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  1. FeelEBluntz

    FeelEBluntz Die Slow!!!

    Jul 11, 2007
    You missed me wit your words so to curb your interest
    Your own intellect will leave ya senseless
    Barb wired fences in the midst of a fit and rage
    If you acting gone exit the stage
    Try and flip the page but the only thing left is the cage
    Plus solitary if you misbehave
    So every clip you save and reload and pray that each flow
    Is better than the last but the past is so
    Close to ya ass that you can't escape
    From the hell that you'll soon embrace
    Make haste and make moves shake them fake dudes
    Yall playing to lose but my folks is cool
    We use the tools God gave fresh out the box
    We move smooth too fast to clock
    But close enough to touch..You in trouble you done did too much
    Can't down shift you done burned the clutch
    Is it crystal clear a lotta peeps still live in fear
    We dead that with the weed and beer
    But don't shed no tears just a thought
    That's the shit that I brought that makes me the one that you sought
    Caught your attention wit a sign
    Now you read between lines just to capture glimpse of my shine
  2. barnizzle

    barnizzle HIP HOP

    Sep 25, 2004
    part-of-the-reason my style is often misleaded
    cuzzo this part of my region is far from believin
    got faith in god but dont be readin into church teachin's
    harder to find, sign of the times pride embedded in spine
    deaded my ties wit criminal sides...
    no subliminal lines get spit, aint no general i'm..
    too cyncial of a leader, see miracles when speakin of life thru these screens and the shit that i type can't match the shit that i write...
    pregnant teens and dykes fiends stuck on the pipe
    roid ragin boy stranglin',whole family, ended they life
    then suicide'd these world and times that i'm in is trife...
    i remember when i was born in
    a blizzard in a stl 1982 storm
    tho my tempature warm when my thoughts lyrically form
    when i was a kid watch cartoons bout cars that transform
    now i sag my pants long, puppet of babylon livings hard to carry-on....
  3. barnizzle

    barnizzle HIP HOP

    Sep 25, 2004
  4. M-O-A Thug

    M-O-A Thug New Member

    Apr 5, 2003
    "Carry-on", my melecular compound is sometimes hard to dumbfound/
    don't hit clowns, with murderous sound, I hit you with lyrical verbs and pronouns//
    Cuz it's disrespectful, I chin-check and wreck foes, sometimes forgetful/
    get full, of jet-pull, I mean jet lag, I jet fast like Gym class//
    Practicin' a track-pass, with a baton on that ass/
    on that ass, surpass, time boundaries, I'm like what a bloodhound stay's out hounding-g//
    got the desire that's hounding, me, and heartbeat that's pounding, me/
    get good rest, and re-lief stress, As I maifest make you say "oh, mos def.."//
    "...finetely", spit profiecient, and infinitely,/
    with the potential of chemistry, from Weird Science, chemist's-g//
    Praciticin' Science, and an unheard alliance,/
    with a spankin' pair of "Air Bryant's"//
    Discover a rare Giant, in a thicked-tree'd Tropical Climate/
    the only thing most people want to hear is being followed by the syrens//
    Unless your being helped, I've been there, indeed of health/
    writin' to express myself, for you to follow or just for myself//
  5. smead

    smead New Member

    Jun 24, 2007
    yo its smeady baby hittin these intelectual rhymes
    followin up hiphop as if i was gift, shoppin for time
    like my clock, im still tickin, beat's hittin my word hives
    let loose the wasps like ya alergic to my stygh
    never losin as if my name was the boss, so fuck ross
    cuz this rick'll never lyrically get tossed
    im lost like drivin wit no sight like blind guys
    but i got my tiny pupils wit shades on my eyes
    talkin my way outta tickets even tho im white,
    5-0 pullin me over cuz i rock fitteds to the side
    blarin my cuban linx and wu tang
    bass at max rubmlin streets mayne
    hear alarms chime when i ride so heavy
    make a pit stop ta blow lines in my chevy
    only luxury vechicle that'll get you more pussy
    then pimp daddy a caddy drivin by lucy
    im ridin this rap shit like i was a floozie,
    cuz ya'll still holla when they hear me
    i know ya'll on rapmusic feelin my flow
    like a psycho strangla chokin throats slow
    im finished like dre on da up in smoke show
    ya'll think this is that bang, a sample of my slang
    hit me up on aim and let a playa know fo' sho'

    peace it's been smead

    msn: (j00 is zero's)
    aim: bigsmead
  6. YoMamazMan

    YoMamazMan Over 1.000 served...

