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  1. ~Eloquent

    ~Eloquent Narcissistic....

    Feb 20, 2003
    *nearly a decade has sped by since i finished the long grueling grind of high school...

    see high school would linger on forever,as i would squirm in my seat nervous,and anxious

    heart quivering anxiety like a bomb inversing with over assertive excitement

    combined with a shrilling loud silence

    social alliances werent very reliant and i kept my life very private

    very discreetly I wanted to write rhymes and recite them on the mic

    tryin to explain and expand the science of my life I thought I had been forced to incline in

    expressing myself to the world I hope was my source of light

    still I could never speak as my knees would vibrate as I would force words through quenched teeth

    that always came off as a whisper cuz social situations would have me tremble

    self condifidence crumbling when attempting to function and adjust to others presumptions and prerequisite

    felt like a parasite to the deficit that paralyzed my brains motions to finally subside to the pent up aggression

    and find my way into a clique,

    but a true clique was never my style cuz basically i was like afraid of others learning to identify my prints

    a figure of speech that i would have to learn to descend i thought ahead of the game,and was at fault to pedaling up terrain,without ever exchanging words to my specific domains,I wanted to rise above the norm and pave my own way,a new trail to blaze without anyone elses initials engraved,

    anyone near it,I constantly feared interference or if they wouldnt even feel it

    years flew by as I concealed it shouldve looked for ways to reveal it just to see if it appeals

    but now decades of desolateness has me ready to spill my guts to the core,

    way to much for an initial reform

    or a friendly way to inform

    was on a frenzy,mentally

    lock my self in my room and let ink filled pages absorb all the material one day i hoped to perform

    I would perform on the internet through written pages of nearly an autobiography or a journal

    of life experiences of what i found concerning and hoped i could build a future career

    of gettin a taste and a feel of my audiences range,

    even though they gave me props at times still I would feel nearly enraged cuz i wanted a bigger stage

    was too shy to work together with anyone cuz then i felt the pressure to step my game up and preanticipated all my mistakes

    my biggest mistake was keepin it locked in my mental safe

    of fear that they would implicate or possible penetrate my dreams and shatter the seams too far agape

    i wanted them to know my dreams i feared that they wouldnt relate

    worked at grocery stores mainly after school

    I kept my hopes and dreams as a somehow hidden jewel

    that i could dig into the future and use for feelings of success and enlightment

    instead of being used as a drone or be immune to the fumes of feeling like a cordial tool

    to an operate i didnt believe in a career and dream i could never bleed for

    and passion i could never be redeemed in moving higher in a corporate ladder

    i wanted to put my own stamp on the planet

    I needed people more than I couldve ever imagine

    than i could ever phathom through

    meticulously in patterns

    and care to analyze the matter

    but deeper in a psychological manner I cared deeply to be heard
  2. allnakey

    allnakey Sex is no fun by yourself

    Mar 30, 2003
    Emotionally I like it very raw and There. Scheme wise it seemed forced and stretched at times, maybe a little wordy. I mean structure wise this didn't follow any conventional writing form... not even a little bit. Don't know what you were going for but If is just to get it off your chest I got it... it was there
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