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Discussion in 'Cypher' started by -Alk-, Jul 19, 2006.

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  1. -Alk-

    -Alk- AlkatraZ

    Mar 8, 2005
    A mix of the weapon and hitman cipher really....spit about whatever job the previous person leaves for you....first job....Riot Police

    Watch me walk into a booth, step out dressed in a riot suit
    I got kevlar blockin the bullets those heads are tryin' to shoot
    Plus i got my people in them stores those heads are tryin to loot
    Now you can't leave when you try on shoes unless you buy em dude
    I'm not gonna lie to you, I won't hesitate to billy club you
    Then throw you in a van, If you're angry still, then fuck you
    Automatic shotgun? I'd love to, then bust two up through
    The roof above us, then you look my way, so I can cuff you

    next job....Garbage man...
  2. CaTchW0n

    CaTchW0n New Member

    Sep 18, 2001
    next job....Garbage man...

    yeah i smell like shit and reek of odor, neva thought I'd be this when I get older
    but its a job somebody gotta do this, I pick up your shit u throwaway
    even when i aint working that nasty smell dont go away
    So hoes goes away
    back in the 80's 90's trashman
    2006 my title is sanitation specialist
    its the same shit, just a better way of telling it you smelling shit?
    that irrelevant, im just doing my job
    It pays the bill, its my skill so life aint hard...

    next job: disc jockey
  3. M-theory

    M-theory Saint Esprit

    Jan 4, 2001
    Back in the booth, never stop broadcastin' to youth
    Scratchin' my tooth as commercials play, hiding the truth
    And my hair is frizzy weird, give it a name - the Power Perm
    I'm like Howard Stern. And everybody knows the same song played
    every hour on the hour earns a whole lot of dough for days
    Leave you in a haze... but I'm like clear channel...
    In these air waves, I'm a mere scandal, y'all run in fear of answers
    I'mma introduce the beer panel... of judges, no reluctance in what they say
    I'm putting over my show as the hardest thing to hit your speakers
    With the smartness sting, I bring the artists in for interviews, hittin' targets
    It's an open regime, and I'm the mechanic under this promotion machine
    Speak about what lotions and creams are best suited for your motions between
    If you want music, you better be scoping the scene
    Now listen to this song... or call in your request for Jo Dee Messina

    next job: Movie Critic
  4. *Iceman*

    *Iceman* New Member

    Jun 19, 2000
    I get paid to do what people do on off days
    But the funnest shit could get boring if u do it always
    And it's easy money, I want to quit this job but im torn
    And my cholesterol suffers from butter in pop corn
    And most times the job is fun is this i must admit
    Like when i saw swordfish and Halle Berry's little tits
    And thas coo because normally i wouldn't pay to see that shit
    But it all comes back when theres a Ben Affleck flick
    And i get to see movies before the masses get to see them
    They go by my judgement when pickin a movie that evenin
    Gives me power, my word is law, with my decisions i lead them
    Superman was coo but Luthor could have been more evil
    Waist Deep, 1 star, like a Babyboy sequel...

    Next Job: Toll booth Operator
  5. Profit C

    Profit C New Member

    Jun 18, 2006
    hello, how may I help you?
    excuse I can't hear you what the fuck did I tell you?
    don't you listen? hello come out of your shell
    hello, hello, okay don't come out it, well
    actually let me see, yea please do
    excuse I wasn't even talking to you
    who's that in the background? they'll get smacked down
    oh no they won't I understand that now
    laugh clown, it's all shits and giggles
    so don't worry if you laugh alittle

    no more no more....nah

    Next Job: Street Disciple

  6. -Alk-

    -Alk- AlkatraZ

    Mar 8, 2005
    They call me a street disciple, but im way too humble
    I call myself a teacher of the ways of hustle
    I was made to rumble, if it comes down to it
    If you ever see me hunt you, grab your gun and use it

    next job....president
  7. The Grimace

    The Grimace Jeff Goldblum

    Jul 10, 2006
    im the first native president, the governments irrevalent
    got biochemical elements and im going to japan n sellin it
    got tired of the last nation, fucked bush up, yeah i caused the assasination
    underground president ill be like a government gotti
    agent walkie talkie's speakin fuck illuminati
    got subliminal mental brainwaves, washing of membranes
    duplicate the county stematically with cell-stems graves
    bomb iraq for the hell of it, grab the bravest soldiers neck n medal it
    thanks leuitenant im a devil sent, jus applaud me because im the fuckin president

