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  1. Shadow

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    Apr 11, 2004


    RSTL Magazine Week 41

    Battle of the Week
    No-Show Shine
    Babe of the Week
    Video of the Week
    Funny Picture of the Week
    T.a.C-tical Interviews
    Grinds My Gears

    1. Intro

    Welcome back everyone to the next edition of the RSTL Magazine. This week we had a couple older heads sign in, GL, Q and Soull. The league has been slow as far as controversy but I believe that things will pick up this week. Dic made a good point about the contendership/championship. I think we should change to that system or something. Please let me know what you guys think.
  2. Shadow

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    Apr 11, 2004
    2. Recap

    This week we still had some no shows however, despite this, we had some interesting matches and even an upset. Let’s see how things turned out.

    Dicnyaeye – Dic wrote a no show verse that was pretty funny for a no show verse. I enjoyed this verse mainly because it flowed pretty well. Good job and hopefully next week you’ll be matched up with an opponent that will actually show up, hopefully me :-D.

    Kryptikal – This was an interesting verse and it was a nice read. I thought the flow was ok and the rhymes were a bit simple but the story was nicely developed and was pretty enjoyable. Nicely done Krypt, can’t wait to see your verse next week.

    oNeiRiC vs. Hollow – oNe is coming off of a lose to Stacy and was looking to get back into his winning ways this week against Hollow. oNe wrote one of his best verses and put together a nice story with good mechanics. Hollow’s verse was interesting but lacked the mechanics to really deliver on the level he could have with more time and effort. This match-up ended in a landslide victory for oNe as he won 6-0.

    Vern vs. Stacey – This match up was battle of the week and was very surprising ending. Vern, as usual, wrote a very good story that was heart felt and also had insane rhymes. Stacey wrote a very interesting and very much improved verse. Readers seemed to like the way Stacey developed his story and how descriptive he was. Readers also like how Vern’s verse was very enjoyable to read. However, this match-up ended in a tie but due to Vern’s lack of voting, Stacey ended up winning this matchup.

    Shadow vs. Narsil – This matchup was terribly slept on considering both of these writers gave good feedback and voted on all the matches. Both these writers wrote good verses. Narsil had good mechanics but wasn’t as emotional as readers would’ve hoped for. Shadow’s verse was mechanically lacking but seemed to have an entertaining and disturbing story. This seemed to attract the readers to his verse, giving him the 2-0 win.

    Pent uP vs. MD – This matchup was a good read and was closer than the votes would lead you to believe. Although MD had a good concept with good rhymes and a good flow it couldn’t beat Pent’s verse, which had everything. Pent’s story was nicely develop, had a good flow and was more entertaining. This helped Pent take this, 6-1.
  3. Shadow

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    Apr 11, 2004
    3. Battle of the Week

    Vern Acular

    Life is a dream from which we all must wake, before we can dream again. - Robert Jordan


    click here for the audio

    Have you ever had a dream, that was so real, that you just felt like you was there
    Well I had this one dream that I was at war with the world, man it was crazy

    Heavy eyelids, drift away, im on a island where killas lay
    You hear the sirens they ricochet,
    through the streets swiftly any time any different day
    Keep my peace with me cause the violence is your face
    Silence it imitates, but it keeps the form of a liar that instigates
    Running through the trenches, with the fire to infiltrate
    Wide eyes you could go blind if you glimpsed at fate
    Time that I demonstrate
    Why I been in a chase, hiding…
    Irate decided, how I can annihilate when rhyming
    Or how I can escape from this mind state that that im in
    It’s worst than blood stains we find on a diamond
    These lines got me crying, emotional inside and im dying
    Faces in the clouds and they smiling
    Looking at the ground at the piles of the lying
    Corpses they silent and im right beside em

    Remember that dream I told you about, you know when I was at war with the world,
    well look the very next night I had the same dream but this time the people were people I knew

    I was shook in an instance…
    Saw my best friend was a crook in the distance
    He hooked me for friendship
    Then took my forgiveness, and used it against me
    Abused it intentionally I looked for avengence
    I pushed for attention, but dude was oblivious
    Even though I threw a couple clues in my sentences
    It all felt easy I would soon put an end to this
    But little did I know he had a room of apprentices
    Excuse me but this is it, my own blood was in tuned with these sinisters
    Confused from their innocence
    My brother best friend and the womb that exited
    All had a plot that would wound me, ridiculous
    Im through im finish this, I found my self sitting in my room with a killing itch
    Oooh im a kill this kid
    The door opened up, shoot me, they didn’t miss
    My last breath I fell through to the genesis

