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    Feb 25, 1999
    the Hubble Ultra Deep Field has revealed galaxies that existed less than 1 billion years after the big bang. if the universe has had a life supporting structure for most of its entire history, this would argue in favor of design. You could also state that the Big Bang, though not being conducive to life at the time, was a necessary event to create the life-supporting structure. This would be consistent with my view of God "winding up the gears" of the universe and letting it play out. I can also compare that to supernovas and such in the contemporary universe, which seem hostile to life, yet are needed to create the heavy elements that are its building blocks.

    as I was saying in the previous post, the future of the universe is far from settled - and it's not impossible that it would agree with complexity-oriented design.

    I'm not trying to base design strictly on what's around us. Rather, I base it on stability and complexity, which our universe has in spades, in spite of the odds.

    And I believe that a hydrogen gas universe would be much easier to generate by chance than a universe resembling ours. All you would need is enough repulsion between atoms, and you could easily end up with that scenario. Likewise, the matter/antimatter clash could easily turn out some other way, such as a canceling out that would lead to a light/radiation universe.

    Once again, we get into difficult territory when discussing theoretical universes. However, our universe being carefully balanced to allow great complexity seems far less likely than the aforementioned universes and similar low-complexity outcomes.

    true indeed. If you didn't have something from nothing, than the singularity was infinite - it had no starting point, and yet changed into the universe. A strange thought.

    Whatever the case may be, we can't seem to look directly at the singularity and the start of the big bang. And it seems almost impossible to extend our gaze before that point. much needs to be figured out before we can advance our understanding.

    My Designer is an intelligent force beyond space and time, meaning without our limitations, and without a need to be created. The Designer then created the universe, with an emphasis on stability, complexity, and life, which reflects whatever is in its unfathomable mind.

    I'm a deist. I'm a proponent of a certain theory - I won't deny all others, but I'll say at the least that my views are worthy of consideration.
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