JANET NAMED IN LAWSUIT: Singer Hit For $120 Million.

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    May 2, 2004

    Michael is not the only Jackson with legal problems. Little sister Janet is now facing a $120 million dollar lawsuit because two of her bodyguards allegedly choked a fan to the point that he almost blacked out.
    Leonard Salati, a New York resident, filed papers on the singer at Manhattan's Supreme Court. Janet is accused of "negligence" by hiring the two bodyguards. (They were not named in the suit.)

    According to Salanti, 39, he and Jackson were getting along just fine when they met outside the Marquee nightclub; she even invited him to join her in the VIP area ....

    "My cousin knew Janet from (the TV show) 'Fame' back in the 1980s," Salati says. "She told her bodyguards that I was okay and invited me to join her entourage inside."

    After chatting to Jackson, Salati briefly left the room before returning and trying to pass her a handwritten note. That's when things got real funky with the bodyguards.

    The suit alleges that, "Without provocation," the bodyguards, "grabbed (Salanti) around the neck, engaging (him) in a choke hold," and, "dragged him down the steps," of the club, then, "Evicted him from Marquee into the street."

    "Witnesses say he was choked so severely they could tell he was gasping for air," Steven Goldman, Salati's lawyer, told the court. "We don't know the extent of the spine injury," he said.

    Hmm, we'd love to see that handwritten note; it must have been a doozie to trigger that kind of treatment. Anyway, at press time Jackson's camp has not responded to calls from the media.
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