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Discussion in 'Cypher' started by New Life Records, Nov 8, 2005.

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  1. 6ftground


    Jun 22, 2003
  2. CaTchW0n

    CaTchW0n New Member

    Sep 18, 2001
    Online cats be delusional its unbeliveable
    stealing flows they must have request reciept
    Or that Delete yo
    We aint equal, fuck it...We aint diagonal
    Must be walking across a line imaginal
    Am I be Irrational, or is biting becoming fashion for show?
    Im hungry spiting raps fastin I go
    no Homo..But I'll eat a niqqah up if he testing fasho
    double clutch, then pump..not a dunk dummy
    Im grabbing the secret weapon..
    And keep reppin, keep wettin like bladder problems
    Keep the seconds crash the mic to micro bits of wreckage
    all thats left is fragments the message
    My battle prescene written in blood overshadowing ethics
    coming with a hostile take over battle the essence
    Dont matter who best is, Horrific discriptive splattered intestines
    Toe tag president for presidence getting tested
    Im failing to see some ownership
    Niqqahs is borrowing might as well be swallowing
    When Im riding beats, better yet galloping
    I feel like the largest muscle a abdomen
    Who the fuck they be shadowing ?
    Is it us or someone platinum, either way I'll bust and shatter them
    Plus it aint matterin cuz I grow a garden of bud
    thats Larger than the garden in square madison

    KRAZY-KILLA eatin' beatin' freakin'

    Feb 24, 2005
    wait a minute cant you see that our lives are in the hands of satan/
    he sittin' there just testin' our Patience/
    young minds idel, land of the devil's playground/
    twistin us in and out, like are we going to shoot/
    put him in the ground/
    cant decide like wut now/
    open up, read a book/
    dont let him get away wit your life/
    cause if you do its jail cells/
    maybe death row/
    not suge knighting it/
    not rappin' it/
    but gettin' shanked up/

    everything in this world is political/
    scandels, presidents ramble/
    USA fallin' to shambles/
    losin' allies, gaurella warfare/
    the method they take/
    see an old lady, her they want rape/
    hurts to see this happin'/
    rather watch jj evans like wuts happin'/
    nine-eleven terrorists sent many americans to heaven/
    bin laden hidin' we aint never gonna find him/
    is this the future for our youth/
    damn what to DO?//////
  4. Verbiage.

    Verbiage. New Member

    Aug 30, 2006
    What ta do is ta stand on our feet and resolve
    All the bullshit eatin' us so we can evolve
    I'm on the pulpit preachin but I'm speakin ta y'all
    Insteada full clips leavin' n*ggas meetin with God
    Use the mind as a concealed weapon, fire it off
    Inspire the lost, we need ta aim higher, the cost
    Of carelessness and recklessness, shit is tangible, B
    Just make sure we settin the right examples ta see
  5. CaTchW0n

    CaTchW0n New Member

    Sep 18, 2001
    Look....All I worry about is me, Knowledge of self is so easy
    Not talking greasy, but why they worship a jay z and a young jezzy?
    its eazy, they handling cheese be!!!!
    Now listen to me..Who holds the weight?
    A kid with the whip and 26inch deep dishes paper plates?
    Or a kid rich with faith and conscience mindstate?
    You take what I say to the scale and weigh
    Watch what they say..Im do what to do to feed my Famalay
    Prime example, I rhyme and trample
    Lines that can put mines to a recline at a standstill
    The facts are ill the facts are real cant run from the facts
    cuz you'll be axed out cancelled
    Im so real its hurts, at the pupil in church watchin the bishop squeal and flirt
    come out in a long automobile reverse
    the top back peel off burning four wheels then skiiiiiirrrrtt....
    Captain Kirk been doing the dirt truth hurts
    I believe we need more leaders instead of palm readers
    streets is vietnam heated and cash is replaced by visas
    But i'm still in my 2 seater watching this shit uncover
    Rap it covered, I lift my brothers and give a fist to any others
  6. Sir Bustalot

