It's been a minute man... Free Beats ??

Discussion in 'Audio Emcee Hook Ups' started by Dice, Oct 19, 2004.

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  1. Dice

    Dice Still One Of A Kind...

    Jul 8, 1999
    No Free Beats.... Just a proposition for the real cats here at RM

    Whats Happenin' Rap Music?

    It's Been Ages since I've posted on this board... Quick Breakdown Of who I am:

    Dice One

    Representin' Boise... Yeah, Boise-fuccin-Idaho


    208 Underground Northwest Vol. 1 (2001) 4 Tracks
    Unreleased Heat- Mad Ro ( ) (2002) 1 Track
    Bob Ya Head- Home Grown (2002) 2 Tracks
    Reheated Leftovers- Mad Ro ( (2003) 1 Track
    The Reaction- Arcturus (2004) 3 Tracks
    208 Underground Northwest (2004) 3 Tracks
    Now Or Never- B Kashz (2004) 3 Tracks
    208 Representatives (2004) 9 Tracks
    Lowercase Mixtape (2004) 1 Track

    I've probably dropped 30 more tracks that are still collecting dust... My Crew has 4 Albums we are pushing on the streets right now... We've gotten Underground Spins on college radio from LA To NY, Sirrius Sattelite Radio, Ch. 42 (Shout out to The Wonder Twinz for partyin' with us in Boise and writing an Article about us In the Connex List), We have albums in 10 states and 5 Countries outside the US (Canada, Mexico, Amsterdam, Denmark, and India), ALL Done indepently...

    I'm Looking to network with Heads on the west coast (Northwest in particular, for a new project my crew is putting together.

    Please Note : This is some REAL SHIT... If the biggest crowd you ever rocked was 2 friends you had in your moms house to hear your 45 second "Banger" please dont waste either of our times.

    The Crew Is Higherr Intelligence aka 208 Underground Northwest
    7 Emcees, 5 Producers, 1 DJ.... A music making power house.

    I have my Graphix guy working on a website for the crew, for the time being I'm Tryin to upload a few tracks to soundclick or Iuma...

    Im interested in Emcees, Producers, and Graf Artists.

    Hollar Back

    AIM Underground208
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