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  1. Warpaint

    Warpaint What now?

    Jul 13, 2001
    I just wanted to be with her and feel her skin
    You just want to expose her to reel her in
    I want to give her freedom, plant into her my ------
    Treat em like I dont need em, the system im leaving
    Taking em to movies to sit and impress
    Rather have them alone, so I can kiss on their neck
    A lover of women, but i'm never no arrogant
    A slow moving union cause i'm ever so passionate
    Make a minute seem like an eternity
    I'm and firm and be standing ontop of any infirmary
    So let's earn a fee, if love ain't free
    Cause if you conquer men, let them donate me
    I am forever entangled within your thighs
    Seeing the passion whithin your eyes
    Like what's grace, life is living at a corrupt pace
    I'm content living in a tent if forever I could see your fuck face
    Let's do it, just you and me
    Because they made beauty before makeup and jewelry
    That's why I wan't to see you at your base
    No clothes no frills, let me leave it on your waist
    Let it flow to the night glow of candles and such
    Massage my soul, within your hands I erupt
    Like a flicker of a candle you put my lamp out
    Sideways skinny like a match, but still I stand out
    I am in heaven when your hands are on me
    Out for a fruit as I unwrap on your peach
    Smooth skin so epic, who gets the credit
    Love with no parole, who gets the sentance

    Please let it be I, charge me guilty
    Everything you want, i'm hard i'm filthy
    I'm good and i'm bad, everything you want and need
    Feeling so exempt like i'm on my knees
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