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  1. Shadow

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    Apr 11, 2004


    RSTL Magazine Week 44

    Battle of the Week
    No-Show Shine
    Babe of the Week
    Video of the Week
    Funny Picture of the Week
    T.a.C-tical Interviews
    Grinds My Gears

    1. Intro

    Welcome back everyone to the next edition of the RSTL Magazine. This week was very slow once again. There was continued beef between Dic and Got Life? This beef has been very interesting and pretty hilarious to read. I would like to welcome Retulen to the league and welcome back T.a.C and Liquid back into the league. This is shaping up to be a very exciting week. Now if only T.a.C would do a freaking interview!!
  2. Shadow

    Shadow Kotaro's Master

    Apr 11, 2004
    2. Recap

    This week we had two no shows but some good competition and great verses. We had some rematches this week and now we will see, in detail, how things went.

    WarMachine – This was my favorite line, “comes and takes the night away, and the magic of it dies.” I really enjoyed the imagery in this verse. It read like a poem to me, not sure if that was your intention or not. The flow in this piece was very good and I thought the rhymes were nice. You were short and to the point and were very descriptive. One thing I think you need to do is proof read a little more. In the one line where you said “at the sparkling that..” Was that suppose to be sparkle or did you forget a work such as sparkling hues, for example, that leave you in awe. Other than that, I thought this was a highly enjoyable verse, nicely done.

    S. Issue – I thought this was a great verse. There were some wording issues I thought kind of hindered the rhythm of your verse. In my opinion, using words like ain’t instead of isn’t makes the flow choppy. For example, in your second line when you said that “her breathing ain’t quiet”, I think it would’ve been better if you said, “her breathing isn’t quiet”. Little things like this can add to the depth and perception of your verse and give it a more solid delivery. The metaphors were solid here and I thought the rhymes were good as well. All of these things added to the imagery of your verse and amplified your story. The pictures were also a great choice here and helped paint me a picture. It was a shame that this verse was no showed on.

    Shadow vs. Got Life? – These two writers have a lot of history and have been going back and forth for a few weeks now. Shadow holds the all-time series record against GL by being 1-0-2. Last week, their matchup ended in a 1-1 tie. This week, things were a lot different. GL appears to have removed his recycled verse that, at that time, beat out a good writer in Jook. Shadow, on the other hand, wrote a good verse that was a continuation of last weeks verse. The readers loved how read and enjoyed the character development. The storyline was enjoyable to them and the readers felt that GL didn’t write well enough to contend with Shadow’s verse. This gave Shadow the 3-0 victory over Got Life?

    Dic vs. Krypt – This week Dic faced off against Krypt in the Championship match. Dic has spent the last two weeks being no showed. However, this week his opponent showed and wrote very well. Krypt’s verse wrote a very good story that had some imagery and good rhymes. The flow was off a bit at times and it seems like the story seemed to lose steam closer to the end of his verse. Dic’s verse read smoothly. The rhymes were great and the imagery was captivating. Overall, this was a very complete battle. Both writers had a lot of great things in their very but Dic won this match by having the more consistent, well-rounded verse of the two. Dic won this match, 2-1 and has become the New RSTL Champion. Congratulations Dic on becoming the Champion. [kat][kat][kat][​IMG][kat][kat][kat]
  3. Shadow

    Shadow Kotaro's Master

    Apr 11, 2004
    3. Battle of the Week


    808's and Estrangement

    This is Jonathon


    He sits down, a block from The Radio Box, strummin' his tunes
    Mutterin lyrics under the sun and the moon, hummin' the blues
    He's had that 6-string forever, the parts corrupted and bruised
    It looked dusty and used.. still he would strum for the few
    That would listen and they'd be put in the loveliest mood
    A winter changed to the most comfortable June ..
    ... playing honest notes from his spirit
    Not just something to do, he'd pray the people would hopefully hear it
    It was his most triumphant of tools, a guitar known as his dearest
    With lyrics of sheer wit, the most sincere of his peers
    Yet few ears kissed his music, each passer-byer a near miss
    Over years, they'd dissapear quick, just a quick hike up the hill
    To those who claimed "Hear this - I've got the tightest of skill"
    They'd rape the mic in a syllable and then sell hype in a pill
    Jon felt for them - a young him, enticed by the bills
    Caught in a vice that could determine the price of their will
    Or if they'd like the 'iciest grill'.. Jonathon weeped for these soldiers
    Felt like they've fell asleep at the wheel of a Jeep or a Rover
    Every one looking like meat on a poster - Jon knew his kind's time was up
    So he picked up his guitar, and for one final time, he plucked