    Sir Bustalot I am Jesus

    Feb 3, 2002
    Rap it covered, I lift my brothers and give a fist to any others

    skinny mothers,
    givin birth ta addicts-
    silly fuckers, cuz my rap's still worse than tragic
    im versed in magic,
    hot off the top like i burned the attic
    Im tight, like i right-turned the ratchet
    im the type ta bury the hatchet while the rest hurry ta catch it
    a flury of gadgets, technologically enhanced
    biologically advanced, I make em sick with a glance
    im a horriffic discovery-
    its like finding a pair of victimless hands
    wickedest lands, ive bombed it all atomically
    astronomically, smokin on the finest' grown economically
    so potent itll wreck geometry probably
    i dunno but ya oughtta see, just follow me on my oddyssy
  7. barnizzle

    barnizzle HIP HOP

    Sep 25, 2004
    7,630 quality is more real
    more quills ..candles lit rubber wrapped handle sit on the porch still
    porsche skills, phantom ramblings fathom
    patterns of mandolins, feet tappin of mannequins
    takes place where my thoughts still...a boss still
    u readin the writings of a man who can buy whatever his likin just moved so my loft's ill
    abort will...
    meaningless rapping
    is running the place where i'm from of course he'll...
    run in the race my team'll just lap'em
    ...catch'em with the heat and just clap'em
  8. Mu Ling Ha

    Mu Ling Ha New Member

    Sep 3, 2004
  9. Predator INC

    Predator INC New Member

    Feb 8, 2003
    listen your rhymes to fuckin weak for me to flip fool
    so ill act like the boogie man hide under ya bed and come getchu
    and that shit was horrible nowhere close to lyrical
    and it sound like some shit jigga bit ten years ago
    and im confused - is it english that this dude be speakin?
    i dont know cant understand the accent with all that semen
    listen my raps is action packed and you aint clapped the gat
    fake thugs aint accepted like jail weapons its contraband
    understand that i aint tryna be mean or diss you
    just explain to you how fuckin wack you are with a pencil
    im a mothafucka who'll really take lead and hold it against you
    and i aint aretha franklin mothafucka i dont respect you
    be like the drug dealer say you are get ya weight up and re-up
    ya dopeness is negative like probation tests and pee cups
  10. CaTchW0n

    CaTchW0n New Member

    Sep 18, 2001
    Kidd talk crazy get they teeth buck, please try stickin me up
    body shots, get ya body rocked, ya better get ya D up
    Theres a war going on out side you in ya home boy
    If I cant get to ya ass I'll get ya homeboys
    chrome 4-5 and you see that bul live
    betta tell ya whole squad grip up
    im on my job, ya shit jam like a lob
    I'll make ya bleed like a slob, you'll be like a blood
    when you catch all them slugs, What ever you bet i can Dub
    and ya chick give me love..She'll slob up my cock
    fuck it all the niqqas on the block go back to ya spot
    coochie smellin like socks get all the straps you can cop
    cuz where Im at theres a lot
    I'll deal you ya cards you'll be quick to fold
    fuck all the bricks you sold you a bitch and you know
    you a snitch and you know how I know why
    ya bitch ass walk around sayin "can you hear me now" like the verizon guy...
  11. Predator INC

    Predator INC New Member

    Feb 8, 2003
    you say you ya on job but i aint let dudes suck my dick
    this dude is all pussy you can see him "hit a lick"
    fuckin idiot if mu ling couldnt win what makes you think you could
    its always gametime but nigga i aint a blood
    stop talkin like you from the hood go outside and get laid
    cuz we know you a hoe cake - so go outside and get paid
    while were on the subject you aint ever held agmatics
    naw homie just dicks when you see em you have at it
    i blast sporadic gothca shame soundin like a megaphone
    i bitchslapped this nigga check to see if his head is on?
    he tryna lie about my teeth cuz he talkin about himself
    cuz at school he wears his braces so his lifes a living hell
    man you talk hard but you really complain like a dumby
    sittin on rap music you cryin sayin"WAAAHH! WHYD HE MAKE FUN OF ME"
    you soft as gumby and i bet ya sass tretch like elastic
    sir bustalot confirm this - does always need to use a bandage?
    ill diss the fuck out of anyone who treads in my dominion
    this is a homicide zone notebooks filled with ammunition
    wackness clings to yall bitches like negative magnetism
    yeah i was askin if they can hear me but now the rain is gone
    cuz you was drenched in fuckin bullets ask yaself if the pain is gone
    how can i slay this long easy i like makin fun of people
    cuz every word i say is straight up one hundred percent evil
  12. Sir Bustalot

