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  1. Mac Flow

    Mac Flow Die

    Jul 17, 2000

    Man, yall should be getting the silent treatment. I'm not even playing. Damn. Wasn't much to write about the week just gone. Not much at all. Infact this is the entire mag. Just this intro...

    The Spotlight


    Ill weezy is a kid who has been around since before i can remember, and although he has never won a title, he has always been at the top of a short list of members with the skill to do it, but never quite got there. This week he was facing Atreyu, a skilled opponent with more or less a hit or miss style. Sadly, the match never went down due to an Atreyu no show, but illweezy dropped a humorous verse, with a somewhat played ending, yet it still managed to get the job done. There were flaws in his verse as expected from a rusty vet, but in the coming weeks on his rise through the ranks i'm positive the rust will be shook off revealing a polished writer underneath. Could this be the begining of Illweezy's title run? Be on the look out in the coming weeks because only time will tell if weeze can compete at the level we all know he is capable of.

    Illweezy's verse from this past week:

    Interview with Vizz
    Madpoet: Ladies and Gentleman, Biters and writers I have the pleasure today of bringing you, 11-1 Vizz Blade V.2, how you doing today homie?

    Vizz Blade: it was an ill weekend, yourself?

    Madpoet: My weekend was pretty fat I hit the studio n shit, but this isnt about me is it? Lets get down to the nitty gritty right off, what is your take on the current state of the RSTL?

    Vizz Blade: word, and its harsh as fuck....
    Vizz Blade: SHAMBLES, i left a path of destruction in my wake,no1 wants to show up in fear of losing to me
    Vizz Blade: i came back, n every1 i posted on, either didnt show, and had some sorry ass excuse, or did show, n had some sorry ass excuse why they lost
    Vizz Blade: like atreyu
    Vizz Blade: telling me you "didnt try your hardest" isnt gona get u ne slack in this league or respect

    Madpoet: Anytime someone loses it is the infamous Keystyle excuse or that they didnt try..Ok who are the five best and 5 worst RSTL'ers in the past 6 months?

    Vizz Blade: oh god you know what mad im not gona lie to you,i have a hard time finishing any of these peoples stories, they are all that boring
    Vizz Blade: the best ive seen so far is without a doubt...riko...hes on top isnt he??? .... jersey .....he can serve up some shit.....god father has impressed me several times.....prophet is better than average...
    Vizz Blade: but the worst of the RSTL? thats easy, look at the people not showing
    Vizz Blade: they comprise the worst 20 RSTLers without a doubt
    Vizz Blade: and adrock is horrible, i do not feel that guy, at all... im sorry

    Madpoet: If you only knew who Adrock was you'd probably laugh, even for the net fags can becoming frustrating. If you could fuck up one person on RM for being a complete and absolute dipshit, whose ass would you whoop?

    Vizz Blade: edward enygma aka somnio.....i would kick his dick up into his stomach then fuck the hole

    Madpoet: Somino, you hear that, Vizz calling you a bitch motherfucker and he'd fuck your mom with an ice dildo, now that that is out of the way, if you could do a track with one artist living or dead who would it be and why?

    Vizz Blade: i knew him as rob the micburn@...yall called him epimetheus
    Vizz Blade: ive done track upon track with him but never nething even remotely decent quality
    Vizz Blade: we both were on sound recorder n jeffs voicechat back then,why.....ne1 knows why....rob made you feel the song....his voice cut in and he was rocketing out lines that were not only exhilarating cuz they were coming so fast but they had depth to em

    Madpoet: if you could be anyone , anywhere for 24 hours, who would you want to be and why?

    Vizz Blade: id be me, be me in the caribbean, cause im a pimp, and thats where pimps go

    Madpoet: If you could have one superpower what would you choose and what would you do with it?

