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  1. Quriosity

    Quriosity Moderator

    Nov 24, 2001
    random mag stuff.

    Submitted by NOBLE SOLDIER

    Top 20 Reveiw

    -Title Match-

    1: Quriosity vs 2: John Hensley- Solid match where both brought their A game.. Hensley just had a little too much for Q.. Who has been near the top for a few weeks now.. Unfortunatley Hens signed out for a couple weeks.. The Title is now vacant..

    3: I'm Deon vs 4: TREDone- A really witty verse from TRED won this battle in what I think was one of the most overlooked battles of the week..

    5: Mets vs 6: Citizen K.- Mets no-showed..

    7: E Tha Real vs 8: Blue Bayou- A very close battle where Blue pulled out the win.. With only 3 total votes, there should have been alot more attention payed to this battle..

    9: Tony Elbow vs 10: Defcon_5- In one of the more disapointing battles of the week Defcon got the win.. Both verses were short and rushed.. Holidays...

    11: Fluffs vs 12: Zygotic Embryo- Fluffs no showed..

    13: Ill Cyndicate vs 14: Smart. Alix- Ill Cyndicate no showed..

    15: Ren. vs 16: trichomes- Ren won because he posted a verse..

    17: Exodus III vs 18: ill nik-A- Ill got the win with what was probably the most dominant win this week in the top 20..

    19: NOBLE SOLDIER vs 20: Young Money- Noble wins..

    Top 20 Preveiw

    Contender Match 1

    1: TREDone vs 2: Citizen K. - Citizen K. is a solid battler but I think TRED will take this fairly easy..

    Contender Match 2

    3: Blue Bayou vs 4: Defcon_5- Defcon needs to come stronger this week to have a chance.. But I think Blue will come away with it..

    5: Zygotic Embryo vs 6: Smart.Alix- Both their opponents no showed last week.. So I see both guys hungry for the win... In a close battle, Zygotic will win..

    7: ill nik-A vs 8: NOBLE SOLDIER- No Comment...

    9: Rizpy vs 10: Wordplay- Rizpy's battle was slept on last week.. So it may cause him to drop an uninspired verse this week.. I got Wordplay winning this..

    11: PERTAiN2LiFE vs 12: RAWz- P2L is the more seasoned battler and will stop RAWz jump into the Top 10..

    13: Revanon vs 14: Roscoe Babbage- Rev seems to be wanting to stay around for a minute so I see him coming away with the win..

    15: coil grimely vs 16: HeimlicManeuver- In a toss up.. I got Heimlic winning..

    17: Oliver Twist vs 18: paragon- Oliver Twist in a close one..

    19: Muffffy vs 20: Fracture- Frac seems to wanna make a serious run, but I think Muffffy will not want to make it an easy trip.. Muffffy with the upset..
  2. trichomes