    Sir Bustalot I am Jesus

    Feb 3, 2002
    cuz every word i say is straight up one hundred percent evil

    im like a god that resents people,
    repell em with spells from hells kitchen- theres no equal
    i rhyme demonic, mind sidewinded by fine cronic
    leavin eyes blinded by my persision quided rockets
    so high im ridin comets for profits
    spittin bomb scripts of promise, atleast im honest
    i can speak with softness, or i can come down like acid rain
    or a virus that sneaks in past ya frame an attacks ya brain
    get whipped by my phalanx of chains
    off balance and ill still be able to axe ya game
    ask my name and ill tell you its the last name youll ever hear
    then sever ya ear and tether it to my bandoleir
    i deliver pounds of pain to the severed hands of fear
    my stance is clear, rhyme a bit tipsy like i slammed some beer
    anotomically correct, but biologically a suspect
    toxicology reports lots of cronic leaf and rough sex
    i dont bust teks, i bust nuts on chests or on sluts butts and necks,
    if you wanna know who i am, i'll always say my stuff's next
    i huff breaths of fine sensamilla which intends ta kill ya
    my reflection is so phat that it bends a mirra
    the ends is neara, tiem for soemone elses best writes
    my knockout punches wake days and end the best nights
  13. Linxz

    Linxz What!

    Feb 5, 2006
    fuck speaking on a gay nygga/
    cause now&dayz its a lot of lezbians//
    all you catz act as if its da first time getting laid again/
    fade many lost plenty so my knockout could make u lean//
    punches mean lyrics wake/
    nightz i bubble so dayz i hate cause at times i'm left wit crumps like shake//
    just admit yall love to rap cause yall fake/
    turn catz into actors from what i'm spitting a victim character to what i'm gripping//
    yall bitches know i'm not the best/
    peep! never said it but just know its no ending this//
    and stay off the dicks/
    cause its enough pussies in this cypher shyt...lmao!//
  14. Predator INC

    Predator INC New Member

    Feb 8, 2003

    dawg you rap wack lemme ask you whats ya complexion
    going to california? naw ill give you a stairway to heaven
    rough sex huh? so is catch wons face bruised
    knowledge? naw - dome is what he lace you
    and im probably gonna get another negative rep again
    cuz mathmatic getting mad that ima flex again
    BITCH! I'll run you over like road rage and pedestrians
    ayebody sayin duke why you have to mess with him
    cuz this dude is weak straight hater check the cp
    cuz all he can do is neg cuz lyrically he cant see me
    and sir rolls with bitches notice his name "busta-lot"
    im made of fuckin steel pussy you better tuck ya glocks
    ya ya reflections fat this boy straight lookin like sumo
    ill smack you in ya jaw and tell ya you were too slow
    and you know you aint want none im the greatest
    take ya notebook to church but i bet the lord cant save it
    ridin high? yeah i bet so
    bustlalot sound like a name for a homosexual nympho
    bustlalot, bustaslut, I see ya bitch and i bust a nut
    my fists is sandpaper homie i'll rough ya up
    oh here he go kash put em all on blast again
    anatomcially correct? the fuck is u? a manican
    biologically suspect yeah you heard him - sugar in his tank
    if you spittin that back packer shit itll break ya bank
    but ill brack ya back start pimpin ya mom make her slang my crack
    you intend to kill me butcha never meet ya goals
    mothafucka i handle business so you can meet the chrome
    smith n wesson special edition -
    dawg you can get stomped in rapid sucession
    man lets be real you wouldnt ever be anyones most requested
    cuz that shit you spit sound you was watchin canibus right
    and everyone that nigga aint tight
  15. Sir Bustalot

