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  1. Shadow

    Shadow Kotaro's Master

    Apr 11, 2004

    RSTL Magazine

    1. Introduction

    Welcome to week 12 of the RSTL league. We had a few no shows this week but the amount of talent has not dropped off. Writers continue to improve and that is really what we like to see. We also had a couple of sign out and a couple of new people joining the league. Let’s see how the previous week went.
  2. Shadow

    Shadow Kotaro's Master

    Apr 11, 2004

    2. Recap

    by SW
    T.a.C vs. NG – T.a.C is a faggot with feminine tendencies.

    – This was an improved verse from before. I enjoyed how you delivered this but I felt that at the beginning, the rhymes were overwhelming the story because they didn’t flow naturally. I still have issues with your wording though. You could very easily removed words to give this a more consistent flow. For example,
    plus the man is late again, god damn this gay shit...
    as I stand debating, actually plan to change shit..
    ^^this read so much smoother than before and you still get the same meaning as you did from the previous line. If you did this with all your lines, your flow would improve ten-fold. The direction of the story was really good and you painted a good picture. This had good emotion as well. Nicely done dukey

    13. TaipanX(0-0) vs 14. Coup d'etat(0-0) vs 15. Kanoe(0-0) – In this matchup, TaipanX no showed leaving this a 1 on 1 match up. Coup wrote a verse that had great vocabulary as well as filled it with imagery. The fact of the matter is this, the story was easy to read and smooth. Kanoe wrote a story that had good potential but lacked the detail to really drive this home for him. He also had some spelling issues as well. In the end, Coup took this one with ease

    [Week 11] 11. NOBLE SOLDIER(1-2) vs 12. Extreme Venom(0-0) – This was a good matchup. Noble’s verse was good. It had a nice flow and good imagery. I found it sad and enjoyable as well. Some people found this verse to seem a little rushed and that hurt you but to me, I thought it was smooth and consistent. EV wrote a verse that seemed to sit well with most of the readers. They loved the amount of detail put into the story and loved how you delivered it. This is what propelled EV to a victory.

    7. MurderousKeys(8-2) vs 8. ShadowWarriorfs(5-5) – This was a good matchup. MK’s verse was smooth and had a good flow. It was a little rushed but that is to be expected when he gets confused about DST. His story had all of the mechanics to win most matches but this time, Shadow brought his A game to the match and came out on top, That’s what she said.

    [Contender] 3. Got Life?(3-1) vs 4. Nu'maaN(2-0) – This match had the potential to BOTW written all over it. Both writers wrote stellar verse but this matchup came down to which story was better liked. In the end, people seemed to like Nu’maaN’s verse a lot more. Gl’s verse was thought to be a little too simple for a lot of reader’s taste. Both had all the mechanics but Nu won this match with a better story.

    [Championship] C. Cigma(6-4) vs 2. billy nomates(4-0)
    - This was the battle of the week in my opinion. Both writer continue to impress everyone with their clever wording and smooth flow. This one was also hard to vote on because both writers were mechanically sound however the stories made the difference. Nom’s story was unique and clever while Cigma verse was good but wasn’t as entertaining for writers. This is what allowed Nom to win and become the new RSTL Champion.
  3. Shadow

    Shadow Kotaro's Master

    Apr 11, 2004

    3. Match Of The Week –


    We thought the rollercoasters were skyscrapers
    You, a shy saviour, me a time waster
    With a blind faith in the law of the land
    Life path drawn out as a fork in the sand
    A pauper, a sham, I course through the dam
    With a smile on my face for the torture I stand
    Important and bland, I pigeon toe step
    Around the issue that I haven’t written home yet
    This vision holds yet my fingers are numb
    And the numbers trip off this simpletons tongue
    So pitifully young, but the days stretch now
    We are silhouetted figures that can’t rest, how
    I wish that the river had drowned us at birth
    To remind us of the fact that a town is just dirt
    A pound for our worth and a penny for sin
    Hoping to wipe the smug look of this pessimists grin
    Settling for limbs laid out like branches to bleach
    Nicotine dreams blanched on our teeth
    When we start to believe the ground unfolds
    And enforces its will upon a slum soul.

