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Discussion in 'Ladies Lounge' started by Mr ExZ, Jul 23, 2005.

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  1. Mr ExZ

    Mr ExZ evolved

    Jan 1, 2002
    iight heres the scene.. i've known this girl for a long time right, she live right down the block.. but back in the day she wasn't that cute i guess, but its not on the shallow tip cuz i was still nice to her n shit.. and now shes gotten really good lookin, n started shown up at parties im at n shit.. but neeeeeeway

    last night she gives me a ride home.. an theres this girl we know who live on my block n she got a pool n we're all drunk n shit.. so i was like lets jump in etc etc.. she wanted to but was hesitant.. so i seize the moment and was like iight either lets jump in the pool or i lemme get a kiss u pick... so we start getitn w/ eachother out front my crib for like 5 10 min or w/e... i know, im a pimp. but long story short haha

    if your lazy you can just start readin here cuz heres the ? haha.. so i was textn her last night syan her girl n my boy n me n her need to chill n shit right.. and she text me back right away ... so then i was like yo i been wantin to do wat we did for a minute.. tonight wrked out perfect.. then she aint say nothin for like 5 mins i guess iono, but be4 she was textin me back in like 1 min top.. so then i was like im just bein drunk n stupid ima call u tomoro, gnight n she text me back like haha no its cool yeh talk to you tomorow, goodnight

    YOU THINK I CAME ON TOO STRONG? i mean.. i know she was feeln me n shit, but i think i rushed into the ' tonight worked out pefectly shit?'.. keep in mind i was ridiculously drunk

  2. LaDy

    LaDy *Divalicous*

    Jul 9, 2003
    I can't really make much of this...

    What I will say to you is that, you can't judge from her hesitation texting you because you aren't face to face. You weren't able to see her body language or expression, But....... it could be a sign that she was either:

    A. Taken a back
    B. Surprised
    C. Not interested
    D. Lost for Words
    E. Maybe avoiding your question for the fear of the answer she may give you
    Meaning she may not like you, and she don't know how to say it especially since it was through a text
    D. Probably has a Boyfriend

    Personally if you really like her, it would be best that you tell her face to face. If you do this, you won't be caught wondering whether that kiss she gave you was a sign that she was feeling you, or maybe if it was just the alcohol. Sometimes people do things with mixed intentions especially if alcohol played a role.
  3. x - calibur

    x - calibur Guest

    u should be aight

    for all you know she coulda been distracted from texting with you
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