Loaded Lux battle transcribed?

Discussion in 'Battle Video Archives' started by Jack McCrack, Sep 10, 2012.

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  1. robvandam

    robvandam Well-Known Member

    Nov 30, 2005
    Thanks for the transcribing boys!
  2. ErikForeman

    ErikForeman Yung Fred Flint

    Mar 25, 2009
    Great corrections ty everyone
  3. KingoftheDutch

    KingoftheDutch Active Member

    Apr 16, 2012
    pfff Lux is too genius. good looking
  4. ErikForeman

    ErikForeman Yung Fred Flint

    Mar 25, 2009
    Round 3:
    Let's get to choppin his fable
    You're a fake new Tupac and we're fatal
    But you're a gay who's really a softy Starbucks coffee's mocha sends bagels
    I begged you, come get your thing popped at your cable
    Man shit, but since we couldn't get your pops at the table
    If you're able, please tell em that hand that rules the world
    That's the on that's finna rock your cradle, nigga

    If you notice, I mentioned Verb in the other round
    I'm guessin now, subconsciously, possibly you probably cuz he favored this problem I had to step around
    You remember that Holla beef? Where he checked a child;
    I'm bettin Cal and Hitman are stickman and you wear the weddin gown
    All I'm sayin is yall married, yo
    The scenario, same def (definition) and style
    But why are your expressions foul
    I get this feelin like, you feelin like what I said was down... low,
    like "yo, like, that was wild"
    but that's funny, cuz I'm a little skepti-Cal
    Had my peoples' investigate you pal
    Instagram for you Calicoe fans who have yet to browse
    July 17th, 8:40PM, you posted up
    Aw nigga, you know what'sup.. we kept the file

    You've got some explainin to do
    Can we address the crowd?
    EXIBIT A: (pic of man ass on screen)
    So that's how Detroit gangstas do? Skinny dippin gone wild?
    Well we aint judgin though, you aint on trial

    My beloved T-Rex says "gown man bars, is somethin you gotta deal with"
    So all of that collaborated, fabricated... it aint gon equal up to this real shit
    Check it out, I want y'all to picture this as I paint the slide
    Tombstone grain inscribed, her lies my beloved, grave is wide
    I mean, I had that much love for you
    I know that cuz you got that much hate for I
    Don't want you to hang your eye, not for a second lil nigga
    Catch it... brace your vibe
    Be froze, for death is cold
    I wanna search your soul and hold on to whatever holes exposin the pain you hide
    Bring me mine, nigga
    Now, I don't wanna break this bond
    I just wanna break the cycle, thank your moms I like you
    For the nights she didn't write you, she stayed in line so your days could shine
    I might do one better
    With a letter to tell her how I appreciate in kind
    How strong a queen she is
    and any man would be lucky for her to be made his bride
    Now see, I take in mind your situation
    and though I never met your father, I see alot of his ways in your stride
    I mean, you got that "talk it like I walk it" kind of attitude
    and it's real good he gave you pride
    Every son should be proud of his father,
    and I look at my little one, and I want the same for mine
    That's why when I look up at you
    I see what he can go through when a father don't take the time
    You know what I think is fucked up?
    I think it's real fucked up when those people gave him all that time
    You wanna know what's even more fucked up?

    It's for all them years that he got away from you,
    has only been a way for you
    to be more together with him in a cage in five (yeah)
    That's why I'm angry, guy
    Cuz he didn't take the steps, now you chase his rep
    but them runnin shoes aint your size
    They say don't whine over spilled milk;
    but what's a man supposed to do when his baby cryin
    Oh he say shit like, "you know, it costs to be the boss"
    What, he too good for a payin job?
    What was wrong with bein a cable guy, a real estate agent
    Why was that nigga to cool to go to flight school
    and learn how to fly planes through the friendly skies, but nah
    He told you he had to do what he had to do to put food on y'all plate to dine
    You mean you tell me all that slangin and bangin was to give y'all greater lives?
    When God gave him drive?
    and that Big Meech backup singin ass nigga left your mom out here alone for the latest ride?
    That don't plague your mind?
    Them mistakes ain't gods?
    and you wonder why them Shotgun Suge shells still ache your spine?
    Look what Ray Ray got Little Jimmy out here in new york doin
    Tell your OG, Bobby Johnson, he tried to steal the wrong radio this time, nigga
    Hey, if you see South Central, when you see this again, that's gonna be one of your favorite lines