    See at first I thought they were just dreams, then someone told me dreams are made up of thoughts in the back of your mind,
    so this time my dream became a war with myself

    I cant fight the addiction, because it’s in my veins now,
    It’s a shame how I lay down at night with this tension
    Cause god does not listen, I asked for his help
    But got lashed from his belt, he said despite your not christian
    I might seek forgiveness, it’s all in the motivated life that you live in
    The mic that you lifting, the sky is the limit
    Now prove it to yourself, I knew I was in hell, cause advice he was giving
    Wasn’t something that Christ would’ve mentioned I was fooled
    I felt a little pressure I was sitting in my room
    A lit fuse confused, see I didn’t get excused
    Skipped school knew I shoulda paid attention to the rules
    Now im living in the news spot light blinding me
    I wish I could refuse for a minute an protrude
    But instead I stay idol, whether winning or I lose
    Im saying good night now, so im finished, hit the snooze​


    Stacey James

    Memory of a Lost Love

    Memory quakes open old fault lines
    Captive thoughts escape repression’s salt mines
    An assault of forgotten quips and occult signs
    A flashback to seeing that dark soul shine

    -I want to see how it ends

    Memory shards can make the soul bleed
    Cut it deep and infect it with old need
    I miss the cold heat of his wicked embrace
    Bold fingers exploring with a quickening haste
    I miss our games, our cuffs and chains
    I miss exploding with pleasure and pain
    I miss ecstasy and shame coursing through
    Mostly though, strangely, I just miss you

    -Love is a funny thing

    Our first meeting, a savage beating
    Your barren, ravaged heart started heating
    A fleeting moment that changed it all
    The spark that set the stage for our fall
    A wall had been breached, a seed sewn
    The need for me to make you my own
    You didn’t hone this desire your heart knew
    You ignored it and locked it away inside of you
    And continued your evildoings with glee
    But now they had a new focus...
    ... me

    -I will know your blood

    But then something changed, got in your head
    And the arranged order of things was dead
    Because now you could do no violence to most
    The evil director inside became a silent host
    Your bloodlust that once burned for me
    Was turned to lust and you simply yearned to be
    Mine, eternally

    -You’re all I bloody think about

    But I didn’t feel it, all I felt was contempt
    Being with you, ughh, I would never have dreamt
    You kept after me, trying to make me see
    You stayed close, as painful as it could be
    You came around to help but got no praise
    Just condescending disgust and my withering gaze
    When I discovered how you felt it made me sick
    Which I told you,
    With all the subtlety of being punched with a brick

    -You can’t tell me there is something between you and me. I know you feel something.
    -It’s called revulsion

    But still you refused to give up or retreat
    You never backed away from the unbearable heat
    Though I gave you naught but scorn and spite
    I knew you’d be at my side through any fight
    So we forged an uneasy truce
    Over our history of mutual abuse
    I did not return you love, but we were allied
    But all that changed..... the day my soul died

    -I’ve been going through the motions

    When I was frozen, when my soul was dead
    Where my heart used to be there was a hole instead
    And you were the only thing
    That made me feel anything
    I used and abused your love for me
    I was in a pit of despair and you helped me climb free
    And then, for me, you made the supreme sacrifice
    You gave up your life, paid the ultimate price
    Only then did I realise the truth that cut like a knife
    You were the love of my life
    Wherever you are, I hope you know that
    That in the end, I realised, I’ve always loved you back

    -I love you.

