J.R. Writer Interview (02/21/2005), Real Talk.

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    Jan 28, 2002
    JR Writer Interview: urban.mvremix.com

    The future for The Diplomats is certainly looking bright with J.R. Writer on board. The Harlem World emcee has been tearing down tracks for the past year and is now ready to step out on his own. With a new deal with Koch Records in place, the summer of 2005 should be sizzling, as J.R. drops his solo debut.

    All the Dipset fans know your history, but for those that do not, let's just go back and talk about your history and past. Were you born in Harlem and raised their your entire life?
    Yeah, born in Harlem Hospital and raised on a 131st and Lenox.
    2005: Approach Amplafire Bushwick Bill (Geto Boys) Big Noyd Copperpot D. One Freestyle J.R. Writer K-Os Needlz One Be Lo PackFM Professor Ecks Session Seth Dublin Tonedeff Willie D (Geto Boys) 2004 listings 2003 listings 2002 listings 2001 listings 2000 listings 1999 listings 1998 listings

    What was J.R. like as a kid growing up in Harlem?
    I was just running around like a rebel. I was getting kicked out of school because I was fighting all the time. Of course, I started to rap as well. But from the ages of 13 to 16, I was locked up. I wasn't really out for most of my teenage years. But before that, I was just hustling. I was 11 and 12 hustling, robbing people, all types of crazy shit. I was a rebel, put it like that.

    When you were locked up, what did you learn from that situation?
    I learned that all the stuff I was doing wasn't worth it. So when I came home I just concentrated on getting this money. Because the stuff I was doing wasn't going to get me anywhere. So I focused on what I had to do and I eventually got where I wanted to be at.

    With all that you went through at a young age, what kept you strong over the years?
    To tell you the truth, I didn't really care man! When I was locked down, I just didn't care. But with my last bid, I finally focused and realized I had to get things right. I had my family worried, so I decided just to stick with this rap shit. And throughout my bids, I would just sit there on my own and write. I would write, write and write some more, to the point that I had whole garbage bags of rhymes. So when I came home, I was just like, 'This I what I want to do'.

    How did you first link up with Dipset?
    It was through somebody who knew somebody. I'm from Harlem, so there is a lot of battles and cypers going on in the streets. So I was on 125th and 8th one time, it was in the summer, people were rapping, so I got up and the crowd was going crazy. So I met this dude called Vonnie, and he had me going around battling and we started making tapes. We were doing DVD's, public access shows, mixtapes, everything. And after awhile he introduced me to this dude name Gooche, he started the Taliban. Shout out to the Taliban. And Gooche at the time was real tight with Cam. That was right around the time Cam signed with The Roc. One-day Cam pulled up, he was with Juelz, and they just left from The Diplomats Vol. 1 mixtape video shoot. And he pulled up to the corner; there was a bunch of people outside, and my man Brazy called me over to the car. He was like, 'Come spit for Cam one time'. So I went over there, blew it down, and Cam was like, 'Your hot, but I ain't situated right now. So I'm gonna take your number and call you when I'm situated'. So a couple weeks later, they called me and I'm down at Baseline working with Juelz on his album. Me and Juelz linked up, we clicked, and I got on his album From Me To You, on the song "Squalie". After that, its just been love.

    So you came in when the group was already established. Was that transition hard at first, trying to fit in while at the same time establish yourself?
    They weren't establish when I came to the group. Cam was the only one signed to The Roc, Juelz and Jimmy weren't signed yet. But when I started working with them, Juelz was just in the process of getting signed, so there was no problems. I knew my time was going to come, I just knew I had to wait and chill out for a second.

    So the streets have spoken, and you are officially one of the hottest cats out right now. How does it feel?
    It feels good man! It feels good to be acknowledged and appreciated! But just to let y'all know, I got fire man. My album is going to be crazy! I'm going to have the game in a frenzy.

    In your opinion, what is it that you possess that makes you one of the hottest up and coming emcees right now?
    I got that hunger! A lot of rappers don't have that hunger. I have the fire and hunger, when you mix those two it just sounds great.

    Yeah, I heard you kill it last night on Hot 97 with that freestyle! That was crazy!
    Yeah! I just broke my record, last year I did six minutes, but last night I did nine minutes. I just tore it down like I usually do.

    Was that off the dome? Because it sounded like it was written, but also off the dome.
    Yeah, it was a little mixed.

    So I heard you just inked a deal with Koch Records, tell us about it.
    Me and Cam sat down with a few people, because we were in a bidding war. We were in mad meetings with Warner Bros, Sony, and a bunch of labels. But basically, they were just talking. They wanted to sign me, but there was no paper work being exchanged, it was just talk. So we kept it moving, and Koch stepped up. I had a meeting with the CEO, Head of Marketing, A&R, everybody, and they were all feeling me. My dude Alan, who owns the label, told me, 'I got your whole mixtape in my I-Pod right now, I want to do this'. So I said lets do it, they got the paper work situated and we inked the deal, me and Hell Rell.

    With Koch that is a good situation because you are making a lot more money off of each album than you would with a major label, right?
    Oh, for sure. We get $7 an album.

    Do you have a date or time period for when the album is going to drop?
    June or July, its going to be a sizzling summer.

