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Discussion in 'Poetry Realm' started by ~Eloquent, Mar 20, 2012.

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  1. ~Eloquent

    ~Eloquent Narcissistic....

    Feb 20, 2003
    spring has arrived again and people are outside enjoying their lives
    basking in the sun,meeting new people, creating new memories....
    the remnants of the movie ground hog day keep infiltrating my mind
    I feel like Im at such a familiar place,thats just been rearranged by new faces....
    buisnesses forclosures force more homeless out in the streets
    wondering around aimlessly early in the morning
    as i briskly drive around them,both of us hoping to avoid the police
    both of us feeling sucked in by the beast
    of time constantly receding and us mourning over memories of what used to be
    and who we used to know now only to feel so powerfully alone

    often when i speak to someone new ive already felt prejudged and condoned before the first word was even spoken
    constant powerful images of former friends seeming to becoming foes
    simply cuz you just dont speak to them anymore
    but you simply fear reaching out
    and have learned to hold a spiteful grudge towards future rejections
    the recession makes clashes more unforgiving,more personal and more and more gruesome with each passing day...

    for a long time in my life ive often wanted to find out what makes the world seem so cruel
    why i cant find love and acceptance and for others it just seems so natural
    people just immediately gravitate towards their presence
    and i sometimes do too,then only to realize as if "their fan base has reached its limits"
    and once again feel the restraints of your life keeping you diametrically opposed
    towards the beautiful creature you know you would fall so powerfully under their spell

    like as if you would follow aimlessly the smell of her perfume
    as if to lift you completely off your feet
    almost like a catatonic high that captures your every thought effortlessly
    but at the same time leaves you standing right there
    watchin every second of you endlessly tryin to prove your worth towards someone just to gain their acceptance
    only to fued with others that want the same type of compassion from her
    so she'll quietly and meticulously watch and organize different categories
    among those who catapult themselves towards her with souless lust
    compared to those who really need their charm and grace

    and i have gotten so worn out playing these constant type of mind games
    and i love listening to happy alone by z-ro
    cuz i know every word ive had to learn to accept my life as
    and i had to become sort of an outcast
    to become dedicated to improving certain wrongs to improve our deteriorating society

    but i wish i could just stop and relax under the powerful spell of love
    but often i have yet to even get her to notice me
    cuz me initiating eye contact with her just seems to take forever
    or she might even be spooked about it and briskly walk away
    without ever looking back
    and i guess its just the powerful aura of spring
    and the status quo or who belongs and who lives in their own world
    with familiar scenes playing repeatedly complete with the musical overture inside their heads....

    ******hey ive really wanted to get into writing poetry again cuz its been a while but i used to write almost daily
    anyways i dont mean to be rude as of now checkin out too many peoples poems right now but ill be back when im more in a critiquing mood
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  2. Coup d'état

    Coup d'état Don't believe the hype

    Jun 19, 2009
    KEY WORD SEARCH: Jezebel Spirit
  3. patrown

    patrown student for life

    Dec 5, 2011
    wudup , just wana say i felt this. raw emotion.
    refreshing. didn't worry about rhyming or forced mechanics
    reminded me to stop forcing rhymes and let it flow. thanks for posting this.
    keep writing.
  4. Brit Boi Gee

    Brit Boi Gee raison d'être

    Feb 26, 1999
    Can't help but wonder if this would read better as a piece of prose. The structure's intention seemed to be poetry but it felt like prose spaced out differently. You have some good ideas.
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