    This is Thomas

    The clock strikes six, and The Box ain't lacking nightly consumers
    Although what used to be lifeblood is more like vitreous humor
    Yes, every face on the shelf is decidely useless
    ... but it will take time to prove it
    Sales rates have been finding improvement..
    ever since the public had loosely defined this as music
    No time for improvement - just for a new make and model!
    Every blonde hair-do singing the new compatriot gospel
    Yes, the fakest will prosper, as Thomas sits by himself
    From his corner office watching blank CD's fly off the shelf
    King Midas, who else? A golden touch, a brutish head
    A handsome grin, a nice car and the most beautiful threads
    But he's truthfully dead, the son didn't oulive the father
    Who's right down the street, but Tom's proud to bother
    He plays his "music" louder and farther, but today the patrons ignore it
    They hear distant guitar strings, their vibrations imploring
    To turn off the station's snoring - and head down the hill
    So Thomas watched as they were drawn in by the profoundest of skill
    Headed down the mountain at will - to the transcendental bard
    To the dirty streets where the only pension's guitars
    A potential enemy, CHARGE! Thought Tom as he proceeded down
    But another chance to kill a man and steal his crown
    As Jonathon strummed again.. this time with feeling now

    This is A Reunion

    Thomas stopped in his tracks..
    .. too stunned and too dazed to pause and react
    And pulled out a gun before his conscience could act
    He started cocking the gat "Wait... son, don't do this"
    Pleaded Jon, knowing Tom was utterly ruthless
    Ready to put slugs in this nuisance, Tom looked down his sights
    He would end Jonathon here, in the ground and goodnight
    "Your power and might, they're great, son.. but I need you to hear
    Your current lifestyle, son, is severly austere
    See, Earth is merely a sphere, filled with simple artifacts
    A sphere we must fill with a love, it's called art, in fact.."
    Tom's target waxed poetic - "I birthed you to spread my gospel
    Of beautiful music, yet the direction your headed is hostile
    Now my reflection is awful, now your just full of extortion
    "SHUT UP!" Tom tightened his fingers and the bullet reported
    Should've put 'em in mordem, but Tom was a shaky shot
    Jon was hit in the shoulder, and Tom left him to wait and rot
    Another vagrant lost - Tom thought as he headed back to the Box
    Jonathon lay prone in the gutter, his cause practically lost
    The music he mastefully wrought, gone, now only plastic tunes
    But there were a few people who heard him that afternoon
    That would take up his craft and soon be on their own corner
    Inspired by Music Himself, although deep in post mortem
    while others chase their own fortune - inspired by Music's Son
    Corporate Greed himself, the bitter one who used the gun
    And as the future comes - whether for better or worse
    We await the next movement, the next correction in verse
    Changes so complex and diverse - so only one things known for certain
    Even when the concert is over, you can never close the curtain

    Music will live forever.
  4. Shadow

    Shadow Kotaro's Master

    Apr 11, 2004



    This vision's a blaze, you'll receive in life's critical stage
    Time ticking away until all your senses just fade
    Rinsing the tastes out of mouths who keep spitting up hate
    In ignorant rage seeming extremely dense and insane
    But when we dispense of the waste that these mentally slaved....
    Bitches have made, leaving bloody trails of menstrual decay
    The stench is too great and everyone suffers; cringing in pain
    Until the tension that reigns is given a face
    This is a game and all of us are sentenced to play
    Within the range of good and evil thoughts tinting our brains
    And pinching our veins til blood flows so slow, we're physically drained
    With no heart to give to the great Kings cuz they're missing an Ace
    An integral phase is choosing whether revenge is replayed
    Or will we amaze even ourselves in the gift of old age
    Submitting to faith in hopes to be forgiven with grace
    Before the ending of days lays us into our graves

    Main Topics:


