Labled to walk free.. ft Omen, Trap, L-Dogg, Numskull, Anaphora

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    Oct 25, 2002

    She walked up to me and smiled dropping me off mid stream

    of thought you see, she'd often seemed lost in dreams

    Then she talked to me, nothing sentimental just a pencil

    But it meant so much more from her tone so gentle

    So I lent flow to the beat so subtle and incomplete

    until my speech touched base as face and track meet

    If you asked me if I saw one shine bright in nowhere

    I'd say go talk to Common, because he used to know her

    And I know there's those who think the metaphor's played

    But it's played in my head for more than 8 years and a day

    It's saved my life, when gracing mics I feel complacent, like

    Back in the days when I had a family that was whole

    But then calamity took hold and landed me that role

    Of the provider before I'd learned all my trigonometry

    Had to work to have laundry, supportin both my mom and me

    So time it seemed divided these two finally, life and dreams

    Until the day hip hop walked up, and she smiled at me...


    She walked up to me, and told me she hated me

    Blatantly, facing me saying she never shoulda dated me

    Told me stay away or she will call the police

    Like I'ma beast, an animal... sick of all the grief

    I reach out to her, she turned her back, walked away

    Came back assaulted me, trynna get her off of me

    Throwing fits, tears trickle from the sides of my face

    The size of her hate shows all the times we'd wake

    the disgust in her eyes, it paints a picture so vivid

    Don't think it's just for a scripture, I've lived it

    It isn't the ticket, I bought for this train ride

    I can't slide off the earth, the hurt remains, why?

    Must she do this to me, is it a test of love

    I've taken the best of slugs, the strength is just enough

    In my chest to shrug and act like it doesn't bother me

    I'm starving see, love nourishes and keeps me from poverty

    I'll probably be shocked one day, while faces are ugly

    When we fight, she'll walk away... saying


    Cereal Killer:

    She walked up to me, with a baggy of weed,

    This supreme quality green-tea with no seeds.

    We breathe up the lust, through this G sack of dust

    As we steam up enough love, to make A-Sexual’s fuck.

    This complex visual stunt, swallows and sucks

    Us right through a pipe bomb like explosive rush.

    BOOM our heads butt, touching our hearts to our minds.

    Exhaling time, with con-fused eyes till we’re blind.

    I bite on her lip, sipping her moisture

    Tipping her torso while gripping my mortar,

    Drinking the coarse shot of love that comes off her

    ‘Til I start thinking we’re sinking in the sofa.

    Closer and closer our closure’s brought to an end

    People think we’re caught up, but we’re just fuck friends

    On the weekends or odd special occasions

    Can’t wait till the next official arrangement

    I need to get HIGH!


    She walked up to me, spoke...

    "Maybe I'm getting too big, growing too old for lullabies,

    Tonight I'll miss your arms,

    ...when I feel your tears within my eyes

    Tell me how to keep years from racing, never catch these memories

    When my world gets cold, reach for them, be caught in my reveries

    Never thought we'd come so far, never thought it'd be so hard

    Tonight I step on a new road, heart new, but ever scarred

    Wonder if I'm too old for lullabies, remember dancing in arms

    Give the world for one more spin, protected from all that harms

    Know you're forever near me, you've told me only to call

    You're still close to kiss my tears, the shadows from my walls

    Want to be carried one more time, atop your shoulders, atop my world

    Never be ready to let go, can always stay your little girl

    Maybe I'm too big for lullabies, but daddy, I'll sing one tonight

    In honor of our 18 crazy years, because we both'll be alright"

    ...and I cried


    she walked up to me,

    in the past i was appeased by her thighs,

    but now,

    im sick of the lies, the feeble alibis, the replies,

    i dispise your existance, the instance did arise,

    stabbed me in the back w/ sinister tact,


    your mere presence, resonates off what others lacked,

    the keen intuition i was missing, wishin i woulda listened,

    to the description of this vixen, before i dipped my dick-in,

    beautiful baby blue eyes, ignited many hearts of men,

    but within that smile + grin, you got underneath my skin,

    never again ...

    i'll pretend your grace, i mistook for the chase,

    replaced that w/ contempt and placed you far from my face,

    touched my many senses, leaving me senseless ...

    ... relentless ...

    ... how you travelled in seconds, stealing hope for repentance,

    your pale-white complexion beckoned my very essence,

    even this sentence sums up the answers to your questions,

    i need you but believe you when you call my presence,

    never hesitant to smell out the scents you've presented,

    that jezebel of powder, devouring everything you import,

    im a junkie for your heart and soul ... my last resort,

    in my dreams at night, and still remain in my head,

    i mean my nose,


    addiction of a basehead ...


    she walked up to me

    with a look you only see on the lost

    tugging my arm

    i walked to see what she saw

    she was brave, her limp bruised my mind

    confused as to why she didnt choose to cry

    we arrived, and i smelled the smoke

    then heard a yell, followed by a trail of chokes

    i aproached the bodies in a race with life

    the flames were bright

    there was no place to hide

    i tried my best to pull them out,

    but the seatbelts held them down

    the screams found room to drown

    the dreams would haunt her frowns

    as this little girl watched it slip away

    no longer a parent to sit and play

    so her life was spent to sit and wait

    until her soul would rest once again

    with her family she lost when she was ten.
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    Apr 18, 2001
    Sick collab of top tier writers here. Y'all took me off the deep end as i walked the pier.

    But seriously. One of the illest drops ive read on here in a minute

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