    What is the title going to be?
    Right now, I don't have a title. I was going to name it Writers Block, but that was my mixtape name and I don't really want to make it the same. But I'll have a title in a couple of weeks.

    Who is producing on it?
    We got Develop, he did the intro for Diplomatic Immunity 2. We also got Country, Heatmakerz, Skitzo and a couple of others.

    What about guest appearances? Are you just keeping it in the Dipset family?
    Yeah, right now I'm keeping it in the family. I am going to sit down and listen to the whole album and if I need to I may get a singer or something. But I really want this album to be all me. The next album we can get a bunch of features.

    What type of songs, issues and concepts are you going to be addressing on your album?
    I'm going to be talking about my struggles and what I have been through. I am going to give y'all a 1995/96 album where you can sit down and listen to the whole album and don't have to skip through tracks.
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    Jan 28, 2002
    People are really feeling you for your flow and lyrics, but on Diplomatic Immunity 2 there are a couple of lines I need you to clear up, because some people are confused. On "Get Used To This" you say, "I started the starters and fathered the fathers who fathered. I slaughtered the slaughters, and slaughtered the slaughters who slaughtered". What does that mean?
    Basically, I taught the teachers, I schooled the principles. When I say I started the starters, I started the dudes off who are starting. I sonned out all the fathers. I fathered, the fathers. I got niggas when I was growing up, their pops coming up to me now saying 'J.R., I need this, I need money, I need a job'. And these are dudes with master degrees and bachelor degrees, and I dropped out of high school. So basically, that is what I meant by that.

    Do you think because you guys use so much slang, that is hard for the average listener to relate and comprehend?
    Yeah, sometimes. We do use a lot of slang. But I try to lay off some of the slang because I know sometimes people don't be understanding. I be saying a lot of slang from Harlem and people don't understand it. You can be sitting in Oklahoma and not understand one word I say.

    Right now the South is really running things in Hip Hop. So what do you think New York has to do to get things back to where it used to be, when NYC was the center of Hip Hop?
    Just work and put some hunger into it. People need to stop hating on each other. That is why the south is so strong right now, because nobody is hating on each other down there. It is like a whole team down there. They can all perform on the same stage, you saw The Source awards. You can't get that done in New York. You can't get Jay-z, 50 Cent, everybody on stage. The south sticks with each other and supports each other. New York niggas are just arrogant and too stuck up. They wanna hate on each other, and that is why the south is overpowering Hip Hop right now. Not because they are nicer. They have some good shit, but I wouldn't say they are nicer than cats in New York.

    When I was listening to you and Cam on Hot 97 last night with Flex, Cam said that you offered to sign him to your label?
    Na, he was just joking. I got my own label, Writers Block, but he was just joking. He was just making an example that he could sign to Writers Block since he is a free agent. But I'm glad that you brought that up.

    Why are the Diplomats such a lightning rod for controversy and beef? Because it seems like a lot of people go out of their way to diss you for no reason.
    Because look at us man! We are nice, and no homo, we are some good looking dudes. We are fly, we are from Harlem, we get all the hoes. We do what we do, we are trendsetters. We are not even a label or a click, we are a movement! When we move, everybody else wants to move. So all the dudes on the side just wanna hate.

    For example, I'm reading online interviews and you have MC Eiht and Kurupt dissing you guys now.
    In interviews?
    Yeah, I don't know if you heard about that?

    Na, I ain't know about that.

    I got an MC Eiht quote, let me read that to you. He said, and I quote, "Niggaz is bloodin' in New York. Look at the Dip Set. They claiming that they bloods. They are wearing red rags and fucking with Game from Compton who is a blood and throwing' up B's and all that shit and that shit is crazy. I mean we couldn't do that shit back then. They laughed at us for that and it's so funny because you go back 7 or 10 years ago and they was laughing at us". Then he goes onto to say, " Brooklyn is not a hood. Harlem is not a hood. Since when has Harlem been the hood. It's rough out there. I been there. Walked up and down 125th and all through Harlem, through Brooklyn. I've caught the train, walked and all that shit".
    Who is MC Eiht?

    The old school West Coast guy from Menace To Society.
    I don't know that dude. He is nobody, he is not poppin'. He is just talking to talk, he wants to be acknowledge and we are not going to acknowledge him. We don't pay attention to little petty shit like that, we ain't getting nothing from it.

    What else do you have going on in the future?
    Basically, in a week or two we are putting out Writers Block Part 2 and Writers Block The Union. I might put out another mixtape after that, but then my album is gonna drop. I'm just gonna put out a lot of warm up joints for the people out there. Monday I am going to give this warm up track I did with Juelz called "Prove It" to Flex, so he can blast that off. That shit is crazy.

    Aren't you doing a movie with Cam as well?
    We are doing a movie called "What's Really Good". I think Cam just wrapped up his deal with On Demand, and we are going to finish shooting it. We already shot a couple of scenes, but we have to finish it. But the movie is gonna be crazy. Also, we got new albums from Juelz, Hell Rell and Cam coming out this year. Another Jimmy album and Diplomatic Immunity 3.

    Any last words or shout outs?
    Just look out for my album in June or July, its going to be a sizzling summer. J.R. Writer signing off, Dipset
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    Why do all these rappers feel the need to make crappy movies?
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    They make money, and thats all the care about. Props on this interview tho.
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    lol ahahahah word at Ortiz
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