    trichomes 76

    Aug 15, 2008
    Submitted by SERVICAL

    Servical: Sup, i'm here with none other then Mr. Tacky Jones himself, sup fam ?
    T.a.C: whats crackin
    Servical: Chillin chillin, you ?
    T.a.C: flippin channels and blowing up the sig check
    Servical: Alright
    Servical: Last time we spoke to each other, it was you interviewing me after i had a heated battle with Oneduh(and Dough)
    Servical: Now i'm interviewing you after your heated battle with...Oneduh lol
    Servical: How does it feel to have all eyes on you man ? you pretty much grabbed the spotlight outta nowhere and defeated a very well respected battler
    T.a.C: honestly, i dont like the attention. i do this for fun. its a hobby. wins and losses dont matter to me. the fact that if a dude elevates he gets accusations of being a cheater kinda pisses me off. all i know is i better follow it up or ima never live this down
    Servical: Word @ that last statement.
    Servical: Your gonna have to drop only fire from now on if you wanna make us believers lol
    Servical: Congrats though, very solid win
    Servical: I'm not the type to take sides in these little conflicts, i thought the verse dope
    T.a.C: thanks
    T.a.C: it kinda bugs me that people who arent related have to voice their opinion. its between me, and One
    Servical: Yeah, whats done is done basically, Oneduhs just gonna have to use it as motivation against Frac next week.
    Servical: But i'll be completely honest with you, that verse reminded me alot of a dude who champed not too long ago
    Servical: A guy who went by the name Purgatory, ever heard of him ?
    T.a.C: i think ive heard of his name. not positive. thats prolly before i came here
    Servical: Yeah it was before you showed up i think. Lol just checking
    Servical: My detective skills are fail lol
    T.a.C: lmao
    Servical: But yeah man, where you gonna take it from here ? Are you gonna try to champ the league, or are you gonna go back to the usual ?
    T.a.C: im gonna try my best. thats all i can give. if im a one hit wonder thats how it goes. but i think it would be pretty cool to champ the league. atleast ill have a legit championship to go against calibre's, haha
    Servical: Haha, word
    Servical: So whats the motivation ? Anybody inspired you ? Did you learn anything from anybody or you just picked up your skills as the weeks went by ?
    T.a.C: theres so many people i learned from. meta gave me some hints when he was here. i think i learned from magus's constant shut-downs. few people helped me with my wording back when i first started so i gotta give them a shout. they know who they are, dont wanna start naming names. and for the record that was months ago. THIS WEEKS VERSE WAS MINE, lol
    Servical: Lol no doubt, i gotchu
    Servical: So who are some of your favorite battlers, past and present
    T.a.C: i really havent been around that long so my list will be short. but meta, magus, user, muffffy, lotus, dough, you, Q, and nasty. i know im missing people but thats off the top of my head
    Servical: Alright word
    Servical: So it seems your journey's just getting started, you have another very well respected head in front of you.
    Servical: You going up against Deon this week, hows that gonna be like, whats gonna be the outcome ? and what you think of him ?
    T.a.C: lol this is a rematch actually. he beat me last time but that was the first time the ghost writer shit got brought up. honestly i think Deon can take me. hes an awesome battler. but it should be a good match up. im lookin forward to it. hopefully i can prove this week wasnt a fluke
    T.a.C: thats what im lookin forward to most
    Servical: Alright no doubt, good luck this week
    T.a.C: thanks bro
    Servical: So whats the definite future of T.a.C after batteling, you gonna go for mod position ? And how do you feel about Q leaving ?
    T.a.C: Q is a good guy. he catches a lot of shit that is totally undeserved in my opinion. just cuz he follows his rules. and i would actually really like to have a mod spot when he leaves. i dont see it happening cuz i dont think half the league would approve of that but if i signed on tomorrow and Q asked me if i wanted a green name i would accept in a heart beat. as far as me battling, juries still out on that
    Servical: I agree with that, Q's ok with me
    Servical: I think i said a little while ago that it comes with the territory of being a mod
    Servical: I also remember saying when you interviewed me that i wouldn't participate in a league ran by T.a.C
    Servical: I still stand by that
    T.a.C: LMAO
    Servical: Lol alright, thx for taking the time out for this interview, once again good win, you definitly caught all of us off guard and possibly made some fans at the same time
    T.a.C: haha thanks man. and anytime
    Servical: No doubt fam, goodluck with everything and keep it Tacky
    T.a.C: hahaha, for life
  3. coil grimely

    coil grimely Tears textcees to tidbits

    Oct 6, 2008
    Submitted by COIL GRIMELY


    Spotlight Re-Cap w/ Interviews​

    "do i get a win added to my rbl record or did i just do this to have my ass tickled?"​

    Settle-ing a "BEEF", was usually taken to the 'Name vs. Name Battle Thread'; which hasn't seen very much activity in recent times. It was a place where two competitors would settle their differences, in a quick text-oriented fashion. Grudges of any sort would eventually end up in that forum. "Doesn't the RBL have Grudge matches already?". This may be so, and more so a pic-oriented theme. Now.. "This will not fill the void of a text only grudge match, but instead it will be utilized to host only highly anticipated matches to be determined by the powers that be. More specifically, it is a rare event in which two legendary textcees meet to settle differences." ...'Nuff said.

    There was alot of discussion surrounding last week's SPOTLIGHT Matches, a newly hosted match of the RBL. Previously mentioned, alot was said concerning two respected individuals of text battle-ing; Oneduh vs. Fracture. I don't know these individuals personally, and I have not repped RM long enough to know their previous history. All I can say is that it turned into a heated arguement that captured the attention of more than just the RBL heads.

    In all honesty it would be difficult for me to acknowledge the personal-punchlines in this match, again, because I don't know the entire history of these two text-legends. Therefore I felt it wasn't my place to vote, on a match that was not easily won, 8-6 in favor of Fracture.

    Sometimes having something to prove, for various reasons, is enough to bring an individual into the Spotlight-Match. Here, you'll find a similar case with the match-up of, U S E R vs. E Tha Real. A battle such as this was an easier to follow bout, because there were less personals based on a history and more focus on name-plays and witty sarcasm. E Tha Real was the first to drop his verse which seemed to show his readyness of winning. USER was not far behind from posting his verse, a verse that also showed a serious 'swagger' in text-form. In the end, in the opinions of all that voted, it was a no-brainer as to who ranks amongst the league's most respected battle-ers.. as USER takes the 'W', 7-0 in votes.