    Vizz Blade: id want the power to manipulate, to give girls certain thoughts...specific when u walk into a room n meet a gilr, in 5 minutes, she knows whether she wants 2 fuck u or not 1 day....i wana implant that "damn i gota fuck him" seed

    Madpoet: Out of , Fergie from the black eyed peas, Jennifer Lopez, Mariah Carey, kelly clarkston, and Ciara, in what order would you fuck them? and you cant say all at the same time
    Vizz Blade: haha, well id fuck carey first, cause shes the oldest out of the bunch (i think) so shed have the least energy.... once she was good and done with, id toss her aside for lopez, get a little effortless riding action going on, since ill need to save my strength for.....fergie, who would probably dance up and down my dick
    Vizz Blade: then id tell fergie to entertain me while clarkston sucked my dick all the way down that angellic throat of hers
    Vizz Blade: n ciara would film it all cuz i dont like black chicks

    Madpoet: if you had a million dollars what would you do with it?

    Vizz Blade: id build a marijuana green house in a remote country and retire

    Madpoet: And what 5 rappers should have never ever picked up a mic and at this point should just kill themselves?

    Vizz Blade: 5 rappers that need to die huh? nelly shoulda had his hands cut off for touching a mic.... i do not feel this ridiculous nuk if you buk shit i duno who raps that but good lord man get a day job.... i cant stand la chat or really ne black rapping chick.... i mean even lil kim hurts my ears....these girls r just trash live.....
    Vizz Blade: and last but not least LL cool j needed to retire after momma knocked out his skills
  2. Mac Flow

    Mac Flow Die

    Jul 17, 2000
    Madpoet: There is a nuk if you buk group? did you come up with the name Vizz Blade?

    Vizz Blade: i started with the name Vizzionaral in freestyling .com in like 1999 ... it was priceless who added switch blade.... he thought it sounded better... i combined the names n came to rmc to rap with priceless more.... ppl couldnt type my long ass name so they called me vizz or vizz blade....

    Madpoet: Ok its time for part a of the second section..its multiple choice..

    Madpoet: Eminem, Bubba Sparxx, or Lil Whyte

    Vizz Blade: bubba sparxx...i live in georgia man...i like that country shit....he can be good too...hes got some underground battle shit online check it out i recommend it 2 ne1

    Madpoet: Angelina Jolie, Elisa Cuthbert or Eva Mendes

    Vizz Blade: elisa cuthbert....i like young looking a sicko like that...even tho im only 19 lol but still...jay n silent bob strike back? ever see that? i woulda slaved for that chick good god....

    Madpoet: Lloyd Banks, 50 cent, or Game

    Vizz Blade: none of them g unit was never good and 50 hasnt been good since he made songs with ppl like ras kass

    Madpoet: Rock, Rap, or R and B?

    Vizz Blade: rock......i havent been a fan of rap lately......its watered down n force real lyrics nemore....guys that i used to feel like xzibit n kurupt n all them dudes r in it for the $$$$$$$$ now

    Madpoet: Weed, Extacsy, or Acid?

    Vizz Blade: lol damn thats tough....i LOVE weed...i smoke dank everyday...but acid...if its in the right form ill take acid over nething
    Vizz Blade: a gel tab is the sickest way to get fucked up ever
    Vizz Blade: i love it
    Vizz Blade: it melts on ur tongue n ur tripping balls for like 8 hours even watching ppl make laws on cspan is hilarity in its own right and omg dont let lou diamond phillips show up on ur tv ull be screaming LA BAMBA GUYYYY into the night sky

    Madpoet: LOL

    Madpoet: KRS One, Rakim or LL Cool J

    Vizz Blade: rakim!!!!!!!!!!!! no explanation needed, EVER....krs one is on some wack fucking shit now

    Madpoet: Playboy, penthouse or hustler?

    Vizz Blade: hustler cuz its dirty like the vizzblade

    Madpoet: Ass, Tits, or Legs

    Vizz Blade: ass....if a girl takes good care of her butt she can be so much sexier...a girl with big big tits is nice but if her ass is hairy good god thats a turn off.....and wut good r legs? u cant stick nothing in em u cant fuck em i mean u could but wth lol

    Madpoet: Ok its time for Poets report card, I'll list an RSTL'er and you give them A-F and give a good breakdown to explain ok?

    Madpoet: Malsovich..

