Lost with the signs

Discussion in 'Emcee Hookups' started by mozay_, Aug 19, 2013.

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    Aug 18, 2013
    Yo, seeing all the signs, shit don't seem right,
    I'm searching for that armageddon to fight,
    hoping for a new bike for Christmas,
    yeah I got a wish list that's insisting for a distinction,
    it ain't worth my 5th sense,
    I know everyone's shit stinks but why does it haunt me like my last kiss bought me that mink skin with a leopard print.
    Each call a credit check, still trying to send my bank a letter for all the money I didn't mean to spend.
    The worlds a god bless, but it's so infectious, to fall under a star but stand on the ledge with all the terms and conditions of stress,
    I'm waiting for the suspense to lose it in abundance,
    it all seemed like a contest to destroy all the pre discussion,
    while I'm checking each circumference,
    a silver lining on a dark cloud of discomfort,
    I want my opinion heard not lost in all the conundrum.

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