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  1. Shadow

    Shadow Kotaro's Master

    Apr 11, 2004


    RSTL Magazine Week 46

    Battle of the Week
    No-Show Shine
    Babe of the Week
    Video of the Week
    Funny Picture of the Week
    T.a.C-tical Interviews
    Grinds My Gears

    1. Intro

    Welcome back everyone to the next edition of the RSTL Magazine. This week was very slow once again. Shadow continues to hold his title due to lack of votes. Hopefully this week, people will look and see the importance of voting. I hope the Mods can help by voting as well to help the league.
  2. Shadow

    Shadow Kotaro's Master

    Apr 11, 2004
    2. Recap

    This week we had several no shows as well as a new writer to our league. Let’s start by breaking down the no shows.

    Vaudeville – Wow I must say this was an emotional piece. I really loved the imagery and the delivery of the story. I thought the story read smoothly and had a lot of possibilities. I did think that the rhymes were a bit basic but I still enjoyed the flow of this verse. It is a shame that Redeemed decided to post Sunday though, a real shame.

    Souled In – This was a good read here and I enjoyed reading it. I liked the flow of this verse and the rhymes but I wasn’t quite feeling the story itself. Granted, I liked this story but it seemed to be scattered or seem to not be consistent. It was like you were more focused on flow and rhymes then the story itself. Still, I liked this verse.

    Shadow Vs. S.Issue Vs. War – This match was interesting and seeing as there were lack of votes, it wasn’t as thorough as I had hoped. Shadow’s verse seemed rushed while Issue just wasn’t as entertaining. This matches featured two writers who seem to be having an off week. S.Issue’s verse read smoothly and had good rhymes while Shadow’s verse had good imagery and emotion. This match-up ended in a 1-1 tie which results in Shadow keeping his title and S.Issue getting another shot at the crown.
  3. Shadow

    Shadow Kotaro's Master

    Apr 11, 2004
    3. Battle of the Week



    Wrists bound, she’s gagged. Splayed now she hangs
    with hands around her neck, plagued by sinning pangs.
    She loves the way a cock gets caught in her throat,
    and she chokes. Emotes— just begging to be awoke
    from the darkness, out cold beneath a man’s hardness.
    Strength he can harness— pain assured the sharpest.
    She doesn’t need whips or chains, just slip her frame
    against the grain and bust her tight jaw’s simple pane.
    Insane how her body accepts the bruise, black and blue.
    It will take all she has to get him to crack her tooth,
    she’ll smack him too. She laughs a few and gnashes
    teeth at lashes drawn leaving wrists in slashes
    cut by rope, splashing blood that dashes her eyes.
    She isn’t in love unless she nearly dies or flashes cries
    full of hurt. Mind the time, the clock’s turning hands alert
    flashing eyes that light her murk.
    It stops. She’s got to work.

    Steps into the street discrete, quiet and nice
    quite neat in her pleats and sweater, but its her vice
    that makes her such a treat. Likes to be beat and loves dick
    soft or stiff: doesn’t matter she needs and craves it.
    A monster, still a whopper when walking through town—
    sweet talker, pillow romper, she craves to blow now.
    At her job she slobs knobs, but doesn’t swallow the gob
    ‘cause she respects her man though he’s just a slob.
    She throbs after their thrusts, grabs her tits and adjusts
    to hear them cuss under their breath, empty their nuts.
    All day her breath saws away in her chest as she fucks
    each one indepth, they’re literally up in her guts.
    She clocks out, heading down to get inside her ride
    But her boss reminds her, this is a nine to five.
    Takes his time with her bent over his BMW’s trunk.
    On her way home she’s silent, her legs covered in spunk.

    Her lips licked as she enter and grabs his slick dick.
    She doesn’t speak, but guzzles deep. Gets sick.
    Puke and saliva on his pubes before supper’s done
    because her job isn’t to cook, its to swallow cum.
    She doesn’t drone, doesn’t come home and say word
    because she knows her job is to be obscene.
    Not heard.

    Women should be obscene and not heard.
    --Groucho Marx (1890 - 1977)



    Escalated Love


    She was young back then, breath warmed the wind
    Milky smooth skin, a youth standing without a friend
    I watched from the side as her hair covered her teary eyes
    Her eerie cries exposed the hate and fear inside
    “We are alive.” I said with reassurance in my voice
    Ground moist at her feet, sweat leaks without a choice
    She began her decent from the light in the sky
    Each step made her wonder if she might die
    Trapped in situations that were difficult living in
    So I departed and followed her into oblivion
    Hoping to protect her from darkness that persist in life
    She watched as I removed my wings with a knife
    We began walking slowly, without direction
    Clouds dark, sparks radiate from the southern section
    God was angry yet I continued to walk with her
    Together amongst this world, labeled a drifter
    I loved her but I decided that she must not know
    Corrupted by passion, perhaps intimacy I must not show
    We eventually stopped as the waters became more turbulent
    Hearing a loud pop, she watched me quiver from the disturbance
    Seeing flashes as the lightning targets her chest
    I pushed her away as I’m struck from the left
    I began losing conscience as I struggle to maintain my breath
    She screamed for me to “wake up” but all I wanted was rest
    I realized that she loved me then, my death did devastate
    Beating on my torso, my lungs couldn’t resuscitate
    Every year from that moment she memorialize my passing
    Remembering my smile the most when I was laughing
    She stood there in front of the steps of heaven
    As flower pedals dive from her hand and into the ocean​
  4. Shadow

    Shadow Kotaro's Master

    Apr 11, 2004
    4. No Show Shrine


    Leaves crunched under our boots as we approached the buck.
    It had staggered, fallen and now lay hopeless, soaked in blood.
    Father showed his son how to hold the gun
    pressed up against the temple of the beast.
    And then it's over, done.

