It's that Listen and flow cypher....

Discussion in 'Cypher' started by 6ftground, Apr 30, 2008.

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  1. 6ftground


    Jun 22, 2003
  2. Da New Kid

    Da New Kid New

    Apr 7, 2003
    Beat: Money Power and Respect

    Money Im gettin', Honeys Im hittin' I stay on rockaway Ave.
    Rock a fade? naw... got some braids, dawg you a flop and gay
    Raw... fuckin' 'em bitches, Got a king size bed
    But I FUCK IN THE KITCHEN - Twelve guage Mossberg
    I DON'T FUCK WITH NO PISTOLS.... This is Astoria Queens PJs
    The wax done melt on my bars, I get high on stage
    done felt like a star, But when Im done Im still gone be seat belt strapped
    to my car.... Like Im lost on words, I never lost, ya heard?
    My shit uh exhaust ya herbs, Im a wolf in sheeps clothes
    and the sheep wolfs that the kid rolls with, make a repulsive herd..... fuck
  3. Da New Kid

    Da New Kid New

    Apr 7, 2003
    Beat: Yours....

    Listen up......
    You don't wanna fuck with the kiiiiiid
    I'll come right where you liiiiiiive
    Park the truck right in front of ya criiiiiib
    And fill ya bitch ass up with this shiiiiit

    Some call me gangsta, I call myself emotional
    They say so cause the guns show when my emotions do
    Im never short on stack
    Out here in A.Q niqqaz first resort to straps
    These white lines pure, you can snort my raps
    Yeah... this slow flow got the fiends teeth grittin'
    Catch ya whole crew thats ten wigs splittin'
    Need a mill'? let me get you on a three week misson
    Muthafuckaz Im the ghost with the bred and toast
    Niggaz only get to see me when that red dot shows
    I body and bury 'em strip 'em out they last dollar
    I shoot the throat out they fuckin' neck, pop they last collar
    See me on the low, never re-up uptown
    Always by the shore waitin' on the boat
    Hit that engine up get that muthafucka shut down
    We masked up, murder them muthafuckin' bastards
    Take each until the last package, soak the connects in acid... How us queens niggaz do
  4. 6ftground


    Jun 22, 2003
    OK! I see you fam..i'm putting on my studio monitor Sony dynamic stereo headphones (Professional)
    I listened....
    you text'd rip'd the beat...
  5. 6ftground


    Jun 22, 2003
    Yeah Yeah!
    Ok..Ok..Ok! I’m reloaded!!
    but aint nobody sneaking up behind this high and load,
    Individual spiting solar flows like the sun
    just try and walk over me ---naa it ain’t happen
    more haps is - you might just get cap’d kid
    and laid flat, right next to your manz kids
    he tried and failed to boast while giving me a martenee toast
    nicca I like my shots shaken like bodies on the ground
    eye’s to the back of the crown,
    brained stirred next to em on the ground
    I holds the streets down
    meanwhile hommies on the block
    body armor and glocks
    taking heeny shots
    blunt shots- no seed no pops
    can’t you hear the sound of the block getting hot
    me no stop- me gotz to get paper in rubber band knots
    I want money like fort knocks
    so my reasons of non-stop hustle is just that
    I was raised by a nicca Alabama mommy from KY
    I lived a school of hard knocks fuck being passed by
    I holds the pounds that’s why you hold a frown’s eye
    I lay it down- you lay down -I gets mail you getz letters of past due bills…niccaa FREE’d
  6. CaTchW0n

    CaTchW0n New Member

    Sep 18, 2001
    I gets blunted, smokin spliffs high and lifted
    dumb bent, smoke a whole dime long as a incense
    getting straight like a archer late for departure
    be a monster on tracks, wax, dats no wack shit
    I hold belts like pavlik, im a maverick
    on the war path blast like a savage
    get high as a aircraft gets at its limit
    the sour diesel got me feelin out of body experience
    Im serious, and as real as it gets
    Thats why I aint got problems dealin wit stress
    Im fixin to step next yall got me
    Quick at the neck of fuckin carbon copies
  7. Linxz

    Linxz What!

    Feb 5, 2006
    Fuck it, as long as i'm getting i'm living
    could spit, could hate, ready i'm fitted
    nygga what ya thought, real nygga in a field
    what the fuck ya want, YES i'm ill
    keep steady wit the steel, Yes I'll peel
    if ya popping that shyt, Yes I"LL KILL
    cypher sniper, ghost writer reaper
    sick wit this rap shyt, guess ya a sleeper
    nygga i'll reach ya, slugz would lift ya
    hardbody, thats what I preach to ya
    kill my man, I kill you, its straight business
    we all street nygga, know what forget this
    I spit hood nygga, and you a wish a would nygga..NYGGA!

