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  1. Shadow

    Shadow Kotaro's Master

    Apr 11, 2004


    RSTL Magazine Week 33

    Battle of the Week
    No-Show Shine
    Babe of the Week
    Video of the Week
    T.a.C-tical Interviews
    Grinds My Gears

    1. Intro

    Welcome back everyone to the next edition of the RSTL Magazine. This week was disappointing and there were a few no shows and recycling. I was a bit disappointed with the lack of votes but some of the writers here. Let’s try to improve that on the upcoming week.
  2. Shadow

    Shadow Kotaro's Master

    Apr 11, 2004
    2. Recap

    This week we had three no shows and a recycler. We were also overwhelmed by Got Life’s random picture posting. I have no idea what brought this on but it was interesting to see, at times. GL flooded battles with story and posted pictures to replace no show verses. I’ll warn you all again that I’m bitter about the Cowboy’s loss so I’ll likely be pretty harsh here. Let’s get started.

    Got Life? – As a bonus, I read this story and was shocked about how much detail was put into this. It reminded me of a Hostel movie or something. You were right with your warning about it being sick and twisted. As the story started, I was thinking this was going to be a normal, mild bondage type of story. The description of the girl was nice and painted a vivid picture of her. As the story continued, everything seemed to become more and more dark and sadistic. The amount of detail put into this suggests to me one of several things. Either you’ve had thoughts about this or you are extremely creative in a lot of different areas. I continued on and I loved how you made it a point to mention that you (the character) avoided eye contact with the victim. This, I felt, solidifies the fact that underneath the demonic persona your character had, he was still human. I would’ve liked a more descriptive introduction of Monica like you did with Jane though. Overall this story was pretty creepy but well written. Nicely done.

    Atreyu – This was a very interesting verse and I as I read it, I assumed this was just an attempt to avoid a no-show. This was based on what you were talking about in your verse. I thought the rhyming here was good but I would like to see how you do when you write a serious verse. You should/need to start voting, don’t be a faggot.

    T.a.C vs. Soull – This match-up was a nice match-up where both writers were equal in talent. This match-up would come down to which story the readers like better. Both writers had issues with poor writing ability even though they are good writers. They worded their verses poorly, which affected their story. Still, both writers took a good story and put a nice spin to it. The readers had mixed views on why each one won their match-up. In the end, this match-up ended in a 2-2 tie.

    Link Gash vs. icon – This match-up had a lot of potential from both writers. Both writers wrote great stories but were a victim of lengthy lines and poor spelling/grammar. This hurt Link more then anything because his lack of proof reading. Icon’s verse had great rhymes but the lengthy lines kind of made the read more stressful then it could have been. Link’s verse was crippled with poor spelling and grammar which really hurts a verse more then a lot of other things. I know this wasn’t Link’s best work but this week icon shut Link out 5-0.

    Killaeffect vs. Memento – Killa has been improving week after week and I hope he stays in the league and continues to improve. However, this week he still needs to work on how he words things. It was questioned whether English was his primary language, which if it’s not, would make a lot of sense. This is why were have these leagues, to help and improve your writing skills and it may seem like some voters may come off a bit over critical but this is how you help a writer improve. Killa had a great story but the poor wording and terrible use of words hurt him this week. If he can improve this, it will be the first big step in his improvement. Memento had a solid verse with great rhymes, solid imagery and a good flow. Memento is becoming a major force in this league and I’m curious to see how he does next week against a better opponent. Memento shuts out Killa 4-0.

    Urizen vs. oNeiRic – I’m getting tired of seeing you guys battling each other lol. This week both writers have improved a lot over the past couple of week, especially oNe. Urizen wrote a great story but was a bit too cliché’ with the ending. oNe, on the other hand, took a very unique yet refreshing take on his story. The only issue with his story was the execution was a bit off. If he can improve this, he could’ve taken this match-up. However this week, the readers like Urizen’s verse more as he shutout oNe, 2-0.

