Lyrical Priest vs MrJdm

Discussion in 'Emcee Battle Area' started by Mrjdm998, Feb 19, 2011.

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  1. Mrjdm998

    Mrjdm998 New Member

    Jan 23, 2011
    Me and LP went back and forth in the cypher area for a while, so I decided to post it here so people can vote on it. I'm pretty sure neither of us went all out (I definetly didn't) so it doesn't really mean shit, but there were still some good lines.

    this devout liar "MR. DOUBTFIRE" need get out side and log off
    he can do w/ out cyphers and w/out diapers.. he ain't the shit
    he's the pile wiper. busted style writer, i got Balboa Blow's that'll bust
    ya smile wider, try me..

    it's just my luck, the first battle i hadda lose to was this fucking limey.
    you worse then a fucking wigger.. but i got some words of comfort
    "stay chipper-little-'lipper'"
    i thought,here, i should insert a momma joke, but i decided, to expose that
    your not royalty your just common folk. i hope your mom's get's prod and poked, by a whole sqaud of blokes that just sniffed up all the coke ready
    to fuck her till her va-gi-na explodes.

    but then i snap back to reality startled like this isn't urgent.. i could waste
    all type of lines on you, but it isn't worth it.

    Va-gi-na? What the fuck are you puffing
    How'd you write twelve lines and say absolutely nothing?
    You're just a little wigga bitch to me
    Before you write rap verses look up "rhyme" in the dictionary

    LMAO.. @ rhyme dictionary.. aren't we like 10 years passed that, i haven't used on of those things in centurties.

    lol @ you can't find the flow, your not as skilled a lyricist as me, stick to what ur doing tho, it'll get better G

    ^ even when i ain't tryna rap, i still rhyme, in my respons back

    Congrats on writing one rhyme that doesn't even rhyme
    And the second? Try words with more than one sylabel next time
    I guess it's time to give LP a class
    On structure as a reward for alowing me to destroy his ass
    When the first word you want to rhyme's been put down
    Start a new line and then finish the scheme you fucking clown
    Stop your usual shitty structuring of verses
    Filled with random curses you're more of a prick than needles used by nurses

    this guy is the most ametuer textcee on RM and he giving me advice??
    nice try wise guy, go fuck ur self, and die.. that should suffice.//

    talk about one syllable this end rhyme that, all i hear is yada-yada.. you shouldn't
    ever won against me in a battle bc your style is whack//

    this dude think he tough shit, because he won a battle against me, while the vote's been corrupted, you punk bitch, you can suck dick, ain't no way in hell you'll ever write
    a rhyme that's better then mine, your a sub-par, writer im triumphant..

    some one sound the trumpet, on this kermit the frog ass muppet..
    you the type to go for tea and crumpet's, while im the type to type
    punch's quick, you playing bridge, while your being played like a puppet
    you need to stuff it, def-tone's and shove it, u get rocked hard, burried up to ur kneck
    and that's in public. i get rock hard burry it in ya chick neck and she love it.

    im nothing to fuck with, you cherry ol' plum fella, you a dumb fella, thinking you
    better bc u won once fella, white trash do u live amongst trailahs?

    ur not on the radar's to become my bitter rival, ur in denial, thinking you can out rhyme me with your chipper smile i'll throw you in da nile, i just pray your not a swimmer child.

    Thinking I'm better 'cus I won once? That ain't true
    It's 'cus in one week I got two unanimous victories over you
    First your generic disses and shitty structure lost you the battle
    Then you posted a story which couldn've been written by a baby with a rattle
    The whole league thinks you're bitch scratch that the whole world
    When you were born you're body uncurled and simultaneously your parents hurled
    The name Priest fits 'cus you talk more shit
    Than your bitch when she says it's salad cream on her lips 'n' tits
    All you got's crumpets and tea lines that shits played out
    And go drop the n bomb in front of black people get laid out
    You said you ain't used rhyming dictionaries in ten years
    Than mentioned centuries...that's one hundred you dumb queer
    We all know your chicks the man in your relashionship
    She comes home and tells you to make a sandwich quick
    You tell her no so she whips out her huge man dick
    Then fucks you while laughing as you cry and she doesn't quit

    This fagot deserves to be shut up, you dumb-struck? u think u won those battles with
    skill over young luck? you know your rhymes must suck.. you have no room to be talking
    it's like your gum's have been pumped up

    i call a spade a spade a gay a gay, ur so much garbage the transfer station didn't have enough space to waste.

    face it "mate", your a sad thing, if u dressed like a bitch we'd call you a drag queen
    but u don't so instead, we call you tha fag king

    your RSTL verse was ehh? but unoriginal, my RSTL verse was mastered and that verse
    was invincible.

    you got votes from either an alias or a hater of da priest, you can say all u want but
    fairydance gotta be the gayest voter has ever seen player ur not a beast//

    you think that you established some cred, you must have damaged ya head, u fall outta bed? bc even a child know's you can't back up a word that u said//

    No one know's who the man is in my relationship you fake racist bitch
    but let's clear that up.. I AM. now how does that taste? like dick?

    I'll pop lock and dot ur vision stop ur mission
    even if u ate me now, im so sick u'd catch botulism

    You're right everybody who voted for me hates the Preist
    Because even your parents siblings and wife hate the Preist!
    You dumb twat, taste like dick how would I know what dick tastes like?
    Even your dyke wife's never sucked your cock in her life
    Unlike you who's sneaking out wearing a gimp suit
    Knee lengh boots and a wig with dark blonde roots
    Meeting a gay guy with one tooth at a bar called Coot's Fruits
    Then you play his cock like a flute then shove it in your poop shoot
    We've been going back and forth I've been killing you for hours
    So now you're sour and pissed 'cus you're just a "precious little flower"
    If your RSTL verse was bulletproof then why did it get destroyed
    Causing you to rage like a little boy who stole his older brothers steroids
    I've seen you scoping my verse checking it out for a long time
    But you still couldn't make one rhyme better than any of mine
    You nerd with the Dragon Ball Z profile picture bitch it fits yah
    Your wife goes Super Sayain when you can't get hard an' then she hits yah
  2. smittyrhythm

    smittyrhythm you love 2 hate me

    Jan 12, 2011
    nobody's going to read this pillow fight.
  3. Mrjdm998

    Mrjdm998 New Member

    Jan 23, 2011
    So? I got bored and just copy and pasted it together, took me liek thirty seconds.
  4. lyricalpriest

    lyricalpriest Rap Games Dawson Creek

    Apr 12, 2000
    i was bout too come in here like


    but then it was this


  5. smittyrhythm

    smittyrhythm you love 2 hate me

    Jan 12, 2011
    Damn. Yal still aint broke a hundred views with this??? :funny:
  6. Halloween Jack

    Halloween Jack Heavens Demon

    May 10, 2001
    i like shit like this. it sharpens skills. me, lotus kross n macmillimeterhymes used to cypher on aim all the time. venom too.
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