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    If you've seen it, who won, who lost

    Since the rm bva forum is down might as well talk about it here

    Dizaster vs Cortez:

    I thought Diz took it 2-1, Dizaster came out pretty good at the start, he was all aggressive like the old Dizaster and proving Cortez wrong by showing he really was freestyling and doing it really well, but then he started to ware off toward the end of the round. I think he just went on too long. The fact Dizaster really didn't prepare at all and made it even debatable if not a win, just shows how bad Cortez was, coz he was pretty crap on the ppv. Not sure if it was an audio problem but I could barely even hear him as well. Battle was meh, and they both looked like they weren't that interested tbh

    JC vs J-Pro

    J-Pro murdered that first round, but the choke in the 2nd fucked him up, then the third is really debatable. Have to watch this again too I can't call it right now. Some might give it to JC just because J-Pro choked in the 2nd, but Pro murdered that first and the 3rd was debatable. J-Pro's lines always go over heads, so I know if I watch it again I'm gonna see a whole bunch of lines I didn't get the first time, thats why its so hard to call now

    Thesaurus vs The Deadman:

    I give it to Thesaurus 2-1, but Deadmans third round was the best round. The proper footage might be more debatable though

    Daylyt vs KG the Poet:

    Have to watch this again as well, once again real debatable but right now KG 2-1 since Daylyt choked two times in that 3rd round

    Lex D vs Cadalack Ron:

    I was really surprised Lex D totally killed Cadalack Ron in the first two rounds, Lex D 2-1, Cadalack Ron stepped it up with his aggression in the 3rd round which might just edge it to him.

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