Jai-Z vs smittyrhythm

Discussion in 'Emcee Battle Area' started by Jai-Z, Apr 15, 2012.

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  1. Jai-Z

    Jai-Z Bangem, Jai

    Mar 8, 2005
    I owe u 1.

    1 unlimited round, good luck.

    Due Friday.
  2. smittyrhythm

    smittyrhythm you love 2 hate me

    Jan 12, 2011
    Denied. Last time you challenged me you flaked, racked over a thousand views without you even showing... besides, Ive retired from written leagues.
  3. Jai-Z

    Jai-Z Bangem, Jai

    Mar 8, 2005
    Sorry, school and extern was more important. I'll go 1st.
  4. smittyrhythm

    smittyrhythm you love 2 hate me

    Jan 12, 2011
    You always use that same excuse ive painted 200 apartments 7 houses and built 4 stages since then it took me less than 2 hrs out of my day to drop that verse you dodged you challenged me in the first place stupid dyke get real i burried you too late to try and wait it away like it never happened.

    Dont be a fool, stay in school. DENIED
  5. Jai-Z

    Jai-Z Bangem, Jai

    Mar 8, 2005
    How do I alwayz "say that" whn I said it once 6 monthz ago?

    If u thnk u burried me... Y not battle me now? Jst admit u scared.. I'll understand.

    How many timez u no showed n the rbl? A lot. Me? Maybe once.

    I tell u what.. if u dont battle me, I'll repost ur old verse, and body u. I got time till nxt Friday, after that.. I wont have time.

    Im gvng u a chance to "kill me".

    I baited u last time, but u ducked me for a couple wkz. By thn I ddnt have time to battle at all n the rbl or eba.

    U bitter bcz I ddnt have the time. Deth is a busy nigga, u & I nvr fault him for postng late or not at all.

    We can go 2 rdz, uve nvr beat me so prove it.
  6. smittyrhythm

    smittyrhythm you love 2 hate me

    Jan 12, 2011
    Me no show in rbl? No, sorry. What battles did I supposedly 'no show'? 1 against Deth because we had battled twice already and still needed votes on our battles in eba it was pointless so to make things more interesting I challenged him to an audio battle, he declined and they gave the battle to Deth you can check the thread if you want the facts are all there.

    You challenged me. Bottom line. I did my part and you flaked because you had nothing to say. I dont need another chance to 'kill you' its been done I crashed you so hard you disappeared for six months. It doesnt take that long to keystyle a verse so you can blame it on school as much as you want I garuntee you Im twice as busy and work 3 times harder than you do for a living. It doesnt take much to learn how to switch out an IV or remove a bedpan to wipe someones ass :funny:

    D E N I E D
  7. Jai-Z

    Jai-Z Bangem, Jai

    Mar 8, 2005
    I tell u what.. since ur so bitter about everythng, I'll post my verse and u can no show me. Thn we will b even.

    Ima battle Deth for the 3rd time, post ur previous verse n here.. and go n on u wthout feeding. B right back..

    U aint even gota post, jst watch me destroy u.
  8. Jai-Z

    Jai-Z Bangem, Jai

    Mar 8, 2005
    smittyrhythm, 50.