    They chased us away for the beliefs that we held
    Our grins odd masks for thieves in a shell
    Peaceful as hell, we made their lives misery
    Trying to run at the hill for a dry victory
    Try missing me and you’ll see the colour of fear
    With the passion of Christ huddling near
    Stuttering steers the conversation home
    How the bombs scare citizens, a saintly glow
    Take my clothes, stash them in a safe spot
    Wash my mouth with soap to get the taste of
    Whatever placed us here out, a sneer mounts
    My dry lips, snide quips and blind tics, tears bounce
    As I recount to you every scripture and verse
    In a toned down voice so efficient and terse
    Fishing for worth in the trends that we set
    Losing friends that we met, pensive and yet
    Every word that we need is splendid and yes
    We are Gods children, resting our heads
    In our hands like souvenirs, breathe now
    We’re safe here, they can’t see sound.

    As the sun rose we ran rest, head in the clouds
    Letting the slums go with the terror for now
    I had to let you down gently, you had to stay
    They caught you on cctv, they had your face
    So rash I raced, with all your poems to hand
    Which I burnt one by one and stowed in a tram
    A rose in this city when we rose in this city
    But with me to hand you couldn’t grow in this city
    Holy and pretty I hope your life turns fine
    When they find out your past they might not mind
    But I shot nine times, so I have to leave
    Because some times you have to crash to breathe.




    Instruments divine their primal nature…
    Lightly aware, some people get to live blissfully ignorant.
    But heaven kissed individuals are heavy when convinced,
    they're implements meant for a more subliminal existence.

    A victim of imperialism taken to be raised,
    in a strange land, where a 4 year old decides,
    his manner of speech is not allowed,
    innocently vows to never use it again.
    Beseeches his mother to teach him another way,
    to speak... the rape of heritage is underway.
    But from its seeds grew his unique point of view,
    An intelligence hewn from a combination of two
    Sets of values, one which was innate given at birth,
    the other a spur that saddled his worth.

    To the populace my jaunts among them were an honor,
    A well renowned author and a scholar come to holler.
    But these visits are temporary relief for what's eating me.
    The fresh air feels real fleetingly, as I traipse in the sun,
    I'm reminded of a summer in love where my body isn't sick.
    But it's just a trick memories offering their condolences,
    as I relate tales of the famous to an avid audience.
    My smile was a sly lie that I wore on the surface,
    lurking on the lips without sound, whenever I prowled about town.
    Townsfolk I found from fools to the profound, easily drowned,
    in a pool of facade, wrought painstakingly laked on my face.
    A forsaken attempt to escape from the growls barking dogs make,
    when they haven't been fed for a time in my head and they're upset.

    All my life I'll feel it, Wish I never met you
    You'll never come again ...Feelings…
    Feeling like... I've never met you
    Feeling like I'll never have you... again.

    The rich flavors and appetite for life have fled,
    absently I feast, Upon a bed of wilted lettuce,
    moldy cheese and rotting bread.
    Unsatisfied, mechanical, except for the blood.
    As this stale water turns sanguine,
    no more shall I languish under the yoke of Language,
    hanged through taking advantage of a youth,
    though I be damned for this harangue.

    As an author its a shame I'm not free,
    to write as earnestly, experiences have turned me,
    Worldly. I've tackled every subject in life,
    theres nothing left for me to get excited about.
    On earth writing words, has been my greatest comfort,
    While I searched, to find the love that would last for eternity.
    Master pieces I courted carefully,
    silhouettes of a lady, Relishing creation,
    joyful when we made a baby, a proud dad,
    Immensely sad but glad we had some time to spend together.

    This is my farewell letter
    Constant, status quo's - the things you know
    are the enemies of the things you don't...
    growth depends on nutrients - escape the loop you in,
    skip the track and go off road!

    Fertilizer feeds the soil, crop yields...
    increase from amount of toils. What's the spoils?
    Live rich happiness is our inheritance
    become loving parents,
    raise kids spoiled.

