killuminati pt.1

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  1. Hananward

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    Dec 31, 2013
    I can be kind,
    I can be mean,
    If you fuck things up,
    I can be the biggest bitch
    You'll ever come to see

    I'll be the first one to have my finger on the trigger,
    First one to die like a souja
    And first to save a niggah

    I'm the type of person
    You don't wanna fuck with
    I.will.hunt you down
    And that's enough said

    Settle on some weed
    It takes away the pain
    It's the type of shit
    I live to breathe

    A homie once told me
    To avoid drama
    Live ya weight
    And pay up
    Respect ya mama

    Imma fuck you up
    If you say shit bout me
    I'm not afraid to hunt
    You down and watch you bleed.

    Dear lord don't let me die tonight
    Imma beat these motherfuckers down
    And bring the light

    You see me on stage screaming
    Out my name
    When I'm dead and gone
    Don't remember me for my fame

    Remember me for the stories
    I told
    Tryna get an important message out to young and old

    All my rappers
    Soon it'll be our
    Time and we'll
    Start a revolution
    And take the place of all
    The others.

    All my rappers stand up
    It won't hurt your body
    Bring the darkness down
    And join the killuminati

    I want my words to touch souls
    To cleanse the generation of darkness
    And not rap bout how much I own

    To.say there's children starving on the streets
    Can rappers of today do anything better with their money than buy weed?

    I'm tryna get a message
    Out there. The illuminati are on the rise and I really don't care.

    So all my rappers stand up
    It won't hurt your body
    Bring the darkness down
    And join the killuminati

    I know its dangerous
    What I'm tryna do
    The illuminati have more money than I
    And they're ready to shoot

    I'd sooner be murdered in cold blood than let darkness take control of us.

    My rappers try to see where I'm coming from.
    They're in heaven tryna give us a message and they crying blood.


    I'm a fighter not a lover and I will stand up and fight for my undiscovered brothers.
    Them and I will start a revolution where rappers of today will fall and lose yeah

    When we rap we make sense not rapping bout shit and our expense.
    If I come famous I hope Tupac will be proud.
    Watching from his hide away or from behind a cloud.

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  2. chuhks

    chuhks New Member

    Apr 10, 2014
    I feel dz

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  3. johnkav

    johnkav New Member

    Apr 28, 2014
    Yeah its interesting, id like to hear this track, I think the rhyme schemes could be improved majorly. , but once your keeping it real its all good

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  4. Black8ce

    Black8ce IS 6FTGROUND

    Dec 27, 2014
    Raw..Very nice..

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