    Vizz Blade: F for faggot.... what is with this guy? he came out of the thin blue air with this 1998 style of rap that doesnt belong on a messageboard it belongs in a composition book in detention
    Vizz Blade: dude is too young for his own skin needs to stop actin old n mature like he be runnin shit 4 ages when he jus came around me recently i dont kno that dude

    Madpoet: Rikoshay

    Vizz Blade: A.... has this dude been beaten yet in the RSTL??? NO! hes been here since 99....dude is rusty....n no1 can beat huim?
    Vizz Blade: give me a fucking break he is the best of the best right now n it disturbs me
    Vizz Blade: not only am i gona beat him but im gona make his A-game look like the short bus collective gpa

    Madpoet: Tekneek

    Vizz Blade: living in a storybook he tries to compose for himself... tek was never that amazing... ever... he always found ways to thrust himself to the top of his creations.... when he hit RWF he held every belt... why ? cuz he ran the league... knew how to rank ppl accordingly.... when u thought he put 2 dudes together for a good match it really was so he could weed out at least one good challenger next week
    Vizz Blade: hes a clown in his own right where he makes these polls then nominates himself as a pick when no1 in thier right mind is gona think hmmm ebst rmc has well yeah TEKNEEK lol no they think storm g aloevera fracture Shadows etc.....
    Vizz Blade: tekneek gets a C-.... he tries too hard n believes his own self made hype

    Madpoet: Ninja Kid
    Vizz Blade: ive read things i liked and disliked from him.... its hard to grade ninja... i gota give him the benefit of the doubt at not really feelin him....his stories dont have all that much to em i mean theres deep lines with good meaning but its not entertaining or worth my time to finish half the time

    Madpoet: L dogg

    Vizz Blade: once again another average emcee wrapped up in his own hype of being a veteran... i remember when L dogg was a clown... when the vets were crawlin around here.... 00-01.... L dogg was that dude making 100 threads a day beefin with ppl criticizing his talentless stuff... hes improved by leaps and bounds from when i first knew him........
    Vizz Blade: C

    Madpoet: Spacebar

    Vizz Blade: oh i almost forgot about dude earlier when u asked me whose the best..... A for this guy... i duno who this is... and id ont care really...hes nice... i wouldnt wana battle buddy... = /

    Madpoet: so props to space bar huh?
    Vizz Blade: alias or not hed tear ne1 up hes gona be champion if he sticks around guaranteed
    Vizz Blade: even if i got the title
    Vizz Blade: i bet thats the dude to end my streak

    Madpoet: Vizz Blade
    Vizz Blade: the innovator of humor... i bring dimensions to the storytelling league... i always have the most dialogue, comedic situations, etc.... i love my shit.... its vain but i enjoy my shit more than ne1 else in the league right now...
    Vizz Blade: i just need better topics
    Vizz Blade: and oh yeah A+ for me lol

    Madpoet: Madpoet (heh)
    Vizz Blade: who?
    Vizz Blade: LOL
    Vizz Blade: ive never read ur shit
    Vizz Blade: no lie
    Vizz Blade: im not into text
    Madpoet: Ok
  3. Mac Flow

    Mac Flow Die

    Jul 17, 2000
    Madpoet: Well

    Vizz Blade: im into me im very vain

    Madpoet: Well I would like to thank you for taking the time to do this interview and as part of tradition I would like to open the floor now so you can make your closing comments, thanks again bro...pz

    Vizz Blade: in closing... theres been alot of hype i didnt ask for surrounding my upcoming battle with rikoshay... i didnt need it... to be dead honest i was gona flat walk out of the league when those mods got cute with me... i mean, me tek and peril innovated the idea...we recruited the people...we trained the noobs (we actually took on a crew of noobs with sequel n taught them to rap).... n we did alot for this league... i dont like seeing it in such a fucking horrific condition.... 5 matches last week? the league needs a foot up its ass and i got a pair of steel toes ready for such an occasion
    Vizz Blade: thank you for ur time poet its been cool
    Madpoet: good shit
    Madpoet: thas a wrap


    no shows suck.. they always have, always will.. but they will never go away.. were only beating a dead horse when complaining about them.. we just have to understand this is a league made up of free time and when there is no money or importance involved with showing in the league.. people will gladly no show an not give a fuck.... theres my sound off


    Signing into a league is an understood commitment. When Sign-ups close, if you haven't signed out, it means you know you will be able to write and post a verse within the next 4 days. Especially considering the minimum is 16 lines. Basically, there is no excuse.