    Embark early from this journey thirsty, lonely without Mercy for my self.
    Church tells us we'll go to hell for hurting ourselves but my,
    Desires to Delve and Energy that held, this Pen have failed.
    Truth in my sails is I'm not the captain but a captive of my vessel,
    Trussled up in my plight giving light, to worlds that exist in mist,
    through a native's use of the King's English.

    Well now I'm finished.

  4. Shadow

    Shadow Kotaro's Master

    Apr 11, 2004

    4. No Show Shrine –


    'woke up early, hungry as hell, am i beginning to vanish? feeling famished
    cloaked up hoping no one can tell my composer is frail im really feeling damaged
    'hope-sucks' plus im knowing i fail
    i know im in hell i know i can tell
    what keeps controlling me help!
    let go of me self forget my formerly self
    i informally felt disorderly dealt accordingly
    dwelt in poverty's 'melt', how else could i have possibly felt?

    other then lost in the tilt
    victim while the boss, he in guilt of all the dreams he can kill
    these are my ill thoughts as i head to work,
    waiting' at the public transit station i hate standing, waiting
    for the bus driver, god damned, my patience,
    plus the man is late again god damn this gay shit...
    as i stand debating what i should actually plan to change shit..
    i need a 'plan of action' to free my self from poverty's grips..
    emancipation... but I know pursuing the "American dream" id be
    better off fucking my self..masturbation..money killed creativity.
    society got me locked in captivity.. so i live off dream's & nightmare's
    i create lividly..vividly i see nothing for me right here physically.
    mentally im "sluffing" the way i think aint right here literally..
    i clock in to work, and right then visually, i see why life is misery
    it aint like its a mystery, me and the struggle has it's history..
    boss begins tripping because i was late by seventeen minutes he
    stand there bitching, he, holding me up at the beginning of my shift
    im just waiting for the bastard to finish please. I interrupt him questioning
    "why am I constantly menaced get off of these n.u.t'z. honest im quitting
    i ought not bare witness of all of this business" i clock out and tell the boss
    my good riddance.. hesitant to pull a "half baked" and be like "who's coming with me?"
    i decide against making a spectacle and vacate with haste in a race paced quickly
    i got moves to make. nothing to lose or take got me feeling the blues untilI'm blue
    in the face
    I've been troublesome since '96 on some tupacolypse caught a glimpse of the politics
    that the real world stand by and it got me sick.
    these blue collard pimps got us tricked. 'honest' get's demolished quick, living in
    the darkest pit, got me struggling with common sense, since i aint seen a common cent.
    i been anticipating a change now I'm wondering where Obama went
    what I'm facing is similar to sense deprivation financial struggles got me in tense
    situations and immense complications.here's a intense visualization
    i just want to change this.but it isn't as easy as they make it. so i stand here naked
    on the side of this space ship. and they telling
    me i aint got enough credit to make it into the god forsaken matrix.
    I got a call on the cell and i didn't wanna take it. but then i hesitated something told me to so,
    i answered the phone and the person on the other-line didn't wanna say shit. they may have possibly,
    cautiously began to speak, but i interpreted it as monotony. "hi bob its me, i just called to see,
    how you were doing since last time you talked to me. ironically, it's been a year since you
    walked in on me, fuckin' your best friend, and you never accepted my apology, i tried to call constantly
    Honesty is the best policy, and obviously, i wouldn't be surprised if you still held animosity"
    I interrupted like " stop it please! stop calling me, stalking me, get the fuck off 'bob's Johnson'
    PLEASE!" i walked in the street, hung up instantly, listened to the timid beeps as i was hit by a drifting
    jeep, i died heart broke ,broke and unemployed in the street....sort of like my career so to speak,
    in the industry.......​
  5. Shadow

    Shadow Kotaro's Master

    Apr 11, 2004

    5. Verse Of The Week –


    a lioness's lament.