    next job :taxi driver
  8. Nasty North

    Nasty North highschool phenom

    Jul 18, 2006
    Yo i got a deadend job and my life's a fucking disastor
    When i was young i used to have dreams of being a rapper
    a CEO, a politician, or maybe an actor
    kids, It's good to have dreams but you better go after it
    Or you'll end up like me, drivin a taxi
    got in an accident couldnt even afford surgery
    now when people get in the cab all they can do is stare
    yo i travel for a livin but man i aint goin nowhere
    guys i used to rap wit dont even holler
    Im still a festival of rhymes but now im working blue collar
    But rhymefest couldn't relate, man that niggas got it made
    if only i had a day wit kanye then everything could change
    told myself i would never be a fiend made my momma a promise
    but, goddam these white lines just look so seductive

    Next Job: Male Prostitute
  9. M-theory

    M-theory Saint Esprit

    Jan 4, 2001
    I never had a real job, always been living a lifestyle
    Drunk off my ass, on the floor kissing the white tiles
    Lost all my cash, so now I deliver the penile
    Ladies of all shapes, sizes, colors, and profiles
    I'm a lowlife, but...
    some call me the main man and others call me the core pipe
    I must me layin' it right if I'm knockin on doors twice
    I be this insane force like, a motherfuckin sight for sore eyes
    When a woman ain't ever seen a man in 30-some fortnights

    Next job: American Idol Judge
  10. AriMayiK

    AriMayiK New Member

    Aug 13, 2005
    with every contestant i give distaste and a scowl/
    can you guess my name? it's simon cowell//
    when they approach the mic, i move a bowel/
    and shit on them until they scream for a towel//
    that's pretty foul, but that's how rude i am/
    my gay british accent flows from my motuh like spam//
    no one wants to listen to my ridiculous nonsense/
    but what the hell, i clearly have no soul no conscience//
    people love to hate me as they watch their TVs/
    because i make people break down and weep on their knees//
    but excuse me, now i have to return to my day job/
    bein a stuck-up, arrogant, and english slob//

    next job: talk show host
  11. -Alk-

    -Alk- AlkatraZ

    Mar 8, 2005
    I'ma talk show host, Springer? you guessed it
    Fighting got a bit old, some I'm tryin' new methods
    I got bitches dances on poles, and midgets runnin around
    And I make all the money in the world, I'm livin' up in the clouds
    My mission was to look down, on those rednecks in the trailerparks
    They didn't know they played the part, or that i'd make it far
    makin fun of them when they do what they do
    when i get on the mic, i smack more heads than steve losin his cool

    School teacher
  12. Profit C

    Profit C New Member

    Jun 18, 2006
    listen up class here comes the lesson
    something that won't let you live in depression
    now focus and don't turn around to talk to a girl
    look at me and talk to the world
    learning is good, reading is fundamental
    where are you going to get to with all those instrumentals?
    Not to put down your dreams but you all need to read
    and write if you want to go up in the scene

    next job: an Italian baker
  13. *Iceman*

    *Iceman* New Member

    Jun 19, 2000
    I throw the dough to stack doe, i know its crazy prolly
    Baking goodies for my pizones, they pay me, graci(grat-see)
    All day is spent next to some stove heat
    Breads, pizzas, and pies and can't forget the cannolies
    Shop has been in business since the street was thick with trollies
    I pay a protection fee evey week direct to Paulie
    Ambiance is magnific, softly playing Italian operas
    Franki Valli, three tenors, and of course Mr. Sinatra
    Most popular, a fixture of the neighborhood
    Kids have grown up here, my workers i pay them good
    All in all this is my life and i really couldn't love it more
    Living the drea...FUCK! SHIT! burned my arm on the oven door

    next job: Librarian
  14. AriMayiK

    AriMayiK New Member

    Aug 13, 2005
    how boring is this? puttin books back on a high shelf/
    to be honest, i'd rather perform brain surgery on myself//
    and there better be no one who through the door/
    and asks for my assistance, cuz they'll get a "no"//
    i'm a grouchy old librarian, i smell of sap/
    i have grey hair and saggy boobs, but somehow i can rap?//
    boy this is weird, i haven't felt this young/
    since the original version of "Walking in Memphis" was sung//
    this whole hip-hop thing is invigorating!/
    it makes this horrible job less self-degrading//
    but excuse me now, someone can't find a book/
    would it hurt them to, before asking me, LOOK?//

