INVINCIBLE: Deth to Jai-Bangem

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  1. DethStryque

    DethStryque DethStryque theInvincible

    Oct 8, 2008
    Whaddup Jai. We agreed to a 3 round war, limitless bars. Flips allowed in round 3, although I wanted flips from round 2 forward. Sallgood though, Lady's Choice and you choose flips for Round 3. Keystyled, no prewrites in round 3. Smoove. Let's give em a classic.

    You wanted to drop first ,so that means in round 3 you get to drop last. RWZ rules as always ,to prevent cheating, let everyone know what categories we vote on [ most heads don't know enough rap categories to vote right ] and make votes fast, knowledgeable and fair. All people gotta do is copy and paste the categories and place the name of the rapper they thought won that category-- me or you--and then leave a minimum 2 line explanation of their vote after they list the rapper who won the various categories. Like I said, takes 1-5 minutes to do. Fast, fair, fun.

    Good luck.
  2. Jai-Z

    Jai-Z Bangem, Jai

    Mar 8, 2005
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  3. DethStryque

    DethStryque DethStryque theInvincible

    Oct 8, 2008
    When it comes to battle ammo? My mic burner spits drums! I don't hit women...but I'll Ike Turner bytch tongues
    God don't like you. He said:"Spike murder this bum!" But Deth's so Favored By God...He let Stryque murder his Son!!
    Murderous guns cook ya beef like ya burger is done! So when I'm peekin thru ya window? It ain't pervertish fun!
    The further ya run? The more I'll enjoy catchin n stumpin you! Smackin n thumpin you!
    Battin n truncheon stabbin ya pumpkin hack thru ya back with a battle axe swung n stash in a Cadillac trunkin you
    Laughin grabbin clappin da Mac n braat n cap a yakk hump n you! [ 1 ]
    Match by the pack dumpin you, strike a light n flambe luncheon you!
    You didn't catch that! I said: "...Stryque alight n flambe luncheon you!!" [ 2 ]
    Jai, you punkin WHO? My slang bangs flame like fire breathing drakes'll spit [ 3 ]
    My foot tuh ya glutes uh gitcha bottom rocked like pebble filled lakes'll git!
    One punch tuh ya chin? Ya face'll lift. That's a Facial Lift!
    Buck fifty my sign on ya grill... Facial glyph. While you snoozin I'm movin ya ice...Glacial drift.
    You get victimized by Deth like Abel did when my Stryques blank ya mental viewscreen like your cable's clipped!
    I'll snake yo trick! Go for ya Sig? I got war cannons like these naval ships
    I don't fight girls... but my Muay Thai knees move guts like Prenatal Kicks
    This eight'll "klikk" n wet ya head like fellatio licks then put everyone in your house on ice like palatial cribs!
    Buh laze [ Blaze ] ya lips with fatal fists n fade yo clique with fatal clips
    Bars drop yo ass like when your waist'll dip n dress yo fam in
    black...that's Sable Fits!
    I'll piss on yo bars...I won't waste no shit!
    Asshole my rap flow black holes you...the kind grave diggers' rakes'll dig!
    Or I can backsmack ya hat rack beyond The Big Dipper's Ladle Grip
    N black hole we see when outer space'll rip
    I ain't trappin! Rappin gives me checks with O's like a Ming Dynasty vase'll get
    But if I trap? This trey'll hit like the slung Pentacle Sword of Gunthor the Fabled [ 4 ]
    Uppercuts knock holes in ya guts like umbilical cords punched for ya navel!
    Git slumped floored n stapled when rifles beam you like I phasered you
    Punches spazz u like I caught you havin a seizure...then I tasered you!
    Razored you til ya mango split if we tangle bytch! Imagine Django pissed. I'm double that.
    When I slang those fists you'll drop like your ankle slipped in bubble baths
    In other words? Bow down or a couple jabs gitcha bubble clapped n fly you like hovercrafts beyond galaxies that The Hubble snapped and the space shuttle Discover mapped!! [ 5 ]
    Deth is the brother that...rolls with animals like I own The Arc!
    I kill the bearer of bad news and the fact's you look like Joan of Arc! [ 6 ]
    Battle Deth? Git owned n sparked devoured like minnows thrown tuh sharks
    Bars war like Bonaparte throwin darts domin Marks blowin hearts n bones apart
    Jai, I control this zone of art! You can't serve me rappin; I'm writing heat
    That'll hush ya buzz n steal ya thunder like Percy Jackson The Lightning Thief!!
    You can't merk me scrappin, you triflin creep! Don't act froggy ho; look
    A burst uh lead uh gitcha shoddy flow shook n ya head red like audio books
    Plus these raw free's uh/Raw Freiza throw Braulio hooks until you're slept wet n swept like soggy ole soot

    Cuz ain't nobody hotter or flyer, dammit geek! I conquer n sire planets speak
    Punches rockin this kid tuh sleep like toddler designer hammock suites
    Bionic sonics fade ya crew at doppler hyper bandwidth speeds!
    Battle Deth? Your embryonic phonics git ate like Oscar Meyer sammich meat
    What I hock uh knock yer knot like a Glock er fired blammed clips sweep you off ya feet n crack ya roof like water or fire damage leaks
    My hotter tite verbs chopper n geyser skull visors savagely
    With war havoc packin more magic than a Potter inspired enchantment wreaks!

