jw , who is in charge of the RM train wreck ?

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  1. nnnnnnnnn

    nnnnnnnnn DOUG MUNNiE ~EZMunnieCLIQ

    Jan 13, 2013
    1-- RM goes down for a day for updates
    2-- updates made .... NEARLYevery single poster hates the changes , and are EXTREMELY VOCAL about how they hate it ...not enuff to revert
    3-- some posters like Jobone and myself tried our hardest to see the bright side , get into the new site .. try not to hate 2 hard
    4-- new site is made by 1 of ur own mod guys .... apparently this wasnt sign enuff to revert
    5-- u lose 100% of ur community .. u got top 5 threads with ZERO replies ... i come on here not even looking to see wat threads u got , but wat threads have ANY RESPONSES AT ALL !

    so when is it time to revert ?????

    wait ..........is that wats going on here ; its too late to go back now ??

    SPOILER ALERT : this whole forum style is ass ..... nobody likes it , when ppl wanna get on a forum , they want a FORUM ........... when ppl want a forum they want vbulletin ..... thats just how the world works

    so who is responsible ??????? i am so sorry my gf lucy has to be stuck in this sinkhole
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  2. L u c y

    L u c y (Administrator) SWERVE

    Mar 28, 2009
    will reply when sober (haha @ the mention - I got love for you too unnnnnn)
  3. ghettonetics

    ghettonetics remember, i got money!!

    Aug 10, 2012
    its me i did it

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