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  1. lyrical lev

    lyrical lev New Member

    Oct 3, 2002

    This is smooth right here
    Every word meant to be like sound drumming
    As if you hearing water running when it hits the ears
    Profound but yet stunning when I speak it into the air

    Every phrase I’ll raise into the heavens evaporate into the clouds
    Now I rain it down saturate solid ground
    Continuous on pours of the pure wetting pedestrians for miles
    Yet they still thirst for more of the style

    Take a good sip of this Liquid
    And your mind I’ll leave more tipsy
    Then if you sipped sixty six jars of Hennessey
    Basically these degree’s are highly intoxicating

    Poetry so potent you overdose when you reach the end
    But fear not cause I print perfected paragraph prescriptions wit my pen
    Every line so addictive that the Liquid is feared but very often recommended

    And my rhyme schemes flow like precise streams
    Delivering messages within my maharani
    So sweet when I speak attract a honey bee
    Techniques remarkably supreme the way I write a recipe

    Flowing and overloading your brain wit a heavy dosage
    Exploding and reloading wit more Liquid then super soakers
    So take a hold of it, lick it, sip it, naw get drenched in it
    One small display of what I present, when I spit
    That lovely lyrical LIQUID

    Slangs-ton Hughes
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    Dec 23, 1999
    hot to death
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