    Topic: "The Best and most beautiful things in this world cannot be seen, or even touched, but must be felt in the heart."
    Helen Keller
  4. Shadow

    Shadow Kotaro's Master

    Apr 11, 2004
    4. No Show Shine



    Fallen Angel Club

    He's there at the same table, same drink, same strip joint at seven
    And he'll stay until there that short hand points at eleven
    Sure as anything, he's there waiting for his girls
    Knowing they might not dance for him, but patiently and sure
    He watches them, all three, while barely tasting his glass
    And the regulars wonder why he takes his place in their cast

    They say this stage is the place were dreams are extinguished
    But what do they say if those dreams never existed?
    Poor Cheryl always lived a sterile existence
    Since birth, she was cursed with an indelible imprint
    Too pretty to pity, but to poor for a man to settle and listen
    And she swam in the same lake where the devil's were fishin'
    Father's soon gone & she can't help but not make the better decision
    Strapped for money, she only had one thing she could sell for a living
    And yes, hell's arm reaches an incredible distance
    By thirteen she fled the village, turning body to bread
    Like a reverse Jesus Christ, but with monsters instead
    Her conscience is dead, and her mom's too high to notice
    No more of the girl that Hell pillaged - it takes more than two eyes to focus
    A lost girl, putting hocus pocus on these blokes with mouths open
    Until their numb like one thousand proof, until even her soul is stolen
    A broken tomb on her lonesome, and she's found her roof
    And she keeps on going because it's all she knows how to do...

    I heard beggars can't be chosers, and she's begging for a chance
    You can see it in her pupil, she'd rather do anything but dance
    And yet these bricks are made of a tentative romance
    and she grinds the semblance enhanced
    Each dollar she reaps just equals squalor
    - it feels like pennies in her hands
    And these creeps get taller as she twists what she expertly commands
    The recession is at hand, and she will reap the offers
    From these creepy peepshow fiends and the completely cheap tossers
    She keeps softening these monsters with her sweet contuor
    Constantly exhausted, she's also got books in her bag,
    She can't get off the hook of the facts -a monument to costliness
    She hits that shit each day - these men aren't lookin' for hags
    And she'll accept the dollar, though she hates the crooked looks they exact
    It's for blushing and sleepless nights turning to restful solace
    she does it for the precious knowledge
    Sick of water breakfast cereal, she has to get through college..

    Born to the picket fence, without the wicked stench of poverty
    Constantly mocked
    "She can't dress properly, honestly she's a twisted wench
    Her hairs a mess, shes less than fair with barren breasts"
    Words blared by friends, She was fine but felt like Linda Blair instead
    Ugly from all angles like Linda's twisting head
    Confidence is ripped to shreads
    She felt a little dead
    & when your surrounded by angels and fine things
    You have to find different ways to find wings
    But like her spine's thin, her will's been filled with lead
    Crippled by the nice sting, the pin pricks fill the distance
    From the ice rink to the kind kings, from a run of the mill existence
    Back to her extra-civil kinship, she's high again and feeling right
    Pours money into needles even though the meals are tight
    She does the dance to beat the monster that's just too real to fight
    Our bones congeal despite our desire for angelic resonance
    To be seperate from the peasantry, but she'll rock these heels tonight
    Desperate for the deviltry, the needle makes her feel all right..

    And when the regualrs escape the escape, he still stays and watches them
    He sits at that same table, almost like he prays for the goddesses
    I only spoke to him once, and he never broke my attention
    He lost his 3 girls to a battle he was too choked up to mention
    i figured he filled the void with sex, these girls do whatever you ask
    They'll take off their clothes real slow and put their head in your lap
    But what he said next would simply turn my heart softer
    The girls let him watch - and pretend he had daughters ​
  5. Shadow

    Shadow Kotaro's Master

    Apr 11, 2004
    5. Matchups

    1.Dicnyaeye 4-0
    2. ShadowWarriorfs 20-15

    Prediction – This will be an interesting match-up. Both of these writers are coming off victories and are looking to sneak into the championship match next week. I predict that Dic wins this 3-0

    3. Stacey James 2-1
    4. WarMachine 3-1

    Prediction – I think this will be an awesome match-up. War and Stacey are great writers and this will depend on how motivated War will be this week. I predict that Stacey will win this matchup, 3-2.

    5. oNeiRiC 4-8
    6. Kryptikal 1-0

    Prediction – oNe has been improving and facing Kry will be a great milestone for him but I believe that Krypt will win this 4-0

    7. Narsil 2-1
    8. Vern Acular 1-1

    Prediction – This will be a fun match-up. I think the both will be coming hard in this one but I believe that Vern will win this 3-1.

    9. HOLLOW SHELLS 0-1
    10. Walter Sickert 0-0

    Prediction – I believe that Hollow will win via no show.