    silent stares and violent glares, give birth to cold whispers,
    my soul's kissed the old lips of grim reaper's sole sister.
    more sinister than ministers touching innocence of children,
    so i killed them, one by one, via minions i will them.
    in millions .. they follow every whisper i breathe,
    coz you pissed off the weak little sister in me.
    her youthful joy you destroyed, snatched away young dreams,
    hope she's happy in the skies, old and grey amongst queens.
    still it hasn't sunk in, so let's discuss some things,
    .. i please disgusting pricks, in my hunt for bling.
    .. suck dick, fuck quick, time ticks another tock,
    taking dirty dollar bills, just to lick another cock.
    labeled a filthy slut, but they pay me well,
    and the rush of the kill simply bades me swell.
    my final day in hell, i want to be carried in a chariot,
    imagining the pretty things, while my scavengers are having it.
    they're savages, feasting on the flesh of the wicked,
    all my clients end up dead, livid after i let them hit it.
    but no longer with it, traveled tiring drastic measures,
    in need of something permanent, fuck the plastic treasures.

    i take feathers off my wings, to author my final chapter,
    in my book of life, i've slaughtered with such viral laughter.
    yeah i robbed their breath and hijacked their life,
    don't give a flying fuck about death, while i'm high in flight.
    with weightless wings, asleep within the grace of winds,
    where ancient kings, shake hands with my faceless kin.
    .. it takes me in, i believe this will erase my sins,
    fuck what fate will bring, i'll tell you how this hate begins.
    lost within, a maze - amazed at the world's offerings,
    i'm often in, toxicated - i should've let my offsprings in.
    now my womb is a tomb, because i couldn't afford it,
    aborted, i wander whose eyes it would've been born with.
    the world only saw mine, until the twin towers fell,
    perceptions changed, can't wait to see cowards shower hell.
    now well, my jihad's my hijab, in my job everyday,
    then the news of my sister left me scarred, i never prayed.
    may the heavens send curses upon who bullied the teen,
    hung herself in fear, ever since i've been pulling out spleens.
    fulfilling my dreams now, got tired of the nightmares,
    got fired coz my rights there grow quiet, so i write here.

    in the name of the almighty, i solemnly swear,
    i slaughtered every single being who dared to violently stare.
    coz that's the same look you fickle minds, gave to my sister,
    bigot crimes after time took their toll, i gravely miss her.
    please forgive her, ya Allah, i'll bare her major sin,
    by taking my own, not even earth can fucking cage me in.
    and all the rage within? i traded for souls of the filthy,
    dress like hoes, and you're pretty. cover up? pretty shifty.
    coz i know that look you give when you can only see my eyes,
    we're not oppressed or depressed, else you'd see us sisters cry.
    so why, must i try, to get by, in a society,
    that sees me as a threat to their lives? so at night i creep.
    unveil myself, to darker dwellings of the city,
    clients telling me i'm pretty, stroll through hell without a pity.
    .. no shame .. just pain .. must rain .. tonight,
    never seen the clouds so grim, my grin tastes the knife.
    such a waste of life, my smirk tucks a little teeth,
    coz you birthed a demon, when you fucked the middle east.
    my heart finds little ease, in the way you've depicted me,
    need more than a thousand words for how you pictured me*.
    final scripture, we, are mothers, wives and children,
    but you think we grow wings, just to fly into buildings?

    * this (below) is the way you lot have pictured me. btw, jihad = struggle. hijab = scarf.


    may the better writer win ...

    [turn] ...
  6. Shadow

    Shadow Kotaro's Master

    Apr 11, 2004

    6. Predictions –

    [Championship]C. billy nomates(5-0) vs 2. Nu maaN(3-0)


    Shadow: This should be a great match. Both writers are looking to establish themselves as the better writer. Nom is the new champion and Nu is trying to take the crown from him. This could go either way but I going to give the edge to Nom.

    [Contender] 3. T.a.C(6-5) vs. 4. ShadowWarriorfs(6-5)


    Shadow: I will win this.

    5. LyricalPriest(4-3) vs. 6. Extreme Venom(1-0)

    Shadow: This is will be an interesting match. LP has been improving more than anyone else in the league and I believe he will continue to do so. EV is a new writer to this season and is looking to climb his way into the champ match. This will be an interesting match to read. For LP to win, he will need to clean up with lines a little. I believe he will do this and take the victory here.