    ShadowWarriorfs vs. Pain– This verse was an attempt to avoid a no show but still was a solid drop. I realize I’m critiquing my own verse and I don’t really care. In this match-up, Shadow dropped a verse in hopes that Pain would show up. Instead of dropping a garbage 16 line post to avoid a no show, Pain dropped a recycled verse that took 2 extra days to post. Apparently, I’m not respected enough by him to at the very least give me some kind of effort. Which not only cost me a chance at a real victory against Pain but cost me a potential title. Now I must wait another week to take my shot at the title.
  3. Shadow

    Shadow Kotaro's Master

    Apr 11, 2004
    3. Battle of the Week


    A Cracked Heart
    The sun drowns, in what now seems as a red sea
    A serene scene of beauty, so full yet empty
    White rose peddles dance in the sky, a flock of seagulls fly by
    He starts to cry as he thinks “am I going to die”
    Each kick is to keep afloat, each glance seeks a boat
    Sound unable to emit from his throat, the backdrop seems to gloat
    The sun’s reflection is rippled by the waves
    An endless empty horizon, he is the sea’s slave
    No vessel in sight, just birds and his plight
    His fright doubles as he is now welcomed by the night
    Seconds seem to last an eternity, while engulfed in agony
    The ocean seems happy, to extend his misery
    He freezes up, fear struck he has run out of luck
    Something touched his feet now his thoughts run amuck
    Of what it could be, his mind then clears “what the fuck”
    He is lifted up by sand, slowly but surely he is able to stand
    Baffled and dazed and simply amazed by a rescue not planned
    He looks around, heart starts to pound as he hears a sound
    Could it be, miraculously that a hint of hope he’s found
    Waves crashing on a beach, close enough for him to reach
    Unnoticed before, east and west have an island each
    The eastern island is flat desolate a void immaculate
    No grass or trees nothing appealing about it
    And if it wasn’t for the mountain of gold he could stop staring
    If it wasn’t for the diamonds he could stop caring
    The western island is full of green, a hungry man’s dream
    Each fruit is to be seen his starvation has become keen
    He decides to eat first and then swim in jewels
    He jumps in the water and swims full speed as his mouth drools
    He’s halfway, he looks back, immediately his speed cools
    Could it be that his mind is playing him a fool
    Treasure Island fades to black with each inch he gets closer to green
    He swims back, and with each stroke improvements are seen
    He once again stands in between and realizes a game so mean
    He has to pick, a choice so sick this is the cruelest trick
    The chance of rescue fickle quite a pickle but time does tick
    He grows ever so hungry but he loses the money if he decides to eat
    No matter the decision it would be the definition of bitter sweet
    Rich with the possibility of starvation or fed with eternal regret
    Unable to decide his cheeks run wet his final decision has been set
    It’s time for him to roll, he jumps in and swims to his goal

    He wakes up

    He was offered a better job in a new city
    Upgrade in title and increase in salary
    Expense account and a big relocation amount
    His only concern is the bridges he might burn
    To certain issues his back he just can’t turn
    His current living situation is the cause of hesitation
    It’s comfortable as is and shouldn’t undergo devastation
    He is willing and able to go, his girl refuses to do so
    Has to take care of her mother and disabled brother so she said no
    Further his career or stay put and do the same shit
    The reason for his dream is he cannot pick
    But he knows the island he swam to told him what to do
    So tell me which island did he swim to?​



    You, a street dog, know a demon is on the lose
    and killing people; How will you stop him?