    My punches hit with the impact of anvils brainin ya n Rambo sprayin ya
    Keep my beasts all around you...Transylvania! N they're obsessed with keepin cans with 'em. Campbell's Mania
    They'll take ya head big hunter style n get tuh mantle hangin ya or I'll slide up in ya house, like Hansel gamin ya
    Letcha get a good look at what these hands'll aim n uh start diggin in ya pockets like some damsel's drainin ya
    You wanna battle Deth? Who told you that's okay when uh my punches stick tuh ya hat like tassels wavin bruh!
    I'll unleash Hell, dawg, like Castlevania then Tombstone you with more TNT than Wrasslemania!!..

    Plus I'll lift thee chopper! IT AIN'T A DANCE when you git lifted n spun...LINDY HOPPER [ 7 ]
    Send thee doctor I'm a rebel bringin metal like indy rockers
    Penned thee top verse makin ya top burst while I'm scrapin ya spine out
    Mixed with hellfire hott enough tuh put Satan in timeout!
    You ain't brangin the nine out! You CAN'T drop shells like tied placentas [ 8 ]
    But mine uh gitcha shirt red like dyed magenta
    You beat Deth? You ain't just STUPID girl, that's primed dementia! [ 9 ]
    My rhymes lined against ya steals ya shine like they're tryin tuh Grinch ya
    So gimme mine or this nine uh lift ya when shells "clikk clakk" like a big Crab's tryin tuh pinch ya!

    Got nearly 20 emails and PMs asking me to define my vocabulary in this battle. I defined each word that 2 or more people asked me about. So here it is:

    [ 1 ] This is a yakk...

    [ 2 ] "alight" means to descend from the air and settle gracefully. Like when you jump down on someone or arrive at a place. "flambe" means to cover food with oil and set it on fire. "Stryque alight n flambe luncheon you" means soon as I arrived in this battle set Jai on fire cooked her ass and ate her like she was an expensive lunch. It's dope wordplay, too. "Strike a light n flambe luncheon you. No. Stryque alight n flambe luncheon you." Yall ain't reddy for the dopeness.

    [ 3 ]: A drake is a dragon. Specifically the kind that Smaug from The Hobbit and The Desolation of Smaug is...,536

    [ 4 ] Gunthor The Fabled carried the magic Pentacle Sword.

    [ 5 ] The Hubble is the world's largest telescope. Yall know that The Discovery is a space shuttle, right?

    [ 6 ] My bar reads : "I kill the bearer of bad news and the fact's you look like Joan of Arc!" Have you seen a pic of Jai Bangem? In this one pic, she had her hair down and looked like Joan of Arc. Joan of Arc brought bad news to her enemies [ England ], and was killed for it.

    [ 7 ] LINDY HOPPER. Old skool dance where you lift swing and spin your partner. They were also called SWINGERS.

    [ 8 ] placentas: It's the baby sack. Tie it up and the egg...which is the shell...can't drop. Get the punchline now?

    [ 9 ] Dementia: A brain disorder screwing memory, sanity, causes personality changes, etc.
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  4. Jai-Z

    Jai-Z Bangem, Jai

    Mar 8, 2005
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  5. DethStryque

    DethStryque DethStryque theInvincible

    Oct 8, 2008
    Nice drop, Jai. I'm filming and taking care of combat clients right now. I will drop in about 2-3 days in for this fiya, yo.
  6. Jai-Z

    Jai-Z Bangem, Jai

    Mar 8, 2005
    yo bro... edit out those explanations. let ppl figure out shit for thmselves. :/
  7. DethStryque

    DethStryque DethStryque theInvincible

    Oct 8, 2008

    Ayo lil sis, I edited in those explanations by request. Lol. Heads kept asking me to define the same things, and several of them specifically said that I should go back to my explanations so that they can appreciate the verse more...because I tend to use elevated concepts. Remember how many smart people...even vets on this site...would ask me repeatedly what such and such means? They wouldn't catch the references to Gunthor the Fabled, Joan of Arc, and even simple stuff like potty pans. Heads didn't know that hospital pans=potty pans. Remember how on FB many people like Mick Dundee and more senior people didn't catch the references to Tiananmen Square and scalar lightning and Black Lantern Rings and stuff like that? They didn't catch dinosaur references, either. So I had to explain. Once they got it? They appreciated the verse more.