    You are the ugliest fuckin bitch I've ever
    seen in my life
    No I mean seriously, the ugliest bitch I've
    ever seen in my life
    So when I bring Casey Anthony's rope and
    OJ Simpson's knife
    It'll make this Antoine Dodson look-a-like
    say "hide yo kids hide yo wife!!"
    To write without 'quotes' is like signing
    your boob.. and no, it's not cuz I like you
    It's because youre the only idiot person my
    signature actually applies to
    You think that youre lyrical, its pitiful when
    you try to correct me all critical
    Already showed me youre hand so I'll tarot
    up cuz you play youre cards so predictable
    You just set yourself up cuz this wasnt
    *BIT, you dont have the smarts for my
    But this'll have you hittin the canvas quick
    "yeah bitch I BET you're a fuckin artist"
    The farthest from it even though youre
    starved from smokin crack with the back-
    seat hoes
    Cuz you Earnie McCrackins are always use
    to rollin in the alley with a glassy rose
    You asked for this own you fish-eyed foney
    that's got more weave than a basket-sown
    And by the tone of the jazz jaiz talkin she
    mustve really thought my nut sacks a
    Let me guess...: "I'm gonna draw a police-
    sketch of the murder scene that this queen
    or how art is 4-squares and the kids at
    recess pushed me more than the swing-
    sets" pffft
    You need respect, it dont make you tough
    just cuz you speak with a deep breath
    Mad cuz no semen ejects with you in mind,
    you couldnt get a teen-agers dream wet
    So what you really need to accept is that in
    this league youre the teams pet
    The gang-bang artist of the RBL cuz youre
    the only 1 in-between sex
    I know that youre bitter from eatin pussy,
    so I hope it's not in bad taste-
    To say its no wonder that youre gay
    because you can barely get facts straight
    But here's a fact, lets take it back to our
    battle past let's be honest
    Bout when you modestly fucked up the
    threads and went around bar-limits
    You wanna blame me for the mistake you
    made just cuz your verse wasnt polished
    And then ran for the hills so fuckin fast I
    swore to God you was Scottish
    smittyrhythm vs Jai-Z
    But I stick to my guns when it comes to
    talent, you notice how fast that this rap's
    Yet youre whole carreer has been on a bar-
    stool cuz there's nothin you can fall-back
    Ya thong is stretched and your ass is fat, it
    pulls more carbs than a glass bong
    If you was Nathalie Portman, "Burnt Ugly
    Duckling" wouldve premeired steada' "Black
    Cuz one look from you would turn the
    medusa and her snakes into statues
    If I shot my wad toward the bitches face
    the nut would curve like a cashew
    Ya Im that dude that you give static cuz all
    my passions surpass you
    While Im in the bathroom with your girl
    and her squirrel gets soaked in my Sassoon
    This chick owns slick-resistant black shoes
    that help her bag up my fastfood
    But Im tit for tat when I make good cash
    because I can milk off a tat-too

    When it comes to writing with intellect
    you're as ignorant as it gets
    You wear that word out more than Edward
    Norton in American History X
    Cuz the way you talk is more black and
    white then watchin 1995's Nick at Night
    So why dont you apply for a Bang-Bus ride
    since you wanna be seen in the dick-van,
    I mean how could you possibly embarrass
    me when you play right-bench for the fairy
    And only get income because your lips do
    those new commercials for Dairy Queen ?
    They shared a scene with Forrest Gump,
    went on and on bout how shrimp is fire
    But listen to your lieutenant and tuck that
    in it before it gets caught on a trippin wire
    So go ahead, write a hundred bars but
    you'll never be on my level
    You would need a steppin stool to step on
    or a set of stilettos
    You got the staff? With a purple rag and a
    mouth on swole like youre Donatello
    And I hope that yellow yeast infection will
    help to remind you youre not a fellow
    She wallows and cries all wonderin why
    she's never stalked, known to follow guys
    Buys up all the skittles to taste the rainbow,
    bout the only time that she swallow's pride
    And on her christmas list right at the top
    all that it said she wanted was cock
    Santa-Claus felt sorry for her and gave her
    a job since she was brought up to stuff a
    You dont know what Im sayen so ryu-ken
    fusion and your punches dont throw'a
    duke in
    Your battle with Razputin was neck and
    neck until Raz looked up, now Razpukin
    Talkin all that bull you toad on a log will get
    you thrown in a pond
    And after you croak it wont be from havin
    the bloated throat of a frog
    What's most bologna of all your name JAY-Z
    it just goes to show youre a fraud
    Now your image is swollen and needs
    somethin frozen to take control of the
    You just got slept on you fillin up
    cups at night tryin to fight with the jocks
    I bet you feed on this verse more than a
    vagina, just watch her bite on the box
    Fuck it, that's too many bars already and
    too much time to invest
    Especially when I can cut you up way worse
    in just a five-minute sketch
  9. smittyrhythm

    smittyrhythm you love 2 hate me

    Jan 12, 2011
    First of all youre missing the picture, and the drawing at the conclusion. The majority of the opener is based on our conversation in the thread when you misspelled 'bit', not to mention the 'fly over your head' punch. You're missing the entire context of the battle not to mention you've broken down my bars in the shitty little manner that you write your verses makes it hard to follow when you read it.

    This is an all around epic FAIL :funny:

    But hey if it makes you feel any better, that's the hardest verse I've ever seen you drop on eba LMAO get a life and die Idgaf what you write youre six months late like you finally went and got some dick, dyke.
  10. Jai-Z

    Jai-Z Bangem, Jai

    Mar 8, 2005
    If u have the picz post it, I cant. My cell cant right click for propertiez, and I cant quote the post, they closed the thread.
  11. Brown Jesus

    Brown Jesus Menso is for Dummies

    Nov 24, 2004
    lmao @ you justifying the "retarded girl" moniker
  12. JiHaD210


    Aug 12, 2002
    wow jai... ur the best internet battler of all time
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