    I see you 6ft, keep banging man. I see you catchWon, keep banging as well, lets get it.
  8. 6ftground


    Jun 22, 2003
    oh! yes! folks we have some of the heavy hitters of real this biiitch...Lets Go!
  9. barnizzle

    barnizzle HIP HOP

    Sep 25, 2004
    criminal plannin produce thought patterns....
    of criminal actions
    leave u sittin in court rantin...
    baby mama whisperin child support chantings
    takes 2 to tango...skipped parenthood plannin
    act like i'm new to angles i move to hang u
    from the top of a spruce wit a noose that dangle
    shoulda kept my face in the books
    instead of being everyplace u could look, givin hooks and strangles..
    momma told me...never pick a dame cuz of looks
    i was too shook off brains blew...
    sucess'll only come ya way if u famous or crook
    and no matter the good you due them mooks'll blame you
  10. 6ftground


    Jun 22, 2003

    I’m having visions so criminal
    it’s satanically impossible,
    For me to fall behind as
    I follow in criminal foot steps
    Automatically I resurrect heavy rhymes
    With auto flows that ignite my competitions
    Punitive minds… like my nicca said it’s take two rhyme
    Two of the realist, army of two of the illest
    I feeeell this… the beat like the matrix..I beat the glitch
    I’m that nicca who killed Mr. smith
    And turned Mrs. Smith into a bitch
    Call me the black brad pit-- BIIITCH!
    I’m rich!--- with flavor and lucrative spitz….shit!
    Momma said there be days I feel like this
    Sheriff office visits, photo shoots of convicts
    Seductive hoe’s who expose you like a trick
    Got a nicca locked up like AKON
    staring at a green dragon from cell block 6.….
  11. 6ftground


    Jun 22, 2003
    Got you in a daze asking yourself questions
    Am I man enough to endure this lesson
    Can I pass his mid terms, quizzes and test
    And I say !---Nicca class been in session,
    and you already failed to advance
    I’m on missions, and I master mind big plans
    subliminal as life is, there-- hidden within is --
    A hidden agenda, I’ll teach you a couple lesson in this biz
    Lesson #1 How 2 get cash in hand ,
    Lesson # 2 nothing short just hundreds and big face fifty men
    Lesson #3 and its all without the smith and Wesson in the waist band
    Look I got this nicca still dazed like murder charges against him
    I keep em lost in this lesson of real spitz…
    my name alone keep em reading what i got to type next...
  12. 6ftground


    Jun 22, 2003
    How could you chase me and you got no legs
    Just stumps -no chop that-
    you got just a waist without balls or legs
    Make haste and taste this lyrist rubber
    Cause your lover did with the quickness
    Can’t you taste it in her kisses
    Hommie you look like little Richard
    And you act like kids touch by your preacher
    I’m deeper so welcome to my abyss
    I bet you didn’t know my flow flood and killed like this
    I’m the Illest I got haters s o sick in the game
    I had to get a Dr. License just to practice easing the pain
    Niccaz y’all know the name….
  13. 2Xtreme

    2Xtreme a.k.a. Mad Static 4:14

    Dec 7, 2004
    Developing fellowships wit the pen and the pad in hand
    The maestro of the micro-phone on the attack again
    Mental when I invade the instrumentals
    Plant niggas six feet under packin the heavy metal
    Nahh, no guns, but my ammunition is merciless
    The example of a lyricist providing what the purpose is
    Landed on Neptune and from the top I see the sounds
    Eight bars to give a pound to my homie 6ftground
  14. 6ftground


    Jun 22, 2003
  15. SmilezSouthstar

    SmilezSouthstar New Member

    Jun 26, 2008
    [Smilez] (Southstar)
    This ya boy smilez, let me help this fuck niqqa out with this shit....
    Southstar, here we go....

    Listen up, we (back!)
    Live from Orlando, we live it up we (back!)
    We pitchin' (we stack!) you missin', how bad?
    Momma mournin', we bitchin' , we (Clap!)
    Its ova for ya no deal havin' chumps stylin' on the corners
    We get our bread, we smilin' in the courtroom!
    Damn! Damn! Damn!, ya boyz is back, just signed a new contract
    Shady Records got the door shut on they ass
    Yeah! how important this shit is
    To all rappers and CEOS of the rap businesses
    New album, three mixtapes in one week we finishin'
    On the grave of my the death mother
    SMiLeZ & SouTHSTaR 4eva, we bout to drop another.....

    [Southstar] (Smilez)
    Southstar the kid, you see me a tall ass niqqa
    The death of my child had me trippin', y'all hauled ass (niqqa!)
    we still battlin' on these mean streets
    Cashin' in on Mickey Mouse, gun machine feats
    Leave no clues (WHAT!?) we packin' clean heat
    Animal Kingdome niqqaz, keys weigh like wales
    Mathematics won't contemplate this scale
    Water gorrillaz amuzin' at the amusement park
    All tourists wonderin' what we do at dark
    (Check it!) my flow bump morphin into ya brain
    with the rawness, cocain, all offence
    Universal, Disney, pink dolphins
    Southstar uh shoot that ass up, leave kids orphans
    Fuck em take too to the morgue and we done for tonight
    Southstar done fucked ya in the ass n ya done for the night (What!!!!!)

