John Dole – Real Love / Smoke Em If You Got Em (single) – Release 5th May 2017 on Kaneda Records

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    John Dole's eclectic sound is a blend of old school sample based Hip-Hop and modern electronic production. Heavily influenced by RJD2, Aesop Rock and Outkast as well as the social commentary of The Streets intertwined with smooth soulful vibes drawn from D'Angelo. Juxtaposing off-kilter beats, smooth instrumentals and funky synths, John Dole is an authentic voice within North Eastern Hip-Hop. An accomplished percussionist and guitarist, performing in various Hardcore and Math bands before finding his niche within the Hip-Hop and Electronic scene. His love of music began early in his life, while digging through his parents CD and vinyl collection as a child; he became fascinated that these discs held sounds.

    John Dole is signed to Newcastle based Kaneda Records and performs live with Producer Callum Isaac Haze. Regularly accompanied by a live band, his upcoming shows include a Single Launch at Bar Loco on the 20th May, with his first performance of the year at Ernest on the 31st March and will also appear at this year’s Northern Electric Festival (21-22 July 2017) where he will be launching his follow up EP. The single will be available from the Kaneda Bandcamp: as well Itunes, Amazon, Spotify and all other online stores.


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