    Explanations spread knowledge. Spreading knowledge=more knowledgeable voters and rappers, more knowledgeable voters and rappers=better hiphop.

    So explanations are VITAL.

    I know you didn't say this and I know you know this already, but this is a preemptive strike vs people who don't know this:

    Explanations ARE NOT SWAYING VOTES. Offering correct definitions and clarification BY DEFINITION CANNOT SWAY VOTES. However, they CAN INCREASE UNDERSTANDING AND APPRECIATION, and with increased understanding and appreciation comes BETTER INFORMED VOTING. If the initial vote or inclination was based on ignorance of the say many voters in our battles didn't catch your part here, Jai:

    "That makes u a bitch nigga.. put J n a box/We gon switch roles and u gon see Solange giving headshots//"The Devil's n The Elevator.." giving him more..."

    you combined the whole Solange vs Jai-Z in a elevator thing with M. Knight Shyamalan's movie about a group of strangers being trapped in a elevator with The Devil. That's a sicc idea that is more on the level of visual creative and wordplay genius but is very very subtle as you combine genres [ pop news, movies, theology, religion, modern psychothriller, horror ]. However imo those bars don't actually deliver direct power punches from pure overt bar punching power [ which I'm sure is part of the reason why you selected those bars and approached it that way; you enjoy that kind of oblique genius ]. The power comes from the appreciation of the creativity and out of the box thinking it takes to even combine such visuals knowledge and such an unusual approach in the first place.

    when you explain THAT to people, you impact all readers. They develop and grow, even if they don't appreciate your style of punches. How and why? They develop and grow because now they're aware that punches can be and are delivered that way...and it takes a special level of appreciation, creativity, perception and genius to make and appreciate such things in the first place. Does such creativity overwhelm straightforward power punching bars? Not always. Depends on the voters.

    but when you inform the voters? you let them know what's happening and help to empower them to make their own choices from a vantage point of knowledge, not ignorance. You help us all break free from a more limited, more traditional, less creative form of thinking...which gives rise to repetition. That's why you see so many rappers using other rappers' trademarks like SLOW IT DOWN and stuff. if rappers keep pushing their envelope of creativity? They don't and won't copy other rappers, they'll try to outdo them creatively...which is very good for hiphop as it really pushes the growth of quality bars in every way. And really limits the frequency of and tolerance for copycats. Feel me?
  8. DethStryque

    DethStryque DethStryque theInvincible

    Oct 8, 2008
    my bad, double post
  9. DethStryque

    DethStryque DethStryque theInvincible

    Oct 8, 2008
    Your verses in both rounds are weak as hell,yo. I got the speech advantage. You talk hood but I'm really from the ghetto...I got the streets advantage.
    You're taller but I'm quicker to my gun...I got the reach advantage. Plus I'm a real life martial artist with the knock out your teeth advantage!
    Release the savage! Slang flames slain ya main mayne with bang-bangs that bangs brains like I freaked ya cabbage
    Sendin bars like scimitars tuh leave ya damaged! When my spit's on? You're's like I gleeked ya bandage [ 1 ]
    My left uh stretch ya like Sharkeisha's hand hits n sleep ya clan bytch! My rights//writes air ya, n Night Terror any sleep ya managed!!

    You'll get destroyed if you battle Deth! You betta a shivuh that move up ya spine
    Or I'll grab a knife, chill...shiv ya then move up ya spine!
    Splitcha n brew up a rhyme with the vicious force of Voodoo that'll splitcha spine n slant ya neck like a skittish horse threw you!
    Deth's quotes uh Red Coats like a British Force, fool you....cross The Grim Speaker atcha peril
    I'll feed ya chin heaters snap ya marrow n clap a arrow at the same spot on ya chest that gun shop apparel stamps uh barrel!
    In other words, when the fo holla n flair shots it'll sit you down n toast ya scalp like yo Momma's hair shop
    You ain't stay away from the streets like scared cops! N you ain't good...your rhymes is soft as koala bear twat

    I spit dope like Columbian keys of coke! Your quotes are scaled down barrio grams!
    My bar heat go ham n expose the weak heart of ya bull like male cow cardiograms
    Jai spar me? Oh man! My speech is sicc like Barfing-O-Grams!...
    And my pen's smoking ya little writes! But if you go for ya Sig? Watch me claim the 5th like I'm invoking my civil rights!
    Jai? Let's be real. If it got real you'd get shot peeled cuz you don't make guns pop n cap men...
    You kain't scrap n the only time you make gunz talk is when you make gun talk when rappin
    So stop talkin like you stompin mah speak n walkin with the heater, or you'll take a Glockin tuh ya keister
    When your Teks talk? You're textin n talkin with ya geezers...n you couldn't box with Deth if you shared coffins with The Reaper
    Your squad? I'm maulin them weak Herbs! I'm servin hella scripts moppin troops
    Jai beatin Deth is impossible like finding virgin celibate prostitutes.

