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    Feb 3, 2002
    every skit was them as women

    as a kid I never thought the show was funny, the chicken lady skits were really disturbing to me when i was younger.... other than witnessing violence and living in a haunted house, the kids in the hall chicken lady was the most disturbing thing id seen...gave me nightmares.... oh and cabbage head.... I watched it every once in a while because my friends dad had an important job on the show so i felt obligated lol.

    but homosexuality was less accepted back then compared to now. Yet it was a successful Canadian comedy show. Pretty sure all but 1 member was gay... atleast thats what i got from the show.

    Then there is the Red Green show... somehow that has lasted for too long. If youve seen the show. The comedy level is the equivalent to the US brand of Red neck comedy like Bill engval and cable never actually meet the people who watch it, but you know theyre out there because the show would have been cancelled years ago otherwise.... the canadian stereotypes portrayed on the red green show are much more accurate than most shows or comedian acts....

    between the two, kids in the hall was much better though

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