    11. Quriosity 0-0
    12. Got Life? 0-0
    13. Soull 0-0

    Prediction – This could be battle of the week if all writers show up. I predict that Quriosity will win, GL will complain, and not vote, then sign out of the league for 3 weeks. He’ll use this three week period to complain about topic, modding, and voting. Everyone will laugh at him and he will cry off line. Q will finish first then GL then Soull.
  6. Shadow

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    Apr 11, 2004
    6. Babe of the Week

    Kiele Sanchez

    HQ Kiele Sanchez Pictures from Wire Image
    Yahoo! Image Search Results for Kiele Sanchez

    Marisa Miller

    Marisa Miller Pics - AskMen.com
    Yahoo! Image Search Results for Marisa Miller

    7. Video of the Week – For T.a.C lol


    8. Funny Pictures Of The Week


  7. Shadow

    Shadow Kotaro's Master

    Apr 11, 2004
    9. T.a.C-tical Interviews – This week I interviewed T.a.C, let’s see how that turned out.

    Shadow: So T.a.C, wut kinda name is t.a.c anyways

    T.a.C: lol its an acronym. when i first came to the site my name was sfsportsfan. i stayed on the text side, and was a terrible writer. i think my first go in the rbl my only wins we're by no show. but i had an ego as most new people do. so i would but-heads with a lot of veterans. so Lotus took me under his wing. first thing he told me was i need a new name. so i came up with T.a.C, which stands for Talked about Constantly
    T.a.C: figured it would be fitting

    Shadow: lol nice
    Shadow: Which league do you prefer, RSTL or RBL?

    T.a.C: to compete in, the rbl. i jus feel like im more of a battler than a topical writer. plus the league is easier to be in. the voting is a lot easier. but to mod, the rstl. i've seen the way people bitch at the RBL mods. everyones got an ego and is confrontational. in the rstl the only thing we have to put up with is GL? calling us sissies and faggots.

    Shadow: lol soo true

    T.a.C: which considering the source...
    T.a.C: jk

    Shadow: Well he does complain a lot, lol
    Shadow: How do you think GL compares to other writers in the league currently?

    T.a.C: lmao, you;re tryin to get me in trouble. hes one of the better writers in the league right now. not THE best, but hes up there. however, his signing out whenever he loses gets annoying. thats teh part about him i dislike.

    Shadow: agreed
    Shadow: although i think it's funny

    T.a.C: lmao

    Shadow: who do you think are the top five writers currently

    T.a.C: vern/dic/stacey/Q/GL?
    T.a.C: not in order
    T.a.C: well
    T.a.C: maybe

    Shadow: hmm can't argue with that

    T.a.C: idunno, might switch stacey and Q

    Shadow: If Nique and Pent were signed in, do you think they'd kick GL out of the top 5 spot

    T.a.C: oh, definitely. both of them are great writers. i wish pent stayed in this week. him vs dic woulda been a great match up. and if he beat dic, him vs vern woulda been a good one too

    Shadow: True
    Shadow: enough about GL...how long have you been doing topicals?

    T.a.C: lol, a little over a year, off and on

    Shadow: If you could face anyone in the league currently, who would it be?

    T.a.C: currently in, i wanna face you. thatd be a fun match up. we've both been told a lot about the improvements we've made in the last 41 weeks, itd be cool to see who improved the most.
    T.a.C: also itd be funny to see how bad vern murdered me

    Shadow: lol i've always wanted to say Pent...figured the slaughter would be hilarious
    Shadow: Who has improved the most in the league?

    T.a.C: me. obviously... haha nah, i gotta give you the nod of most improved. its obvious by watching your record. go back 11 weeks. you were 12-12, you've turned it around and got to 20-15 in that time. its a big improvement.

    Shadow: word i was like 7-11 awhile back...i didn't pretty well
    Shadow: plus i've beat GL once and tied him the other time

    T.a.C: haha, that too. plus, baron pointed this out to me a while back. most people when they start modding in the league, their record suffers. noble wasnt modding long enough for this impact to happen, but once Ace took over, his record began to slump. but yours has improved, which is rare.