    Sir Bustalot I am Jesus

    Feb 3, 2002
    you mocking me is funny cuz kidd ya flow's lame
    kidd kash? sounds like a chatroom pedophile's codename
    im comin with chalk to leave ya outlined in gangsta city
    cuz all your replies are easily found online thanks ta pity
    I get excited when kids write me out the epic diss
    specially when their flow amounts to nothing next to piss
    you fired 30 odd lines of rhyme, but hey atleast you participate
    but practice on your aim kidd, cuz i just made you the victim in 8

    i know you just counted, so ima say i made ya look
    cuz the fact you just counted my lines shows ya behavior's 'shook'
    dont step to the king unless your comin with a tribute
    cuz kidd the only thing you playin is yaself and ya skinflute
    Ya Kash amounts to nothing other than some words on a screen
    but i cut deep into yer ego and you recount me in ya dreams

    lets look at your line up- oh wait your roster's barren!
    Ive owned you more times than an abusive foster parent
    its like i rocked ya larynx, but hey kidd keep ya pants up
    cuz now that you cant speak atleast now you cant suck
  16. CaTchW0n

    CaTchW0n New Member

    Sep 18, 2001
    Am I doing too much? I'll make him clutch a upper cut
    that'll make his chin hide like a white bitch who gets a tummy tuck..Yeah
    cmon little buddy what ? I stay with my buddy tucked
    If I pull out you can believe Imma let my 40 dump
    Kidd Kash ya bankrupt, chickens shakin u 4 ya change chump
    that bitch you call a dime, same bitch we think slut
    Running wit us, you cant keep up
    You'll lose it like Ricky Bobby you bettah re-up...Yeah
    I'll beat this kidd worst than foster parents wit ya soft appearance
    my diss counts are lowest in clearance
    Try posin a threat, I'll expose ya whole rep
    cut ya feet from ya ass and I know you wont step

    KRAZY-KILLA eatin' beatin' freakin'

    Feb 24, 2005
    statistics say that im mean and vicious/
    chickens say im sweet and Delicious/
    people say my flow is raw , full of sickness/
    im the realest/
    get it right you lose when i step to the mic/
    cuase i spit fire and infernos/
    that burn my oppents souls/
    and i dont need a crew i roll solo/
    for dolo, step to my dojo/
    my lyrics like hot sheels to the brain/
    all you like who is this mane/
    possesin bodies of people tryin to harm me/
    just call me g-d/
    or maybe almighty/
    alrighty, cuase when im done fam be askin you all right b/
    your like no cuase he might smite me/
    and if you say im garbadge/
    heres a half a bar for yall/
    BITE ME/
  18. b'

    b' New Member

    May 16, 2001
    my mind got me contemplating on annihilating a man with devious plan
    to keep me from graduating my future residues in his hands
    i understand his motives but he better check himself
    my patience is out of warranty i'll destroy hisself
    pickup whats left and sweep the pieces under the shelf...Test Me!
  19. 6ftground


    Jun 22, 2003
    The rest left up to me
    niccaz flip rhymes, still mine
    call that a dis, I call it theft
    niccaz can’t be original, I call em suspect
    untrustworthy to su••••ions grasp
    nicca laugh but the truth is in the mass
    Read a bit more and then you’ll have reasons to laugh
    Like the hater who switchblades on flows of cash
    6 stay on mash....lets Go!
  20. SevenEightOne

    SevenEightOne New Member

    Oct 25, 2006
    32 1 cranberry n rum
    got me drunk
    same ol shit differnt hours
    gettin the dough n power
    make the hoes wanna holla
    while i...jam on my old school shit yea willie hutch n them
    get ya mind right take a puff again
    n figure a plan
    to scrimmage some grands
    flippin them grams
    how long will a good thing last
    before them.. snakes in the grass
    put their fangs in ya back
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