    Y'all heard him too this boy is mad
    Im mad, we mad, Orlando is mad
    Its our time now and foreva 08 from now till 4eva
    HCeck us out on DJ Khaleds new mixtape droppin'
  16. B.U.Wulvz

    B.U.Wulvz Full moon swagga..

    Jun 20, 2008
    ayo what's Good
    this what it is hannn ok!
    ayo listen....

    ayo the team stay suited up the Wulvz is here,
    we throwing them back for throwbacks and lo-gear,
    the shorties rocking baby phat fitting that there,
    for the baby fat rocks gleam bling in ya ear,
    but these niggas wanna dictate-dick takes,
    enough stamina for gas to thrash maybeline ass,
    the chain swinging pass the dick imprinted my pants,
    if shorties stuck off the glance,shiit I'm taking that chance,
    B.U's a fabulous motherfucka, stay sucka free from all suckers,
    rock Ice denim suites the Tim chukkas,
    360's yeah the waves still spinning,
    hopping out the coupe looking back, the rims still spinning,
    I'm leaving shorties grinning looking silly when ya' mention me,
    I'm like your local dentist when it comes to y'all broads
    see where you niggas slack i fill the gaps in them thongs,
    plus my dogs real vicious,
    Fam we rolling in fours, pairs of fours autos
    windows half way low blowing the Dro.... Ha, "Wulvz nigga"
    catch us at your dice games you better believe,
    we ain't them dudes rolling dice with the tricks up the sleeve,
    we them dudes in the back round watching your bank pile,
    the fuck up besides each-other your shit stuck up,
    tided to each-other you could die with each-other,
    niggas plotting, Hova done Warn Wulvz was watching,
    nigga for them rocks shiiit that ass a get box in,
    be down the block suited in Black them gats locked in,
    and y'all can take the shit how ever y'all want, them thang's popping.....
  17. 6ftground


    Jun 22, 2003
    Here we go again
    the night is pimpin
    similar to my spitin
    this I’m dishin out
    poison tip blunts for haters
    I keep my enemies close son
    no doubt it’s a bout
    and I’m about to knock em out
    leave em face down in the draught
    when I stop my rain the game suffers
    without a doubt cause I cause lyrical euphoria’s
    so phuck ya –self and your bogus stories bra –
    this your issue take like a man bitch
    and put down the tissue.. BLAAAAOW
  18. 6ftground


    Jun 22, 2003
    I reign over haters
    I rain on haters
    my molten lava lyrics hotter
    than the devils coals so fear this haters…
    cause my spirit is greater
    your sprit’s a faller failure
    no lighters or even cigarette’s
    to calm your nerves- curb your urge hater..
    I’m a patient waiter I sit back- dark like night
    the deepest pit I rise from to ignite your fright
    I could offer you calm through this man made storm
    but I like to see wet mutts shake
    so I offer you an out of your cutthroat mistakes
    I’m all in ya face you pull out the mace
    bow down in disgrace lye attack to your face
    6 shots left his paints pull down in disgrace
    With a dime placed next to his final resting place…
  19. B.U.Wulvz

    B.U.Wulvz Full moon swagga..

    Jun 20, 2008
    POSTED BY 6FTGROUND. I could offer you calm through this man made storm
    but I like to see wet mutts shake
    so I offer you an out of your cutthroat mistakes

    what this is what it is dog!

    I'm walking these streets knee deep holding heat,
    you forcing me to do that shit and niggas can't compete,
    they'll find ya 6ft underground in a fetal position,
    hog tide pump sawed off half ya face missing,
    done told niggas pose you for example,
    coming at me sideways your rap career get trampled,
    Dame MC K-indda,H-ating,P-eoples
    get it MC KHP it was said in the streets you a PYT,
    and don't think I don't know about the pain you having,
    you was getting fuck by the preacher in the pulpit bastard.......

    this the shit you wrote dog!
    you act like kids touch by your preacher
    I had to get a Dr. License just to practice easing the pain
    I’m deeper so welcome to my abyss
  20. 6ftground


    Jun 22, 2003
    done/lets stick to the topic

    Deep in the beat I reach
    pull out the heat
    it’s a short summer for the undercover B.umz
    who's that U.ndecided W.hite male Mutt
    gotta B.U.Wulvz from the bottom trying to reach the top
    brooklyn kicked B.U.WULVZ to the bottom cause he wasn’t hot
    Face it you can’t take my lyrical elements rip”n” shotz
    at ya full moon swagga more like a homo
    if you out feast “N” on dudes
    I'm disposing all ya trash you fag
    keep sport “n” a jail house sag
    I didn’t wanna do it but what the phuck……
    he bytched up rude-quick to turn coat
    Pitching curves like I wouldn't sink his boat
    hommie here’s my hand shake it
    I just took a piss I don’t need your hate tactics
    My lyrics focused automatic rapid fire iller than you can imagine…

    Ayo I wasn’t diss”n” on you hommie ….
    I was diss”N” all haters- apologies for you catching feeling..
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