    __________________ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __________________

    I woke from my perch just at the instant I felt the darkness
    Penetrate slowly behind the curtains of my art’s best
    My heart starts fast as pride begins to swallow me whole
    As I get ready to charge this evil and pardon no soul
    “rouse up my fellow guardians for this is not a drill!”
    I see my first Lieutenant already passing out pain pills
    “Get your asses up and tear their flesh with your teeth!
    Tear fast.. so there tails stay pressed tween their knees”
    “Roger sir!” my top dog stood up and saluted
    Snarling I returned my answer with an nod and said “MOVE IT!”
    But as he turned ungracefully towards his mission
    I caught him by the shoulder and said to him:
    “Listen dog, you know I will be leading the fight
    and I doubt not that you’ll be right near my side
    but what you must do, is realize I’m likely to die
    and it is you, my first knight, that must rise with pride
    To lead…” I said as my eyes misted with tears
    For we had been preparing for this battle…. For years.
    “TO FIGHT!” He yelled as he barreled and splintered the doors

    2 days ago, in the town center, amidst confusion and rioting, the council
    members vote for a treaty with the new power, in return, we will be let to live…

    “The dark lords come corrupt for power and rage not wisdom
    As the hoards of disgust come barreling in cages and prisons
    And you would believe their lies? Their gems and smiles?
    What do you need as proof except the look of death in their eyes?”

    “Bah! That is just the look of a seasoned tactician!
    Don’t believe the word of this blacksmith, men
    His greed only seeks to stay hidden in a barrel when we leave
    And steal all our fortune that we have worked so hard to achieve”

    I looked at this man, obviously afraid to travel
    But what could I do but let him continue to babble
    “Then hear one last word from this STREET DOG!
    We will stay with you and fight, and may you see God.”

    “They will bring peace!” He yelled at me as I left in measured steps
    Voices shouted in confirmation, but later, of course, the town slept

    The enemy have used the tactic of fear, blocking out the sun
    with crows and ravens, but now they have given us the time to set up
    fortification in a small outcropping of mud near the main gate of town

    The time is near now, we have separated from the town
    Me and my dogs, mud covered sticky and brown
    We know our only chance was that we weren’t seen
    By a flurry of wings so thick with black in a sun screen

    The only chance is to snare the leader
    A focused trance pace measured by meter
    Breath steady as water drips down near the creek
    I allow no pride to enter my mind as I think
    Only humility, can pierce through the throat
    One shot, one leader, one hope
    For the same thoughts that cloud and fester my mind
    Will surely be brought down in as if destined to rhyme
    Intertwined, I create my own destiny
    I accept. I let go. The arrow flies swiftly.
    The Green nectar of sorrow lands.
    And, Rejoices in a new tomorrow
    A flesh was pierced, this night of mercy
    And I'll always be a different man
    Sorrowed but worthy
  4. Shadow

    Shadow Kotaro's Master

    Apr 11, 2004
    4. No Show Shine



    The Fifth Horseman

    Trumpets have sounded, loud and frightening
    They run for cover from clouds of lightning
    Time has diminished, Judgment Day is at hand
    We stood sinisterly, darkness chokes the land
    Taking our place, mounted on our horses
    The course was Earth and devastating was our forces
    We had different objective, respective to our power
    The hour has arrived, we departed from His tower

    One rider was draped in white as he rode first
    faceless, His bow strapped, ready to conquer
    The next wore red, figure blazed with a blur
    Sword cried for war to quench his blood thirst
    The third was dressed in black, frail and diseased
    Bring darkness as he poisons their food supply
    A pale, cold figure followed, death carved his eye
    As if starved to die, his air stale as he grieves

    My image cloaked, as I trail the horsemen
    Charging forth as God sits on his porcelain
    Purpose was unknown, only told a word
    “Doubt” whispered faintly, confusion had stirred
    On this path, my presence invisible yet known
    Looking for answers, I turn to a wolf standing alone
    It was hungry, scared and on the verge of death
    The others were here yet their aura hasn’t left
    I watched as the wolf takes its final breath
    Merging with his shadow, his sense become deaf

    Invigorating its soul, I watch it react…

    A strange scent fills the clean yet frigid air
    Nose to the sky, eyes closed, “Is it there?”
    An aroma so delicate that saliva begins to grip
    Eyes dilate as my tongue hangs below the lip
    Regaining composure, slowly, as I follow
    Concentration skewed, stomach now hollow
    Each step calculated, I hunt strictly to devour
    Hour has become late, muscles are losing power
    He is in my sights, now finished with the foreplay
    "Doubt" whispers, as I’m paralyzed in the doorway
    “Could I eat him if I tried? I should act…..no wait”
    My fur begins to sweat and my legs begin to shake
    Insanity taking over, switching from rational to irate