    Perception & Reality
    The following is an opinionated essay of the thoughts and feelings about the league in its state and the people who’ve made their presence felt. I hope that by starting this off, that many of you who write stories will want to submit this kind of piece for upcoming issues so we can see your take on the league as well. Please read through and express your thoughts about this.


    The RBL is more fun than the RSTL due to its high enrollment.

    The RBL is a league in which one mulls over in writing a rhyme that pretty much touches base on a one dimensional level. It’s limited capability in allowing to create an imaginative and vivid verse sums itself up as being more typical than interesting. A topical/story verse is a lot more wide-ranged and creates a bigger interest in the writer given the many different scenarios assigned in writing a rhyme. The high enrollment is hardly anything to say that it’s better, but ultimately which one is more stable, sound and raises more interest with the participants. The RSTL easily is more diverse and pursues the writer to incorporate a style that can be switched or changed to reveal a unique presentation.


    If you are NOT in the RSTL Hall of Champions, you aren’t credited as one of the greats.

    Trapezoidal, MC4Sight, Spacebar, Ashen Horse are just a few of the many names in the RSTL then and now who are truthfully one of the greats. They have a knack for consistency, articulate styles of storytelling, and are verbally well-crafted in typing out good rhymes. Many currently in the league are potentials or are on the verge of greatness. But greatness is seen in the league through the exploits and accomplishment that you stamp --- however, these names mentioned and many others who are not listed in the Hall are as equally as great and as quality a text writer than some who are in the Hall.


    Vern-acular is 9X RSTL champion, therefore, he is the greatest RSTL cat of all time.

    Every textcat has their moment of losses and struggles… Vern-acular is no different than the next writer. However, even though he does have the most times as champ, does that really make him majestically on top of everyone? If his climb from the bottom of the rankings to the top crowns him as that --- what about all the other writers that fell from the ranks over him and those who were ahead of him that have fell to other textcees? In my opinion, the best RSTL writer ever is one who’s accomplished defeat thru every person possible in the RSTL. While that may be impossible to determine, maybe what Vern-acular has done is the closest to it considering the most amount of wins he’s summed up throughout the years… arguably it can be said that he is the best but most will probably not feel the same way and see that way as well.


    Omen is one of the best writers ever in the RSTL

    We do not know exactly what Omen is capable of in writing if a lot of what he’s written has been sabotaged from someone else’s verses. From all the raps he wrote and the wins he’s stolen… have we actually seen how he really is when he types a verse? The best writer of the RSTL is definitely not him… because it’s impossible to know that… and I doubt we ever will since now he’s pretty much been shunned from the league for good.


    Being hated on and having enemies will favor your opponent to have a better chance of winning a match than you.

    RSTL voters are without a doubt the most honest and thorough voters compared to the RBL. Of my personal run in the league ever since I started, I’ve come to the conclusion that the people in the league are indeed trustworthy and honorable in their reasons of who they feel won the match. L-Dogg is an example that despite the massive hate he’s succumbed to in the past not long ago, he’s still able to maintain his own in the league with wins by thought-processing his rhymes with great concentration and effort.

    Anyone that is interested in writing their own P&R for the magazine next time should jump at this and speak their thoughts. I feel with this addition to the magazine, everyone gets to voice their opinion and express what they feel about the RSTL and the people within.

    Rules the Roost?

    We always managed to handpick that one special person, that one individual who sums up and takes the cake as the first half of the new year as the MVP of the RSTL… and with several events that have taken place one wonders who is that cat?

    But before we even dwell into who… let’s take a journey back to memory lane and get into the major news events of 2005.

