*Interview Haiku* (1-5)

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  1. UFO the Phoenix


    Aug 10, 1999
    *Interview Haiku*

    (In my pursuit to explore the beauty of different poetic styles…a personal journey to challenge myself and other talented poets with random questions design to catch poets off guard and spark magic… These interviews are all keystyle on both sides…anything can happen…. enjoy)

    Mind-$oul (pt.1 )– who better to set the stage for this series…the cat who got me started on this board and welcome me with open arms and was willing to work with me when I was a nobody here in the realm – he showed us a different side of his style with his haiku

    1) When you wake up in the morning
    And look out your window what inspires you more?
    The sun rising or the birds performing?

    The Birds Performing
    A new song of life and death
    We have yet to meet

    2) Who’s your favorite poet and why?
    Did their words change the world?
    And are they dead or alive?

    I spoke to rivers
    Like Langston, before his soul
    Succumb to life's pains

    3) When you write personal poems and share them
    Do you ever feel exposed?
    An open heart for others to dwell in

    I open my heart for others to lose their selves
    Within the depths of
    My words when I pick up the pen

    4) Plato once said in his writing “The Republic”
    That his ideal society would be one with no poets
    How do you feel about this subject?

    Life without poets
    Means life without expression
    Life will be fruitless

    5) Ok last question and be honest with us
    Do you ever use your poems to get girls?
    And to make other poets egos jealous?

    I only write to
    Keep me from going insane...
    Nothing more or less

    Allnakey pt. 2 – Another well respected cat that hit us with the BEST haiku thus far…just a master with words and blessed with a gift to say so much in so little….this cat doesn’t get the full props he truly disserves

    The pursuit continues……..

    1) If you could go anywhere in the world
    Outer space or higher
    Where would you teleport to be inspired?

    Go across the oceans wave
    To see Paris in all it's flames
    Its beauty can't be manipulated

    2) Would you like to see more shows
    Like Def poetry jam and Lyrics café
    Circle the globe and airwaves?

    Good things start off small
    And then they grow
    But I fear overexposure

    3) Have you ever wrote a perfect verse
    That could bring tears to the earth
    Leaving you immersed to walk on top of water?

    The perfect verse never laid in words
    But in the sound of the surrounding
    Perfection is the sonnet around me

    4) Do you think your poetic gift is a gene?
    Passed down from your great ancestors
    Or just an accidental myth showing up on the scene

    An angered teen forced to see the world
    Not given a gift, but he writes
    A slender heart to speak its mind

    5) If you could leave your audience with 3 lines
    What would you say to them?
    That could inspire hearts and bless minds?

    To love the risk of getting hurt
    Our lives are OURS... see to the mind
    Hold a soul not victim, but a free verse

    Absolute Zero pt. 3 Also known as Broken Soul, my soul brother in the poetry realm…this cat is more in touch with nature then the birds and bees, he did his thing and is only getting better.

    1) If you could talk to the wildlife and different mammals
    What would your conversation be about?
    Would you apologies for the human race or enjoy the animals?

    Seeping nature's soil
    Acid surrounds you
    Denounce the stench of fools

    2) A close friend of mine left me with this riddle
    Perhaps you can help me solve it
    He told me “Don’t miss your cliff” (any suggestions?)

    Children rise before themselves
    Life is but a test before death
    Rise until the omega, and then crash,crash.

    3) Do you believe in Aliens and UFO’s?
    There’s too much evidence and crop circles to be ignored?
    What are your thoughts on all of this?

    God doesnt make mistakes
    Scorch the fertile earth, I'm a messenger
    I bring the word of the unknown

    4) If you had a million dollars
    Would you spend it all on material things?
    Or give it back to those in need?

    I'm sinking in ashes, breathe
    Into a material life. No.
    Wake up to the bitter warmth of responsibility

    5) What are your best 3 lines that you can quote for us?
    It could be anything old or recent
    Something our soul can trust

    I am stumbling over daybreak
    Begging for shelter from the thoughtless sky
    Chaos: My conformity

    SacriFicemcee pt. 4 – this cat had the fastest response time on the key style part I couldn’t keep up with him, true talent disregarded in the realm because he’s not a regular ….what he did with his haiku was magic

    1) Which one do you feel wields more power?
    Machine Guns or a dozen roses….
    Does the devil smell flowers?

    A chosen rose drips
    Each thorn through the hands of death
    The smoke kills what's true

    2) If you could talk to Martin Luther King
    What would you say to him?
    Would you request some sort of future dream?

    Those choices denied
    Blindly considered by most
    Yet life still believes

    3) Do you think poetry is dead?
    What will it take to resurrect it?
    What will hip-hop have to sacrifice?

    The demand of truth
    Dies when meeting fallacy
    But choice won't suffer

    4) If the meaning of life is Love
    Then how important is the role of the poet
    Must we write with blood?

    Shedding purple dreams
    For God knows our purpose
    That comes from our wounds

    5) If you were to pass away (God forbid)
    What would you like your tombstone to say?
    How would you want the world to remember you?

    Only truth needs light
    For when dawn begins collapse
    React with true choice

    Kaybi pt. 5 – daring to be different he didn’t follow the rules but expressed himself and kept it real, though he may be misunderstood at times and band from the board his skill will never be forgotten.

    1) Do you think poets deserve a holiday?
    Some type of recognition
    For all the great wonderful word-play

    A poet couldn’t write a poem
    If it wasn't for the world around him
    So every day is a holiday for a poet

    2) If you could time travel in either direction
    Where would you go?
    Describe your living legend

    I would travel back
    I would travel to see my earliest human ancestor’s
    And see if we have something in common

    3) Do you think babies can understand poetry?
    If so how can we tell?
    With there rattles speaking in tongue nursery

    A baby is like a student
    He doesn't understand what he hasn't been taught yet
    Poetry is experience

    4) Do you believe in life after death?
    Is all of this just the beginning of a longer quest?
    How will you score on God’s test?

    Everyone has their own world
    It begins with their birth and ends with their death
    I don’t believe a death; I believe we were dead before we were born

    5) If you could write a letter to the president
    What would you say?
    What concerns of yours haven’t yet been met?

    Everyone says they can do a better job than the president
    I hope the president looked at another president when he was younger and sincerely thought that he could
    Democracy replaced monarchy because those who weren’t meant by nature to be rulers, became rulers, so now we have a choice, and whoever becomes president we deserve
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