    U S E R

    COIL: i first want to congratulate on on the spotlight victory from last week.

    USER: werd, 'preciate it. wouldve been great if Magus came through to battle, but he retired from text or w/e so i had to settle with E.

    COIL: q is always trying to add a new twist to the league, keeping it fresh. do you feel that the spotlight matches are a good addition to the RBL?

    USER: i do, i feel anything that sparks activity within the league is a good thing. the leagues always been boring until the due date approaches and with these other matches, people have something else to check out while waiting for the regular matches to start

    COIL: funny you should mention "boring". i want to veer off topic for a second and talk about an observation of mine (seperate part of the mag). DOHpe is quietly creating a strorm in the league... which inturn is about to cause much excitement to the rbl. lol any comments?

    USER: we've always been one of the dopest crews around, it just so happens NOW we're all in one league, we've already had like 4 of our members champ the league at different times, with all of us in now, it creates a competitiveness between us all as we race to the belt. its really just a race as to which one of us is going to hold it next.

    COIL: i think thats ILL. much props to you and your crew mates, and the upmost respect to yall. how did your spotlight match come about?

    USER: well i was in a thread, i believe it was the ranking thread in hookups, where deon asked us to rank the best 20 heads in text right now. so i did, and i placed E around 19 or so, and i guess he took offense to that and challenged me to a spotlight match
  4. Quriosity

    Quriosity Moderator

    Nov 24, 2001
    Submitted by XQUISITE

    Top 10 Punches

    KungfuGrip vs. Oneduh
    MetaSin & magus taught you to write. you must be wishin for death
    they're heroes & idols to you.. to me they're just some niggas i swept

    Tony Elbow vs. Sephiroth
    fuck the online tough talk you boring ass shit
    seph’s always faking big on screen like that new notorious flick

    User vs. Xquisite
    i think we all know what X wants, but hes known to stray
    got voters like 'a W? X? Y?'.... like number 9 on a phone display

    BlueBayou vs. Defcon
    Next week's the champ match, it's got me nervous droppin a foe
    ^Cuz i'm positive Q'll be sayin it's Definite... Blue won by a whoppin KO

    Oneduh vs. KungfuGrip
    I've been saying he's not elite.. & now that I got this bitch in peril
    It doesn't take a gun expert to know a Grip belongs at the bottom of the barrel

    Ill Nika vs. Noble Soldier
    ur heart’s so ‘fraid, u don’t wanna start no rage
    I’ll make u cool ur jets while u’ll blame it on Favre’s old age

    The Box vs. Pounds
    I'm king. fresh, so even motionless I'm gettin mine.
    But see you're lookin stale, mate,
    you're the only Rook left who can't form a straight line.

    KungfuGrip vs. Oneduh
    i know what u were thinking. 'i'll rip off somewhat of a hot line'
    '& pass it off as a Oneduh original by wording it badly & making it not rhyme'

    Noble Soldier vs. Ill Nika
    erase the notion of champ'n this league.. chalk it up to ya script's..
    cuzz I see'nik routes here more often then on cross country trips..

    Sephiroth vs. Tony Elbow
    so if it's beef you want, don't bring them bummy raps with you
    forget a 'spotlight' match, your ass'll need the fucking bat signal


    01) TREDone 5-0 VS. 02) Blue Bayou 5-0
    Both are dope...I have no clue who TREDone is yet...but dude is clever with his punches and Its obvious dude has the talent to take this match. TREDone has had an easy path thus far but did get an impressive win against Deon. BluBayou has been on a rampage lately and I predict him taking this for having a little bit more quality behind his punches...I wouldnt be suprised to see TREDone take this, but I got Blue

    03) Zygotic Embryo 4-0
    04) ill nik-A 3-0
    I predict this to be pretty one sided...Zyg has a different style that I respect, cuz its different...but it seems a little off..I expect him to have a couple quotable bars but ill nik-A is more polished and creative battler and should take this win comfortably

    05) Rizpy 3-0
    06) PERTAiN2LiFE 9-4
    I dont know too much about either...I like the flow and structure to Pertains verses but I dont think alot of his punches hit all that hard. Rizpy had a coo verse last week and I think he can bring the more effective punches in this Battle...so I have Rizpy in a close one

    07) Roscoe Babbage 2-1
    08) coil grimely 2-0
    I like Roscoe in this one...his punches seem to be a little bit more thought out than grimelys...grimely can come creative with some of his bars but I dont think he is consistent enough to take this...So I have Roscoe taking this by a few votes for having more quality punches

