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    Apr 30, 2002
    havent in awhile

    this ones for my language arts teacher, in the 6 grade i hope none of these vague remarks reach ya
    just couldnt see myself wearin the same clothes, at a bus stop wishin im pushin a range rove
    ..er, the james baldwin of this rap shit im basked wit, the tactics of a villian
    im killin these good-guys im paul outta damascus throw me in the wild ill come back john the baptist
    throw me in the wild ill come back wit half the axis
    ...and snatch the smile from these allied niggas, i gotta vision from above like a owl eye give us
    or a bird eye view, if i dont see his other face well then my third eye do
    if i dont see his other face well then i swerve by dude cause im just as concrete from witch the curb i grew
    and to, some club waiter who foresaw what id amount to later ..hell i coulda been a fry cook or a couch potato
    but remove the sofa and use some soda, in time i could be loop, yay or a superhova
    with the atomic mass and super strings of a supernova...
    better get it confirmed, cause im the hottest ticket in it fars a critics concerned
    and ima press it to the limit if ya give it a turn cause its thug life..ya live and ya learn
    plus im cool as a possom play and hot as a august day
    im sonnin these niggas just wait till fathers day
    and when it comes around ill be holdin flash cards for these dumb niggas
    i got bars for drunk niggas and soup lines for bum niggas
    dear mr. ben frank ima mourn a bit when you leave, but i bet i stand out like a ornament on a tree
    like a foreign lex or a V or a hornet next to a bee..
    like when baron davis used to play for charlotte, im killin these blood suckers like im made from garlic

    what up

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