    TeKneeK was pretty much a loser coming into his match versus Vern-acular. The majority of the league saw this without much thought and figured that it would turn to be a lopsided match. However, TeK saw and tackled and took advantage of Vern’s flaws and mistakes in approaching the match by experimenting a writing style and TeK surprised and won the match. Not many people felt as if TeK had a chance but starting off the new year with a title win was something TeK said wouldn’t happen till later in the year but now had plans to finally keep the success going.
  4. Mac Flow

    Mac Flow Die

    Jul 17, 2000
    By far the most overlooked champion of all notable champions, AWEDISHIN has separated himself from the rest of the best to a place in his own by getting his title earlier a month or two back and has flourished pretty much in the grandest way. He stands alone separated from where all the aspiring champs are looking to, to a step from being amongst the big timers of Jowelz, Tha Talent, and Peril-Eyez. MAC is well characterized as the ‘quiet-champion’ in which he reps and preps his rhymes. Not so much an outspoken textcee but always brutally consistent as a writer and seemingly set in writing effortless rhymes week in and week out. His 4th title win is definitely a newsworthy piece to show being his stand as champ proves that he is no pushover writer but very much an assassin in storytelling.

    THA TALENT has for the most part not been present or visible in the league (alias maybe). We always are reminded everytime that whenever he shows, he flows. But in this case, he was mostly a champ and then gone from the wind. While many do recognize and already know how much of a great writer Talent is, pretty much the exploits and achievements made by other names in this section will overshadow Talent despite his 5th win and placing him aside Peril-Eyes and Jowelz as the best. But his career isn’t done and he has many good things coming if he’s able to return and continue his onslaught of writing that he’s done for so long.

    The old school rules! An October 1999 product, RIKOSHAY has been a long overdue project. Brought to the site back in ’99, this articulate crafty writer has come into the RSTL in 2005 with a mission in mind and has tormented his opponents from day 1 till current and recently beating the consecutive wins achieved by Infinite Truth, Riko is in a class of his own by sealing his presence for 2005 (even though the year isn’t over) as the rookie of the year, possibly MVP of 2005, and most articulate. While the latter title is no easy decision, Rikoshay is and has been an excellent writer and was big before the RSTL came to his interest. Continuously writing pieces in the Open Mic Forum, Riko has attracted attention from fans and those who know him by piecing well-written rhymes and by few a definite contention for championship material in the RSTL… and in 2005, he’s done what many greats in the past cannot do, he’s winning and he’s not quitting it.

    So who of the four has brought the noise? Which one of these champions is worthy to claim MVP of 1st half of 2005? Irony shows that the person with the least number of times winning the title would be it… but for Riko, his one accolade that he’s achieved puts him in a place of his own.. and now it seems as though it can’t be stopped. Already promising a 20 win title defense… what he’s doing is legendary and may place himself even moreover the likes of Peril-Eyes, or Vern-acular. The four individuals that are mentioned are all equally qualified to claim MVP, but as one that stands out…

    Rikoshay would be just that.

    Top 5 Stanzas

    By Godfather

    5. Pent up

    All of a sudden, I hear something, it's bells Ringing for Class

    I pick up my Bag even though I graduated 6 Years Before That

    Walk down the hall to my homeroom and She's in a Short Skirt

    Bending Over to pick up an eraser, MY Teacher....Ms. Hosmer

    I always wondered if she knew that she Stared in Wet Dreams

    Of Horney Male Teens, scared to stand with lil dicks Poking through jeans

    I'm holding my thing, getting tense as I Hope No One Sees

    So I look around and the guys are looking down sharing Thoughts That I Think

    She's calling on me to the chalk board to Solve this equation

    I race out the room with the excuse of I have to pee, but I'm Faking

    Fantasies of her Naked Body wearing nothing, But Glasses

    Teaching me more than the algebra that she Shoved to the Masses

    4. Ninja Kid

    Nothin changes, I'm on my couch,

    Watchin news seein people go on about,

    Worldwide storms, plus worldwide scorn,

    The son died, makin grown girls cry more,

    In asia monsoons, in russia blizzards,

    In africa droughts, in america twisters,

    In europe floods, and canada's frozen,

    Artics meltin, south america scorchin,

    It's either way too little, or way too much,

    No one gives, and people take too much,

    Pushin propaganda right to ya face,

    Makin sure that we're only united for hate,

    3. TaLi

    Yes Mac? Ok, we should have given his ass a beating...