    09) |-paragon-| 2-0
    10) Oliver Twist 2-0
    11) Fracture 3-0
    this will be a blow out...paragon and oliver twist both tied last week with embarrasing verses...Frac is just simply better in every aspect of battling...this wont be pretty
  5. SPuL

    SPuL SP

    Mar 31, 2004
    y'all mofos basically wrote the whole mag for me. wtf? lool not that I'm complaining though. good shit
  6. Quriosity

    Quriosity Moderator

    Nov 24, 2001
    Submitted by T.a.C

    Week 36 Review

    01. TREDone vs 2. Citizen K
    Citizen no showed, TREDone wins, and moves on to this weeks championship match

    03. Blue Bayou vs 4. Defcon
    Tight battle, both Blue and Def came with fire. In my opinion this battle was slept on, very good match-up with very few votes. In the end Blue took this one 4-1, extending Def’s struggles in the contender match.

    Stand-Out lines:


    So your droppin bombs huh? some flames for the taking?!
    Guess I better LOOK OUT BELOW…oh hey, there’s ur name in the rankings

    lol like u've actually convinced anyone ur hard n tough..
    That's not even a good lie.. it's off the fairway buried a yard in rough

    Serious.. ya wouldn't even see this pussy hurtin a skunk
    Closest to a Goonies ever been is lookin like the black version of Chunk

    & ya bitch showed me her titties.. that beast's bra got dropped fast
    But I swear that shit could cure menopause it was so far from a hot flash

    Thanks for the W - there's no denyin you we're whored u twirp
    This verse did the trick.. just like ya dead beat father bout a year before ur birth


    i know ur girl ain't lettin u smash..so i'm pickin on ya pride
    the only blue balls that bitch swallows has a m printed on the side

    u've lost ya swag lil homie..now ya styles unfolding
    u just making noise while tryna connect like a dial up modem

    ur not in dohpe cause ur dope..wtf's with this stupid clown
    they had a meetin and decided they need one RB faggot to push around

    ur not quite ready to beat me so chill and play ur position
    but u should used to waitin..since it's the same way ur makin a living

    and ya mom's a big burly bitch.and he acts like it's cool
    when that Ole Miss looks like she could be a defensive back for the school

    05. Zygotic vs 6. Smart.Alix
    I really didn’t feel this battle. I didn’t think either had a stand out verse, but who am I to judge. The voters spoke and they said Zygotic won 4-2 in the votes.

    Stand-Out lines:


    sayin i 'll need the Time ..see how i treat this Mouthy Fucka
    with so Much heat , after hes Beat
    he 'll Return with a Mickey Tee makin shout outs to Oneduh


    so please dont cry about votes, oh heavens no...
    id label you a big baby, but clearly youre still just an embryo...

    07. ill nik-A vs. 8. Noble Soldier
    To me, this battle was closer than the votes will lead you to believe. 2 vets of this league that both came with some hot shit. This was another battle that deserved more votes. I read this one and was going to vote but the site went down for me due to the server change.

    Stand-Out lines:

    nik a teen user who stays showing addictive traits..
    interest in ill never fluctuates i guess he got a fixed rate..

    erase the notion of champ'n this league.. chalk it up to ya script's..
    cuzz I see'nik routes here more often then on cross country trips..

    I rise to the level of my opposition.. Im tired of being the one to lay low..
    This faggot stays a hornblower, sea'men on deck just like horatio..

    Fellatio is the only way your getting a head in this engagment..
    Your gonna have to sleep at the hospital, thats what u get for being in'patient..

    Last week u walked through the exodus.. Not much coming from you..
    Cuzz this mexican pay'so cheap, he spent the whole trip getting made fun of by the J.ews..


    t aint safe see, for u its a damn shame u had to face me
    I take it Lite while u gettin knocked out by the commish of the more taste league

    ur heart’s so ‘fraid, u don’t wanna start no rage
    I’ll make u cool ur jets while u’ll blame it on Favre’s old age

    its unfair to compare u to me, while u thinkin u a very darin newbie
    the truth is out there but u the typical blonde bitch in every scary movie

    watch me rip this whore cuz if this is war; u not the confronting type
    Noble Soldier’s more of a less defensive way to call a pussy who don’t wanna fight

    U only strong with might when this fag takes dudes for test drives
    & its funny u’re from Kentucky as its abbreviation soothes ya sex life

    09. Rizpy vs 10. –Wordplay-
    To be honest I wasn’t feeling either verse in this. It’s almost hard to pick any stand out lines from this. Rizpy is just starting out, so he has an excuse but if this is the same –wordplay- as wordp1ay, come on dude. It’s bad when I can honestly tell you to step it up. Im not being a dick here im just being honest. In the end Rizpy won 2-0.

