Its the six headed beast these fags love least..

Discussion in 'Open Mic' started by JiHaD210, Mar 23, 2012.

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  1. JiHaD210


    Aug 12, 2002
    Its too bad cuz in my slab I gotta freak gettin wet as could be...
    floorboard lookin like the space under my kitchen sink after a leak
    But im unique in the sense that ill leave a bitch for money or cane...
    Cant help it, im gutter like that empty space next to bowling lanes
    If its all the same, Ill burn up this keyboard just like I do mics...
    I swear.. ill be charged wit a hate crime for murderin u dikes
    im nice - wont think twice to lift my knife but I'm smart about it...
    Doubt it? Ill Make ya head rain as if ya brain was clouded
    Ill go Dexter wit the blade - give ya diced body a watery grave
    Fuck im deranged.. engaged with my thoughts so watch my rage...
    or ur gonna get into some shit like a puppy trapped in a cage
    I dont have to behave - I break the rules because I make em
    battle me for cash??? before we start - assalamu alaikum....
    When mom cookin dinner thats the only time u hear "steak em"
    cuz nobody bets against me - Im outpacing the pace car homie...
    Cant slow me - Im re-difining fly like that guy William E Boeing

    get at me.. quick 16
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