    But stop stalling…We want to know how history’s repeating…

    George had a son that he named George W

    Who joined the national reserve like any proper son would do…

    More importantly Georgie went on to flourish in politics…

    Graduated Yale with some pulled strings that his papa fixed…​

    Mr. TaLi…I see where you’re going with this skit…

    Georgie figured…Since pops failed in Iraq that he’d go and fix


    Geez…That’s pretty lame and doesn’t prove jackshit…

    Mac…Shut your ass before I smash your cabbage with a hatchet…

    2. God Father

    I need a life, I need a fix. I need to get me some sex.

    My heart’s yearning, soul hungry, my pussy’s dripping, It’s wet.

    These street lights wept away my pain, insecurities and shyness.

    It’s either I’m too close to these bulbs, or this night life is blinding.

    Sirens scream for emergencies, fiends scurry to dealers.

    Meanwhile I’m trying to change the image of that girl in the mirror.

    I’m tired needing, tired of wanting, tired of starving for status.

    Infact, I say it’s time that we gave ol’ marvin a challenge.

    I’m trying to balance raising my son, and send him to day care.

    Walking to work, the train’s expensive, so I cant afford to pay fare.

    1. Dic

    Without turning their backs, they followed my lead, proud just to be

    Soldiers of any purpose that weren't allowed to be weak

    That was the passion we shared: a severe hatred of daddy

    As I found I wasn't the only one who had been raped really badly

    With no courage to face my own, I help them do what I didn't

    Instead of fleeing their country for safety against a fool on some bitch shit

    So I devised a plan of attack to brand all these fags

    Change the positions they like so their kids can hand em their ass

    The first man of a rat was called on his cellular phone

    To come to his room real soon by his son, Samuel Oaks

    We tied him up when he got there and shoved a ham down his throat

    Now the damage he knows from choking off a pig in this ameture show

    Pissed on him and took pictures with a camera he chose

    Then we mass emailed it to his address book so his family would know
  5. Mac Flow

    Mac Flow Die

    Jul 17, 2000
    Top 5 Writers of the week:

    By DiC GeTs GuLLy

    5. Pestilence

    Of course he's known for bringing that entertaining spark into the league and this week was no exception to that. As he runs throuh the thoughts that we might of had as a kid smoking in the backyard or something. It gives a lil commical relief with great imagery and a strong writers voice that brings it all together. if you've been high enough to just start thinking about shit and trip off it, you'll feel this piece a lot. It may seem unfocused, but it's not really. He puts these thoughts together like someone that's hella high. The thing that made this even better was the transition he made from a kid into a grown

    up viewing the changes of the same scenes he viewed as a kid. Thought that was kind of panoramic as he described the cute girl down the block changing into a fat girl in spandex. Loving it man, flow was straight and writers pressence was smooth and natural.

    4. IllWeezy

    With a suspenseful start to his piece, weezy draws you closer with his strang encounter. He picks up a hooker after being dumped by his bitch, as he would word it in the verse. Without seeing this women's face because it's too dark and she's wearing too much make up, he's seduced by her and gives up the $ to fuck. He still hasn't seen her face yet thouh so as he's fucking her and even eating some hooker's cooch, eeewwww man, lmfao.... He mentions that she has tight ass pussy for a hooker. That got some giggles outta me. He finally sees the face as the bounce from 69 position and he's dickin her down...... And it's his fucking mom. To top it all off, his mom offers a discount for him if he'll lick the clit some more. Lmao, ur a fuckin nut and I luv ya for it.

    Nicely written and very well executed. The flow was nice, the voice of

    it was believable and it read smoothly.

    3. Pent uP

    His growth has become a well known fact and he's continually getting better weekly. He took most of us back to our high school days with this one. Choosing the topic school days, obviously, he brought scene after scene to life as I could imagine it all through his delusional reminising. From smoking to the portable, to day dreaming about fucking the teacher to the freestyle circle at lunch time, I'm sure we all could relate to this...well all of us that have graduated high school, but the best part about it is....... Pent is still in high school. Dope shit man. As you went to the graduation and then it turned into a construction site of them tearing the school down, I was a lil sad too. You really voiced the narration well and it was easy to like this piece a lot.

