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  1. twdIDescipleI

    twdIDescipleI New Member

    May 29, 2002
    Livin in this modern day bablyon thumbin-trough-scriptures
    Intoxicated off Poisons/Bubbling-mixtures/Invadin my kidneys
    Alcholic Mc/Man im somethin to Picture/
    Mothafuckin politics playin out on some Revenge of tha sith
    shits gettin-intense/Dollar stay droppin till tha value gets to be as little as cents
    While history gets wrote/is it hilary or obama/
    its 08 now/Deliver me osama/It seems like where ever tha future is head
    Best believe there will be some Drama
  2. mr.redeyez

    mr.redeyez Active Member

    Mar 11, 2007
    Old Verse But Feel It

    Fo My Ladies-[tell Me How U Feel] 04-26-2007, 04:30 AM


    Say Lil Mama Dont Cry, Shyt I No U Down On Yo Luck-
    Plus Yo Boy Beat Cha Up,so U Den Lost All Yo Trust-
    Keep Yo Head Up Baby, Cuz U A Strong Lil Thang-
    Joy,happiness,and Pain Girl It's All In Da Game-
    Yo Mama Wus'nt Dere Foe You,plus Yo Daddy Den Lied-
    So U Be Givin It Up Quick,i See Da Tear'z In Yo Eye'z-
    Fam Sayin He In Love And U Eatin It Up-
    A Couple Words And Drank Now He Beatin It Up-
    No Rubba Foe Lil Homie But Wuts Da Worse Dat Can Happen-
    Now U Sayin U Iz Pregnant,damn Look At Hiz Reaction-
    Now He Aint In Love So Much,plus He Aint Ready Fa Diz-
    Like Man Im Too Yung To Be A Daddy In Shyt-
    So He Jet And Leave U To Fight On Yo Own-
    Babies Havin Babies But U Rightfully Grown-
    Didnt No Wut To Do When Yo Water Den Bussed-
    Gave Birth Now U Smarter And Its Harda To Fukk-
    Shoulda Thought About Dat Befoe U Took It All In Da Butt-
    But Back To Real Cuz Lil Shawty Now Scared-
    Went To Da Doc Wit Da Kid Nurse Layed Her Down On Da Bed-
    Dey Sayin We Have Bad News Fukkin All Wit Yo Head-
    2 Minutes Lata Damn,dey Said Dat Da Baby Wus Dead-
    Yo Heart Beatin Fast Now U Ready Fa Woo-
    Lil Mama Hittin Kickin Screamin Tryna Get Out Da Doe-
    But Befoe U Go Da Doc Said I Gotta Let U No-
    We Have Found Sumthing Else Dat Iz Really Really Wrong-
    Sit Down,jus Take A Seat-o-now Yo Life Iz Flashin-
    Doc Said Summin Bout Protection But U Aint No Da Price Ov Magnums-
    Now She Feelin Like A Dog Who Cant Get Out Of A Cage-
    All In A Rage,in Her Last Day'z Livin Wit Aid's-
  3. mr.redeyez