    Next Job: Police Officer
  15. -Alk-

    -Alk- AlkatraZ

    Mar 8, 2005
    Drop the mic from my last job, pick up a nightstick
    Hop in my car lookin' for anyone to fight with
    I like violence, you have the right to remain silent
    Or I'll cuff you and beat you, and taze you till your eyes split
    I'm not joking, I'll bust your locks open, run in your house
    I got the right to wake you up with a gun to your mouth
    but that's only if i have to, if i find it necessary
    I see it as my job, but instead you find it scary
    for some reason, i dont get respect when im seen in the streets
    forget a cat in a tree, you see a snake in the grass, just leave it to me

    next job....IRAQI soldier...get ill someone.
  16. Da New Kid

    Da New Kid New

    Apr 7, 2003

    Im HITTIN' them oil money hungry BITCHES
    With a perfect desert storm attackin' SYSTEM
    I SPLIT 'EM! once I catch 'em flyin' in the air
    Clap 'em like flies... captain beware
    Fuckin' shiites, us rebels drop bombs in ya towns
    CIA, we cop bombs from around
    The WAY, let me SPRAY some a you mufukas in the FACE

  17. YuNg WiZ

    YuNg WiZ aka L.O.G.I.C.

    Aug 25, 2005
    I'm fuckin other niggas up the ass raw, no lubrication
    publications say I'm bad but they can't see the relation
    between me and celebs cause most of them gay
    at night time they hit me up on my phone to play
    give it to em however they want it
    even turn around and let them fuck me up my shit
    im suckin niggas off, takin nut after nut
    I'm a rut, sum1 fucked me so hard I can't strut
    but I suck on everything even been tea bagged
    sometimes the shit big and bad and I still ain't gagged
    I'm the ultimate in male satisfaction when they got an erection
    too bad I'm illegal since George Bush won the election

    I feel dirty for that shit now....fuck u new kid haha

    next job: Brain Surgeon
  18. The Grimace

    The Grimace Jeff Goldblum

    Jul 10, 2006
    we need 33 CC's stat and someone pass the scalpel
    like im carvin a blunt but its a bloody brain like someone dropped an anvel
    adjust it, head hunt it and put it on mantle, this surgeons got his hands-full
    post mortem faggots,maggots infesting lookin like linchens
    blood banks and binges like medical vampires with syringes
    the patient awaks sqealin like a rodent gettin manifested
    sedate the victim, hes not rested, hes restless, time for a morphine injection pain-set.........and i guess ill give some to the patient

    next job : scribble jam host
  19. Linxz

    Linxz What!

    Feb 5, 2006

    use to bust my ass doing dishes', got tire of being a hotel host/
    thatz after buger king stressed me, no sleep so i'm at work toasted/
    what made me comfortable, is that my fine shorty kept me intact/
    knowing i step'd out for a reason, couldnt relapse just had to relax/
    Me&God both knew it was hard, shyt i regret allowed me to bounce back/
    ran through temps, warehouses, construction, and whatever else they pass/
    shyt held me down, but I was young hanging wit clowns/
    fooling with dust pan hoes, Now i'm out a car now/
    handsome but broke is fuck, my dick even tire miscarriage my luck/
    still i push feet to accelerate, in my case literally foot to pedal, on bicycles/
    school got me down, so my lady look in a state of shock, electricfy'n wit a frown/
    shyt what can I do now, than that light bulb of a idea lit, aint talk'n pounds/
    lil soul searching a few walks through towns, how odd that may sound/
    it came out one day, Spitting sick thought like whose fresher than this/
    vision brung me to center stage, admit I was never afraid, i'm no M&M/
    better think twice before you try to play me like him, matter of fact/
    i'm the type to pat ya down, just to see if you strap'd now/
    hold up! wait a min just a second, i'll even be ya dj..ha/
    cause i'm going against the odds, and it seem like you need help like freeway/
    i'll even make sure you get it three ways, fuck war thatz mayday/
    i'm what ya call coke before its cut and chop into raw, known to go hard/
    what I've been through, jail couldn't hold me, I'm always postal activity/
    after this i'm a bubble enough to retire, taking the dj host job/
    and put cds out wit you up on it, as a scribble jam mix/
    records i'm spining, volume i'm setting, buttons i'm adjusting/
    love my new job, so you fuck wit me you die cuzzzzzzin...haha/

    next job: camera man of civil war ages....
  20. Ixtlan

    Ixtlan emceeingain'tforyou...

    Jul 23, 2000
    Damn, I misread the directive...

    I wrote on something else altogether.
    *Slinks away from the thread quickly*
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