Los Feo Faces & WOTDOGLIKEGO Present: Battle Of The Zae 2 BTS

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    Hi everyone.

    Dan was gracious enough to let me drop this even with the gratuitous bars and the professional highlight reel coming 9/2. It comes courtesy of Los Feo's neglected Youtube channel, Wotdoglikego, which was almost sort of abandoned in favor of a public access tv/streaming TV show that gets put on a different youtube channel after its run. I didn't get as much footage as I thought I would so since it's too short for a full 28:30 episode (and September's episode is already done. It's too late) we're bringing the Youtube channel back. There's a fuckup at the end where I put a shortened version of the same clip but fuck it i took the five hours to upload the quality version that doesn't look like shit on youtube its whatever. Didn't notice it in time.

    The commercial in the beginning is for the most recent Los Feo Faces project, City of Mammon. The online sales from the album are all funneled towards incarcerated Los Feo producer Front Business aka Ted. We will make sure he has lots of corn flakes until his highly anticipated release.

    To get acquainted with the album before downloading, here is a review courtesy of RM itself.

    edit: never mind it got deleted wtf RM

    It's a long video for BTS but fuck it its like a quarter of the length of a URL battle. Enjoy.

    Free ted

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