    Somethin to think about next time you on stage wavin signs
    Tryin to be like the only daddy you got, and I understand you wanna keep his name alive
    but youngin', I'm tryin to save you from your demise

    You said it yourself, "my pops was a- real nigga"
    Youngin that aint no lie
    He was in the business that the system perpetuates on the side
    To keep us in the condition where we aint made to survive
    but you think he a god;
    Well, lemme ask you this,
    Would you kill the world to save yourself nigga?
    Yeah I do't think that was wise
    Somethin to think about the next time y'all thuggin, drinkin and druggin'
    Hard liquor, y'all full of killers, remember

    I tried to give him the large picture
    Your pops wasn't no gangsta
    He was just another lost nigga
    You think it's gangsta, to let a mother love that dope more than her daughter?
    Shoo' her father from his son and turn around and put that boy on the corner?
    or leave your son out here alone to fend for himself, knowin' he need order?
    Is your money being long, worth your lifespan bein shorter? Huh?

    but I'm just tryna give you the large picture
    Ya pops wasn't no gangsta, he was just another lost nigga
    Gangsta's brothers like Marcus Garvey
    Who when he performed lectures raised consciousness up from doin wrong
    To puttin us in uniforms makin us soldiers in God's army, or them Garveyites;
    Nat Turner; when the man had us on the back burner
    Facts further steady he lead one of the greatest revolutions of freedom slaves you ever heard of...
    but then he got murdered

    You know what? Harriet Tubman was more of a man than your father would ever be, nigga

    I mean your daddy, that father title get deployed
    You know a wise man told me that a wise man understand that in this life
    You either gon' build or destroy
    and since it takes a father to raise a man child, well it's no wonder you talk all that young shit
    You a little boy; that don't get the large picture
    Your pops wasn't no gangsta, he was just another lost nigga

    Look at me, king, look at me
    He was so lost; (he gon get this work, he gon get this work,
    You can never fuck with me, ever in your life;
    look at you, you're emotional)

    He was so lost; you lost, nigga... Fox 2, CNN
    You're supposed to be one of the leadin faces in battle rap, look how you represent
    They told me, I said stop lyin, y'all hype em
    You in the crib with pissed alligators and shit
    Not to mention everybody else, but you damn near got yourself indicted
    Then you showed the chickens, I thought about you and your man in that picture;
    "These Detroit niggas still... cockfightin"

    Fuckin hell that was alot to type
  5. ErikForeman

    ErikForeman Yung Fred Flint

    Mar 25, 2009
    I'd make a video, but it's URL property and I'm not tryin to step on their toes.

    Maybe in the future when the views have settled.
  6. Topgunz

    Topgunz Well-Known Member

    Oct 11, 2011
    You know I kill, you can read everything in my biohazard/bio has it

  7. martymcfly

    martymcfly Well-Known Member

    Dec 5, 2010
    i'd have a better chance understanding proust in its original french, and i don't even french. dayum Loaded Lux 203 at nyu next semester niggas
  8. SaM HaiN

    SaM HaiN Onslaught

    Jan 23, 2004
    Can someone check the audio bootleg and transcribe the 30ish seconds of round three that were cut off please
  9. Soda Popinski

    Soda Popinski Bitches Love Soda

    Jul 27, 2011
    *thank your moms, I'd like to
    *for the nights he didn't write you
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