    I leave the wolf in division, yet I am in tact…

    This must be my power, putting doubts in mind
    Smiling, watching another victim shout in crime
    Galloping towards him, merging into his shadow
    I whisper, “You think you’re strong? Its really sad though…”

    To be continued…​
  5. Shadow

    Shadow Kotaro's Master

    Apr 11, 2004
    5. Matchups

    1. ShadowWarriorfs 15-12
    2. -Atreyu- 5-0

    Prediction – Both writers are doing well and are looking forward to taking the title home. Atreyu signed back into the league two weeks ago and has moved into a championship match rather quickly. This week, I believe Shadow will do what he needs to do and beat Atreyu 3-1.

    3. Urizen 5-3
    4. Memento 2-0

    Prediction – Urizen will continue to improve and will give Memento the most challenge match he has had so far. I think Memento will be ready for this match-up. I think Urizen will upset Memento this week 3-2.

    5. iCon. 2-0
    6. T.a.C 8-5

    Prediction – This is going to be an interesting match-up. I think T.a.C did well outside of his comfort zone as far as stories go. icon is looking to upset T.a.C. icon needs to shorten his lines a little but I think T.a.C will come out of this the winner, 4-2

    7. Soull 1-0
    8. oNeiRiC 1-3

    Prediction – This will be a great match-up and I believe that the winner of this match will have to be creative and write a well developed story. I think Soull will win this 3-1

    9. killaeffect 1-2
    10. Blitz_krieg 0-0

    Prediction – Killa has been improving week after week and unfortunately for him he faces Blitz who is looking to return to the league with a victory. Both have great potential but I see Blitz winning 4-0.

    11. MordridDeschain 0-0
    12. Lay Doubt. 0-0
    13. Burd. 0-0

    Prediction – All three will no-show
  6. Shadow

    Shadow Kotaro's Master

    Apr 11, 2004
    6. Babe of the Week

    Jenny Chu


    7. Video Of The Week

    ^^from Soull
  7. Shadow

    Shadow Kotaro's Master

    Apr 11, 2004
    8. T.a.C-tical Interviews – This week T.a.C interviewed Nasty. Let’s see how that went

    T.a.C: so, where did you come up with the name xX_Nasty_Xx?

    xX_Nasty_Xx: well.... when i was in high school i was freestyling with some kids at school, just cypher shit, then one started taking shots at me so i instinctively shot back, flipped some lines dissed his clothes, shit like that
    my boy started jumping up and down laughing
    and yelled out "THAT WAS NASTY"
    lol it stuck

    xX_Nasty_Xx: when i registered on rm NASTY was taken so i added the x's

    T.a.C: tell us a few things about you no one knows?

    xX_Nasty_Xx: hmmm damn, i'm a ghost writer for local rappers, i produce, i rarely put any of my work online, i'm married and have been for 4 and half years, no kids, great job, giant penis, and i own awesome aliases

    T.a.C: is 'giant penis' one of these aliases? if not, alias...now

    xX_Nasty_Xx: no i just have a giant penis

    T.a.C: who is your favorite artist?

    xX_Nasty_Xx: Eminem
    hands down

    T.a.C: thats the best answer i've gotten doing these interviews

    xX_Nasty_Xx: haha

    T.a.C: is he your main inspiration to write? if not, who is?

    xX_Nasty_Xx: no actually when i started rapping/writing i was listening to midwest cats that were out then
    bone twista do or die
    they influenced my flow more than anything
    my inspiration now is my life

    T.a.C: so, as DSP would say, your life is poetic now?

    i suppose
    it's my outlet
    that and beating midgets with kendo sticks

    T.a.C: LMAO. watch out shadow

    xX_Nasty_Xx: lmao

    T.a.C: what was the best album to drop this year, in your opinion?

