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    Oct 4, 2005
    Listen to tune nice
    as I resume life
    in the backyard gardening //
    Outside sweaty indeed
    and ready to weed
    my garden no need starting //
    To brag about stuff
    I guess a dew rag is enough
    to cover my head //
    In the hot sun
    not a lot of fun
    checking out weed in my flowerbed //
    Need water to diminish the thirst
    and finish first
    have the best yard //
    This mess is hard
    to do, rain hurtle skies fast
    I fertilize the grass
    Disregard //
    The weeds got pride and endurance
    along with outside influence
    a lot //
    My plan is to build
    can’t standstill
    a man must fulfill
    his dream and plot //
    Cattle feed on grass
    best to battle the weed fast
    rattled but must proceed //
    To pass nature’s test must grasp the details
    smash the weeds or fail
    need //
    To Cultivate
    in order to get results great
    get the almanac read and seed //
    Concerned extreme
    on rather my grass gonna turn green,
    stays in the groove //
    Always on the move
    can’t let grass grow under my feet my yard improved //
    My yard paints the scene fast
    with St Augustine grass
    roses grow smooth //
    Now bragging on the phone
    and no nagging at home
    the buck stops //
    Got words mixed in my tablet
    and fixed in the habit
    of raising crops //
    An amazing a flock
    of folks by pulling up weeds praising HIPHOP //
    Breathing nature’s air galore
    now tries to repair the door
    but after //
    A trend with luck
    I end up
    rebuilding the back porch ready to master //
    Carpentry without lumber and nails
    as the summer sails
    by I plaster //
    My walls with pictures
    and all the scriptures
    and hurl pride
    worldwide //
    And carry the opportunity
    to every community
    nothing puny inside //
    It’s just love no harm dwell
    don’t turn on the alarm bell
    just hide //
    The whackness,

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