    mr.redeyez Active Member

    Mar 11, 2007
    Anotha Old Verse But Feel It

    The Ghetto --12-14-2007, 05:57 AM

    Shyt Way To Real I Put My Feelin's To Da Curb-
    Im Stressed Out Puffin Own Squares An Hittin Herb-
    I Gotta Emerg,from Dis City Where I Live-
    Got Da Yungest Of Kids Losin Hope Splittin Wigs-
    Im Jus Tryna Survive But Im Close To Da Edge-
    I Had Ta Get Dis Of My Head,befoe I Layed In My Bed-
    I Prayed An I Prayed But Still Im Stuck In Dis Hole-
    My Heart Use Ta Be Gold,now My Heart Is Jus Cold-
    Shyt Yeah I Know Dat My City Infested Wit Crime-
    An I Hope You Got Ya Tool Cuz I Invested In Mine-
    Am I Less Den A Man Cuz I Call My Woman A Bytch-
    If U Gotta Click Of Real Ni99as I Bet One Of Em Snitch-
    Shyt Real So Many Ni99as Layin In Dirt-
    Im Sayin It Hurt But I Cant Start Prayin In Church-
    Drugs An Guns Is Wut Kill Us But The Bible Say Satan Is Worse-
    We Wus Born Into Sin So We All Wus Gaven Dis Curse-
    To Live Foe A Small Period Of Time Den Decay In A Herse-
    I Cant Cry No Moe But Momma Do It All Nite-
    Who Da Fukk Said Evry Thangs Gonna Be Allright-
    Kids Sellin Dope,an Sum Evevin Usin It-
    Simply Becuz Dis Cold World Got Em Losin It-
    Aint To Many Choices When U Come From Da Hood-
    Evry Body Aint Got Leatha An Wood Even Tho Dat We Should-
    We Aint Born Wit A Silva Spoon In Our Mouth-
    More Like Roaches Or Mice In Evry Room In Ya House-
    Eatin Noodles Chicken Or Cold Cuts Be Da Only Supply Fa Da Month-
    Sum Kids Dont Eat Shyt Cuz Daddy An Mama Wanna Get High Fa Da Month-
    So Dey Cry Fa A Month,damn An I Hate Ta Say-
    Mutha Fukk A Sermen Or A Church Service-
    Cuz Evry Time I Read A Bible I Be Gettin Nervous-
    Minus Well Send Me Ta Hell Wit Sum Gasoline Boxas An Dat Prolly Aint Enough-
    Bury Me In Sum Dickies An A White T Fukka Tux-
    Wut Is Luck,shyt Sumbody Give Me Da Answer-
    Dey Cant Build Shcools But Dey Give Us Liquor Sto's An New Ports Which Cause Cancer-
    Wut U Know About Food Stamps An Lottery Tickets-
    Shyt Cant Get No Worsa Den This Honestly Nikkas-
    Crackas Settin My Ni99as Up Givin Em Long Bids-
    But Wut About Dem White Mutha Fukkas Dey Takin Da Wrong Kids-
    Wut Cuz We Get It How We Live So We Wrong Fa Tryin-
    An Wut I Spit About Dem Crackas Wus My Strongest Lines-
    An Our Votes Dont Count So Fukk Punchin Selection 8-
    I'd Ratha Rob Dey Ho As,ses An Give To My Mommas Own Section 8-
    Yeah An I Rhyme From My Heart It Wus Neva Meant Ta Be Cool-
    An If U Dont Like Wut I Said Den Put A Glass Dikk In Yo Mouth An Be Mentally Screwed-
  4. Blazieni

    Blazieni Generalissimo Abzelini

    Jun 9, 1999
    i smash hoz like a badmitten playa/ an i get hi like da himulayaz/ u ain wanna test me playa/ ima hit u wit da ak spraya/ wut u gon saya/ u bes say ur prayaz/ cuz i b smart like einstine/ u ain wana c me on da fron linez/ in da war im rich an u poor/ ima blow up dis spot like c4
  5. barnizzle

    barnizzle HIP HOP

    Sep 25, 2004
    TV is the cousin of death
    our Soul is vacant cuz our spirit is taken..illuminati or masons?
    Both come up adjacent when its deciding our placement
    Secret meetings in basements disguises and facelifts
    One world order debating, Slaughter contemplating creation..
    its painfully basic, got our minds in the mazes
    The game was designed to inflate it, so now im going hiatus...
    Wanna rewind and remake it, change it from brutal to sacred/?
    fuck itThese just my thoughts being wasted...
  6. Lyrical Martyr

