Israel test fires ballistic missile

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    Jun 5, 2006
    The Zionist regime's war ministry says it has test fired a ballistic missile capable of carrying 'unconventional payloads' from Palmachin air base.

    "There was an important test, which was carried out successfully, of a ballistic missile," the ministry of war disclosed on Thursday.

    Israeli sources declined to provide any further details about the test fired missile.

    Meanwhile, analysts speculate that the missile was an advanced version of the Jericho-3, capable of carrying non-conventional warheads to distances of up to 4500 kilometers (2800 miles).

    Known to be the Middle East's sole nuclear power with an estimated arsenal of 200 warheads, Israel deplorably persists in expanding its military capabilities under the pretext of threats from other nations.

    Thursday's test comes days after Ehud Olmert threatened that all options were available on the table to prevent Tehran from acquiring nuclear technology.


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