    Lemme make it clear...

    Jai? Battle Deth n you'll lose! Ya raps're "below ass" like "mule hooves" while my "cool grooves" school fools like academics for dummies!
    Raps uh finish ya, hunny! Macs uh spinach ya tummy! Ya head uh roll like you crashed n spin flipped ya Humvee!
    These drops uh drop you like I helicopter spin kicked ya bum knee
    I'm relentless n cunning! I prepared chants to...noose ya throat n kick the chair from ya feet n air dance you
    Repent her sins? This is Jai's fair chance to...before I make her talk to these shells like she's The Tortoise Whisperer n rigormortis stiffens her
    Sicc roars gore this bytch n her sloppy posse when I blam tons uh can clips
    Or slash her throat n give her gills like The Man From Atlantis
    Like hot sand from The feel burn in da feet//burnin defeat! Punches swell this bytch guts like the sperm in mah skeet!!
    I got a wrap for ya head like ya perm in a sheet!! So don't believe that Jai's hype!
    She bout as fly as a brick kite, plus she spit light! I got luminous language so when I spit light my spit LIGHTS
    With script types that makes the Devil git right, God n Jesus fistfight, covers deserts with glaciers n cause sunrise at midnight!!
    I could spit ice n my sicc rhymes uh still bear heat! They'll roll up n live grenades on a wheel chair seat!
    Gimme dat ill glare? Sweet. I'll make ya team kiss the fist, lift my fifth n roll "Hella boulders" down ya shoulders...King Sisyphus...[ 2 ]
    Beamed clips n spits uh twist ya wig like grips of licorice! Beatdown ya klikk! Speech clown n crown this tryck like Queen Elizabeth!

    Jai swears her predictable puns whips Deth's invincible punches! Girl... You're one demented ole rapper!
    You're taller than me...but lack the "breadth" and "depth" to exist in "multi"'re a one dimensional rapper!
    Girl, ya raps is butt! Ya punches suck n ya metaphors are wakk as well
    In letter wars you'll catch an "L" if you tussle n scrap with me! Your punches are too weak from muscle atrophy tuh actually rap with me n catch uh "V" [ victory ]
    Factually I'll casually slap ya teeth passed galaxies with major diss plays shocking like scalar displays [ 3 ]
    I got more flavor than Jai! My ballads uh...put your V on the side like algebra cuz Deth Is Greater Than Jai
    Algebra..."V on the side"...Deth Is Greater Than Jai...Deth>Jai!
    My spit lights you up like laser arrays leave Jai the failure erased n lobotomized! I'm hockin rhymes
    That gitcha quotes moshed by prose dosed with volts like bolts tossed by Zeus when he feuds or
    when my fo' coughed n exposed ya chest like ya coat's off!
    Jai, everything you wrote's soft! Your wordplay's HORRIBLE, and ya flow's off!
    Deth Stryques ya soul like you're on sacred Indian land n pissed the ghosts off!
    I ain't no pimp...but my rhymes prove I'm this ho's boss. Ya hope's lost. She got beef?
    My speech cooks it like a roast off!
    My scope's locked n spittin fiya til ya skull cap bakes! Plus my fists "lean beef"
    like "low fat steaks".
    Git toe tagged...scraped...Jai? If you think you real? STOP. My ill drops uh baste you like veal chops!
    N gitcha grill chopped with skilled hotts that steam bake you cream cakes n sling blades til ya scheme's glaived n ya spleen's shaved
    Gimme dat mean face? I'll beam blaze ya team's fades!
    Cuz it ain't a "polite cyborg gesturing hello" when my "machine waves"!
    I put my name on scriptures like King James that son you more than Spring Days with bars stronger than Ving Rhames stabbin barbs thru ya heart like Sting Rays
    You got the limelight? I'll snatch ya shine like robbers do to king's graves! Plus everyone on ya team's lames!
    But if you battle Deth? Oh Hell it's on. I'll give ya chin straps n ya head shells like ya helmet's on
    Punk, you jump? This pump uh dump til ya pelvis gone after I duck ya shots n:"...RETURN TUH SENDER..."
    like an Elvis song!!

    SHARKEISHA hand hits...

    1. GLEEK

    [ 2 ] SISYPHUS

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  10. DethStryque

    DethStryque DethStryque theInvincible

    Oct 8, 2008
    Round 3. Waitin on ya, Jai...
  11. DethStryque

    DethStryque DethStryque theInvincible

    Oct 8, 2008
    still waitin on ya, lil sis...
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