    Lyrical Martyr New Member

    Apr 9, 2008
    Disturbing...moment alluding, closer, it's protruding,
    using, renewing, ever verb alluring.
    Maimed and crippled, shrivilled
    bits kicked a little, nudged by broken missles,
    perpetual, indents bisect each syllable,
    destined to blow, but forever infinitesimal.
    Repetitively over carry babies on American soil,
    those who're born bite teeth on foil,
    seekin' pleasure to feel the recoil,
    ever jostle in toil only leadin' to turmoil.
    seekin' ointments, quite poignant, yet indirect,
    presently huddle, the peasants stand erect.
    weak insects contend to be the best,
    to be recogized as a species just to take a breath.
  7. mr.redeyez

    mr.redeyez Active Member

    Mar 11, 2007
    Real Shit

    Mommas Cryin Babies Dyin,
    Itz Neva Gone Cease-
    Drug Sellz,thugz,jailz, But Where Iz The Peace-
    Itz Neva Gone Be Dat,nigguh Can U See Dat-
    They Riskin They Lives To Get They Family Out The P-jects-
    We Considered As Re-jects,society Hate Us-
    People Sleepin Where We Pee-at,society Ate Us-
    An Shit Us Out Into The Slums Where Crime Neva Stop-
    Im Wishin For A World Where The Dime Neva Drop-
    Im High Everyday Offa Sumthin I Gotta Do It-
    Or Imma Lose It,drugs Hell Yeah I Abuse It-
    But Only Weed,drank An Pillz Iz Wut I Be Usein-
    I Been Tryna Win All Ma Life,but Itz Seemin That Im Losein-
    Im Choosein,to Go Get It Ma Self I Dont Need Nobody Help-
    I Can Make It On Ma Own I Dont Need Nobody Else-
    Be U Dont Let Nobody Tell U Wut U Cant Be -
    Dont Be Blinded An Hurt By Thingz That U Cant See-
    Like Fakes Who Smilein In Yo Face Wen Really They Dislike U-
    But We All Human So Really They Jus Like U-
    Allways Got Ya Name In They Mouth They Mus Like U-
    K.all Dem Hataz Mayne
  8. TorrMup

    TorrMup New Member

    Mar 19, 2008
    ayo, that was tight red eyez
  9. mr.redeyez

    mr.redeyez Active Member

    Mar 11, 2007
    My Struggle

    My Life Aint Nuthin Nice-
    Who Got That Pie,cuz I Needa Slice-
    Fareal,shyt Real Pockets Hurtin-
    Gotta Niggah Lerkin Like A Serpent-

    Out Ta Get Cash,draped-n-black Witta Mask-
    See We Grow Up Fast,an Survival Is A Task-
    An If U Dont Complete It U Sleepin In A Bag-
    This Life We Live Is Bad,an Im Stressin So Im Mad-

    Im Tryna Get Shyt I Neva Had-
    Family Dont Help Ya Out,so Im Kinda Feelin Sad-
    But I Gotta Get It On Ma Own-
    Im Still In Ma Teens But Im Feelin Grown-

    Hataz An Nappy Head Hoes Leave Me Alone-
    Gotta Pocket Fulla Stones-
    So Dem Cops Wanna Hate-
    Gotta Pot Fulla Beef An Dem Jackas Wanna Plate-

    Been Hungry All Ma Life,like I Aint Even Ate-
    Cuz I Aint Even Ate,plus Im Tired Of Bein Poor-
    Tired Of Hearin Yellin,wen Im Walkin Threw The Door-
    Man Im Wantin More,then A Sandwich Fa Dinna-

    I Know That Imma Winna,but Also I Am A Sinna-
    So I Dont Go Ta Church,an I No Ma Momma Hurts-
    Ta Invision Her Baby Boy Inna Herse-
    How Could It Get Worse-

    It Cant Cuz We Livin At The Bottom-
    Why U Think Ghetto Children Are Labeled Az A Problem-
    Police Shootin Innocent Folks Like Its A Hobby-
    Fam Didnt Have A Gun But They Put 50 In His Body-
    My Struggle
  10. Lyrical Martyr