    Star Gazer

    Crystal is dazed... eyes staring at stars trickling through space
    But looking like an intricate maze of intimate shapes
    These images played through her mind like repeat spins from DJs
    And the effects have similar traits from her hips to her waist
    She'd sit and embrace the ground or the sand as if she's mounting a man
    Then lay back and charge up her plan; watching stars as they danced
    A great twist to start a romance, but making it last was the challenge
    Needing that view before proceeding to do her passionate madness
    Relapsing was tactless; Crystal didn't ask if they wanted to try
    She'd withhold sex to punish the guys who wouldn't make love to the sky
    A troubling vice because of her eyes, D cups and butt that was nice
    They would become so enticed and get naked while running outside
    But she settled for less and less because of unsettling stress
    Sex was just sex: strictly using the bed for her rest
    This new year's eve doing her thing seemed easy as cake
    That evening Jake was the tease she would bait in her meaningless date
    Turning the dinner party into feasting foreplay
    As they sat with a balcony view of the beach house estate
    He played with her toes under the table and that basted her bones
    No taking it slow, only 9pm and marinating her clothes
    Desert was taken to go in obvious ways for them both
    But I'm stating it though...
    1 was sweet food, 2 was making her moan
    They changed into robes, pacing the coast wearing blankets as coats
    She laid down exposed, penetrated by the shape of his nose
    Apple Brown Betty flavored his throat making taste buds explode
    Crystal held his face as she rode, staring through space as he chokes
    She came and made Jake a float to wash down the rest of the food
    Turned him on his back to attack since he bettered her mood
    Wetness exudes as she rests on his tool, his chest to her boobs
    Kissing him too, while thrashing her hips to get in the groove
    But then comes his crew, but little did they know what Crystal could do
    One grabbed her from behind, but she rolled off Jake and kicked out his tooth
    Sending her boot through his cheek as she gets up confused
    Looks at the sky; her fantasy leaks waterfalls into blood pools
    The next victim is screwed from behind with a stiletto heel
    Like the same plot they're risking to do reversed til death gets revealed
    The next, she just killed quickly and brutal with four kicks through his pupils
    Walks slowly back to Jake after death sentencing two ghosts
    Gives him the roughest kiss across his bloody lips
    And rubs it in by smashing his mouth until his tongue is ripped
    Crystal looks up again.... her loving dreamscape has crashed
    Into a nightmare where she has become a demon at last
    Seeing her past flash before her in several scenes to a path
    Through a gateway to hell with a lifetime extended seasonal pass
    That evening had to happen to Crystal before the clarity shined
    Just like the gem her name represents, her beauty must stem from inside
    It's within your life to make the changes that will lift you to stride
    And being that mentally high is truly kissing the sky

    Ending Topic:
    Eclipse of Madness
  5. Shadow

    Shadow Kotaro's Master

    Apr 11, 2004
    4. No Show Shine

    S. Issue

    "Bloated Blue"
    Breaking silence, I strums chords and my voice becomes violent
    seeing my woman has returned but her breathing ain’t quiet.
    Can’t deny it, the way she turns her face, it burns this place down
    and though I don’t buy it, there’s a new man in my space now—
    tall and of course handsome, white as Klan robes dancing,
    even the hue of his skin digs in as I keep stealing glances.
    My last good breath pushes forth from my chest and sings
    through the harmonica’s tin reeds, I never saw these things,
    didn’t ask for it to last but pray to God it holds up today.
    Couldn’t play my way in again, my world cold-stuffed with hate.
    Wipe the sweat from my brow, handkerchief soaked
    as if tears poured down…but my tongue holds, anchors this throat.

    Don’t go!
    His rich manor in the south will be overthrown
    by strength of resolve, involved citizens— we’ll destroy his home!

    Inside of my mind the impeccable timing of such moves is divine
    for setting the tone and denying his climb
    to society’s peak. Weak and helpless, this man’s future is bleak,
    darkness in the South harnessed in our skin tone’s mystique.
    My hands lashed in corn husks, my men masked, deformed dust,
    just pieces of landscape brash, black, my born lust
    moving toward the plantation. Leave two men, stand stationed.
    Inside, his wood floors and arched doors demand patience.
    Three of us toe steps, the stair’s groans stand us up, erect,
    as candle light flickers bright upstairs and to the left.
    Along the papered wall we crept, adept at silent movement
    for the night time grooving we do to spur improvement
    in our sector. Shadows we move, behooved to act efficiently,
    snatching him from his dreams as we listen, see
    if anyone heard his slight gasp, startled awake at last
    to the realization that we’re taking him apart in a flash.