    the bluebrint
    Jay-Z was amazing on it

    T.a.C: oh yeah. he had some classics on that
    is that your favorite of all time? if not, what is?

    xX_Nasty_Xx: nope
    i have so many
    Only Built for The Cuban Linx
    that album was magic
    no homo

    T.a.C: lmao
    so is there a genre your embarassed to admit you like?

    xX_Nasty_Xx: hmmm
    i enjoy a few country songs.... smh
    just a fwe
    my wife listens to alot of that stuff

    T.a.C: blame the wife

    xX_Nasty_Xx: no doubt

    T.a.C: lmao, what kinda of music do you straight up hate?

    xX_Nasty_Xx: tejano music
    makes me wanna vomit

    T.a.C: lmao, you racist
    ight, so lets get into the league
    whats your history look like?

    xX_Nasty_Xx: rstl.... currently i'm 3-1
    signed out
    rough week of work coming
    last stint i was like 5-3
    5-4 or something
    i go on runs and just nose dive

    T.a.C: whats your opinion on the way shits going?

    T.a.C: you there punjab?

    xX_Nasty_Xx: it's slow and the whining is annoying.... the product we put out there is a reflection of the league.... text is dying slowly at rm but doing it anywhere else wouldn't be right for me.... i just wish gl? would log it.... nigga is beyond annoying on some childish shit
    he hates the league and everyone sucks

    T.a.C: do you think he is worth the writing talent he brings to the table?

    xX_Nasty_Xx: only in a more active league.... the guy is a monster don't get me wrong but he's annoying as fuck.... and now that he's not fat anymore he's even more annoying.... he seems to forget that muscle doesn't erase ugly and annoying
    no beef though

    T.a.C: LMAO
    i cant wait to see his response

    xX_Nasty_Xx: who cares
    he'll call me cupcake or princess fat and mexican
    i'll laugh and ignore it

    T.a.C: and end up moving the post LMAO

    xX_Nasty_Xx: i don't even do that anymore

    T.a.C: lmao
    so what are some areas you think we can improve?

    xX_Nasty_Xx: punctuality.... damn job and life

    T.a.C: fuck having a life
    rstl > gettin pussy

    xX_Nasty_Xx: says the virgin

    T.a.C: LMAO
    do you think moving the deadline back to thursday would help with the no show problem?

    xX_Nasty_Xx: no
    it'd get worse
    or we'd be giving extensions to everyone

    T.a.C: true
    who do you think are the best 3 writers in the league right now?

    xX_Nasty_Xx: got life

    T.a.C: ah fuck, im against iCon this week

    xX_Nasty_Xx: bring your good pen

    T.a.C: wonder if Q's still into ghosting

    xX_Nasty_Xx: lol
    i'm sure he is

    T.a.C: lmao
    who do you think is the best voter?

    xX_Nasty_Xx: got life

    T.a.C: who do you most wanna face?

    xX_Nasty_Xx: blitz... he's been talking shit lol

    T.a.C: he'd no show

    he no-showed against me before

    T.a.C: lmao. he might have MP beat in that category

    xX_Nasty_Xx: no
    i don't think peace has ever dropped a verse

    Interview cut short due to technical difficulties
  8. Shadow

    Shadow Kotaro's Master

    Apr 11, 2004
    9. Grinds My Gears – You know what really grinds my gears? People who think they’re smart when in reality, they’re complete morons. I mean, it’s one thing to be terrible at math or something but it’s something else to believe that you are great at everything when you know absolutely nothing. Seriously, grow up and just be you. This is just as bad as talking trash to someone who could break you in half with a single thought. This is what really grinds my gears.

    10. Conclusion – I am impressed about the improvement from everyone in the league last week. I would like everyone to keep up on the voting and keep giving good feedback. Good luck to everyone in his or her matches this week.
  9. Soull

    Soull New Member

    Oct 9, 2008
    Nice mag shadow... you getting the hang of this nicely. Schweet I got video of the week haha
  10. Got Life?