    Lyrical Martyr New Member

    Apr 9, 2008
    master of the true life, ruler of the true death,
    i'm mentally boosted respect comes comes where the noose's left.
    maneuver the breath, half the air is toxic,
    leavin' you weakened, lungs flared, it caught it.
    I'm robbin' graves, makin' a mask of leather,
    it's evolution my friend and i'm only gettin' better.
    dismantle me, I'm crumble you,
    not bein' cocky but my style'll package n bundle you.
    inna black box, i'll hustle you to natives,
    scrape the pus of your wasted legs just to taste it.
    Proliferate, they'll masticate it,
    well elaborated, vocab, I created it.
  11. CaTchW0n

    CaTchW0n New Member

    Sep 18, 2001
    adjusting resolutions definite
    touching every crevice
    non D.N.A to imprint the evidence
    existence in defecit stray a difference
    aim staying consistent
    inside the element
    mics I be grudging against clutching a fist
    yeild results, tripled yen, minus u.s currency on trips
    IN a hurry to Flip
    crossed Murray its urgency kid
    check how merking these spits
    Earth as she spins warming with each celius solaring
    Decided not to take a stab at rappers and puncture em
    rock like sediments out nostalgic
    being now serious?
    browled biten in approach kindled
    host signals in your web's algrorithyms,
    how my codes unsolved go figure..
    out side a frame of mind no pictures
    out line like a hair line.... getting good looks attentive
    so salute recruits no not any spare time loot into pensions
    not good with engines, but every hood I went under
    lets get it again yeeeeaaa..
  12. jpizzle19

    jpizzle19 I got NEXT

    Sep 11, 2004
    bound by the constraints of the system
    ill jus complain wit my spittin so listen
    my brain leaks knowledge on every touchy topic
    wit a lil bit of logic laced wit some hot shit
    a true mc is the epitome of everything i wish to be
    so lyrically im surrounded by scribbled sheets
    pickin my thoughts why the world is still asleep
    questionin every 16 like will this kill the beat
    will true artist be feelin me
    or is my style to symplistic ...what is it
    i wont give in til i get it
  13. jdip482

    jdip482 New Member

    May 16, 2008
    Life of a Killah, always willing and ready/
    pointed at my target, tryin' to keep the gun steady/
    peek in the rear-view, no sign of me, i'm in the clear/
    vein guy, lookin' in the mirror, always playin' with his hair/
    i squeeze the trigger, a miss, right into his dash/
    he ducks, takes off, i look to my right, see a cop drivin' past/
    "Fuck it" i say, "theres 5-0", "i'm freezin'", and "its pouring"/
    100 enemies, who cares if I have another in the morning/
  14. harsh_times86

    harsh_times86 Maserito

    May 5, 2008
    what is it worth? to give up a piece of my past/
    to cheat a boy thats tryin to work with me, ducking him fast/
    over that cash, sometimes even over that grass/
    to fatten my stash- that dirty paper aint gonna last/
    weeks pass, the loot spent and its hard to make truce/
    make up excuses, many times regretting whyd i do this/
    days we went back, we both grew up moving packs/
    now i fucked up my partners paper- threw us both of track/
    we both could have ate, feeling guilty for stuffing my face/
    filling my plate, ruined my reputation doing things straight/
    between us theres hate, deep down im missing how we kick it/
    smoking spliffs talking shit and clocking digits../
    friends forgotten, grown apart relationship gone rotten/
    find myself on my own still scheming and plotting/
    1 less partner with me cuz i hit him with a low blow/
    D's showing at my crib, wonder where they got the info/
  15. Linxz

    Linxz What!

