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  1. ~TUPAC~2

    ~TUPAC~2 New Member

    Jul 11, 2001
    time to wake up, betta set ya alarm clock
    for i show as a milk man wit glocks inside of the milk box/
    post up in ya crib like i own that bitch, understand it?
    tell ya wife to get down here and make me a fuckin sandwich/
    dont get it twisted i didnt come here to dis respect
    cus you didnt have none, thas why the fuck im at ya neck/
    ya style lame, enough of all this swagger jackin
    grab the 11, i take back to MACKIN captian/
    think im playin, check ya street CRED at the door
    whooped ya fuckin ass on the floor cus you had to a HIGH SCORE/
    get everyone else to do ya work, i push mines
    if ya raps was DOPE you still couldnt push LINES/
    im hot as hell, fuck it feed me gasoline
    went to hell tha otha day and had the devil come ask for me/
    hot as fuckin ever, no one can fuckin beat it
    im lookin for the rawest pussy and ready fuckin eat it
  2. dsp2k5

    dsp2k5 Dime Sack Pimp

    Sep 7, 2005
    Yo what's up homie? You had some.good lines ... not bad at all.for a keystyle homie ...
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