    Got Life? Resident Megalomaniac

    Aug 3, 2005
    wait so nasty doesn't want to suck my cock, just rim my asshole?

    i'm so confused...
  11. Urizen

    Urizen I hate humans

    Sep 11, 2004
    nice mag and thnx for the confidence
  12. Got Life?

    Got Life? Resident Megalomaniac

    Aug 3, 2005
    I cant even begin to understand how children like you choose to be so disrespectful to your elders. When I was growing up, if one of my many brothers or sisters said something cross to my father, they would get a licken right across the face with a corn stock. During the great depression, all was well for our family, we had everything we needed. Of course, it was no paddy walk, we had our daily chores. Up at 4 in the morning, in the bed at 11. When you unload bales of hay and disperse them amongst the cattle, the yarn that is left over can become quite hazardous to the animals if eatin, so we would have to go and pick them up, now this might now seem like nothin, but if you have ever unloaded hay you know that you do a lot of em, so for every bail of hay that we unloaded, we had to pick up the yarn. We usually saved the yarn pickin up for after we unload all the hay, it just made more sense that way. Time consumtion was of no shortage, but we didnt mind we had all day. Plus just being able to help dad with the farm was reward enough for me, but maggie and sue had other plans, you would often find them wonderin around playin games, id have to go over there and whip them with a pipe to make em work again. Milkin cows was something i enjoyed, not because it was fun, but because it was something i was good at. I wasnt good at a lot of things, but i was good at milkin cows so i decided that was one of my favorite activities. When i was young i had often dreamed of becoming a professional milker, but they got machines for that now so now i just sit. and chew
  13. Urizen

    Urizen I hate humans

    Sep 11, 2004
  14. Got Life?

    Got Life? Resident Megalomaniac

    Aug 3, 2005
    it's a metaphor.

    at the end of the day you can't be a professional internet storytelling topical writer so just sit and chew nigga.
  15. Urizen

    Urizen I hate humans

    Sep 11, 2004
    lol you actually think I read it huh

    thats nice

    I just read the first 5 words and the last 2

    but what ever makes you feel good
  16. oNeiRiC

    oNeiRiC Souled In

    Dec 25, 2006
    Exactly. If you weren't raised like that, how would you expect someone to have the effects of that?
    Spartans were raised to be strong from the get go, and then, somehow, they turned out strong.
  17. Got Life?

    Got Life? Resident Megalomaniac

    Aug 3, 2005
    does pretending like you didn't read it make you feel cooler in your book because you know you read it and you're also upset that w/o even being signed into the league last week I got more mention than you.
  18. Urizen

    Urizen I hate humans

    Sep 11, 2004
    lol homey if I read it I would have said so
    Im not into that whole Inet bravado

    but lets be honest here got life???

    the only reason you got more mention than me is cus
    you posted a bunch of irrelevant pics
    and you were an EXTREME dickhead/asswipe

    so you got mention

    Im proud of you man so proud
  19. Got Life?

    Got Life? Resident Megalomaniac

    Aug 3, 2005
    sounds like someone is jealous...
  20. oNeiRiC

    oNeiRiC Souled In

    Dec 25, 2006
    hey is there anyway you can stop posting pictures of nice looking ladies in the mag?

    I pay 7.99 a month well it is a new service, to make a report of any site i go to with images like that etc... It then sends it to an accountability partner. I struggle with whether I should read the mag or not.

    If you don't want to change it don't worry about it, but if it is not a big deal then please do.

    Nice mag by the way. I've already got an outline for next week, and I can't help it use the picture with the isolated demon next to the red hour glass as a metaphor for the current problem of control I speak of.

    It should be interesting, soull I'm dropping like an iron bar wrapped in silk son! Lol. At least I think that's how the tai chi masters put it.

    So does anyone else on here train martial arts? I've been working with a private instructor now for 4 months, and it's been really great.
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