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    dsp2k5 Dime Sack Pimp

    Sep 7, 2005
    Look whose back, da kid that used to be dime sack pimpin
    Hi, I'm back rippin', I'm track killin', my slabs switchin'
    Lane to lane, my wood grain wheel, I grab, grippin'
    It's like that, pimpin', it aint fair is it?
    My haters can't stand the embarrassment
    I always take care of it
    I Take it all the way back on em like Dewayne Harris did
    I Always Cherish every second I live
    I never know when my life might end
    So I hope you don't blame me for being me, cuz I will
    I still sip purple syrup mixed with sprite n jolly ranchers
    I'm quick to bend a bitch over a tree like naughty pandas
    At least I tell you da truth, never know they gonna hand ya
    Balling every day of my life. Call it "baller-roma"
    Then again, I shouldn't tell da truth, I don't wanna tell off on ya momma

    lol ... just messing around
    Whats up?

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