    Jul 19, 2007
    Yo I'm lyrically intellectual.
    So far outta this world U couldn't see me thru a telescope.
    Ahead of folks,4eva dope.
    But harder than a rock U can smoke.
    My words, full of meaning like apostle had wrote em.
    I'm sick without an antidote,prescription or a hefty hope.
    But wurd,people hang on my words like ropes.
    I'm so fly I gotta bird's eye folks.
    Observe thy quotes.
    I'm the god prefered by the pope.
    Amastad ,that refers 2 a boat.
    When we were trapped here along time ago.
    The whips cracked here along time ago.
    Cracks held us back here along time ago.
    So,we still n the traps tryn 2 get our doe.
    And them same whip crackaz tryn 2 put us back in them chains.
    This shit started way back in the dayz.
    Pardon me I digs deep like a bottomless pit.
    But the world be actin like these problems don't exist.
    And while I'm at it, let me say this.
    I'm not a racist just cuz I say this.

    I'ts tru ,So wutdacuffizumatta witchu. -1LUV Hip-Hoppaz

    WIDOW MAKER New Member

    Oct 20, 2007
    check it

    the mind of a man inprisoned in his own wisdom
    still seeking the truth
    but see the truth is in his vision/
    the bars got the physical locked but not the mental
    the court took the key to the lock
    but theres a window/
    the case wasn't breif it had to linger a bit
    the judge was a ass
    he got the finger a bit/
    prosecutor yaping saying he's a menace to life
    but life is a menace
    so the nikka was right/
    his lawer had him steaming wasn't doing his job
    the jury wasn't happy
    and fukking looked like a mob/
    he was doing time /time didn't do him
    he was running teers nikka
    pushing weight in the gym/
    commesary fat like a food bank bro
    and every 3 days
    a new shipment yo/
    he was watching tv all the channels he liked
    flipping with the clicker
    while the homies was hyped/
    somebody tapped his shoulder said you going home nikka
    they caught the real dude
    who threw the body in the river/ ha ha haha ha
  8. The Heat Of NY

    The Heat Of NY Rapmusic's unspoken KING.

    Jul 29, 2007
    A victim of my own thoughts
    Hating the free who freely walk

    My heart stops in my body, makes me want to quit
    I would eat a bullet myself but I know •••••• rely on my spit

    In my mental prison, solitary confinment
    Hey look the best rapper alive... Yes, im him

    So I keep to myself, it guarentees I wont get hurt
    Now my mind barriers are up.. So hater's send ya worst

    [-5 Star G`z]
  9. barnizzle

    barnizzle HIP HOP

    Sep 25, 2004
    grimyest..i think not
  10. Pious

    Pious LET ME LEAD YOU......

    Nov 4, 2002
    So let me articulate intellectual portion
    Consensual agreement, proceed with caution
    Unions to confirm the facts are basic
    A congenial task, yet left felt complacent
    Adjacent to the sensation relaxation
    A complex predicament we are placed in.
    That’s everyday existence beyond the norm
    Accustomed to corruption we have conformed
    Depravity may be the word I am looking for.
    I am Pious, not biased by any means, the Door,
    is opened, find your sanctimonious virtues
    Obey the curfew, veto and your demons will hurt you
    This is only the truth, and a legitimate reason
    A season has come for one to commit treason
    We can be daughters, and we can be sons
    Allegiance and no one else can defeat us.......

    Be Great...
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