    Please don’t do this!
    His begging doesn’t compute, feelings amiss.
    My mind blocked off, chock-full of this needling bliss.

    His neck in my hands, he demands to know what we’ll do to him
    if he doesn’t stop screwin’ and become a better human,
    and even I don’t know just how high we’ll go to scare
    the living crap out of this man who pulls my woman’s hair,
    fucks her in the chair, on my bed, across the whole house.
    Sweaty palms push his face through walls and break out
    through glass, smash the thin window pane.
    His forehead leaking, spread deeply showing the bone frame.
    I recognize this old game, all but gone from society,
    only this time its the white man who will die, you see?
    Propel his bloody body out onto the low-slung roof,
    collect my noose and climb out, my body bent, stooped.

    With a final deep breath my hands come
    to wrap is neat neck in rope. Soon, it’ll be done!
    Yet as the sun hangs, I approach, his neck in twine’s hold,
    but the limb sags low with another whose wife he stole.

  6. Shadow

    Shadow Kotaro's Master

    Apr 11, 2004
    5. Matchups

    C. Dicnyaeye 7-0
    2. ShadowWarriorfs 22-16

    Prediction – This will depend on how much effort Dic puts into this. Shadow is coming off of a huge defeat of GL and is looking to capture his first every RSTL Championship. However, I believe that Dic will once again, come out of this match up on top to retain his title. Winning this matchup in a 3-0 shutout win.

    3. WarMachine 5-2
    4. S. Issue 1-0

    Prediction – This has BOTW written all over it. I think Both writers will bring their A game and will be trying to get their shot at the title next week. War and S are both coming off no show victories and I believe that War will come out of this matchup on top, in a 2-1 victory.

    5. Kryptikal 3-1
    6. Retulen Reactus 0-0

    Prediction – Kryptical is coming off a critical loss in the championship match and is looking to regain his composure. I have never heard of Retulen and I believe that he will likely no show this week and give Kryptical the win.

    7. liquid` acid 0-0
    8. T.a.C 0-0

    Prediction – I was actually expecting Nasty to put you both at 0-99 or something like that lol. I believe that liquid will have some rust in his pen and with T.a.C being a former Champion, I think that he will come out smoking. T.a.C wins this match 2-1.
  7. Shadow

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    Apr 11, 2004
    6. Babe of the Week

    Azzareya Curtis

    Azzareya Crystal Curtis

    7. Video of the Week


    8. Funny Pictures Of The Week


  8. Shadow

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    Apr 11, 2004
    9. T.a.C-tical Interviews – No interview this week because I couldn't get away from the cotton fields.

    10. Grinds My Gears – You know what really grinds my gears, hookers with attitude. Seriously, you are going to give me attitude? You, a diseased infested prostitute who has been pumped more times that an overweight family’s toilet. Now, I understand that hookers are considered ‘people’ but they need to recognize their place in society, which isn’t very high. Also, being considered a ‘high class hooker’ does NOT mean you are better than the other hookers. It just means that you cost a couple dollars more, which when you think about it, is pretty pitiful. Now, the men who pay these hookers aren’t much better. I understand you want to ‘support the working girl’ but is sex with a hooker worth your penis being amputated because it’s now turning colors? I don’t think so. If you want to spend your money on women, get married. This is what really grinds my gears.

    11. Conclusion – This week was a nice week, despite the two no shows. We have some sign ins that should be help in the following weeks. I would like to keep encouraging everyone to vote and give good feedback. I hope everyone continues to improve. Good luck to everyone on their upcoming matches. Once again, congratulations to Dic for capturing the RSTL Title.

    Awards for week 43

    Best Verse goes to……… DIc


    Best Voter goes to…….. S. Issue


    Biggest Faggot goes to…Got Life?


    Top five verses of the week in order from best to worse


    Let’s give a big Woot to the award winners for Week 43.
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