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  1. thaRooster

    thaRooster hahahahahhaha NO!

    Dec 6, 2004
    paul williams will be #1 p4p by the time 09 is over, mark my words. dude already beat margarito once and quintella once. plus he claims to be able to fight at 4 different divisions

    hopefully yuriorkis gamboa has a bunch of fights this year and his trainers feel hes ready for some bigger competition by the end of the year. if you dont know about this dude hes an absolute beast and you should search for him on youtube. he was the 04 gold medalist for cuba

    and lastly rip diego corrales. such a great fighter, and such a chill dude. one of my favorite fighters of all time. corrales v castillo 1 is the greatest fight of all time
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