    Flow was on point throughout with some inners and multies and I'm not used to seeing that from you, but like I said, you're gettin better and better. The journey was like scenes of a movie with flashback sequences, somebody compared it to Terrentino and I'd have to agree with that. Nice job man, keep it up

    2. Dic Gets Gully

    Yep, yep, yep...... Honestly, I was looking for a better verse than mine and only found one. With the choice of being an immigrant getting into America, I set up a lil kid that stowesaway on a cruise ship of rich people. You know I had to put a twist in though so I unfolded a story within the story. The kids on the boat are victums of child molestation by their dads and the immigrant has escaped from his dad for the same reason. The kids retaliate with the lil immigrant to lead them thru it. I think it was nicely written of course and my flow stays on point..... Fa sho. I don't need to be writing some long ass shit on my work though, just go read it if you want to know more.

    1. TaLi

    He brought an intelligent verse to the frontline so to speak and had a profound message to go with it. People already know about how Bush is using this war for his own greedy purposes, but did everyone know that the US, specifically Ronald Regan, gave Alkeida their weapons, missiles and ammo to fight the cold war as our allies? This is old info, but it's never been brought to life in a presentation so informative as a story of WW 2 is tied together with the war on terrorism by some Americans that both produce something for the enemy so they're traders. The additional comedy added along with nice flow made this a much more enjoyable read than you'd expect with the subject cuz he's a professor/teacher and Mac Flow is his student in a class he's giving this lesson to. Format was great and it made it shine and keep it intesting as the lesson came full circle. It can be hard to fully explain detailed history and without abandoning the important issues, this was on top of the policies that are still present...... Definitely verse of the week without a doubt in my mind. Great shit man, Riko, look out

    New rules been drafted up for the week after next. Make sure you read next weeks mag. ''The Hype: No Excuses''. Thanks to thoose who showed, voted, peeped, streaked and lets have a good week. COME ON

    Big ups to all who contributed to the mag, and anyone interesting in writing for the mag can contact myself, Momma or ssenlli...

  6. Pent uP

    Pent uP I'd Like to Fight Ten Men

    Feb 17, 2001
    acctually dic, i just graduated this year, but thanks for the mentions

    dope mag, i cheat and read most of it in the pit though
  7. headless verseman

    headless verseman JERSEY NUCCUH

    Oct 17, 2000
    lol at your view of reality

    hahaha, get off that high horse
  8. *Gets pages sticky*

  9. Madpoet

    Madpoet why is this so short....

    Dec 7, 2003
    Great Mag..
  10. Allah.

    Allah. nice with the hands

    Nov 15, 2004

    RIKOSHAY New Member

    Oct 31, 1999
    There are those who compete in this league soley to see their name mentioned in this mag.
    After this one, I definitely must show up this week. haha.
  12. Look im Gangsta

    Look im Gangsta New Member

    Mar 20, 2004
    Thats Tek, HV.
  13. DiC GeTs GuLLy

    DiC GeTs GuLLy Hello

    Feb 26, 2005
    Dopeness, how am I not in the top 5 here now Vizz?

    Lmao, all good man......

    I'm throwing Momma from the train this week.
  14. Og Simmson

    Og Simmson New Member

    Jan 1, 2002
    dope, good mag
  15. Spacebar

    Spacebar Mr. Rab E. Caps

    Jul 26, 2002
    Honestly, I'm fucking shocked.

    Good mag Mac.
  16. God Father

    God Father The Mayor!

    Mar 1, 2000
  17. Mac Flow

    Mac Flow Die

    Jul 17, 2000
    thanks all, but I didn't do any of it lol...just posted it...give props to Tek, Dic, Godfather, Momma, L Dogg, Madpo and all them hehe
  18. Mac Flow

    Mac Flow Die

    Jul 17, 2000
    and ssenlli too

  19. Ninja Kid

    Ninja Kid AKA Jae Keeps

    Oct 11, 2004
    good shit, this is one of the best mags i've read...
  20. Ashen Horse

    Ashen Horse Ashen Horse

    Sep 2, 2004
    Thanks for the mention dic... these mags are better than battles...
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