I've Been Cheating On You

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    Dec 23, 1999
    I've Been Cheating On You (new song for my sister i wrote)
    (Part 1)

    I've been cheating on you
    I'm leaving you for myself.
    I've realized I can love me better
    Then anyone else.

    Take your ring back
    I don't need it anymore.
    I feel more complete
    Then I felt befor ever.

    You left my alone so much
    I fell in love with myself.
    I know how to touch me
    I know to hold me
    I depend on me and nobody else.

    Don't get me wrong
    I still love you.
    You just went back to doing
    What you use to do.

    You're living like you're still single.
    What happen to the love you had for me.
    You said this would never happen
    It's exactly what it turned out to be.

    Now I see where I stand
    And I know what I have to do.
    It’s time for me to do me
    All this time you’ve been doing you.

    No need to apologize
    After all you’re still a man.
    I’m tired of being quite
    It’s time for me to take a stand.

    Terry L. Sidney
    January 10, 2011

    I've Been Cheating On You
    (Part 2)

    I’ve been cheating on you with myself
    I’m back to being me.
    I‘ve have finally rediscovered
    The woman I use to be.

    Now me myself and I
    Are getting back to spoiling us.
    I won’t miss the arguing
    I’ll never put up another fuss.

    Continue to hang with your friends.
    You don’t have to worry about me anymore.
    Cause I made up my mind
    To take my love out the door.

    Don’t bother calling me
    Or sending me cards for the holidays.
    Don’t want anything from you
    Let’s just go our separate ways.

    Nobody told me nothing
    You’re always talking in your sleep.
    Your subconscious told me the secrets
    You were trying to keep.

    You did so much dirt
    Your cup overflowed with lies.
    I know you were out there creeping
    You couldn’t look me in my eyes.

    Terry L. Sidney
    January 10, 2011
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