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  1. Cigma

    Cigma Maxwell's Demon

    Apr 5, 2002
    You were abandoned by your mother as a young child. 20 years later she contacts you, wanting to be a part of your life. How do you react?

    Fears of being smothered disturbed a Green Mother.
    Duty governs that she love her children,
    But they make her suffer during their Upbringing.
    Trying to keep her spirits up and tough things out,
    Deep down discovers clear feelings to flee for cover.

    Along with mistreating one another,
    Her offspring often bicker amongst each other.
    Over all sorts of precious resources, toys and clothes,
    Jealous they'd fight like foes utilizing guile and blows.

    Silent woes mother shouldered as she strove forward.
    Yet to her horror as kids grew older they still harbored
    A penchant, for acting petty. No matter how much energy,
    She spent they were perpetually upset demanding more,
    Hellbent on excess, wasteful when they had plenty…
    Eventually patience wore thin and her reservoir,
    Of maternal instinct reached its limit.
    She withdrew leaving them amidst a harsh winter.

    As I child I reacted, how could I not point the finger?
    Memories of tornadic rage still linger.
    Lost! Wroth in a sudden blistering whirlwind of wrath,
    Soft brown eyes turned into flashes of lightning attacks.
    I hurled - bombarded - bricks and stones,
    Obscene words to obliterate their target.
    Hoping it'd mask the fact that I'd been hit the hardest.

    I was the youngest! Your deliberate act of abandonment
    Has had rampant repercussions on my development.
    Intelligence becomes irrelevant in absence of nurturing.
    Can you imagine how hurt I've been?
    One moment I held the flower of your love
    Happily under an apple tree laughing unabashedly,
    Then without warning all the warmth disappears.


    Stood still, complacent just to sit for years.
    Till I finally got sick of it, no more joy in tears.
    Now - as suddenly as you departed - here you are.
    Asking me prettily proffering the same exact purple blooms,
    in gloom you left me with.

    For two decades the Earth's been wretched, restless.
    Unexpectedly Mother Nature briefly speaks to me amongst the wreckage.
    It's not too late to salvage our relationship if you let it be.
  2. Predator INC

    Predator INC New Member

    Feb 8, 2003
    this peace was planned out down to the last word i like how you actually prepared it and put it took together you can tell you didnt just write it and throw it on here. i like the concept cuz you managed not only to write a poem but a short story as well. i know what it means to be abandoned by ya parents ti aint nothin nice. good shit man props.

    fav line

    Intelligence becomes irrelevant in absence of nurturing. <---that goes ahrd as hell
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