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  1. Intermental

    Intermental Chicago

    Aug 13, 2005
    This will feature as my intro.....for the album...tell me if you like it...its freestyle btw...


    no editin shit cos I dont know how ill leave lyrics too

    Layin on the floor, bleadin, pleadin, Lord what did I do this for?
    Why am I intrigued by the life of greed, Lord please open the door,
    Two bullets treasured deep into my anatomy, death has gotten to me,
    Why did I turn my head to the street, Lord help me land on my feet,
    Maybe because my mama died on the day I was born, cry me a river,
    Maybe because I didnt have a father figure so I picked up the trigger,
    But wheres that gotten me, to a mufuckin near death experience,
    Lord I know you listen, so Lord, please tell me that youre hearin us,
    Lord please show me a sign, give me another chance at life,
    Lord please give me more time, Lord let me make it rite,
    On the streets im a real hard ³³³³³, but thats jus the exterior
    I feel soft inside, because of my life, I feel so damn deprived
    Lord let me open my eyes, to a new lite, blind my eyes with hope,
    Im not ready to die, put my gun aside, stop sellin the dope,
    But then I realise, the way Im livin can never be deminished,
    Cos forever Ill need a Bulletproof Vest, Lord am I finnished?
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