    7. Coup d’etat(1-0) vs. 8. Cigma(6-5)

    NG: .
    Shadow: This will be battle of the week in my opinion. Cigma is feeling pretty upset about losing his title to Nom and is looking to take out some of his Christian aggression out on Coup. Coup is also new to this season and is a good writer. This week I see Cigma adjust his style a little bit to claim the victory here.

    9. Murderous Keys(8-3) vs. 10. Kanoe(0-1)

    Shadow: This won’t be a difficult match to decide. Kanoe needs to give us details in order to be a threat to MK. MK is bitter about how his last match ended against Shadow and is looking for his rematch. Mk won’t look past Kanoe which is why MK will win this one.

    11. Smoke Trail(0-0) vs. 12. Ikon211(0-0)

    Shadow: I have no idea who Smoke is or if he will even show up. So with that being sad, Ikon will win.

    13. str8rage(0-0) vs. 14. Crook City(0-0)
    Shadow: I don’t know who any of these are and so I will give this to Crook due to a coin flip.
  7. Shadow

    Shadow Kotaro's Master

    Apr 11, 2004
    7. Picture Of The Week –
  8. Shadow

    Shadow Kotaro's Master

    Apr 11, 2004
    8. RM Newspaper Article -
    8a. Rumors – There seems to be a rumor going around that Nom and Nu’maan are actually twin. It was realized that Nom and Nu’maaN often times switch places when posting. There was a time when Nu’s post did not consist of his coveted [turn] symbol. Why was this? While it appears that Nom was using the account and forgot about this little detail. Most found it odd but no one really dug into it, until now. Is this a coincident? I don’t think so!

    8b. Sports –This week in the NFL, there were a couple of interesting topics. Randy Moss starts his first game for the Titans. Also, Wade “We had a good practice” Phillips has been fired as the Head Coach of the Dallas Cowboys. This has been LONG overdue and to replace him Jerry put Jason Garrett, the former Offensive Coordinator, as the Interim Head Coach. In the predictions last week I was 10-3, upping my season total to 69-44. Here are this week’s picks.

    Bal over ATL
    Ten over Mia
    Min over Chi
    Det over Buf
    TB over Car
    Hou over Jac
    NYJ over Cle
    Ind over Cin
    KC over Den
    NYG over Dal
    Ari over Sea
    SF over Stl
    NE over Pit
    Phi over Was
  9. Shadow

    Shadow Kotaro's Master

    Apr 11, 2004
    8C. Song of the Week – Taking My Time by After 7


    8D. Babe of the Week – Brooklyn Decker


    8E. Super Hero of the Week – Goku

    8F. Word/Phrase of the Week – Oral Sex

    8G. NG’s Interview – No interview this week

    8H. NG’s Special Time – None
  10. Shadow

    Shadow Kotaro's Master

    Apr 11, 2004
    8I. Ask Shadow a Question – Remember, if you want to ask Shadow a question, PM him your question.
    Q: Shadow, If the RSTL is your baby, what does that make T.a.C?
    A: Well that’s a good question and here is my answer. T.a.C. is more like the Virgin Mary. She helped in the creation of the league but is really only a minor key to its success. I mean people know of her but who really knows remembers anything about her? In all seriousness, T.a.C is the foundation of the league. Without him, there wouldn’t be much left.

    9. Conclusion – This was a great week of matches. There were a lot of good and even matches. I want everyone to continue to improve their skills and grow. I hope everyone can continue to vote on matches like they have been. Here is a bit of a reminder for everyone that you most state whom you voted for and post that in your battle thread. Good luck to everyone in the league this week and good luck.
  11. Coup d'état

    Coup d'état Don't believe the hype

    Jun 19, 2009
    accurate recaps, nice short mag too. kudos
  12. Coup d'état

    Coup d'état Don't believe the hype

    Jun 19, 2009
    fappable babe of the week...brb
  13. Nu'maaN

    Nu'maaN Anu'naki, Nuqqa.

    Aug 27, 2005
    haha, nom and i twins?

    lol, nice fagazine shadow ...

    [turn] ...
  14. lyricalpriest

    lyricalpriest Rap Games Dawson Creek

    Apr 12, 2000
    much anticipated mag.

    mucho appreciation.

    loved it!
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