    Shadow: lol i've never noticed that
    Shadow: although it is difficult to mod this place and write

    T.a.C: lol, thats why im only in when the league is struggling

    Shadow: i feel ya

    T.a.C: plus its easier to win titles that way ^.^
    T.a.C: fuck a challenge

    Shadow: lol
    Shadow: true tho

    T.a.C: lol hell yes

    Shadow: what do you think are the best things about this league?

    T.a.C: the feedback. though i hate voting, the votes you get are usually helpful. a lot of people go indepth. you, oNe, urizen when he was signed in, GL? because he's brutal. all give good feedback. it makes it easier to improve. where as in the RBL people jus say 'i liked that line' or 'i didnt like that line'. doesnt really give you much help to improve.

    Shadow: wut are the worse things?

    T.a.C: your topic selections. god you suck. jk. the voting. sometimes its hard to do a breakdown on verses. the voting takes a long time. a lot of times i dont wanna sit down on a weekend and spend 30 mins to an hour reading and breaking down verses.

    Shadow: true but it is essential to the league

    T.a.C: definitely. its just hard to do at times.
    T.a.C: prolly why most battles only get 1-2 votes before we started enforcing the voting rules

    Shadow: word...it's very especially hard for me to vote on all battles, breakdown every no show verse and prepare a mag, rankings, topics as well as write a verse...ish is tough some times

    T.a.C: haha no doubt. it is a lot.

    Shadow: word...do you have any predictions are the winners for this weeks matches?

    T.a.C: i gotta go with dic (sorry), Stacey, Kryptikal, Vern, idk about walter vs hollow, and i predict Q vs GL? vs Soull will be battle of the week. cant call who will win.
    T.a.C: Soull is a stronger writer too, he could upset Q and GL?
    T.a.C: strong*

    Shadow: interesting...assuming they show up

    T.a.C: true.

    Shadow: Any League gossip you know about? its been pretty quick after the whole Nique/GL beef

    T.a.C: well, i heard shadowwarriorfs wears womens underwear

    Shadow: well, u would know

    T.a.C: :O

    Shadow: lol

    T.a.C: yeah, i dont really have anything. hoping GL? picks on someone so somethin can get going

    Shadow: He probably will after seeing this interview
    Shadow: or he may after he seeing my prediction in the magazine

    T.a.C: haha oh god. gonna start some shit up?

    Shadow: lol i guess you'll see
    Shadow: it's not going to be much but with GL...it doesn't take much

    T.a.C: hahaha. thats true
    Shadow: lol well that all i have right now

    T.a.C: haha alright. jus wanna say. remember people, dont spay or nuder your pets

    Shadow: lol
    Shadow: well thanks t.a.c for participating in the interview this week

    T.a.C: haha no prob
  8. Shadow

    Shadow Kotaro's Master

    Apr 11, 2004
    10. Grinds My Gears – You know what really grinds my gears, being accused of cheating when there is no proof. Now, I understand that no one wants to be cheated on but do you really think spending all day, everyday accusing someone of cheating will make them stay faithful? I figure that if someone is going to cheat, they will cheat regardless of what you say, so why stress over it? Also, masturbating to porn is not considered cheating. Masturbating build endurance, experience and promotes hand-eye coordination. I don’t know why they don’t teach this in school, tbh. Finally, ladies, if your man is going to a bachelor party, don’t spend all month mad at them. So what they are spending the night in a titty bar, who hasn’t. If you’re man is dumb enough to stick his penis in a vagina that has more diseases then T.a.C has sexual rejection than they’re just retarded. But don’t hate on them because they will have random titties in their face, just embrace it, they’ll love you for it. This is what really grinds my gears.

    11. Conclusion – This week was a good week, despite the no shows. I am proud of everyone that voted because everyone seemed to do better with this. Props to Stacey for voting this week in matches but I think that everyone need to up there voting more. One battle only had two votes and both of the writers voted on all matches. This has to get better, especially if you are the current champ. I hope that everyone will continue to vote and I wish everyone luck on their upcoming matches.
  9. Shadow

    Shadow Kotaro's Master

    Apr 11, 2004
  10. DiC GeTs GuLLy

    DiC GeTs GuLLy Hello

    Feb 26, 2005
    Kryps no sh ow verse....
    nice character development, but it was the entirety of the story pretty much... so in picking my favorite character, i went with the most interesting outline and descriptions along with flow pattern.... my pick is Cheryl... even though krystal had the best flow, her issues weren't unique at all... Cheryl was much more interesting and the flow for most of it was pretty cool... the narration was weird cuz it was in the 3rd person of a narrator describing what one person is watching and there no character development on the character watching these women..... weird, but i dig it... good shit man..