    Feb 5, 2006
    they thugs in quiet mode
    the gat would make'em reach the pitch
    To flow with they gangster tempo
    hits land like riddick bos' slugz hard to ditch
    still I stay pop'n like the ave
    until I run into these broads to stab
    catch em on the blade the strip while I puff puff pass
    want beef its ok I'll hush mouths like sandwich bags
    all its left for them to do is negative rep
    they like some bitches stay talking from distance
    i'm around its sirens they needing help
    for pop'n off try'n scream like my biscuit
    i've put work in soon to practice wit these punches
    plus setups i'm never slouching even my concepts vouch
    red alert for cats wanting to be seen like green on a sunkist
    the aim is the game til this world my thrown better watch out

  16. "Orah"

    "Orah" Let me shed light on ya

    May 27, 2008
    where do i began?

    let start at the keyboard
    I push down letters to flame threads
    paint pictures of vivid living fo lame heads
    concience mc witta dash of street in um
    kats with transparant rhymes
    What do you see in um?
    they got the game in a frenzy
    this generation lacks good music
    partly why they brains is empty
    smarting up, listen to some stuff with feeling
    not just anything
    cause the dance looks appealing
    a few gems for ur collection
    im not hating ya style
    but do me a fav just broaden ur music selection
  17. Linxz

    Linxz What!

    Feb 5, 2006
    give em a mic than catch em in fright
    he spit to type realize he caught in hype
    his life fuck all he know is to check shyt
    grew living wreckless cats would diss
    felonies become presets in this
    while being loke'd out having to take risk
    becoming a man thoughts he wouldn't exist
    like if this god plan he might else well suffer consequences
    no need to get bigger being round those thats slipping
    so he pay close attention to those thats getting
    type'n what his mental picture vision
    praying hope'n depending on divine and intuition
    to get em out the crust of cruddy that he in
    knowing he pacing typing soon to break like wind
    reason why his mind got a Tyson grip in this game we in
    pawn his gems like fuck fame how he just want in

    Real Talk, I aint even gone finish. I can't give yall to much, you might get to
  18. jdip482

    jdip482 New Member

    May 16, 2008
    open mic, saturday night, get on stage ready to tear it/
    people in the crowd know my name, ready to hear it/
    chokin', cant remember shit i was writin' the night before/
    i go off the top of the head and the words just start to pour/
    im killin' it, can't be stopped, settin' this mic on fire/
    crowd chearin', burnin' them up, like a corvette peelin' out its tires/
    i spit some real shit, thats prolly why they love me so much/
    half them people knowin', this dude cant be touched/
    i finish my last line, im walkin off this stage, and got it made/
    im done, the crowd starts applaudin', i geuss, theres not much more i can say/
  19. harsh_times86

    harsh_times86 Maserito

    May 5, 2008
    i step on the stage, unleashed like a beast out the cage/
    leave the microphone burnin like sage, burnin like haze/
    eyes with a glaze, natural high the way im kickin it/
    young lyricist handle rappers like custom pistol grips/
    official shit, dont be caught on stage when the missiles hit/
    freestyle long like lil flip, south flippin a lil cripp/
    cant write if your illiterate, stay in the game readin books/
    we educated crooks, things aint always how it looks/
  20. megatrif'l

    megatrif'l New Member

    Apr 5, 2008
    aight, true shit poppin
    how this the intellectuall cypher?
    aint nothing but dummies droppin...
    shit thats fucked up, if u got time...try
    visualize my signature rhymes..
    Kid cried, pops died, 50 shots, cops fired,
    Unarmed man while judge let’s cops slide.
    CNN, Fox News talkin’ ‘bout Rev Wright.

    So let’s see Obama vs. Clinton for 20 hours,
    Paid Programming more like abuse of power
    Sean Bell verdict was covered for less than a day,
    Natalie Holloway coverage was excessively played,
    Disecting the 2nd to last Pope’s view of sexual abuse,
    Hannah Montana on VF, Britney’s Sexual views,
    I mean c’mon man this is what we stress in the news?
    In Africa, we’re losing generations of youths,
    In Harlem, gentrification is still on the lose,
    In New Orleans, have they even fixed the Levies yet?..
    conditioned to rather focus on Star Jones and her ex.
    I mean
    50 shots and all they got was slapped on the wrist?
    The officer smirked, walked away shaking his fist,
    Like “we’re above the law” what you thought would happen with this?
    Justice, it’s Just Us, fuck the n!ggers and Sp!cks.
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