : I want to thank everyone in the league who write and vote each week. You guys are what keep this league going. For those who don’t, eat a dick because there are people in this league who give these people feedback but they don’t seem to return the favor. It’s unfair and selfish. Tournament time is coming and $50 of my own money and a box of shirts from Jeff is on the line. Good luck to everyone
  9. Shadow

    Shadow Kotaro's Master

    Apr 11, 2004
    RM is slow for me and pissed me off so...yea
  10. Coup d'état

    Coup d'état Don't believe the hype

    Jun 19, 2009
    lmao...Got Life ? brings up a much need point. Kudos.

    Shad and TaC your efforts are appreciated!

    What a nice read through.
  11. Cigma

    Cigma Maxwell's Demon

    Apr 5, 2002
    I read every word.
    Thorough. Legit. Humbling.

    This mag had meat and spirit.

    Thank you for the effort and example.
    Makes me want to do my best this week.
  12. Nu'maaN

    Nu'maaN Anu'naki, Nuqqa.

    Aug 27, 2005
    hahaha, poor priest got drilled into.

    an entire section dedicated to you priest, hahaha.

    and i read the "all time favourite write" too shadow, i rubbed one out to it.

  13. Got Life?

    Got Life? Resident Megalomaniac

    Aug 3, 2005
    I enjoyed parts of this, but a few issues:

    1) Why would you ever spotlight Mota's music when the kid was a completely useless scumbag in this league. Naturally I won't listen to any of his most likely terrible audios either.
    2) The predictions don't really predict much and seem like they were written by a retard. I put my foot in my mouth? Riddle me on how I did that. I've told everyone I've faced so far that I was going to beat them and I did just that. You don't put your foot in your mouth by making a claim and backing it up. Along with saying that obsent hope has been improving...lmao.

    Honestly I have to skim anything written by Priest as I feel dumber for reading anything he writes nowadays.
  14. IAmBenT

    IAmBenT Eat a dick, faggot

    Mar 16, 2011
    This mag was funny I like the format of multiple perspectives in the mag. It was refreshing to read LP again cuz he brings his own wacky takes and unique language to the mag, I LOL @ the malaprops and hyperbole, its awesome. GL?'s section was very incisive, and really educational for those who want to step their vote game up.

    That said, Shad's interview was tops, followed by Mota's audios. The kid has a nice flow, sucks he couldn't stick around.

    Monica = Yum
  15. Cereal_Killer

    Cereal_Killer no ESCAPE

    Oct 25, 2002
    nice mag guys..

    loven it all..
  16. nom is dull.

    nom is dull. but shines up pretty.

    Jan 1, 2011
    'and Nom being psuedo psycho'. lolwhat. clarification please.
  17. Resilient.

    Resilient. .. . ..

    Sep 9, 2001
    Babe of the week is filler. Keep the mag on topic. RSTL
    How can we rebuild it?
  18. Shadow

    Shadow Kotaro's Master

    Apr 11, 2004
    gotta have the babes dude
  19. lyricalpriest

    lyricalpriest Rap Games Dawson Creek

    Apr 12, 2000
    first of all you claimin my votes are garbage is crap.. just b/c i voted for someone other people voted against dont deem me garbage or fanboy seeing if u looked into me and mrj's history u would see theres no love.. i just am unbiased and don't vote for who i think the league wants me to vote for but for who i preference. and as for mota being the artist of the week what's that got to do with his pressence in the rstl

    i said voting was a chore b/c niggas was naggin me... and complainin about my votes to begin with..

    i am not fazed the slightest by the mockery comments they mean nothing coming from nobodies. @ least the real niggas in the league can appreciate me...

    nigga mad b/c im blue and they not.

    stop the jealousy.
  20. lyricalpriest

    lyricalpriest Rap Games Dawson Creek

    Apr 12, 2000
    oh and when i mentioned the frodo cliche blablah.. it was b/c he basically took a idea from that movie .. used it's concepts altered some thing's and i felt it was predictable and cliche.. maybe im wrong but that's my opinion so ya ur article was the shittiest ever just an attempt to bash me.. LMWAO some one doesn't have a life.. :eek:
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