Loaded Lux (Jai-Z) vs Chilla Jones

Discussion in 'Open Mic' started by Jai-Z, May 28, 2013.

  1. Jai-Z

    Jai-Z Bangem, Jai

    Mar 8, 2005
    This is a battle verse for a fantasy league, Ima part of.
    I of course am Loaded Lux. My opponent ddnt show... again.


    I aint gon play..

    I'll gv u a verse anda half umm..

    Let me guess.. u not impressed by press pressure, I'll ink u The Newz Letter/Bring the bullet-in to ur Headline Chilla, and print the Marquee.. "I rhyme better!"//

    Lux tux sweet, u cheap clothes linez, well I fold mindz/If u dont button up, I'll snapback ur lid til ur buttcheekz touch.. everytime//

    U toy wth wrdplay, I build and destroy buildingz wth verbz placed/I Chilla Jonez n yo bonez, get ur Head Ice.. the Cut-manz n yo face//

    U like flipping scriptz? Well let me turn the page since u acting tough/Keep scheming u lil scam artist, Da Vinci Codez frame whn u bitch up//Mona Lisa, The Last Super.. vice lord legaciez of Christ lore/My penetration pin penz to yo temple, so Grapez Of Wrath'll pour//

    But u dont hear me guy.. Scientology impacted to pack liez n linez/Infact, u Tom Cruise through nationz to pray on the weak mind//But I see u money hungry, keeping ur clipz full of that government/Talking shit, but even the Anti-Christ cant kill my buzz to gain empowerment.. I devoured it//

    Im conscientious, self aware of life and the thngz around me/U "take The Word and hold on to it", The Word of Godz a bibliography//

    I know my ego tripping, but u could nvr fuck wth me.. plzzz/6 Degreez Of Separation gv acute anglez a mouth to feed//

    U see.. Ive been watching u for a minute, the preppy thug wth gatz and drugz/ Toting slugz, sending shellz and raising hell.. Mother Love//But I dont condone that, u wired up.. even Math got Love Tapz/Ur weak chinz bout to get laid out from close up.. FotoMat//

    U the man n this league, but Ive planted these seedz/Gave this genre a birth canal, jst so u could breathe!// Yamean? If I ddnt create Eve from Adam where the fuck would u b?/Jst a thought n my Genesis, before light there was darkness and me//And before me there was nothing, thatz the difference between us/I stand alone n this world, u come wth trillionz of replicaz//

    Whn Dave took dwn Goliath, that was Cal vs Math/As soon as I gave that child power, he threw rockz at his dad//It was Dave vs God, aint no way I could lose/I made a way outa no way, thatz what Godz do//And now Jerome vs God, uve come to get ur rockz off/U dont solidify this card lil nigga.. I knock blockz soft//

    Boss Town right? Thatz all talk and all hype/The illest nigga n ur twn is a bitch.. 40 B.A.R.R.S. isa cage fight!//

    U gon get this wrk! Either u apply it to life/Or I'll make a briefcase out yo ass lil nigga.. Samsonite!//

    What u got for me.. some mothafucking nameflipz?!/U cant spell Chilla wthout that LL C.. copywritez wont allow it//Wth LL Chilla, that thriller and manilaz insane/Sicker than salmonella, whn therez beef, u better dump that steel.. Lois Lane//U better.. dump that steel, and use ur brain!/U better.. dump that steel! Nevermind - Nirvana, Kurt Cobain!!!//

    If Calz popz wasnt no gangsta.. u jst as LOST NIGGA!!!! U LOST NIGGA!!!!!
  2. strykeout

    strykeout Yamil167.com/beats

    Sep 30, 2006
    haha i remember doint stuff like this in 05-06 pretty sweet if ask me. keep it going bro just make that next step to the audio recording world when u feel its time!
  3. Coup d'état

    Coup d'état Don't believe the hype

    Jun 19, 2009
    I like your style sister, only one critique for me to you right now is that you include too many pop culture/social reference which can make this seem cheap, but I don't ness. think that's the case here.

    thankzzzz for zharing zizter.

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