    Nice mag fellas.... good work in the outline and good overview of matchups..... i'm not into reading interviews even when i was the one giving them and posting the mags, but i assume that was good too..... if yall need someone to interview, you should ask someone in a PM instead of waiting for someone to ask you... that's not gonna get yall many interviews... people here are lackluster on that kinda thing...

    Thanks for the Dave Chap videos... i think lucifa was the first mod to incorporate vids in the mags... it's still a great idea.... aight.... thought i'd show some appreciation for yall doing the work cuz i know it's not the easiest or most fun filled thing to do....

    Goodluck Shadow.... my verse is ready when urs is.... and no i'm not recycling from last week or the week before.. got something brand new cuz i thought i'd be facing Pent... so you should expect something written good enough to challenge and/or beat Pent
  11. oNeiRiC

    oNeiRiC Souled In

    Dec 25, 2006
    I don't know how yall slept so bad on Shadow's and Narsil's verse. I mean, open up your eyes, and vote on the battle that has no votes, period, unless of course it makes you want to puke.. then that's your choice lol.

    Pent's verse for best of week, I for one didn't think it was up to par. I felt he ran with emotion relating to personal a bit more than usual from what I've seen, rather than entertaining. The thing was he tried to be entertaining too, and for me it was just a conflict, I mean, either it is for entertainment, or something deep. It is hard to combine the too with only 60 lines. Ill verse though, I just Loved MD's story.

    Nice mag. So is Stacey a damn alias or what.

    Soul wb and look forward to our rematch sometime

    All I'm saying is, if someone quit something, and a year later is offered a special brownie, and all their life they wanted to try one, and they really just wanted a brownie, and ate it, and then felt very little from it. I don't think that shows addiction. To me, one brownie a year. I mean seriously. Seriously.... One thing that gives you no headaches when quitting, and impossible to overdose. And I am on the couch tonight for something for once a year? Granted I could sweet talk but I feel just weird about the whole situation. I mean what do people really think about this stuff? Like alcohol is cool or something? Wait, is the government moral all of a sudden? Everyone knows any damn person in politics just wants to see their name in the paper, and our government is ran by corporate interests, meaning, we do shit for money, we make drugs schedule 1 to arrest more of a minority group that is using it. The second you start basing your ethics and morals based on the government is the second you are either A Scared, or B, in kiddy land (which is cool, best time of life right, but doesn't last forever obviously).

    Oh yay she came out and said she wants me to come back to bed woohoo! Its all about compassion though, can't go breakin down doors fellas, got to be like Ghandi wit it if you can..
  12. Pent uP

    Pent uP I'd Like to Fight Ten Men

    Feb 17, 2001
    yeah gabe, sorry to dissapoint. I explained in PM why, I figured you of all people would understand. If I come back it'll be in late feb/march

    thanks for the highlights
  13. Soull

    Soull New Member

    Oct 9, 2008
    Im curious to see what happens this week.
  14. Quriosity

    Quriosity Moderator

    Nov 24, 2001
    thanks for the love, i suppose. i'll see if i can shake this rust.
  15. WarMachine

    WarMachine The Legend.

    Mar 6, 2008
    I want to be in the interview next week and I love the fact that I'm the underdog this week...
  16. Got Life?

    Got Life? Resident Megalomaniac

    Aug 3, 2005
  17. Shadow

    Shadow Kotaro's Master

    Apr 11, 2004
    word...hit T.a.C up...this is pretty much is only job in this league lol

  18. ..::Peepers::..

    ..::Peepers::.. New Member

    Jan 25, 2002
    damn i miss this shit...i was just trolling this forum, doing searches on my old posts and verses...

    i bet if i signed up i'd get destroyed, haha. I love how the magazine is going strong and how awesome it always (and still) is..
  19. Got Life?

    Got Life? Resident Megalomaniac

    Aug 3, 2005
  20. DiC GeTs GuLLy

    DiC GeTs GuLLy Hello

    Feb 26, 2005

    uv beaten me haven't you? it was like spring of 05.... i wanna rematch..lol
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