    My hands trembled the first time I fired the kill shot.
    I'm still not entirely sure the chill's gone.
    Blood splattered onto my boots. Dad didn't bat a lash.
    Acting fast, he dismembered the buck and bagged each slab.
    I didn't eat the venison that night and haven't since.
    My parents called me a passifist. I called them savages.
    For the next decade, my father tried to explain his side.
    I left home at 18, another youth insane with pride.

    I came home every Thanksgiving for my mother's sake.
    She loved to bake. I ate her pumpkin pie and other cakes .
    My father and I? That one wasn't quite so sweet.
    He'd look at me and grumble every time he sliced the meat.
    "Stuffing's supposed to go inside something. You realize that, right?"
    His glare bore down so strong, I could feel it with every bite.
    He loved me. I respected him. Respectfully disagreed.
    Didn't see the need for dinner to always bleed.

    July 4, 1992. Thomas was born.
    My first son with Jen. I was the hard ass. She coddled him more.
    He liked his grandfather. I guess that was OK with me.
    Age is a funny thing. Dad and I had made our peace.
    So grandfather would show grandson his mounted collections.
    And I tried not to worry about Tommy's wide-eyed impressions.
    But there's nothing like the thrill of holding a gun,
    and it wasn't long before Tommy just had to go on a hunt.

    Maybe time had wisened the old man, I still don't know.
    But my father didn't make my 10-year-old kill the doe.
    Still, that day, Tommy experienced something far more traumatizing,
    seeing his grandfather fall onto a bed of leaves, close his eyes and
    Tommy panicked. He ran to the house. We ran to find dad.
    My father lie next to a beautiful doe, rifle in hand.
    He twitched. Twiched again, with a oh-so-familiar lack of grace.
    It brought me back to that day 28 years ago in the same patch of shade.

    The closest hospital was about fourty-five minutes down the road.
    He wouldn't make it. His heart had gave out and drowned his hope.
    I looked at my mother. She cried over him.
    He grabbed my leg with all his strength. I bent lower and
    he motioned, a slight nod of the head to his hand. The gun was still cocked.
    I closed my eyes and fired the kill shot.
  5. Shadow

    Shadow Kotaro's Master

    Apr 11, 2004
    5. Matchups

    C. ShadowWarriorfs 25-16
    2. S. Issue 4-0
    3. Souled In 8-9

    Prediction – This matchup can really go to any of these three writers. Shadow is the defending champ and is going for a rematch with S. Issue. Souled is entering this match to take the title from both. I believe this will be very difficult to determine the winner but I believe that S. Issue will win this 2-1-0.

    4. Vaudeville 1-0
    5. Link Gash 3-1

    Prediction – This week, Link returns from a long absence and goes up against Vaude. Vaude has wrote a very good verse and is looking to move into the title match next week. I believe that Link will be rusty and Vaude will win this match 3-0.

    6. ChemicalZen 1-0
    7. word.smyth 0-0
    8. Rem Lynxis 0-0

    Prediction – This is a interesting match up. I remember Rem and Chemical but I haven’t read anything from Word. I believe that if all members show, Chemical will win this matchup 3-0.
  6. Shadow

    Shadow Kotaro's Master

    Apr 11, 2004
  7. Shadow

    Shadow Kotaro's Master

    Apr 11, 2004
    10. Grinds My Gears – You know what really grinds my gears, being caught masturbating. Now, masturbation is a self-pleasure procedure that gives the handler the joins of release without the risk or STDs or viruses. I, for one, love masturbation because it can go at my own pace and don’t need to here how much of a disappointment the last 2 and ½ minutes were. Now, there is a time and a place for masturbation. There is no reason to masturbate in the bathroom at work, none whatsoever. I love masturbation as much as the next person but show some restraint. However, if you are in the comfort of your own home, there is no reason for anyone, including the police, to interrupt your masturbation session. This is what really grinds my gears.

    11. Conclusion – I appreciate everyone who participated in this weeks RSTL matches. I would like to say that voting is soo important and if you’re not going to show up, don’t sign in. Now, I would like the RSTL Supers to start some voting to help decide some matches instead of them ending in a 1-1 tie. Especially Championship matches. Now, I would like to encourage people to request topics in the topic suggestion thread. I most always pick the topic you choose so get on that. Finally, I’d like to say good luck to everyone in this league on their upcoming matches.

    Awards for week 46

    Best Verse goes to………S. Issue


    Best Voter goes to…….. Vaudeville


    Biggest Faggot goes to…Redeemed


    Top five verses of the week in order from best to worse

    S. Issue

    Let’s give a big Woot to the award winners for Week 46.
  8. Souled In

    Souled In New Member

    Feb 5, 2010
    Lol at that last picture.

    That champ match might come to one vote lol
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