    Stand-Out lines:





    U done NOTHING here, this fag is obscene
    Bitch I been here TWO weeks, and I'm ranked as high as u after 15
  7. adward

    adward New Member

    Jan 3, 2009
    [JUNK] Posts By Fucking Idiots

    Well, did you all hear about the latest gossip? I was just surfing and came up with this one… Lil Wayne was performing in Chicago, IL at the WGCI Big Jam 2008 and did his share of crotch grabbing. First of all…..nice price tag on your shoe dude. What, did you just steal the shoes on your way to the show? Who’s in charge of wardrobe? What I really want to know is, why this is ok…? Why is it cool for these artists to stand up there on stage and crotch grab in front of thousands of people??? WTF? You are not Michael Jackson! I think it’s lame and well……gross. Lil Wayne needs to lay off his ‘lil wayne’! Sorry! I couldn’t help myself. But, seriously. Enough crotch already….And morever, I would like to tell you about Promotional Items for the upcoming Notorious B.I.G Movie, "Notorious" which hits theaters on January 16th 2009. They are just good.
  8. Oneduh

    Oneduh Guest

    posts by fucking idiots that dont know how to follow rules thread

  9. Smart.Alix

    Smart.Alix You LOSE! Good Day Sir!

    Apr 23, 2007
  10. magus.

    magus. 'Pistol' Pete Magus'vich

    Sep 4, 2004
  11. SPuL

    SPuL SP

    Mar 31, 2004
    [WK/39] 29). Opshins 0-1 v. 30). Scratch 0-1

    [01] - The deadline for verses is Thursday @ 11:59pm EST.
    [02] - The deadline for extensions is 24 hours ONLY, making it Friday @ 11:59pm EST.
    [03] - The deadline for voting is Sunday @ 10:00pm EST.


    [04] - You must post at least 5 valid voting links within your match.
    [05] - Within those 5 links, you must be sure to vote on both the Championship and Contender matches.
    [06] - Votes must be at least 2 full lines of feedback per competitor followed by the competitor's name in which you choose to vote for.
    [07] - Voting a tie result is deemed a failure to vote.
    [08] - Voting links must be posted in your battle thread with the Champ and Contender matches labeled clearly.
    [09] - Votes changed after 1 hour of posting will be deemed a failure to vote.
    [10] - Voting is open to current participants, past champions, and active RBL moderators ONLY.


    [11] - All verses are to remain within the limits of 8 to 30 lines. Contender/Champion match verses are to remain within the limits of 8 to 40 lines. Any breach of line limit must be agreed upon by both competitors prior to a verse being posted. Failure to comply will result in an automatic forfeit by all failing parties. If a line limit is not agreed on by both battlers, the second battler to post must match the # of lines posted by the first battler. You can post less but never more.
    [12] - You must not edit your verse once your opponent has posted, who in turn must not edit their verse after the first vote is cast.
  12. Quriosity

    Quriosity Moderator

    Nov 24, 2001
    [WK/40] [Spotlight] Oneduh v. Magus

  13. Quriosity

    Quriosity Moderator

    Nov 24, 2001
    oneduh's all gitty and shit. close your blouse, boy.
  14. headless verseman

    headless verseman JERSEY NUCCUH

    Oct 17, 2000
    watch out oliver. he wont check in all week, if you post anything, and he's late he'll still somehow manage to get the win.

    i mean, he was late with the extension last week, I was on time without the extension, and he still won somehow

    gluck with that
  15. Quriosity

    Quriosity Moderator

    Nov 24, 2001
    you moving my posts? where's the love?
  16. Oneduh

    Oneduh Guest

    I'm gonna move your vote too..
  17. Quriosity

    Quriosity Moderator

    Nov 24, 2001
    lol. i'll edit my real vote later.
  18. Quriosity

    Quriosity Moderator

    Nov 24, 2001

    don't move my vote son. stop cheating. ill nik-a called and said he wants his W back.
  19. mAc Detroit

    mAc Detroit da muthafuckin south

    Nov 30, 1999
  20. DarkQuest

    DarkQuest smooth as ravens claws

    Jul 25, 1999
    This was a pretty cool triple threat match. i gotta say, oneduh had concept potential, but never came through. Spul followed through on some of his, but he didnt have the heat. Mac detroit failed less often with his concepts, some were funny. its personal preference, but

    i gotta call it like this

    1. Mac Detroit
    2. Spul
    3. Oneduh
    4. Q
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